TS4→ Drifter Reboot 004.6: They’re All Mad

House 004 Chapter 6

The first half of spring

Ah, Drifter Day.  The day that, at first, was nothing more than chatting with former Drifter family members on the sidewalk but has now turned into me spending like an hour getting graves for all the sims that died since the last one and sorting them all out.  Goby and Erich have sort of an odd sense of humor taking a selfie there like “this is where we’ll be soon!”

Febe was angry again.  I swear she was a really nice sim back in the day at least from what I remember of her.  Joule calmed her down.

The gates are locked for club members only and Tachisme went out to say hello to people wanting inside under the watch of her many greats grandpa Neo.

Even happy Febe’s scaring people.

Neo’s part of the graveyard has so many more tombstones!

Goby and Erich are weird.  Time to go.

At the night on the town meal everyone sat so nicely I had high hopes.  They dashed them pretty quickly.

Chatting with cuteness.

She kept wanting to sit there.  I checked this boy’s age and he’s 2 days older which in townie ages means he’ll be a little younger than her when she ages to YA.  Can’t hurt to check out future possibilities eh?  That part is always so stressful.

Seriously the standing during meals is really annoying me.  Look how nicely Darrin’s table is sitting.


It took forever for it to let me buy a cake.  I cleared both tables and finally it let me on the other table and I moved it.

Dad walked over and walked away.  

Awe what a cutie!

A little late on the uptake there Alexander.  I gave her the dog lover trait.

Joule went over and introduced herself to Lucas (not sure if that’s spelled right) and his twin sister who I forget the name of.  I actually remember naming them.  We don’t get many twins and I always scramble to think of a similar name for the second surprise one.

Oh sure now all of you sit!  I was ready to murder them all.

Back home, mom transformed all of Tachisme’s toddler stuff.

Wow that’s perfect!

And a dragon dragonfly!

I love it when they play in the closets.

Already using her new drawing table under the supervision of Oberon.

Sorry guys.  I now realize ramen wasn’t the brightest meal idea.

Oberon wanted a walk.  They haven’t done this in like a week.

Finally she made this thing.

How were they half as much as last week’s when she has more property value not to mention the million things in her inventory?  Plus, they ran the heat practically non-stop all winter!

Tachisme went with Joule when I aged up Pastel.  I think she got the erratic trait.

I didn’t mean do your homework on the street.  Whatever.

Might as well contact aliens.

Quark visited.

He looked so cute!

Once Tachisme was off to bed, Joule went back to Sixam.  Her walk is my mood about the whole thing at this point.

I’d taken Coolspear’s mod out that changes the workers and stuff and this one was the first thing.  

Met these two and of course they both had horrible traits.

That’s an odd task.

I forgot he’s freaking unflirty!

Now she’s sad.  There have been so many deaths I’m kinda detached from it by now.

She was repairing this for hours until I finally gave up.

The third disguised alien was over here repairing the radio for hours too.  I put Coolspear’s other cowplant mod back in temporarily that keeps them from killing sims and gives more time between feedings to keep this one alive.

No offence dude it’s a work task.  All three had bad traits.  Plus, I really wanted to meet someone on Sixam.

She got promoted and I was so impressed with her new outfit I forgot to screencap the notification.

Awe, Tachisme ran out to give her a hug!

Time to age up Casein.  I think he got the cheerful trait.  What are they doing?


I think he’s my favorite so far.

Saying hello to elder Magoo.

And meeting his pup Sherlock.

Contacting aliens again.  I know sometimes a bunch of them show up at the door.

Darrin’s sleeping as per usual.  I gave up on having her wake him up.  He always goes back to bed like an hour later.


Play time with the pup.

This wasn’t the kind of contact I had in mind.

Ion was there and Tachisme tells him that her mom is just off finding an alien to move in with them.

So cute.  I didn’t play for much longer than this and still have a few days of spring so I decided to cut it off here.

Chapter 004.7

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