Love and Linguistics ★★★★★ [Review]

Book: Love and Linguistics

Author: Tara Lain

Series: Movie Magic Romances #2

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Pub date: 01/21/2021

Pages: (?)

Publisher: Tara Lain Books

Source: Gay Romance Reviews

All I want is….

El wants a decent job, but employers can’t get past his rough speech and gangbanger looks.

Henry wants to be taken seriously for his work, but he needs one more dramatic transformation to prove his theories.

It’s the classic makeover tale – if you add vicious gangsters, near-death experiences, industrial espionage, technology titans, and a huge fashion event.

Henry sets out to make El a fit consort for a king, but of course, he’s the one who learns how to say, I love you.

LOVE AND LINGUISTICS is an opposites-attract, teacher/student, movie magic retelling, total makeover, MM romance – that dances all night.

Please note: This ARC was provided to me by the author through Gay Romance Reviews to give an honest review. I never go into a lot of detail in my reviews because why would you read the book if I told you everything that happens with my personal bias that you may or may not agree with if you’d have read it yourself?

From what I can tell, it looks like the author is re-publishing this herself. It was originally published in November of 2019 by Dreamspinner Press with a different cover. Also, it’s supposedly part of a series but can be read as a standalone title. Reading over the description of the first book, Return of the Chauffeur’s Son, I don’t recognize the names so I guess this is true. Truthfully, I think the book would do better as a standalone, while attached to a series people will feel obligated to read the first, seemingly unrelated, book. And that’s just a shame because this is a really great book that might be missed out on because people either don’t want to read that one or are uninterested in “movie magic” … which I have no idea how this relates at all to this particular book. There is mention of Henry occasionally helping actors with speech for roles but it’s not part of the book at all. Eh, whatever.

So, here we go, let’s dive in here, shall we? I loved this book! Warm fuzzies and happy sighs all around! I’ve gotten kinda critical of contemporary romance books lately. They all seem the same! So, when I read the description to this one I was intrigued. I’m a sucker for a good makeover story. And this one is GOOD. Like, movie material good. Maybe that’s why the author used that series title? Anyway, I was so into this story from beginning to end. And the ending was awesome. I’m still smiling hours after finishing it. I really have no complaints at all about this book. Shocking, I know.

Reading the description I’m kinda confused. So, let me summarize it for you. El, which I wish they’d started using his real name for because I love the name Elijah, lives in an apartment in the Bronx with a gang leader. Not by choice, of course. He wants to move out of the hood and make a new start but can’t get a job despite having a technology degree because of the way he talks and looks. At a job interview, the guy gives him Henry’s business card suggesting he could use some linguistics lessons. One of Henry’s students sponsors El for lessons. Now, all that El wants is to be able to get a job but Henry and his friend Marge see this huge bell of the ball makeover story and teach him everything to fit into high-class society instead. It sounds goofy, but it really isn’t. It was a lot of fun. Although, near the end, I was ready to kill Henry! But, it turned out perfectly even if there were some scary moments. I highly recommend this book. It’s the perfect mix of serious, sweet, and silly.

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