I originally wrote this as the Little Bitty Legacy. The main goal was to complete the Mansion Baron aspiration on a short lifespan with building restrictions. Gradually, it kinda morphed and a lot of other goofy rules were added. Then Tiny Living came along changing everything. I am leaving the rules for the building restrictions but I suppose you could just ignore them if you want.

So, why a mixed bag? It’s basically a build-your-own-legacy. Pick and choose the Advantages and Handicaps you want. You don’t have to count points. They’re there as more of a checks-and-balances type of thing. Like if you take a -5 point Advantage you should try to take a +5 point Handicap to even it out. I decided to leave the Basic Rules until after the Advantages and Handicaps sections.

Rules Related to Advantages and/or Handicaps

  • Start with a single young adult.  
  • Normal lifespan and aging always on for your household as well as the townies.
  • Full autonomy on.
  • Pick a 20×15 or 20×20 lot. This will be your lot for the remainder of the challenge.  (Glimmerbrook and Evergreen Harbor have no small lots, you may use a 30×20 lot there if you take the Not So High handicap. This also applies to the penthouse lot in San Myshuno.)
  • At the start of the challenge, you can only build on 24 tiles.
  • If you have the Tiny Living stuff pack you may change your lot type to tiny home residential.
  • You may choose whichever lot traits you’d like but may only change them once per generation.
  • For each sim added to or born into the household, you must add 2 additional tiles.  Any sim added to the household must be asked to move in.  Any sim added to the household in this way may not be moved out.  You do not lose tiles if a sim dies.  Thus, you may not move in elders.  You may not move in and then immediately kill a sim just to earn tiles.  They must spend at least 2 weeks in the household first.
  • Pets count as a sim towards the 2 tile rule if adopted as a puppy or kitten or born into the household.
  • You may move out “spare” aka non-heir sims that were born or adopted into the household when they’ve aged to YA.  For each sim moved out in this fashion you receive a -1 tile penalty.
  • You can “store up” earned tiles if you’re trying to build a certain way for example a shipping container house. (If you have Tiny Living see the Banking On It advantage penalty.)
  • No potion of youth!  Each sim may, on the other hand, partake in lifemilk from a cowplant once.  The sim that will be “donating” the lifemilk must be best friends with the sim who is to drink it.  These sims do not earn tiles unless you choose to abide by the above rule of them staying in the household for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • You cannot add deceased sims back into the family.
  • Graves/urns, including cowplant victims, must be left on the property and arranged in some way.  You cannot just plop them all into a basement never to be seen again. (Note that you do have free reign to make it look as creepy as you’d like!)  If you would like to spread the graves or urns out feel free.  You may not release spirits to the netherworld.
  • In addition, there should be one holiday a “year” that has the remembrance tradition.  If you don’t have Seasons, once in each sim’s lifetime they must strengthen connections on all of the graves on the lot.  If you choose to have a longer than default season length the number of remembrance days should be increased as well.  There should be one per every 4 weeks.
  • Sims may not sleep outside of the tiled area including tents.
  • You can make money however you’d like. 
  • You can swap aspirations in order to earn extra satisfaction points.
  • Your sim(s) may be any form of supernatural.


(All handicaps should be taken prior to starting the challenge.  You may not, for example, decide to try and see how many levels you can go without and count those at the end.  On the other hand, if you decide that it is too difficult to continue the handicap you may choose to forfeit it.  For example, if you have a sim close to death about to reach a milestone that would earn you many points and decide to use cowplant milk to get them the extra time this disqualifies you for the Bovine Lover points.)

