TS3→Seasons Change 2.8: Teen Time!

The Ultimate Sim Season 2 Chapter 8 (Riverview)

Ransom seems happier in his new job and it’s pretty fun having him do something more than garden all day.

Eldrick had a few wishes for Melinda Bagley and since his needs were really good I let him invite her over. Then, it started raining! Mom can take care of that.

“I’m surrounded by gnomes!”

See what I mean about it being hard to take screenshots of playing tag? Go away paparazzi weirdo.

I decided that being a great-grandfather, Ransom wanted to be older but didn’t want to make a big deal about it. It was Anaia who threw the fountain of youth elixir at him in the first place without asking. Anyway, she was playing in a guitar concert at the time.

Binx’s mate died. I feel extremely guilty that I didn’t have him go see her more than that one time.

My poor baby!

He got special attention to cheer him up.

Despite the fact that it was in the middle of the floor the whole time they were children, this is the only time one of them used the blocks.

Anaia started another large mural in the museum.

Ransom has to write reports and I thought he could just meet someone and learn their traits to report on them but for some reason he never seems to learn traits even with the observant reward.

Oddly, the boys had their scouts badging ceremonies on different days. Didrick’s was on their birthday!

It was down to the wire, I had their cakes ready. But, the cats greeted them at the front door and blocked the way. Anaia and Eldrick ended up going around to the side door.

But, it was too late. *sigh*

Anyway, here they are… full moon lighting and all.

And dad left to go dig in the neighbor’s trash next door. I fully expected a celebrity scandal the next day but I guess nobody saw him.

Eldrick wanted to paint and Anaia wanted one last masterpiece to complete the wish that’s been taking up space for ages.

She ended up taking a potent invigorating elixir and going to the other art gallery to get the masterpiece and then, since she was wide awake, she went to this one to paint the final mural.

And back home to practice her guitar songs. Again, I made Binx sing along instead of standing and “reacting negatively” the whole time.


Both Ransom and Anaia wanted to teach the boys to drive. With Twila and Lyra, it kept bugging out whenever Anaia tried so I thought I’d have Ransom give it a go first. Plus, I thought it’d be funny learning in a cop car.

Uh, what?

I took a video. It was the funniest thing ever! He rode the bike and it made the noises that learning to drive a car makes. Ransom just stood outside the house. I made him stop when it was almost curfew.

Awe, aren’t they so cute?

You know what would be even cuter? Going to the Cat Roundup to see even more kitties!

Before they left the house there were other sims and cats there. It’s just down the street but by the time they arrived there was just this one cat! Obviously, another of Binx’s littermates.

Anaia had this opportunity to dance at Mick’s Karaoke for ages so I thought the boys might enjoy hanging out there while she finally did it. Yikes, she really needs to learn to dance.

Money’s great but I really want the gnome that supposedly comes out of these.

I think the karaoke’s funny. People loudly booing the singers? Extremely annoying. That kid looks like Didrick a little. Also, is that dog everywhere or what?

Meanwhile, Ransom was out digging through neighbor’s trash again.

I guess someone saw him.

Geeze kids, let the man write his reports for work will ya? I’m totally baffled by them doing this.

Snowflake Day pic.

Everyone arrived hungry. Guess I should have sent them to the diner before the festival. Too bad there’s no eating contest in winter.

Unlike her dancing skill, Anaia has mastered the skating skill and can do some neat spins and stuff.

Didrick? Ohmygosh, what did they do to you?!

Anaia and Eldrick wanted to do a snowball fight. Both Ransom and Didrick wanted to make a snowman but I couldn’t get them to do it together.

There was a game at the stadium and I sent everyone. Ransom never went. Pfft!

I never knew you could see the score when hovering over the queue.

Yikes, paparazzi taking a pic of your clown makeup! How embarassing.

I hadn’t intended for her to go outside but it’s actually a pretty cool place to practice.

Mom stocked the fridge with everyone’s favorite foods. Their reaction is so funny.

That girl, Melinda, that Eldrick always hung out with is now a teen too.

Even though I know she needs to do it, practicing the guitar songs is kinda boring, so I thought she could learn the bass. The crazed look on her face when she plays it was funny at first but now it just creeps me out.

I tried to think of another place she could do a mural indoors. I thought this came out pretty good in the elixir consignment shop.

And then, finally, the snow melted. Our final spring in Riverview. In some ways, it feels like we haven’t been here very long at all. In others, it feels like forever.


This puppy was just standing in the middle of the road. That fur is so cool! I was actually kinda surprised to see a puppy since I have the aging for them and kittens set for 1 day.

I took several screenshots quickly in a row of Eldrick “learning to drive.” When I was going back through them to pick the one I liked best, I found that at some point a little girl rode through him on her own bike. Awkward.

How can you teach him to talk with your mouth all wonky? Surely they can’t speak correctly like that.

For awhile there I was getting some lag and thus became obsessed with finding the culprits. One way is to look at the map (with Tagger on of course) and see where there’s a big group of people. I don’t know if they were stuck there but I reset the lot regardless.

Another one I found was at this bar I placed that was in my bin. It’s really neat but I guess I can’t use it because apparently the workers can’t get inside. *sigh*

Twinbrook should be better since I got Ellacharmed’s map with all the routing issues and such fixed. I am really looking forward to Twinbrook. I already have a house picked out and everything.

Chapter 2.9

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