So Many Screenshots -Wants, Wishes, and Whims

Alright well, not that many screenshots when you consider there have been 18 episodes and I’ve only taken a few in each one but hey, I thought I’d share the fun with those who don’t watch the videos.

What is the Wants, Wishes, & Whims Challenge/story? Well, HeavenlySims and I were talking about the whim challenge and somehow came to the conclusion that it would be cool to do it in all the Sims games with the same sim. Originally, I was trying to do it without mods but eh, I get annoyed too quickly without mods. So, how about we meet Verity?

I tried to give her a personality and traits that were as similar as possible. Including her clothing…

This last one is outfits that aren’t in the other games. Underwear, party wear, hot weather wear.

Up close of her face. And, just for funzies, without CC…

I decided to do a side-by-side comparison in 4 because it didn’t really appear that there was a difference otherwise.

I decided to send her to university in all 3 games. Because it’s the only way to have a young adult stage in 2 and also because it’s the only way for her to get the natural science career in 2. What I didn’t anticipate was that I couldn’t even get her into uni in 4 at first because of the application process. I was not pleased.

And then, I hit another snag in 2 when the dorm was filled with ugly sims that game with the university I’d downloaded ages ago.

Like, seriously, I have a romance sim and this is all I got? So, I had to spend a day moving them all into a house and aging them all into elders. *sigh* I never did manage to get them all.

Okay so, I didn’t have as many problems in TS3, other than the fact I had no house for her and had to move her in with Krys from my Untrained story. (Don’t bother looking for it, I lost all those chapters.) Then, her first night at uni she accidentally killed a boy by flirting with him when he was hungry.

In TS4, she finally got her acceptance letter, but was unable to go to Foxbury because, as a brand-new sim, she didn’t qualify for the distinguished degree. I ended up replacing the regular uBrite dorm with a much nicer one and she got a pretty darned cool room.

I will admit, it’s very pretty there but, even after playing there for the term, I still prefer Foxbury’s modern feel.

I spent hours giving all of the dormmates makeovers. Just so you know, I did not give that guy that outfit. I’d hide behind the door too if I was dressed like that.

Her only real friend in the dorm was Joey so when Love Day came around she sought him out for some romance.

And flirting.

And a date at the uni bar where she got her first kiss.

Then, she got this call about a random inheritance… only she’d need to get married first. What’s a romance sim to do?

She can decide after she’s done with her term papers and finals.

Since her only real relationship is still with Joey there aren’t many options. Twitter peeps suggested she marry him but see other people on the side.

In TS2, she had a much harder time finding a suitable bachelor.

Until one of the professors knocked on the dorm door to introduce himself.

It was lust at first sight. Score first kiss for Sims 2 Verity as well!

For whatever reason, she keeps getting bills at the dorm. Which, of course, she doesn’t pay.

The repo guy took a sink and the only bookshelf. She had to buy a new one so she could study for class.

TS3 Verity was way behind the others in the first romance and first kiss department.

Although, she did get a pretty cool tattoo.

Jeffery seemed impressed and they flirted and blogged about flirting.

And had their first kiss. She wanted a boyfriend so she asked him. Kinda deviating from the romance sim thing already.

She wanted tent woohoo so I bought her one. Jeffrey approved. Such an enthusiastic response to the first woohoo. I’m pretty sure, by this point, Sims 2 Verity had her first woohoo with the professor as well but there are no pics of it.

Then, she went to a frat party and decided to streak. She got arrested by the hottest cop ever.

I didn’t even know you could get arrested for that!

I have a feeling she didn’t learn her lesson.

I think we’ll cut it off here. This is sorta where the first term ended. At least for Sims 4 Verity. It’s kinda complicated trying to keep them all synced up. Hope you enjoyed this look into her lives. If you like it, I’ll start taking more pics to write about her shenanigans.

Chapter 2 coming soon!

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