  • Po’ Livin’:  Starting with zero simoleans gives you an additional +5 points
  • Micro Whaaat?: You earn +25 points if you own the Tiny Living stuff pack and elect not to use the tiny house lot type.
  • Minimalist: Starting with fewer tiles will give you a +1 point per tile.  So if you started with 23 instead of 24 you’d get a point.  Likewise, 20 would give you 4 points.
  • Slow Grower: Giving yourself 1 tile per sim added to the household instead of 2 gives you +10 points.
  • Not-So-High: Each level that you don’t use earns +5 points.  This handicap cannot be combined with the Room to Move advantage.  The maximum number of levels you may negate is 3.  Therefore the highest possible number of earned points would be +15.
  • Stranger Things: You can earn +2 points per generation you live in Strangerville on maximum strangeness. (Taking the Movers and Shakers advantage isn’t required to relocate.)
  • Moove Over: You earn +15 points for never using the bb.moveobjects on cheat.  (The only exceptions are if you’re shrinking large objects for the Welcome to the Family handicap and need to center them on their individual tiles or using an item to block access to a grave or urn to prevent auto-mourning.)
  • I’m the Insane One:  Playing ISBI style for the entire legacy in which you only control the founder and heirs when they age to YA gives you +20 points.  (You may control them to blow out birthday candles, change outfits, take pregnancy tests, check-in at the hospital, and eat cowplant cake.)
  • Randomizer: Randomizing traits for every born/adopted sim in the household gains you +5 points.
  • Randomizer Part Deux:  Randomizing lot traits at the start of every generation throughout the legacy gains you +5 points
  • Off the Grid: Taking and keeping the Off the Grid lot trait for the entire legacy earns you +15 points (Stacks with Randomizer Part Deux, just randomize the remaining 2 traits.)
  • Welcome to the Family+10 points for adding a single item of your choosing to the lot for each sim added to the household either through birth, adoption, or just moving in.  For example an army of gnomes or flamingos or ceramic pigs lining the yard.  These items should take up a tile each.  If you’re using an object that is large and would like to shrink it, you may shrink it but it needs to still take up at least one tile.  You may not hide these on an unused floor.  You may display them inside or on top of the house if you don’t want them in the yard.  If your chosen item has color swatches you may change them.  If you chose an item such as gnomes you may use the different types.  (Remove the Gnomes holiday tradition if you choose them!)
  • Hoarder: At least once a week a family member must find a collectible and display it somewhere on the lot. +5 points
  • The One to Rule Them All: At the start of the legacy choose a requirement for the heir.  It could be that they must carry on a particular eye color, hair color, facial features, an uglacy or prettacy, a matriarchy or patriarchy.  If you’re rolling for traits it could be a particular trait.  Use your imagination, I’m sure you can come up with something interesting.  This handicap earns you +10 points.
  • Freegans: +25 points if you own the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack and choose the Freegan trait for the above heir requirement handicap and furnish your entire house only with items from the dumpster. (You may still purchase build items, whatever item you choose if taking the Welcome to the Family handicap, and anything else that can’t be found in the dumpster.)
  • Curses!: If taking the above Freegan Handicap, you may have a spellcaster sim each generation who can “repair” the burnt dumpster items. Sounds like an Advantage, right? Nope, they must be cursed! Use cheats to add the following curses- Curse of Scrambled Spells:  traits.equip_trait Trait_Curses_WildMagic and Curse of Uncontrollable Charge: traits.equip_trait Trait_Curses_FountainOfMagic. This earns +5 points.
  • Short-Short Span: +50 points for playing on short lifespan the entirety of the legacy. You may still indulge in cowplant lifemilk once per a sim’s lifetime.
  • Bovine Lover: Electing to never use cowplant milk for extra time when playing the Short-Short Span Handicap gives you +25 points.  (You may still earn the points per cowplant that lived the entire legacy and use the emotion milk, just not the lifemilk.)
  • Locked In: +5 points if you never move out spares. (The cowplant rule is still in effect. *wink*)
  • Aspiration Smaspiration!: +10 points for never swapping aspirations to earn satisfaction points faster.
  • Whim Shwim!: +5 points for hiding whims in the UI.
  • Yard Sale: +20 points for never selling anything via build/buy mode or personal inventory. Everything that can be must be sold using a market table or a retail store lot. (You may cheat yourself the simoleans to purchase the empty lot for a store.)
  • Storage Shortage: +10 points if you never store anything in personal or family inventory. (You can use a single storage chest with a 20 item limit.)
  • Underachievers: +20 points for never going beyond starting levels in any career either by preventing them from getting the necessary skills or using a mod to freeze career levels. See the bottom of the rules for a list of levels per career. (-2 point penalty for each level gained so consider whether it’s worth it.)
  • Juvenile Delinquents: +10 points for swapping the additional scoring for kids with bad grades and character values and not participating in after-school activities. (So instead of earning a point for an A they’d earn for a D or F and instead of getting a point for a good character trait they’d get a point for a bad one like argumentative.)
  • Bad Apple: +5 points for having a “bad apple” child each generation that you cannot control. (Does not stack with the I’m the Insane One handicap)
  • Sharing Really Isn’t Caring: If you have the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack and the sharing is caring N.A.P. give yourself +5 points per generation it is active. You may not lock doors or gates or decline calls asking to visit your home. You may, on the other hand, place items outside of the house in hopes they will be stolen. (Exceptions to locked doors or gates: Career rewards, your family graveyard, and added items if taking the Welcome to the Family and/or Hoarder handicaps.) **This may change after more testing**


