TS3→Seasons Change 3.3: Welcome to the Swamp!

The Ultimate Sim Season 3 Chapter 3 (Twinbrook)

Before we start… house pics!

The outside before. I know I had before pics of the interior too but I can’t find them. I did a house tour video yesterday too. I’ll put another link at the bottom of the chapter because it gives away who her boyfriend is.



Second floor/family bedrooms.

First floor. Kitchen/dining/sitting area.

Ground floor/workshop.

Basement level 1/roommate quarters.

Basement level 2/pool+pool. Ha!

Anaia got home and greeted the dogs.

And got a happy surprise. Yay Moonshine!

She joined the firefighter profession.

And met the only co-worker there at the time, Goodwin.

Then went back home so I could have her “go here” over and over again to test routing. At least the dogs had fun. All-in-all the renovations to the house took me about 12 hours in real-time and nearly the same amount in sim-time to test.

Off to the first day of work… on a broom uh, vacuum.

It wouldn’t let her do anything. I’m assuming because she had no handiness skill. So, I had her work on the inventing bench for a few hours.

Eventually, she was able to maintain the fire engine.

And put out a small fire.

That was quick. This profession is weird. You get promoted as soon as the progress bar fills up not at the end of the shifts.

That’s cool!

With her work hours, she can’t go to the regular consignment shop before it’s closed. She went to the elixir one but there’s really nothing she doesn’t already have at this point.

She went to get a bite to eat after that.

And met some sims.

Since the junkyard is nearly across the street she stopped there to grab some scrap.

Then, I remembered to invite the roommates to move in. Uh, I don’t seem to have any pics of them at first. They’re all ones she lived with in uni. Malia, behind her, Deshawn, and Geneva.

So far, she’s still mostly living on elixirs instead of sleep. I have so much I want to get done in Twinbrook!

Upgrading the auto-feeder didn’t count for the handiness skill challenge.

New people were at work the next day. Dude, I really need to maintain the fire engine myself.

Although, who needs a fire engine when you can run to the disaster?

And randomly get promoted while doing so.

Disasters are rabbit hole jobs. The only notification I got was that a gas line broke.

But, the bystander’s over-the-top reactions were worth it.

She went to eat at the Red Rendezvous after work this time and met a few people before heading home.

She got a quick call from Opal.

She greeted Tiger Lily and told her what a good girl she is for peeing outside.

Then, changed the doorbell which does count for the unique upgrades. Be careful of the stained glass with that hammer!

Anything she does that increases handiness or athletic skill increases her work progress bar. Pretty goofy if you ask me!

Deshawn was abducted by aliens.

For some reason, she couldn’t get to this potion table where I put it so I had to move it temporarily.


Also awesome!

I’m not sure if she’s actually learning much at that school.

Wow, that’s a lot of money! Although, it’s about the same amount the weekly bills are so it balances out I suppose.

She worked on upgrading the fire alarm. That’s glass behind her. Isn’t that cool?


Oh umm… if I knew Bonehilda could do this I forgot. Eventually, it starts to really annoy me because she doesn’t let them take care of their needs.

Still. It’s pretty neat.

Also, Anaia got yet another promotion.

And put out another small house fire.

The homeowner was very happy she saved his nice cars.

He called her later to say this.

She managed to make it to the consignment store this time.

Which was a very good thing!

Be nice to your new friend!

There’s a little nectary store in the same building and I was going to disable the assignment to the register but the sims seem to really like going there and so far I haven’t had any lag so I’ll leave it. I hope that officer is off the clock!

This time she went to the disco, WOOMP. She seems to have taken personal offence to failing the claw machine as if it was the machine’s fault.

She skated for a little bit. I think the regular skating skill must be different than ice skating because she didn’t have any options for spins and stuff.

She met a few people before heading home.

Back to her babies.

And upgrading the fireplace to be fireproof.

She was outside playing with Moonshine when all of the gnomes suddenly poofed by her. I really need to get more of the regular gnomes. They die too fast!

Deshawn was abducted again. As if his life wasn’t hard enough already with Anaia totally scrambling his personality!

Speaking of personalities, I took a peek at everyone’s favorite foods and had her stock the fridge. Oddly, Geneva likes regular fish and chips but is a vegetarian.

Since she already had the unique upgrade from the other fireplace, I had her magically upgrade the other one on this floor.

Oh sure, why not?

If she had bad traits, it would have had a chance of replacing them. I suppose it doesn’t count mooch as a bad trait.

I’d say welcome home but since you’ve barely been here I’m not sure if that counts.

Anaia finally had some time off and was able to invite Darrin to visit.

I decided on Darrin for several reasons. First of all, she got the high attraction score with him from the start with no help of boosting moodlets.

And, he has some fun traits and aspiration.

And I felt like those traits fit well with Anaia’s personality… at least her current one.

Umm… what are you doing in the water? It’s cold!

She gave him a kiss to distract him and get him out of the water.

But then got into the water with him to go back out. See the sky back there?

Unicorn! So majestic!

Ohmygosh he’s turning blue!

I kept trying to get her to bring him home with her but she kept leaving alone on the broom and he just stood there. Then, I tried to get her to ask him to move in. Finally, I had to cheat him into the family.

He had the teeth chattering moodlet which means if I left him out there much longer he might have frozen!

I don’t think that’s really necessary but okay.

Seranading, naming stars, who would’a thought Anaia was a romantic?

So, Darrin moved in and was spellbound with Anaia. He got a makeover.

Uh, by me not Anaia. You’ll eventually see all of his outfits. Going by his traits and favorite music I gave him a kinda punk party boy look. His favorite color is white so it’s all mostly white and black.


Darrin moved out. I have no idea what would have happened if he had the baby as a roommate and this house is not designed for babies or toddlers since I have no plans to have one in this town.

Before I could even do anything, this woman showed up. Umm… no.

We already had another ex-roommate in mind. Welcome to the craziness, Kaitlin!


Looks like another wish slot will be taken up for the rest of Twinbrook.

I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works.

With three female roommates, you are not traipsing around the house in those!

Unicorn from map view.

Chapter 3.4 coming soon!

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