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It’s that time again. Time to renew the hosting of this blog. Every time I need to do so I feel extremely conflicted. Is it really worth the cost? And, I’ve finally made a decision. No, it’s not. Here’s why:

  1. I’m paying in total around $150.00 a year between hosting and domain fees which is actually a lot of money to me.
  2. My old blog has 250 followers. After 2 years, this blog has 9. My average views, unless someone binge reads an old story, is around 5 a day. Now, I’m not saying I really care much about all that. I play for me but at the same time what’s the point paying for it then?
  3. I haven’t really enjoyed writing for a long time. It’s just a thing I do. And I kinda resent the fact that I can’t just sit down and play. I have to write first.
  4. WordPress keeps changing the format. Lately, I can’t get the chapters to link up to Twitter right. It’s a frustration that gets me in a bad mood every morning that I have a chapter publishing.
  5. If I play too far ahead of what I’ve published I get upset with myself. I also feel like I shouldn’t share anything on Twitter that might be spoilers.
  6. After attempting to make some video tutorials I made a house tour video and then continued to record while I played. I found that I really enjoyed doing it. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with the videos but at least it won’t cost me anything to share them somewhere!

I am presently considering just streaming so I can have extremely long videos without worrying about it… we’ll see. I’m still trying to figure it out even though I am posting the videos I’ve made to my YouTube for now.

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