TS4→ Drifter Reboot 004.4: Oberon’s Favorite?

First half of winter

Nice baby sweet baby… little did I know how stressful aging her up would be.

Yes, I know I shouldn’t have had him aging her up.  The first time Joule did it.  But then I kept having to quit and restart and it seemed silly to make her come inside when he could do it.  I kept most of the pics for the bloopers chapter but basically she aged up with that amber eyes bug that was happening constantly a few years back but one of my mods was preventing me from changing it!  Freaking mods.  Love hate relationship I tell ya!

She aged up an immediately zeroed in on Oberon.  I’m sure he didn’t mind!

I can hear my grandma yelling to get away from the TV I’ll go blind.  Ah grandmothers.

Maybe Tachisme heard because she moved.

Time to send mom inside to do the dirty work.  I have no idea why they all keep wearing their outside clothes when the heat is on.  

Wander wander where ya gonna go?

Almost forgot another birthday.

Look!  A somewhat finished room!  It’s decorated around that painting, which I love, that Joule bought at the romance festival.

I’ve been hoping and hoping that I’ll find some sort of inspiration to decorate this darned house around.  I finally decided on this wheel thing since she’s transformed stuff into it like 10 times!

Meet Magoo’s new pup, Sherlock.

Magoo wasn’t an elder yet but he was close and I didn’t want to forget.

A real dining table would be nice.  And look!  Colors on the walls and floor.  I end up changing it a bit though.

I think it was in Drifter II house 004 that I started doing this.  I know I have a lot of pics of Telsa and Mona sitting on her bed eating together.

Sorry Isomer, didn’t know you were there.

Darrin: Honey, did you just turn our refrigerator into a shower?  

That shower went upstairs and she transformed the old one into a stove identical to the one they already had!  And then an even better shower.

So I changed out the even better shower with the one above and it transformed into this fridge!  She transformed something into one of these counters and I thought it looked good so added a few others since, at that point, they had none.

Awe cute!

Another cousin!

I suppose I should put a light in there.  The only bathroom that looks decent is the downstairs one.

Remember that violin?  I had to sell it to pay the bills!

Ah finally, back to work.  The game seems have decided that if it’s not going to give me nonstop collection days it’s going to give me nonstop moral choices days where she spends most of the day torturing coworkers.

Jog on the treadmill… easy enough.

Oh I forgot the astronauts have a trainer.

There was more torturing of sims that day but I saved it for the bloopers chapter.

She took ghost goo serum.

Of course her next task was to scare a coworker.  Herbert is always an easy target and she constantly gets tasks to talk to him.

You’d think he’d know better by now.

Our hound doesn’t care that she’s ghostly.

Actually, neither did Darrin.  I guess everyone’s used to weirdness in this house.

She’s like woah those are bigger than me!

She has the independent trait so most of the time she’s happy to just do whatever by herself.

Of course, mom has to make sure she’s taking care of her needs.

Off to bed.  Now mom can do exciting stuff.

I didn’t know she was there.

She’d done all of the upgrades that she could so had to go on missions over and over to get her rocket science to the next level.

I swear this one usually makes them happy.

So sweet.  I feel like Oberon is more attached to Tachisme than he has been the others. 

Last time around I forgot windows pretty much until almost the end when I was getting frustrated trying to find paintings to make the walls look less blank!  This time I may have gotten carried away.  I spent at least §10,000 and I love it!  I did go into manage worlds and double checked the colors without snow.

Joule found an Unidentified Fruit Object on one of her missions and planted it before work.

I know that window thing is weird as hell but I like it and this whole thing has been weird.

I’m surprised they don’t all hate her.

Hey new guy want to test this?  I’m pretty sure he’s related to her but couldn’t get the family tree program to open to check.

I was trying to get a picture of her working on the rocket and thought it would be cool to do it through these windows since I haven’t shown this room before.



Back to the grind.

Odd place to play.  At least she’s wearing her outdoor clothing… not like they ever take it off.

These two are so cute!

The tot’s in bed, time to transform.

Stop being so dramatic.  It was just a tiny fire.  No clue why sometimes she can’t get to it with the freeze ray.

Well, since she’s awake might as well do some teaching.  Joule transformed something into those Meduso’s over there.  I have no idea where they come from since I’ve never seen them.  Maybe debug?

Back to another night of missions.  I noticed her floating skill bar while she was gone.  Almost 9 here.  I decided to split winter into 2 chapters.

Chapter 004.5

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