Originally intended to be a 100 baby challenge, Baby Fever has broken off into some random baby-themed mini challenges.

Chapter 1.1: Not-so-Lucky

Chapter 1.2: No Vampy Love?

Chapter 1.3: Vamp, Ghost, and Werewolf Babies

Chapter 1.4: School Issues & Romance

Chapter 1.5: Freakin’ Curses!

Chapter 1.6: So Much Drama

Chapter 1.7: Disappearing Ghost Twins

Chapter 1.8: Searching for Love

Chapter 1.9: Troubles Wherever We Go

Chapter 1.10: Pangea

Chapter 1.11: Confusion Abounds

Chapter 1.12: Wrapping Things Up

Chapter 2.1: Possession is 9/10ths of the Law (Miriqua & Cletus)