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The Ultimate Sim Season 2 Chapter 9 (Riverview)

Just teens being teens…

Talking on the phone. I wish they got the social networking skill from it.

When Anaia was out doing her never-ending street art, Arlene Killian came over and started complaining to her. I can’t say it had anything to do with Ransom flirting with her but then again I can’t say it didn’t.

When Nickolas Jones started jamming, Anaia decided to join him.

Hannah Jones listened for awhile.

She had a very strange request.

Oh? You wanted me to do this now?

So, she followed Hannah home and collected the gravestones.

Meanwhile, the boys were at prom. Eldrick was crowned king but when he went to ask his crush to dance found that she was there with someone else. Didrick had better luck, Karyn Joy asked him out.

She doesn’t look much like a teen, does she? I fixed her scary eyebrows and gave her a more teen-like hair and everyday outfit. Is she supposed to be a vampire? Or do all children of vampires have that mark? Also, where’d she get that hair color? I have so many questions.

But, I’ll have to wait for the answers. For today, Anaia has a special mission.

I totally didn’t make them stand there like that. I moved them into the house via edit town, and when I went back to try to get a pic of them walking inside or something they were standing like that. And so, Hannah Jones got her family back… and no longer has them haunting her house every night as a side bonus. Who knows which was her reason for making the request.

Binx came home with a strange bottle which, when poured on him, made him young again!

And not a moment too soon! Hours later, one of his litter-mates died.

The guy that’s been running the consignment store had a birthday and never showed up to work. Anaia had to sit and wait while the new girl made her way there.

She did her final piece of street art on the little walkway.

(The consignment guy isn’t the only one that’s aged to elder, that’s one of the paparazzi watching her!)

Binx wanted to catch a fish. Seems he’s feeling more spry these days.

EvilGenius, on the other hand, has a different plan.

(I’d expected some kind of pop-up, something exciting to happen. Nope, just a kitten sleeping outside sometime later.)

Umm… do you guys see a kitten there?

Her name is Little Genius. It’s so weird that a cat can clone themselves. I’d expect nothing less from an evil genius cat, of course.

Done with the street art, Anaia turns her focus to the guitar.

That’s that girl Karyn’s mother. Recent vampire and wife to Agustin that I brought back from university. He has really short hair and I guess it has purple streaks that I never noticed because their younger son has them too!

I’d hoped she could catch this macaw to replace the falcon that mysteriously disappeared but there was no option even after watching it for hours.

(I think the birds keep disappearing because I’m opening build mode while they’re in mid-flight. I could be wrong but it’s the only thing I can come up with.)

That dog we see everywhere had puppies!

Well, technically, his mate did. Hmm… I wonder if they will look like him?

Both of the boys had award ceremonies for after-school activities. I have no idea why Ransom and Anaia didn’t wear formal outfits too. I think they normally do. Anyway, they went out to eat afterward but I didn’t get a pic because I had to cut it short to reset everything in the town because I suddenly had horrible lag. Whatever it was that fixed it.

I bet you’re thinking to yourself it can’t get cuter than that.

Oh but it can! I call it the tower of cuteness!

But, that was his dad!

Luckily, he won the first time. It really kills their moods. Last time I played celebrities, I didn’t even know this was an option.

With the boys close to aging to young adults (already!) I decided I could put off the renovations no longer. I didn’t even realize until looking at this screenshot that I used the wrong fence out front but I guess it’s a good guide to show how much I added to that side of the house.

The first floor of that addition is a bedroom that can be accessed outside on the also extended deck. Above that is another bedroom. Those are the only parts I didn’t finish. Right now, they just have the boy’s beds in them. All of this took hours and I was worn out.

Seeing this is sure to liven things up!

Looking at the map, I saw there were a bunch of people at the gym so instead of practicing guitar songs at home Anaia went to play there. Everyone was so excited they gasped… it was weird.

I had to use move objects to put in the hot tub so I wasn’t actually sure if it would work. I’m sure Ransom didn’t mind testing it. Did you know if they have a portable radio in their inventory they’ll put it out while in there?

I told Didrick to ask Karyn on a date. He hopped on his bike instead.

Umm… okay then.

Apparently, he wanted to ask in person.

Before they got to do anything fun he had to meet the family for the spring family picture.

After the picture, Didrick and Karyn left.

I thought they were going to the movies but he got a moodlet for something else. Beats me.

I was curious what the love machine does when just one sim uses it.

I uh had to look it up. En Fuego= On Fire.

He’s had a wish to become best friends with Melissa Broke-Dean for ages.


Yikes. He was so upset I just sent him home.

Speaking of home, that’s where Little Genius was aging up!

Ransom had been working out most of the evening for an opportunity and Anaia was working on one as well. Hers was to deliver ambrosia to the hospital to save someone’s life. I thought that one was pretty cool.

Things might not have gone well with Eldrick and Melissa but Didrick seems to have done okay on his date with Karyn.

He left when I got the curfew warning but I sent Anaia over there to play guitar since there was quite a crowd outside.

The stairway is blocked by wrestling cats.

Good morning boys. Are you ready for your birthday?

I was a little eager to see their final trait and lifetime wish so I had them age up that afternoon with cakes.

I have to say I was pretty upset that the boy with a romantic interest rolled unflirty. He also didn’t have any good options as far as lifetime wishes went. The plumbot one would have made more sense but I don’t want anyone to work on those until after Anaia goes to the future.

So, here they are! I went with a more athletic look for Eldrick and a kinda awkward scientist look for Didrick.


The soap opera continues. Apparently, Dean has memory issues. He’s not only forgotten they have two kids together but that she’s cheated on him twice with Don Lothario.

Well, at least he’s not as bad as this mother shunning her own daughter for being unpopular!

First of all, I would just like to state for the record that I did not name this girl. I’m pretty sure she’s one of those babysitters or something because she doesn’t actually live in the town. What a horrible name. It would be even worse if she were a boy. Yikes.

And umm *cough* while I have a dirty mind apparently so does one of their fans.

Let us cleanse our thoughts with this absolutely adorable yet weird-looking dog!

Speaking of weird-looking. I really need to stop pausing mid-age up!

And, while we’re on the topic of weirdness, this is the crazy basement in the Joneses house. This is the reason, along with the ghost family, that I wanted to live there at first. I had this idea for the basement but I couldn’t seem to make the stairs go to a second basement underneath. I did it once in a test save but couldn’t duplicate it.

I don’t think Karyn understands how the love machine thingy works. I have no idea what will happen between them now that he’s unflirty. Yikes.

Pretty landscape pic to finish us off. Can you believe we only have two seasons left in Riverview? Crazy, eh?

Chapter 2.10

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