(Unlike the handicaps, you cannot choose partway through the challenge that you don’t want an advantage.  Regardless of whether you continue it, you’ve still lost those points.)

  • Juvenile Jumpstart:  Start with a teen sim. -5 points (If you choose to start with a teen you may not use mods to have a teen pregnancy.)
  • Not So Fast: Play the challenge on long lifespan. -100 points
  • Puppet Master: Turn autonomy off for the entire challenge. -10 points
  • Kaching: <—If desperate for starting funds you can use this cheat. -5 points
  • Motherlode: <—-If extremely desperate for starting funds you can use this cheat. -30 points
  • Serial Killer:  The non-kill time limit for moved-in sims that earn tiles is shortened from 2 weeks to 1 week. -10 points
  • You’re Outta Here:  No move out 1 tile penalty for sims born/adopted in the household. -10 points (Can’t be combined with the Locked In handicap)
  • Ghostaphobia:  Your family is terrified of ghosts.  You may release ghosts to the netherworld or keep their graves in family inventory to prevent hauntings.  -10 points
  • Ancestors Suck:  Don’t have to build a fancy graveyard or celebrate a remembrance day. -5 points
  • Reluctant Builder:  If trying for the Mansion Baron points, you don’t have to build an actual mansion.  You can, for example, use a lower basement floor to add the required number of columns, walls with windows, paintings, §15,000 violins, etc. These items must remain for the entirety of the challenge.  -20 points
  • Starter Boost:  Starting with extra tiles will have -2 penalty points per tile.  So if you started with 25 instead of 24 you’d lose 2 points.  Likewise, 32 to have the max number for a micro-home would be a 16 point penalty.
  • Miracle Grower: 3 tiles per new sim added instead of 2.  -15 points
  • Room to Move:  Start on a 30×20 lot. -10 pts (This penalty does not include the aforementioned lots in Glimmerbrook, Evergreen Harbor, or the San Myshuno penthouse if taking the Not-So-High handicap.)
  • Movers and Shakers: Taking a -15 point penalty gives you the ability to move lots and rebuild as many times as you wish.
  • Cowplantaholic:  Can use cowplant milk twice in a lifetime instead of once. -30 points
  • Ghostly Dynasty-Type-Thing:  You may add ghosts back into the family as playable characters.  They may never use ambrosia.  They can continue their prior career and any other money-making or household assistance. -10 points each
  • Happy Campers: Can place tents outside of the earned tiled areas. -50 points; if living in a micro or tiny home -75 points; if using the Slow Grower handicap -100 points.
  • Banking On It: If “storing up” earned tiles leaves you in a certain tier for the Tiny Home residential lot subtract the following points each generation: Micro -15 or Tiny -10
  • Hocus Pocus: -15 points if you have spellcasters. (Sorry but they’re so overpowered!)

