It’s A-live!

It’s A-live!

As you may know, I have had many many blog issues in the past few years starting with a domain change and then moving content from one blog to a hosted blog… but not all of it. It was a really hard time in my life and I have to remind myself not to make hasty decisions when I’m emotional. I’ve paid the price the past years with one problem after another and so much stress.

I’m happy to say that those problems should be resolved completely. I’ve gone back on my original decision not to use hosted WordPress anymore. Instead, I moved from Bluehost to A2Hosting. And, can I just say that A2 has amazing customer support? They migrated the entire blog intact. There’s no need to change chapter links or anything!

And so, with a sigh of relief, I can say that I’m done with the stress… for three years. That’s how long I signed up with them. It cost less than it would have for a year with Bluehost thanks to new customer special pricing. And hey, if you’re interested in it here’s the refer a friend code: Maybe I can get enough of those by the time I have to renew I won’t even have to worry about it.

You may be thinking but Stormy, what’s going to happen to all of these videos and livestreams you’ve started?! No worries. They will continue. I’ve found that I love making and, shockingly, learning to edit them. I have one story planned that will be written only. Some I hope to try to take screenshots as I play so that I can do a video and a short chapter. And others, I feel would just be better off doing only videos and/or livestreams. Like 100 baby. If I wrote it I’d worry about giving the kids makeovers and writing about them and really it’s just a fast-paced playthrough where I’m pretty much completely goal-oriented.

I have a new neighborhood with all of the sims from @OnyekaOO1’s #TS4EarlyYears sims. There are a lot of them! It occurred to me there was no way I’d see them all let alone interact with them in only one household on normal lifespan. So, I’ll be doing four… one on short lifespan with aging off for the rest of the town. Two will be her Townie Life challenge in which I have 2 children and I’m hoping they will turn out to be opposites allowing us to see a helpful foster child and a… not so helpful one. The other on normal will be my Wants, Wishes, and Whims sim Verity. If I plan to write some of that I’d have to go through and screenshot from the videos as I’ve done two plus an intro already. Lastly, is the Little Fish in a Big Pond story using my Mixed Bag Legacy rules. Picture this: ISBI legacy on short lifespan with mermaids and a volcano!

So yea, lots of fun stuff on the horizon. If you’re interested in seeing my videos/livestreams the links are below.

Videos: YouTube

Streaming: Twitch

I decided to change my blog theme back to my old one just so it sort-of feels like something’s changed! If you feel it’s laggy, which is why I quit using it, let me know. Thank you all.

~Lacie aka Stormy

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