TS4→ Drifter Reboot 004.7: Advantageous Match?

House 004 Chapter 7

The rest of spring

A/N:  I thought the title was suiting in addition to being funny since in this chapter we’re not only looking for an alien roommate but also trying to choose which cousin will move in with Tachisme in house 005 and lastly Joule meets a bunch of future potential suitors for her.

I had her polish all of the geodes in her inventory and she completed the collection!

I’m really looking forward to when she tops her career and can spend some quality time with the family.  It’s like she gets home and helps Tachisme with her homework and there’s barely time for anything else.

I thought she was in bed!  She must have napped.  She draws constantly which is cute seeing-as-how that’s going to be her career.

It’s so beautiful.

*sigh* That’s the last of them.  Poor Darrin gets a call almost every day still.

You have no idea how stressful this whole alien thing has been.  It’s my own fault of course.  I had some newer CC that I apparently hadn’t flagged no aliens and they were all wearing it.  And then I had a freaking berry skin in that I swear I never remember getting and they all had that too.  I either humanized or deleted the ones using it all.  So you can imagine my relief at seeing a “normal” alien.

Run and meet her!  Not so great traits.

He was childish which I really wanted but his other traits were awful.

That makes 3 collections!  I’m going to have to send Jacob from my Robinson’s save here so they can finally complete that collection!

Back to work.  I took a bunch of screenshots this day but decided to save all but this one of her freezing Ion for the bloopers chapter.

He seemed okay later.  LOL!


A little encouraging can’t hurt eh?

Then homework time again.

And she was right back to drawing!

So sweet!

Back to Sixam after Tachisme went to bed.  She really doesn’t need more collectibles but she has this horrible habit of wanting to “remove wild plants” any time I’m not making her do something!

Met another alien with rotten traits.  I’m just deleting the households at this point.

My first thought was isn’t she cute I hope she has good traits…

Ohmygosh!  Ever since she met that childish male alien I was hoping for one with that trait!

Her name is Phoenix Croft.  Unfortunately, Joule needed to leave to head to work.

Now she’s getting sent home every time it pops up to ask if I want to follow Darrin to work before Joule.

She keeps getting tasks to make things she’s already made before but I usually end up doing it because every other task is to torture coworkers.

She had her own portal in her inventory but I wanted to go into this cool room to calibrate one. This is the first time talking to it has resulted in the appearance of an alien.

Why do they all have such terrible traits?!

I had the game paused while finding the bathroom for Joule when I saw this.  It looks like she’s blaming someone else for making it blow up.

She looks like she’s adding something nefarious into the salad.  I really miss having the old setup there for meals even if she didn’t eat very often.

Maybe she added the bad ingredient for him to eat?  LOL!

This is really a good career for uncontrolled spouses.  He’s up to level 4 now!

Time to age up Burin.  He’s the one who toddled to the edge of the map at the toddler party.

I wish I could have frozen that photo frame with the house 002 family in it.

They seem to get along well.

Oh hello Morris!

Back home Joule invited Phoenix to meet the family.

Really though?

Tachisme asked questions about her planet.

Joule was just about to have Phoenix meet Oberon when she got abducted.  Ether just stood there.

Haha I love childish sims.

Tachisme kept her occupied while Darrin kept Oberon happy.

Joule got back and talked for a few minutes then Phoenix said she had to go.

Another night spent transforming.  I love dust sprites!

All of Tachisme’s artwork makes a nice backdrop for Love Day.

So cute!  I really wish there were more things like this in the game.

Darrin looks like he agrees with me that a noisemaker is ridiculous for celebrating this holiday.

She left for work and this popped up.  I’ve never seen it before and can’t remember getting a mod for this so I have no clue.  It’s been an issue lately that Tachisme will return home from school when her parents leave though so this was good.

Confetti at work really?  That can’t be safe.

She looks so serious.

As Joule was walking inside Tachisme appeared.

But it still showed her at school until I restarted the game.

I guess a fang flower has to go into a box.  Darn.

I wish there was a variety on the flowers given.  Although, he does look sweet giving it.

Don’t mind mom and dad.

I was trying to decide whether to send them on a date when Darrin went to bed.  Ugh whatever.

We’ll just have quality mother/daughter time.

Yep, looks about right.

Then Tachisme was off to bed herself and it was transforming time.

The hamper transformed into a washing machine!  So funny!

Awe looks like she takes after mom liking the doctor set too.  Okay, it’s Saturday, let’s do something fun for once!

To the park! Pastel says hello to Oberon.


It looks like they’re having some sort of weird competition.

Oh there’s Burin.  All the kids always seek out Oberon.


I totally thought that was Burin playing with Casein and Tachisme.

Better grill something up in case the kiddos get hungry.

She played for like two seconds and it make her focused so she stopped to do extra credit work.  I’m not complaining.

They were on other sides of the building but still it matches up with their earlier treadmill match.

Close-up of the adorableness of Casein.

Gasp!  He’s beautiful!

Oh look there Opie the dog is again begging with Oberon.  See?  The burgers were a good idea.

It occurred to me that it would be a good idea to meet some more boys Tachisme’s age.

Geeze I didn’t mean swim with him.  This is Layton and his trait is goofball.


It’s the boy that I mistook for Casein.  He’s actually Mathew and he’s self-assured.

Oh maybe he’s a good match for Pastel instead?

The slide is like the most hilarious item in the game.

Oberon making friends.  That dog is a beautiful specimen as well.  I especially like the oddly shaped head.  Reminds me of the dog Febe had in house 001.

Have I mentioned that there are a lot of children in the save?  I didn’t even up the MCCC settings.

In the pool again?  This is Anthony and he’s an art lover which is very promising.

They were just about to leave when I noticed a couple more.  Bennett here is a Glutton.  That’s also Burin’s last name.  It would be cruel to marry them just so his name would be Bennett Bennett I suppose.

And last we have Maddox the vegetarian.

Back home they both decided to cook at the same time.  Darrin broke the stove and when Joule stopped to fix it he went to bed.  Ugh.

Joule finished his eggs and ate them.  Isomer stopped by.  Annoyingly, it’s not family that visits lately it’s her coworkers.  Which makes no sense considering the fact she tortures them half the time.

Another long night of transforming.  I grabbed more stuff out of the room I’ve been throwing it all into and put it around the house.  Sooner or later I’m going to have to put a table in here.

A little while later I noticed Tachisme watching TV.  She was still in her swimsuit from the park so she must have only napped.  It’d be nice if Darrin napped once in a while.  Off to bed for proper sleep girlie!

Such a good boy.  And this, my friends, is the end of spring.


When they got home from the park this popped up.  Thankfully, I’d saved right before they left.

And was able to go back to right before she died and give her a kitten Gidget.

I’d noticed that Morris was about to age to elder when they were at the park so I went ahead and gave him a puppy Delores.

I also saw that Pudley was an elder now so I merged in Opie with them.

And now he has a puppy Dudley!  Opie went back to his family of course.

Chapter 004.8 coming soon!

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