Sims 2/3/4 Wants, Wishes, and Whims Part 15

Wants, Wishes, & Whims

Part 15:


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In TS2, Verity falls in love… again.

In TS3, she pulls the lever of doom.

In TS4, she marries Joey and gets her inheritance.

With the same sim in all three Sims games, I will do only what she wants… err… wishes… umm…. follow her whims! This challenge is sort-of like the Sims 3 Wishacy or Sims 4 Whim Challenge.

Intro/Outro: Fast Feel Banana Peel by Alexander Nakarada | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) 

*Plumbob by Lluisa Iborra from the Noun Project.

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