Chapter 1.1: Rainy & Dozer!!!

Chapter 1.2: My Heart Can’t Contain Such Cuteness!

Chapter 1.3: Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr.

Chapter 1.4: Have You Seen Doc?

Chapter 1.5: Selling Stolen Goods

Chapter 1.6: Sir Ulrich Von Liechtenstein

Extra: Meet the Residents

Chapter 1.7: Call Me… Ahab!

Chapter 1.8: Happy Birthday Ahab!

Chapter 1.9: Lonesome Life

Chapter 1.10: Finally a Vet!

Chapter 1.11: Baffled

Chapter 2.1: Crazy Cat Lady???

Chapter 2.2: Making New Friends

Chapter 2.3: The Struggle is Real

Extra: The Dream

Chapter 2.4: Piano Desire

Chapter 2.5: Pet Problems

Chapter 2.6: Hectic House


Chapter 1: Stages

Chapter 2: Desperate for Attention

Chapter 3: Pregnant?

Chapter 4: Karma?

Chapter 3.1: Catarina’s Kitten

Chapter 3.2: Waiting for Puppies

Chapter 3.3: Puppies are Here!

Chapter 3.4: Dreams Come True

Chapter 3.5: Unwanted Houseguests

Chapter 3.6: Happy Pet Happy Vet

Chapter 3.7: Something for Everyone

Chapter 3.8: Bouncing Babies?

Chapter 4.1: Romance in the Air

Chapter 4.2: A Kitten For the Kitten

Chapter 4.3: Much Needed Help

Chapter 4.4: I Remember You!

Chapter 4.5: Cashing in on Poop!

Chapter 4.6: Birthday Break

Chapter 4.7: It’s Really all About the Cat

Chapter 4.8: Daddy Daycare

Chapter 5.1: BIG Crazy Family

Extra: Community Laundry

Extra: Dozer the Adventure Pup!