Demons Do It Better ★★★★★ [Review]

Book: Demons Do It Better

Author: Louisa Masters

Series: Hidden Species #1

Genre: M/M Romance; Paranormal Romance; Humor; Mystery; Shifters; Demons; Vamps; Magic

Pub date: 08/06/2020

Pages: 254

Publisher: (?)

Source: Gay Romance Reviews

I work for lucifer. Only, it’s not as cool and satanic as it sounds.

The truth is, I’m an admin assistant who applied for a job that sounded kind of interesting and ended up working for the Community of Species Government. I’m the only human in the office, and basically I ride herd on a team of rambunctious shifters and demons.

I also spend a lot of time avoiding Gideon Bailey, the demon I had a one-night stand with right before I took this job. He hates me, and I really want to avoid being murdered. But I’ve been offered a promotion that will mean working with him, so we’re both going to have to get over it.

Plus, people are going missing. Pregnant people. And the word is that someone is dabbling in genetic experimentation. Putting a stop to that is more important than the sexual tension Gideon and I have been ignoring… isn’t it?

Please note: This book was provided to me through Gay Book Reviews to give an honest review. I never go into a lot of detail in my reviews because why would you read the book if I told you everything that happens with my personal bias that you may or may not agree with if you’d have read it yourself?

First of all, how the hell haven’t I heard of Louisa Masters before this? Last month, I think after reading The Fantastic Fluke by Sam Burns which I freaking loved, Goodreads started recommending this book to me constantly. Funnily enough, the thing that seems to have drawn most readers to the book, the cover, was what made me back away. It just seemed kinda corny. And the “work for Lucifer” starting line. I actually don’t think I read the rest of the blurb. But, so many people that I follow on Goodreads loved it that I’d intended to pick it up after Christmas anyway. Then, Gay Romance Reviews had the second book in the Hidden Species series, One Bite with a Vampire, up for review and I couldn’t request it fast enough. To my delight, this one was on offer to review as well.

Sam is this absolutely hilarious human that starts working as an admin for a “species” government investigation team. The team is mostly hellhounds which are just some kind of type of large dog shifter and I expected the book to be mostly about his experiences starting to work with them. Which is why I was so shocked that chapter 3 started out five years later! I suppose I should have known considering the fact the blurb mentions working alongside Gideon’s team. And can I just say I love that name? So really, the book is about Sam working with that team and the big investigation also mentioned in the blurb about the genetic experiments.

By far the funniest part of the book and I swear one of the funniest parts of any book I’ve ever read is when Sam gets drunk off of shifter brew after his interview with the team. I was laughing so hard I was crying! So good. And, as I always say, a book that brings out different emotions is the best. I laughed I cried and I swooned over Gideon… then laughed some more because their relationship was so ridiculous. I’m not sure if you would call it a slow burn really? Not even enemies to lovers. Just kinda stubborn idiots. But, so funny. And romantic in a weird way.

I loved all the characters. The surprise near the end was a complete shock to me. No spoilers from me. Sorry, not sorry. If you want a goofy story with some romance and mystery sprinkled in this is a great book for it. I was starting to feel a bit jaded about the m/m genre lately since everything seems so darned similar. Demons Do It Better surely stands out. I think the closest comparison would be The THIRDS series which is one of my favorites.

“And adventure sounds right up my alley. As long as I can do it from my desk or couch. Virtual adventure, that’s what I want.”

-Sam on his way to his job interview at CSG

I’ve long acknowledged the fact that should there be a zombie apocalypse, I will be one of the first to die.

-Sam arriving to his interview for the senior investigative team

“Who knew it was possible to be so scared I might crap myself but also be turned on, all by the same person?”

-Sam at his interview for the senior investigative team

“I hate him. I finally, finally understand now what people mean when they talk about hate fucking, because I can’t stand the sight of him, want to stab him in the face, but would also fuck him again in a heartbeat.”

-Sam when the team is trying to show him magic
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