Food Shortage? – Sims 2 SRS Apocalypse [AZ 42 Part 2]

After playing the main house where nothing exciting happens, there is much excitement in the next house when the wolves have 3 pups! The problem? What do we feed them?!

Included challenges or variations: The Apocalypse Challenge Tiered Variant: (Emrys Brozek)

Cyjon’s Apocalypse Challenge Modifications: (Entire neighborhood.)

Immortal Challenge *modified to fit with apocalypse rules: (Emrys Brozek)

The “Officially” Wacky Boolprop Challenge: (Neesha & Malcolm V Zarubin)

The Homeless Challenge: (Valentine Patel) Callista’s Homeless Challenge: (Annabeth Ruggbyrne & Aleix Zarubin)

Survivalist Challenge: (Atticus Ruggbyrne)

The Vagabond Challenge: (Aiden Contender, Fenton Zanni, Petinua Jocque)

The Miserable Sims Challenge: (Jacek Newsome)

The Asylum Challenge: + Simlogical Prison: (Sebinah Newsome)

Toddler Asylum *modified: (Xabrina and Bijou Wise)

Agoraphobia Challenge?: **Originally written for Sims 3 (Xanthos Danders)

The Zombie Vault Challenge: **Originally written for Sims 3 (Bramble Newsome)

New Hopes Challenge- heavily modified: (Random rolls affecting the entire neighborhood)

The cart caravan idea was inspired by The Nomad Life Playstyle but barely resembles the original challenge- Caravan Families: 1. Zarubin 2. Halfdanarson 3. Kilburn 4. Broke 5. Kettle 6. Kivic

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