high neatness– none

low neatness– Grilled Cheese (glutton)

high social– Master Mixologist, Friend of the World, Leader of the Pack,
City Native, World-Famous Celebrity, Master Actor (Child: Social Butterfly)

low social– Angling Ace, Freelance Botanist, Curator, Outdoor Enthusiast

high activity– Bodybuilder, Jungle Explorer (Child: Rambunctious Scamp)

low activity– Renaissance Sim, Angling Ace, Bestselling Author

high playfulness– Chief of Mischief, Joke Star, Party Animal, Renaissance Sim

low playfulness– Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron, Master Vampire,
Successful Lineage

high niceness– Big Happy Family, Super Parent, Friend of the Animals, Vampire Family, Good Vampire

low niceness– Public Enemy, Chief of Mischief

high flirtiness– Serial Romantic, Soulmate

low flirtiness– none

high logic– Computer Whiz, Nerd Brain, Renaissance Sim, Archeology Scholar (Child: Whiz Kid)

high creativity– Bestselling Author, Musical Genius, Painter Extraordinaire, Master Chef (Child: Artistic Prodigy)

high emotional control– none

low emotional control– StrangerVille Mystery (erratic/paranoid) *new*