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The Ultimate Sim Season 2 Chapter 6 (Riverview)

We ended the last chapter with the social worker lady bringing in these teeny tiny baskets.

No clue how toddlers fit inside them. Meet Eldrick. (Named by my son.)

And Didrick.

As per usual, I didn’t have names picked out or the nursery done. How is it I always forget? It didn’t occur to me until later that I didn’t stick with the naming theme but then again they’re adopted so presumably had names before they came to us.

Uh? What do people without mods do about these things? I couldn’t move them or anything. I had to use debug to put them into family inventory.

Anaia was so eager she decided to forgo sleep for herself and Eldrick to teach him to talk. Go to bed goofball!

EvilGenius presented a feather to the new family member.

So freaking cute! As far as I know, this is the only way to have them build relationship as toddlers.

Ransom scheduled a protest and of course it was hailing so Anaia bought the weather thingy.

Hardly anyone showed up.

But he still somehow won. Yay, increased skilling for two days. Almost as good as Sims 2 smartmilk.

I had him lined up with a bunch of stuff to do then checked on him later only to find him still there playing in the sand!

There we go, boys. Learn to walk and whatever else playing in the walker teaches you.

And the things the playpen teaches you. Charisma and handiness I think?

His face cracked me up.

They’re both so adorable.

I got excited for a minute there thinking they could do this but there’s no option. Guess we’ll have to stick with festival pics.

Off we go! Maybe I’m weird but I love that you can see them in there.

Picture time!

Finally, a picture that isn’t identical to the others!

Llandros did this in one of his videos and I thought it was just brilliant. Normally, I would have skipped the festival altogether.

That dog’s like “Hey Mister, you want those leftover hotdogs?”

Okay, time to go before everyone starts mourning the random elder. Sounds cruel but it’s true.

We’ve got books to read at the teeny tiny library.

That girl looks scandalized. So am I. Why do they always stay in their werewolf forms? I can’t find a way to force them back, unfortunately. That dog looks so cool.

Cutie pies!

Too funny!

Mom and dad are up, time to get them taken care of… and then put to bed. Kinda sucked they ended up on opposite schedules.

Oh well, gives mom time to practice performing guitar songs. Don’t let Binx’s interested look fool you. He thinks it’s noise.

Might as well make some noise of your own buddy.

Time was almost out on the increased skilling already so Ransom did another protest. This time he did it at the little park by the river. There’s nothing there but it was a good spot for this.

I had a fun time looking at the teens and figuring out who their parents are.

Speaking of teens. Seriously, it’s not Spooky Day kids!

Ransom won the protest around the time the boys were waking up.

Time to go back to the tiny library. I left headline effects on this time so I could see their skill bars and didn’t even bother trying to have them sit in a comfortable spot. That place is just too small. Look it’s that cool dog again!

In the morning they took a walk down the street to the playground.

So freaking cute!

Then, they went to the consignment store so the boys could meet some other people. Eldrick looks a little terrified.

I have no idea why this place seems to be a hotspot in the town but it’s almost always crowded.

I guess that teen really likes the cowplant outfit. That’s his little brother. The redhead, Maximus McDermott, is pretty cute.

It seems bringing toddlers into the restaurant needs more testing. Either that or Ransom was just being a jerk repeatedly putting Didrick down before he went inside.

Oh well at least everyone was happy in the end.

It’s surprising how fast time goes. Again, Ransom kept putting Didrick down instead of taking him to the cake.

Eh, whatever. I was too eager to see them aged up to care much.

I’ve decided to roll traits from now on.


Eldrick. I used their favorite colors for their outfits.

Room decorated.

I have no idea why EvilGenius reacted like that to Didrick cooking a muffin.

Some skills you only have to click on an object to get to show up. With painting, you have to actually start a painting.

I’d put all this random stuff outside when they were toddlers and promptly forgot about it.

Okay bud, time for bed.

Before you all sigh about the lack of bunkbeds in Sims 4…

I had to replace them with regular beds a few days later. Not only did they get uncomfortable but they also took forever to sleep because all the bunkbeds are energy rating 4 even the really expensive ones!

Big day today first day of school.

And mom got back to working on her street art.

Over the day, the boys got wishes to befriend other kids and even learn their astrological sign. Eldrick invited this girl over but there was no option to ask.

I decided to give them tablets. They do homework way faster on them and they sometimes listen to skill tabcasts autonomously.

Uh, Hunter? That’s my fish.

Ransom was too busy trying to figure out what to do about the fleas to notice the fish being stolen.

Thank goodness I thought to check and see if one of them had enough points to buy this. Bathing cats never ends well.

Mom stayed up all night while everyone else slept working on masterpieces. I can’t remember if she was trying to get them to finish the painting challenge still or trying to get the wishes completed.

They normally didn’t have enough time to invite kids over after school. Especially since they were in scouts. So, they’d just call the ones they wanted to befriend on the phone a few times.

Both Ransom and Eldrick wanted to become best friends so they spent a little extra time together.

Sadly, Binx aged to elder.

This is the boy’s room with regular beds. I think they were taking a nap after school. I have to wake them up kinda early since they ride their bikes instead of taking the bus. Thankfully, it’s not really a problem with the new beds.

Going by the screenshots, it seems like Anaia was never around but she was. She mostly only did things at night when they were sleeping or during the day when they were in school.

And, she finished the painter career with tons of time to spare.


When I was messing with the settings after the China trip, I forgot to make it so Don couldn’t have any more kids and he snuck another one by me.

Ruby has two, soon to be three, with Don and two with her long-time boyfriend Dean. I can’t believe he took her back after the last “oops” baby with Don!

What a kind-hearted baby giving shelter to that dog.

That’s her son! Harsh.

Despite seeking help on the Nraas forums, I’m still having pets traveling the river in taxi boats. Yes, it’s funny but it also causes lag.

Apparently, this lot was causing lag as well. I’ve become a bit obsessed with trying to figure it out so I turned off the auto-reset in Overwatch so I can go look and see where sims are getting stuck at. I’m to the point where I don’t care how anything looks as long as it runs fine.

The boy’s toddler skills that show up so far.

Anaia’s first celebrity gift. All I care about is the gnome.

Speaking of gnomes. We lost another old man.

This was so ridiculous. Also, it looks like it’s sliced his head open.

Poor baby!

I think mom can relate.

And EvilGenius. That’s a fierce chip bag for sure.

I don’t think that’s how you push a stroller.

That looks painful.

I love how pets just kinda hang out in this game. Yes, that cat is another relation to Binx.

The paparazzi are totally entranced by the pea shooter. If they annoy me I can make it turn them into zombies and hit them but mostly they just play catch with it for hours on end. So far, none of them have been intrusive although I’m not really trying to up their celebrity levels.

Chapter 2.7

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