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The Ultimate Sim Season 2 Chapter 4 (Riverview)

The only recipes that Anaia had left to learn were the ones from Egypt and China so off to Egypt they went for a little mini-vacation. Of all the things to do when arriving at a foreign country this is what you choose?

Fame has its advantages despite the many many drawbacks. Not that it really matters since they’re rich anyway.

He got the recipe books for himself as well as the bait books.

Anaia went off to explore the catacombs in search of the Egyptian gnome. She has such rotten luck in there I swear. I’d hoped she could use the shower in a can but it didn’t work so she had to go back to base camp before doing more collecting.

Meanwhile, Ransom did some fishing for mummy fish.

Oh! Ooops.

There ya go!

Wow! So pretty!

Ah, dangit. It really is hard to juggle two sims here.

Anaia took a quick break to cool down completing an opportunity to befriend a local celebrity.

A coconut drink sounded cooling. The lady at the register cracked me up!

Ya know, the rain might help with that singe.

Seriously? I try to get you to spend some time together and you can’t eat in the same room?

Eh, whatever. Ransom met some people to work on his blog.

Then, he joined Anaia on the search for the gnome. He lasted much longer with several trips.

I was so sick of looking for collectibles I decided to just have her read the recipes. There was really nothing but a few different beetles and the crypt moth. I was starting to wonder if those two were going to woohoo right there!

That woman must be starving!

Anaia must have thought it was a good idea. I didn’t even realize she had that food in her inventory.

Ransom found tanzanite which was cool but no gnome. Better luck next trip I hope although, there isn’t much of a reason to visit again anytime soon.

Back home and Ransom can finally use the relationship transmorgifier. He kept the blog since it gives him something to do.

Did you miss us, kitties?

The evil gnome had been busy leaving junk piles.

They are so cute pouncing on each other. At first, I thought they were being mean but I guess it’s just fun and increases hunting skill.

Binx has a mate, Jinx. I noticed her nearby and had him go say hi. I think I may have inadvertently changed his name to Binx after seeing Jinx then forgetting completely moments later as I usually do. His name was originally something like Meowy because he was from a litter of 4 and I ran out of name ideas.

Having swimwear for parties when they don’t have a pool is bad enough but when it’s snowing is just insane.

Oh well, as long as they get to meet new people and socialize… and don’t freeze to death.

If they went inside and then back out they dressed properly.

But, when they went back inside they changed back into swimsuits.

Celebrity gossip lies! For a second there I freaked out believing she had gotten the skill somehow.

The party was kinda bizarre. I think that cat is one of Binx’s litter-mates.

It’s more fun just being at home.

Geeze what’s all this ruckus about?

An empty chip bag apparently. Looks more like a Skittles wrapper to me.

Cute kitties.

Anaia wanted to paint a portrait of EvilGenius. It came out all weird and took forever to paint.

I decided enough was enough and I had to do some more work to the house. I knocked out the kitchen wall completely and replaced the regular stairs with spiral ones.

When choosing what to feed the Omni Plant, Ransom had the option to give it the teddy bear he bought in Egypt. I couldn’t resist!

He wanted to gain athletic skill so I sent him to the gym. Yet another lot I edited. I never use this thing because it’s too tall to go inside.

Okay so, I went kinda crazy when adding things to the gym.

I got this thing to go with a specific lot I downloaded which is a total pain in the butt to place anywhere and never really used it since then which is a shame since it’s so cool.

She was hungry and he was hungry so I sent them to the little restaurant across the street from the gym. (Built by MySimRealty)

Another thing I never use.

Oh yea I forgot it’s because of this. One of these days I’ll figure out why this happens every time they try to order.

Well, there’s food at The Grind and Anaia wanted to go there to dance.

Yikes. A bit close there aren’t ya? I changed his outfit after this. I think he’s Skip Broke but I could be wrong.

Either his proximity or Don’s constant attempts to get her attention made her trip. Guess y’all need to practice dancing some more.

Seems Ransom was still impressed.

Awe! Old man gnome, you will be truly missed.

I went into build mode to see what was going on with the rest of them. Looks like they all aged up again and we have a new old man gnome.

I kinda just put that there for looks, Anaia. I need you to cook all of the different recipes and pie doesn’t count.

I did some work on the exterior of the house but it’s not done so I haven’t taken an “after” shot of it yet.

I finished the living room but for some reason this is the only pic I took! I ended up selling everything in the room except the fireplace, taking down the wallpaper and flooring, and starting over from scratch.

Awe, so sweet!

She was out looking to see if a party was worth going to. It wasn’t. Mags was the only one there. At first, I thought she wanted to kiss Mags!

How’d you get up there?

EvilGenius stop! You have a scratching thingy right there!

The kids are truly confused about trick-or-treating. Either that or the word has gone ’round that the suckers in this house will give out candy no matter what.

Anaia had an opportunity to befriend Hunter Cottoneye.

Ransom knew him so could have done it quickly with the relationship transmorgifier but I wanted to see inside his bunker. It was what you’d expect from a bunker I suppose. Nothing exciting.

I heard Ransom scream. Freaked me out!

Awe, poor guy!

Snowflake Day pic. Kinda boring since they’re all identical at the moment.

Since I changed the season lengths, it was actually the last day of winter. I really find it more interesting that way instead of every Thursday.

They had a snowball fight.


Anaia joined Ransom building an igloo when they got home and they had a little fun inside

Apparently, this is how you upgrade a microwave.

They kept getting upset because something was dirty and I couldn’t find it so they summoned Bonehilda.

First masterpiece!

I saved it. I’d never seen it before but she’s painted it several times since then.

There was a Simfest and, looking at the map, I saw that performers were there so I sent them to watch. They seem to be erroring out and getting reset as soon as they walk onstage yet everyone acts like they’re there. I’ll try to figure it out one of these days.

Ransom caught a falcon.

Hi, doggie! With as many pictures of her painting, it almost seems like she’s already in that career but she’s not. I was just working on her painting skill challenges and her many wishes regarding painting.

She still has street art ones to do too. She replaced that first one that Ransom had to clean up.

Then, went around to suggest the restaurant to people nearby. Hi, Lucky!

Ransom had been sleeping because he was going to stay up all night catching deathfish. That sign cracked me up.

This is not where I’d planned to end the chapter but it’s getting long so I guess I’d better stop here.


If y’all want to name your kid Margarita who am I to argue?

Don Lothario has so many oops babies.

Case in point.

Yikes. They did get back together after this.

I decided he’d had more than enough kids and changed it in story progression so he couldn’t have more. Later, I disabled the Casanova personality altogether.

She has the free dining perk. LOL!

Chapter 2.5

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