Chapter 1– Amira’s Story
Chapter 2– Mixed Signals
Chapter 3– Shocker!
Chapter 4– Ghosts and Grim
Chapter 5– Childhood Savant
Chapter 6– Jack of All Trades
Chapter 7– The Trials and Tribulations of Teens
Chapter 8– Rocket Love
Chapter 9– A Rose in Bloom
Chapter 10– The Slow Decline
Chapter 11– New Lease on Life
Chapter 12– The Heir is Born
Gen One Bloopers and Outtakes
Chapter 13– Dark Side of My Shadow
Chapter 14– Night and Day
Chapter 15– The Nice Kids Club
Chapter 16– Too Far
Chapter 17– Just Breathe
Chapter 18– A New Normal
Chapter 19– Vindicated
Chapter 20– Wedding Bells
Chapter 21– Third Generation Holt
Chapter 22– The Race Against Time
Gen Two Bloopers and Outtakes 
Chapter 23– Life Moves On
Chapter 24– Big Brother!
Chapter 25– Normality
Chapter 26– Something Fishy
Chapter 27– Family Heirlooms
Chapter 28– Growing Up
Chapter 29– Gift or Curse?
Chapter 30– Heart & Soul
Gen Three Bloopers and Outtakes

This legacy is a spinoff of ‘Till Death Do We Part. It is strongly suggested that you read that first!

Chapter 1.0– Succession Laws and Rules
Chapter 1.1– Amira’s Curse
Chapter 1.2– Full House
Chapter 1.3– The Truth
Chapter 1.4– A Bit Odd
Chapter 1.5– Home Improvements
Chapter 1.6– Heartbroken
Chapter 1.7– Baby Fever
Chapter 1.8– A Little Surprise
Chapter 1.9– Must Run in the Family
Chapter 1.10– First Family Photo
Chapter 1.11– The Real Curse
Chapter 1.12– Making Housecalls
Chapter 1.13– Private Eye?
Chapter 1.14– Date the Heir
Chapter 1.15– Club Cosplay Returns!
Chapter 1.16– Growing Pains
Chapter 1.17– Mostly Ghostly
Chapter 1.18– The First Grandchild
Chapter 1.19– The Contrary Family
Chapter 1.20– Clouded Future
Chapter 1.21– The Test
Chapter 1.22– Unexpected Turn of Events
Gen One Bloopers, Outtakes and Review

Dining Out with Kristof: Part 1
Dining Out with Kristof: Part 2


Chapter 2.1– The Weddings
Chapter 2.2– Family and Friends
Chapter 2.3– Roller-coaster
Chapter 2.4– Double Standards
Chapter 2.5– Deadlock
Chapter 2.6: Judge and Jury
Interlude: Voidcritters and Tentacle Monsters
Chapter 2.7: Family is Everything