TS3→Seasons Change 3.2: I Need a Matchmaker

The Ultimate Sim Season 3 Chapter 2 (Twinbrook)

Is it fate that Vivek left the building right after Anaia?

You’re kidding me!

Why don’t you take some time to think about that… as an ice statue.

She went back to the dorm and threw herself into an all-night potion discovery session. Anaia very rarely sleeps.

She still needed to meet a few more sims with the simfinder app for the skill challenge so decided to narrow things down by searching for dog lovers.

He loves dogs, which is good, but the rest of his traits are very boring. I learned later that when you search for specific traits the game makes a whole new sim. Weird.

While meeting some other dog lovers, I heard a rucus. Is that girl head-butting his back?!

Geeze! Anaia was just about to turn her into a toad when she had to leave for class. I never saw her again so I don’t think she even lived there!

She went to a party and dared a guy to kiss the host.

Everyone was starving so I gave her the inappropriate in a good way trait so she could cook for them.

I made some random guy kiss you… which you liked and cooked for your guests! WTF?

Vampire + fire = bad… right? Naw, she just got singed. Boring.

To make things even worse, she’d just started working on discovering potions after she got back to the dorm when she got abducted! Damned aliens!

She was getting ready to go into a building for a day job when she got this wish.

Entertainment for me while I wait!

It was really interesting. He circled the whole building and came back to this girl and kissed her. Then, they kept flirting.

I don’t have to get my face dirty to have some pie!

During lectures she worked on improving relationships so she could blog about it.

At a party she did the same.

I think this is a different party. Seems like the guy watching her is more interested in her than the one she’s talking to.

Yes, he does seem very interested.

So was she since she immediately wanted to kiss him! His name’s Darrin by the way.

The new mission was to meet potential guys. She only had a week left at university and I had expected her to find someone right away.

I have a mod that makes it a little harder to get the attraction moodlet which makes it extremely rare for me. Otherwise, everyone would be attracted to her because she’s a celebrity, and rich, and skilled. Anyway, the attraction system goes by the first meeting. And, if you have certain moodlets like the ones you get from brushing teeth and primping in the mirror, the score is higher.

So, the new mission was to meet guys after doing that to get a high starting score. This is Venkat.

And Edmund.

It wasn’t really necessary to mess with Deshawn’s traits but she’d been looking for that opposite personality potion for so long it seemed like it would be a waste not to use it. Oh, poor Deshawn. It ruined him. He got traits like absent-minded. All very plain and boring traits. I felt horrible.

She met a fairy guy at the comic books store, Tommy, and had an urge to see what it’s like to kiss a fairy.

I discovered that one of the Nraas mods has a scan room feature like in Sims 2. The logical explanation is to invite all of the potential suitors to a party. And, since they always invite her in her bathing suit to houses with no pool she did the same.

Would you believe it didn’t fulfill her wish for a great party because she did better than great? Everyone was stinky because they kept throwing these nasty test tubes on the bonfire.

Here’s the scan room score, minus Venkat who never showed up. You need 100 to get that attractive moodlet.

I think if I wasn’t so bored out of my mind watching her attempt to discover potions I wouldn’t have gotten so obsessed with finding her someone.

Alex showed up at the comics store all stinky still. She did a hygiene spell on him like she did to everyone at the party but it didn’t work.

She is attracted to Hugo even if he’s boring and looks a bit like an Oopa Loompa from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

Gasp! The first time anyone’s ever asked her on a date!


Guess I’ll just play guitar for this perma-puppy.

He did show up eventually and they headed around back to light the bonfire.

I left them to do their thing.

They watched the stars twice.

She got hungry and ate some honey. I guess this is the first dorm she lived at, I see the Bonehilda coffin back there. Edmund was added to the list purely for the fact he’d asked her on a date.

She was really stressed out after class. I was surprised playing an instrument barely increases fun.

Playing with a kicky bag worked but I don’t want to get her athletic skill too high yet.

Yum greesy food truck food.

She saw Venkat at the bowling alley (or whatever it’s called) and danced with him a bit.

And chatted with Alex.

Then she took both of them out to eat. What a goofball.

Edmund showed up.

Then Bernardo.

I was having a lot of fun just watching her with the guys but she had to get to lectures.

Where she worked on this. For Bonehilda?

And sold her blog.

Which completed all of this. I feel very proud considering I didn’t need to do more than one blog per trip to university so I finished it way early.

She threw potions at people to celebrate.


Inside the lecture room, Darrin was playing guitar and she went in to listen.

Then lost interest when some girl stopped him to flirt with him. She really likes Darrin and gets wishes for him when he’s around but he has the flirty trait. Is that girl wearing a hospital gown?

Bonehilda, I did what you asked and got tipped for playing the bass in public. After congratulating her, Bonehilda errored out and was never seen again.

She discovered the sleeping potion and finally got to sleep for the first time since she’d been at university so she could test it out.

Upgraded a bowling lane to use some magic powers.

And interviewed then got into a fight with Hugo. From the way Llandros acted in his videos, I thought the interview thing was supposed to be great.

Desperate to make a decision, she made some personality adjuster potions since she finally had the ingredients.

Darrin lost flirty and gained party animal.

Bernardo lost a boring trait and got vehicle enthusiast which is probably pretty boring too.

Alex lost the one trait that made him interesting… I forget what it was.

Edmund? I uh, can’t remember.

She went to the matchmaker at the spa and these were everyone’s scores. I’d decided against Ronald the vampire already.

Supposedly, they get a higher score if she knows their traits. She interviewed Bernardo and it went fine.

Edmund got marked off the list. He’s obviously not that interested.

The interview with Darrin went great. She learned all of his traits.

Alex slapped her! What the hell? Now that I think about it, I have no idea why she even interviewed him.

In the morning she found more monarch butterflies.

And, after making some more personality adjuster potion, she called to invite her kids to graduation.

I’d completely forgotten about Vivek. Maybe we can make him like children? Nope.

Tommy was too busy playing chess.

Vivek again? Nope.

While waiting for graduation to start, she ranted about love and relationships.

If Twila showed up, I never saw her. I know I invited her. I didn’t get a post-graduation pic of Anaia since she exited the door on the other side of the building.

And, that’s it for university… for now. She was there three weeks and still had one potion to discover and hadn’t maxed her witch powers. The college romance I envisioned never happened and I really can’t figure out how the hell Llandros did it all in his let’s play.


Remember that wish that’s been locked in since Riverview to have 3 degrees?

I had her take a wish enhancing serum and got double points! I could have gotten more with a protest but she has so many it didn’t seem worth the time.

I changed her academic trait to animal lover. I forget what it was before.

I think this vampire girl is so cool looking. Whenever I finally got around to adding a few supernaturals to Twinbrook I picked her.

I have no clothing CC, only store stuff, so I have no idea how this happened. It was funny though!

As was this guy with his cat accessory.

Chapter 3.3 coming soon!

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