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The Ultimate Sim Season 2 Chapter 5 (Riverview)

Anaia took a break from everything else to search for space rocks. I thought this looked so cool.

A bird tree replaced the lizard terrarium in the living room.

As much as I like the wildlife, they cause too much lag doing things like this. They go places they shouldn’t and then get stuck there like the horse on the right who couldn’t use the side gate to leave.

Since we didn’t have any adult Mr. Gnomes, Ransom transfigured a bunch of random crap to get us a few.


Then, he started re-planting his garden since I’d let it die off over the winter in the garage.

After all that time with the ground covered in snow, it was nice to have Anaia start working on street art again. I know she could have done it anywhere, even at home but I like doing this little walkway.

Ransom smelted any metals they’d been carrying around.

That hat really isn’t conductive to flirting.

The cats joined them at the festival grounds but I had to teleport them right back home because their needs were too bad.

Another nearly-identical pic. Maybe I should change their outfits or something.

They searched for eggs but didn’t find any fancy ones.

For some reason I found this marshmallow bunny entertaining.

Their festival tickets are still messed up but I figured after all this time surely they’ve earned 500 so I let Anaia buy the gnome.

Yay! I really don’t understand why he wasn’t showing up with all of the gardening Ransom does every spring.

Anaia had to perform guitar for a fundraiser so Ransom went to a party.

Like Lyra with that boy that wanted to date her in Sunset Valley, Ransom had 3 incompatible traits with Hal Breckenridge. Yikes.

Yep, I’m ready to get rid of the paintings that are all over the walls of the house!

But, before that, how about a trip to China. A little romance to start them off. It was where they got married after-all.

This time she read the recipes right away. I was eager to say that skill challenge was done… which it is!

Umm… do you mind? Truthfully, so far the celebrity thing isn’t bothering me much this time.

Again with the horses. I ended up going into the Register mod and setting it to 0 because they’re just such a nuicance.

Did I say the celebrity thing wasn’t bothering me? Well, actually, I don’t know what this guy’s deal was. It didn’t say he was a paparazzi. He just stood there until I got creeped out and reset him.

Ransom? The fish I told you to catch are behind you! Where are you going?

Apparently, his fishing line has a long reach. The ones he was going for are on the back left. I thought he’d stand on that little spot where the land sticks out there.

This time, I remembered not to let him get burned. I did let him get a bit too hungry though.

Anaia got a tan too. She spent most of the time searching for space rocks because there were quite a few of them. Funnily enough she also felt the need to swim to them if that was the shortest path.

Have I mentioned that I have no idea where he or Anaia got the laptops that are in their inventories?

She was also looking for the gnome of course. I thought I’d sent her back to camp to shower but apparently not.

Ransom was looking too.

Anaia found it!

And then everything went to hell. I’m putting this pic in here even though it technically didn’t happen because it’s pretty.

When they arrived in Riverview, my game crashed. I have no idea why I didn’t have a save for immediately before they left but I didn’t. So, I had to play like 15 minutes over again. But, the game kept crashing upon arrival.

I got the game to stop crashing. I really have no idea how exactly I did it. I tried all kinds of things, including removing mods. Which, in turn, meant I lost my settings. I have them backed up of course but for some insane reason the Traveler settings weren’t set so that Sunset Valley wouldn’t age! I know this because I got a notification that one of their friends from there was about to die. So, we went on another trip. I was also curious to see if I’d have a problem returning to Riverview again.

Anyway, geeze, long explanation there. I decided enough time had gone by for Sunny to age up.

I have no idea why I didn’t do a birthday at their house other than temporary insanity caused by all the crashes.

Guys? Your daughter just aged up.

Well, at least they stayed. Charlie kept going home every time I tried to get him to go there. I actually didn’t randomly pick the spot, Aldo was there with Sunny when they arrived.

You two are so sweet.

They went to the house later to meet Lyra and Charlie’s daughter Dayna.

And it just so happened it was her birthday. *cough*

She got grandpa’s hair!

Okay, you two, you’re here to visit family, not flirt.

Sunny arrived home from ballet class.

She showed off her new move to Ransom.

Anaia was giving Dayna a bath.

Then, she got to see the new move as well.

Ransom got a picture of both the girls before they left.

And stopped to see his great-grandson Antonio who, it turns out, is very handsome without the crazy hair.

It’s only going to get weirder as time goes by I’m sure.

They returned home with no problems. The pictures Ransom took of the girls got put in a place of honor.

The new gnome from China was introduced to all of his new friends.

And I learned the cats can eat out of the auto feeder at the same time thanks to the fact they were starving from me resetting everything.

Anaia took her many paintings to get consigned. That guy’s hat cracks me up.

Apparently, that’s how you put fish into a pond.

Not exactly how I’d hoped it would look.

Anaia jumped up to a level 8 painter with her first day’s sales. She was actually very close to being done with the painting skill challenges too.

She got a little more street art done. Those skill challenges aren’t close to being done.

Ransom stayed home with the cats. EvilGenius looks awfully smug.

Oh, and the bird.

And Bonehilda? Talk about awkward. Do you mind?

I realized that Anaia had even more paintings, the ones from university, in the garage.

EvilGenius guarded the cat tower.

Binx guarded the fish.

Anaia worked on completing her masterpieces.

Then won a guitar competition.

Ransom fed an expensive book that Anaia had found in the catacombs in China to the Omni plant to entertain me.

EvilGenius met Don’s oldest son, Leroy Lin-Lothario who moved in next door recently.

Anaia worked on her guitar performances.

The cats were not pleased.

She got to level 9 in the painting career.

Only 3 days after starting it.

And then, something happened to break the monotony of day to day life.

Two somethings to be exact. But, I think I’ll leave you in suspense a bit longer to find out more because I’m evil like that.


I immediately subtracted the money. That’s way too cheaty for me!

A vampire fireman? That’s insane!

Ransom found some tiberium at the consignment store.

Now that’s an awesome deal!

Do you know how valuable those bugs are?!

This popped up when they were in Sunset Valley. Apparently, she missed the party. LOL

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