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The Ultimate Sim Season 2 Chapter 3 (Riverview)

I don’t think old man gnome is very pleased about Ransom using ambrosia to stay young. Sorry buddy, I’d give some to you if I could.

I was absolutely thrilled that a vampire gnome finally showed up. We can stop growing the plasma fruit now.

This bolstered my spirits and I decided to put together an alchemy room.

This cabinet is really cool. It has storage for the potions in addition to the display.

Level 7.

I changed the coloring in here temporarily just to brighten it up a bit.

The living room is absolutely dreary. Why would you want a room so dark?

Ransom got an opportunity to share gardening advice.

Cute little doggies hanging out at the hang out. Anaia had a guitar opportunity and then work so Ransom was on his own.

This is a happenin’ place today!

Level 8.

It’s so convenient doing the street art here and I think it looks really neat.

Anaia was invited to bring a guest to eat at the restaurant for career performance. Gosh the Morrow brothers are so cute!

More street art. For some reason one of them turned into just taped lines.

Having a workaholic sim can be very annoying. If you leave them to their own devices they will always want to work from home.

I have so many other things for you to do, Anaia!

Oh c’mon! This is ridiculous!

I even checked to make sure. The abduction chance is .01 so why the heck are they getting abducted every few days? I lowered it to .001, I’m not sure if it actually worked or not. I’d already decreased the chance of abduction pregnancy from 33% to 11%. Ugh. Normally, I like it but this is just ridiculous.

Ransom got the final opportunity for the Omni Plant. Now to figure out what to feed it.

While he was waiting for Anaia to get out of work, he cleaned up that street art that disappeared. The weird thing was when he was almost done it showed up again.

Then he went inside to see if there was anyone else to meet. I had him start a friendship blog to work on his social networking skill.

It seems Betty is not very happy with Don. Yikes.

Level 9.

And her first masterpiece!

A bit of a celebration backstage at the movie theatre.

That was unexpected. Anaia got a bass guitar and Ransom got a sunstone.

I thought such kindness deserved a face-to-face goodbye.

They said goodbye, ate lunch, then went to watch a concert at the theater, and wouldn’t you know that as they were leaving Lucky was going inside and died!

They both wanted to resurrect him.

Gary was having a party but Anaia was too upset to stay.

Ransom had a stop to make before the party.

That stop was collecting Lucky’s grave stone.

At first, I was just going to resurrect him but it just seemed like a waste since the elder lifespan is so short. I hope he does something good with his new life. They bought his house back for him. I surely don’t want anyone else to stay here!

The gnomes like to spread out all over the front fence.

My simfest performances seem to be bugged or something. Instead, they just introduced themselves to people.

And did a little bit of dancing.

You can’t really complain, Anaia, you were blogging non-stop at university.

Ransom wanted to go to the neighborhood pool. Since I’d done some improvements to the lot I wanted to see it in use as well.

I added a slide because it seemed fun.

Anaia did some more street art.

Ohmygosh! I forgot an alarm again!

You goofball. Like he can’t see you calling the police.

He stole only one thing. The woohooium from the nightstand. It’s actually very expensive. It could have been worse but I’m still upset.

The police showed up way after the burglar left in the freaking taxi cab. Can I just get back to bed, please?

I heard this horrible screaming and found Ransom getting attacked by his bees!

I swear I have never had this happen before!

I felt he needed a nice trip to the spa after that incident.

Anaia is now a celebrity Five-Star Chef.

Seriously… a celebrity.

Ransom wanted to grow a money tree again so I sent him to the greenhouse lot, which I don’t think we’ve used in Riverview yet, to pick up and identify seeds.

You’re going to think that this is absolutely crazy. I got a notification that a cat was placed with a household because this sim was about to die. The pic of the cat was so cute I had to investigate. Well, I decided I wanted the cat.

So, I quit without saving and got it.

Welcome to your new home, Binx!

While setting up all of the new cat paraphernalia, I decided to work on the painting nook.

It may seem a bit over-the-top but I was trying to get this moodlet.

Ransom upgraded the auto-feeder right away. It’s so nice having a handy sim around.

Time for our Spooky Day pic.

And a little festival fun.

I have to say, I have a hard time enjoying the festivals here. Less people show up and it’s just a weird layout.

I’m not used to having another sim to worry about and didn’t realize Binx needed social badly.

So, I sent him to socialize with some pets at the hangout.

A trick-or-treater on Spooky Day? How novel! Anaia was doing another guitar opprotunity.

It was a musician showdown. Well, better luck next time.


Ransom upgraded the ugly fireplace so it doesn’t burn down the house.

This room is just like a catch-all for everything.

So, there they were just having a nice relaxing morning…

When this popped up! EvilGenius!!

Of course, you know me, I had to investigate. Awe so cute!

Hey so I know you just brought the kitten home but would you be willing to let me have her?

Perhaps this was her plan all along. Look at that smug face!

It was like the floodgates opened with one cat after resisting getting a pet this long. And really, it’s best to have two cats right?

Meanwhile, Anaia was at yet another pool party with no pool. It took some getting used to seeing Agustin as a vampire.

Ransom, of course, had to go around meeting everyone and blogging about it.

Is it odd that I miss her being a werewolf? I liked the full moon routine. Why isn’t he in a freaking bathing suit?

The cats were doing fine… and being adorable.

So they decided to stay out longer thanks to a little invigorating elixir.

They went dancing at The Grind for a few hours before heading home.

Anaia seemed inspired by their new kitties.

That ice cream truck always seems to be there and they never get anything so I thought why not?

I think that window is too high to see into, Binx.

Awe, how cute.

She kinda looks like a hairless cat to me. I love that stubby tail. So, we went from no pets to two in a matter of days.


Read the bottom line. LMAO!

My festival tickets are bugged. I don’t know what to do about it. There’s no way they’ve earned that many.

I had this idea to dress the paparazzi all crazy but it failed because there seems to be a new one every day. *sigh* I did take a few precautions before turning the celebrity system on. I made it a little harder to get scandalized, removed the chance of getting scandalized from woohooing with an occult, made the amount of relationship loss from being scandalized lower, changed it from 3 paparazzi to 1, and gave them the Above Reproach lifetime reward so nobody will care about it if they woohoo in public or anything.

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