TS4→ Drifter Reboot 004.5: Sixam… Finally

The rest of winter

Ah Winterfest… again.  I’m tiring of all the constant holidays.  I had to quit without saving when this one popped up because it was set as a day off of work.

That’s the extent of my decorating this time.  It just takes so long and it’s the same animation no matter what they’re doing. 

She gave him a space rock.

He gave her… another flower. 

Ah back to torturing Herbert eh… I mean work.  She was to spoil the latest episode of whatever TV show they watch.  I was surprised it’s a mean interaction.

This is why I wanted her to go to work!

I still haven’t put a light in there.  It’s like I have a mental block about the upstairs bathrooms.

Looks like we can stop trying to transform stuff into one!

I feel like we get these notifications constantly.  Darrin gets like one a day.

Getting that thinking skill up.

Joule was tucking her in bed and suddenly she got up and started down the stairs…

What the?  She got to the bottom and just stood there.

Another birthday I almost forgot.  Oberon ate most of that cake… with the candles on it!  It still worked.

Back to upgrading.

Last of the cousins is born.

Awe so nice.

I love transforming but the constant tasks to use the SimRay on coworkers are getting old.

Poor Herbert.


And then I remembered to switch to the aspiration when she got home.

Some attention for the hound.


Oh no he’s eating that cake!

It was just a tiny fire and mommy put it out right away you’re fine.

When it’s a blizzard dogs will go outside to pee and immediately run back inside.  I’ve started having a sim leash them and encourage them to do their business.  Although, I didn’t mean on her socks!

Both of their faces cracked me up!

Oh look it’s a room that’s mostly done.  Everything in there was transformed except for the desk and computer.

Look at her sitting all nicely in her highchair watching them play.

Awe such a sweetie.

It was one of those Omiscan masks.

Transformed it and got this.  It had a perfect color swatch to go with the vases on the landing.

Little one’s in bed time for more upgrading.

Then work.  I love this room.

Are we toasting?  Cheers!  He’s probably just relieved she’s not making him drink the serum.

Such a sweetie.  This is the only pic of her this day.  It’s so hard with the active careers.  Especially this one with them working until 7 and sometimes 9pm.


Now to install that wormhole drive.

It was Saturday and I thought it was the perfect time to have Tachisme meet most of her cousins.

And surely, even autonomous, Darrin can handle it.

It started out good.  We met Pastel.

And then we met Burin.

Casein wouldn’t come inside!  And his parents just kept going out there to talk to him.

Sherlock was there because Sierra was walking him and just came into the house with her husband and son.  Okay then.

And then, it all got confused.  As you can see back there Casein was going inside and I was relieved but then Burin started wandering out.

I could not figure out where the heck he was going.  Turns out his dad had never gone into the house but was instead just lurking at the edge of the map.  He went all the way over there to ask for food.

They all wanted food.  I completely forgot that about the past toddler parties.

Then I looked and Tachisme was in bed!

Joule brought her down and gave her food and she immediately went back upstairs to bed!  Why do my sims keep wanting to go to bed when their energy is barely yellow?!

Well, here’s a pic with the three that were aged to toddler.  And if you hadn’t guessed it’s New Years.

I was thinking a treadmill would get a great view from there and hey maybe Darrin will do something other than sleep for a change.

Sixam finally!

The guy on the left is Atom.  This is the only time this has happened but it threw me into a total panic.

Really?  Y’all have like 20 chairs!

No New Years kiss.  They both played with the dog.  He went back to bed and she went back to Sixam.

I know.  It’s wearing on me too.  We just gotta get an alien roommate and we’re done with this.

So beautiful!

So much sadness.

Looks like the Drifter Day ghosts visit Sixam as well.  Hi Brock!  Well, that means it’s spring and we’re done with this chapter.

Chapter 004.6

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