TS3→Seasons Change 2.2: Welcome to Riverview

The Ultimate Sim Season 2 Chapter 2 (Riverview)

Welcome Friends…

In Sunset Valley, I didn’t add supernaturals until near the end. I decided to add them at the beginning this time. I also disabled the mods that would allow them to make or “slay” them. Any new ones will have to be born. I did add supernatural status to a few of them after they moved in.


I also made Deric and Adam brothers since they had the same last name.


I aged Pedro down to young adult.


I know Gary’s not like the cutest sim but I’ve always liked him.


I just couldn’t find another pretty girl to make a vampire so decided to leave it at just Lara.

So, there they are. So colorful!

They started out in one house but I gave them a million as starting funds and it took very little time before they started spreading out to the empty houses in the neighborhood.

I made a mistake when moving. I didn’t realize that doing it that way would mean the game wouldn’t set up all of the new lots like the consignment store. It took me a long time to do so. I also edited several lots and added a few I downloaded.

I really had a hard time choosing a house. Up until like a day before they moved there I’d planned to take the Jones house which is up on a hill and haunted. I’m still not sure why I changed my mind.

It’s very… yellow.

So uh, here we are. This time I felt kinda awkward starting off.

First things first, let’s take these guys out of storage!

Anaia joined the culinary career and got a street art commission at city hall. Ransom registered as a painter but I later changed it back to gardener.

I’m not sure what they were saying that they needed to make the same exact hand signal but it cracked me up.

A huge mistake I made in Sunset Valley was not meeting everyone. If I could do it again, I probably wouldn’t have done the daycare profession first.

They went out to eat at this cute little cafe I found in the bin. Look! Eating together again!

Then, they met more people.

I’d changed that karaoke bar almost completely including adding an actual bar.

I did leave the karaoke machine for Ransom even if people booing is extremely annoying.

I put in the claw machine and some arcade machines.

Upstairs, I changed the lighting in the pool table area. The old lighting really hurt my eyes. I don’t know why but I immediately liked Lucky Perkins.

I see Deric wasted no time finding someone to flirt with.

She really needs to find a longer skirt!

After a very long night meeting people, they went home. Both needed the bathroom and I realized to my dismay that not only was there only one but it also only had a tub.

And that’s when it hit me that the house may look large from the outside but it really isn’t very big at all. I think I was distracted by the little octagonal rooms.

So, I did a little upgrading until I got burnt out on it. I really hadn’t planned to add any all-in-ones to this house but didn’t see much choice. Unfortunately, there aren’t any suitable nooks to add them to.

I had to get them out of the house before I obsessed over how ugly it is even more. What are you doing, Ransom?

Ohmygosh! Why?

I want you to call him right now and apologize!

Then, go meet people. One of the story progression personalities that I kept was the casanova one because Don Lothario seemed perfect for it.

Oops! Don’t be late on your first day! Ugh, what an ugly work outfit.

Yet another lot I remodeled. It was really boring which seemed strange to me because it’s in a central location. I can’t remember if it was a hangout before but that’s what it is now. I just added some fun stuff to it.

I had this idea to have Ransom cook up and store some ambrosia for future use. Don’t do it! It becomes empty plates when put in a chest!

Level 5.

Gotta celebrate. Heh, I love the woohooium.

Anaia has to learn all of the guitar songs. She has so many things to do I always feel torn. Especially since in Llandros’ let’s play, he got most of it done in university.

She has to learn all the recipes too. She had a routine of learning a recipe or two first thing in the morning, doing a small painting or two, and maybe playing the guitar a little bit or some street art before work.

I’d kept at least one of everything from Sunset Valley so Ransom restarted his garden with high-quality produce.

He went to the consignment store and put all of his paintings from university up for sale.

Level 6.

What’s wrong, Anaia? You’re ambitious, I’d think you’d be thrilled with another promotion so fast.

These ladies tipped her while she was doing her next street art commision!

The gnomes wasted no time finding the garden planters.

Ransom wanted a bee box. Then, he wanted to sweeten a desert with honey. It just so happened that Anaia brought a key lime pie home from work. His face was hilarious.

I feel like this little nook is perfect for painting. At least there’s one place in the house I like.

She had an opportunity to deliver a large painting to Aracelli Cronk. I felt a tad bit guilty about turning her into a werewolf but then again it’s not like she has to be in that form for more than a few hours a month if she doesn’t chose to.

What the?

Yuri? You’re married!

I probably could have cancelled it out before he did it but I was a tiny bit curious how she’d respond. Good girl, Anaia!

She went home to tell Ransom only to find him being abducted!

She ended up telling him in the morning. For a little bit of realism, I changed their relationships with Yuri using the transmorgifier app. Maybe it’s silly, I don’t know? I just felt like it was a big deal.

You two have to be kidding me! I have to lose a wish slot for all of this town too?! The 3 degree one gives as many points as some lifetime wishes do, I can’t cancel it out, especially since she’ll do it either way.

Oh, c’mon game! What the heck? He didn’t get pregnant last time so you have to try again?!?

It may seem counterproductive that Anaia is collecting space rocks. But, as soon as she analyses them I sell them via her inventory. She has to analyze all of them for her collections and for whatever reason, Riverview has more than most towns. I never take them home. They don’t have a telescope. There is nothing they are doing that would increase the abduction chance.

Remember how I said that the town wasn’t set up? Well, that included festival grounds. I saw the name of the building was correct and assumed, wrongly, that it was the right one. Nope.

So, I had to stick a photo booth in a field for their spring photos because changing the lot to the Seasons one didn’t do anything until fall rolled around.

Anaia had the day off and I didn’t want to do the same old thing so I thought they could go to the art gallery I placed. How did I forget they can smelt metals?!

Ransom did some painting in the other room. Hi Deric!

The cool thing about painting there is you get an inspired boost after viewing art which makes it a better quality.

Anaia did some glass blowing which resulted in the bug that made that noise every time I focused the camera on her. Not very annoying, just odd.

Technically, it’s not an art gallery but a house that I downloaded off of Mod the Sims. I just changed the lot type. I’m seriously considering re-downloading all of my store items because I somehow lost all of the lots that go with them. It’s very frustrating because I compressed all of the store files years ago.

Chapter 2.3

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