Additional Points

  • +50 pts for the first time you achieve Mansion Baron
  • +5 pts for each time you achieve Fabulously Wealthy
  • +1 pt for the founder and each heir including the 10th
  • +2 pts for each ISBI-style generation in which you do not control any household sims other than the heir (Stacks with the I’m the Insane One handicap)
  • +1 pt for memorializing the founder and each heir in some way
  • +1 pt for each baby born or adopted into the household
  • +1 pt for each aspiration milestone completed
  • +5 pts for each completed aspiration  (This is in addition to the 1pt per milestone.)
  • +1 pt for any maxed skill including toddler skills
  • +1 pts for the Happy Toddler bonus trait
  • +5 pts for the top-notch toddler bonus trait
  • +5 pts for the Scouting Aptitude trait
  • +1 pt for each A in school both elementary and high
  • +5 pts for topping a career (this does not include teen careers)
  • +1 pt for every §100,000 simoleans earned
  • +1 pt for each collection completed
  • +1 pt per every positive Parenthood trait earned
  • +5 pts for every sim born or adopted into the household that does not partake of cowplant life milk.
  • +5 pts for each cowplant that lives from the first to last generation of the legacy.                                     
  • +5 points for having a sim in a generation from teen-death possessed by the strange fruit.
  • For a little bit of extra fun try adding Vickie Sims Box of Chocolates weekly event rolls to the challenge! +1 point per generation on Easy Mode; +2 points per generation on Hard Mode; +3 points per generation on Beast Mode. You may re-roll if it conflicts with your chosen Advantages or Handicaps.
  • -1 pt for every time the power is shut off
  • -1 pt for every time the plumbing is shut off
  • -5 pts for every child taken by social services (in addition you lose their earned tiles)
  • -1 pt for every accidental death (including accidental cowplant deaths)
  • -1 pt for each F grade
  • -1 pt for each negative Parenthood trait earned  
  • -1 pt for each cowplant that dies (note: this penalty can be negated by keeping the cowplant’s skeleton on the property)

Rules Unrelated to Advantages or Handicaps

  • You may give them any starting aspiration or traits.
  • You may choose any season length.
  • If a sim that is moved into the household brings money it must be removed using money cheats.
  • If, when moving a sim into the household, you realize they have a family they may also be moved in.  The 2-week rule pertains to them as well.  (Note: If one of these moved-in sims is a baby or toddler they count as an adopted sim in any of the rules referring to adopted sims.)
  • You can have outdoor “rooms” but none can have walls or half walls.  Fencing outside of the earned tile area is allowed.
  • At the start of each generation, you earn the Ultimate Freezer Bunny Award or if you don’t have access to this item a Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor.  You may use size cheats on these items but they should be displayed somewhere to show the honor bestowed upon the family.  (Use money cheats to purchase whichever reward they receive.)
  • No money tree.  Any other reward traits or potions are allowed.  (Except the youth potion!)
  • No mods that give you an unfair advantage over vanilla players.  No custom content that gives you an unfair advantage either for example mattresses that come with a level 10 energy rating or items that cost half what they would if bought from the catalog.  If it feels cheaty it probably is.
  • No playing the random lottery holiday unless you plan to “donate” the money if they win to prevent the sad moodlet.
  • No club gatherings on the home lot if they have any skill or motive boosting perks.
  • Weather cheats are not allowed.  The weather machine is.

Detailed Explanations for the Basic Rules

  • If you choose to use a sim from the gallery or another save file, ensure that they have no skill points, satisfaction points, or bonus traits.  You can use cheats to remove them if they do.
  • The only exception to full autonomy is if you need them all to gather together for a particular event such as a birthday, decorating the tree, watching the new years countdown, etc in which they normally scatter at the first opportunity.
  • A tile is a block of space that would be a square with 4 tiny walls.  For example, a kitchen counter or bedside table is one tile. You can build your starter home in whatever shape or using however many levels you’d like with those tiles.  The easiest way to count your tiles is to use the grid on with the G key in build/buy mode and tilt the camera using the middle mouse wheel to face down on the lot.
  • If you have all of the Sims 3 games the freezer bunny award this is a purchasable item in the decorations>sculptures tab.  If you don’t own them all the knight of the octagon table is located there as well.
  • I suggest making the graves/urns inaccessible somehow to prevent the extremely annoying auto-mourning and giving them access to the graves and/or urns only on remembrance days to strengthen connections.

Underachiever Handicap Careers

No higher than level:

  1. Military, Writer, Astronaut, Scientist, Tech Guru
  2. Entertainer, Stylist, Doctor, Detective
  3. Business, Athlete, Culinary, Secret Agent
  4. Gardener, Painter
  5. Criminal


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