TS4→ Fractured Legacy 9.4: Poppy

Since it’s been a few months, I thought I’d do a very quick reminder of who Poppy is before we start…

Kali Robinson, 9th generation heir of the Robinson Legacy told her long-time boyfriend, fiance, and father of her child, Malik Holt, that she wasn’t going to marry him.

She ran away to the city, and after giving birth to Penelope Robinson, 10th generation heir of the Robinson Legacy family, rushed home from the hospital before anyone could find her.

She became obsessed with magic and found herself thrice cursed. She left little Penelope, or Poppy as everyone knew her, with the neighbor and was never seen again.

Thinking that Kali was in some kind of trouble and someone terrible was searching for her and Poppy, the neighbor lady took her as far away as she could. Unfortunately, her time was up and she had to leave Poppy alone with only the lessons she’d taught her about living on the streets.

Present Day

Ever since she was left alone, Poppy Gould had to fend for herself. Sleeping in dumpsters.

Which isn’t very Sanitary!

Thankfully, there are free toilets and showers at the run-down community center.

She had a hard time making friends at first. She didn’t know who to trust so stuck mostly to interacting with animals.

At least she found some interesting food. Although, it can’t be very good if someone threw it away, even if it is sometimes fresh.

Little by little she started edging towards the other sims.

If anybody noticed her digging through and sleeping in the dumpster they didn’t mention it.

One day, after school, a boy followed her “home.” And the term home is used loosely. Mostly, it’s just a shipping container she hides stuff that she finds inside.

He liked to complain a lot. Turns out he has no family either. Though, he does have a sort-of home with a bunch of others.

Poppy thought for a bit about asking him if there was room for her there but changed her mind.

She’d become accustomed to being alone and doing whatever she wanted when she wanted.

Still, it was a little embarrassing at times.

She wondered if the boy had said something because a pretty lady that lived at the same place he does stopped her one day to say she could come by if she wanted a bath and a warm meal.

One day after school, she decided to take her up on the offer.

She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d had a proper bath!

??? and her boyfriend ??? seemed really sweet. They had a baby boy named ???.

There were times she had to second-guess herself over whether something was edible. This was one of those times.

??? started coming around almost every day. They became best friends.

??? came by after school one day too.

She wasn’t as good of a friend as ??? but she’s pretty cool too.

On the weekend, Poppy decided to try and sell all of the little things she’d collected recently.

Not only did she sell everything but the grown-ups at the community center started treating her like she wasn’t just an annoying little kid anymore.

One even mentioned to her that she could make money raising bugs. Most people either don’t like to do it or don’t have the time but the stuff they produce sells. Poppy spent most of her simoleans to buy a bug house and put it by the storage container where she keeps all the stuff she’s found. Yep, things are looking up for Poppy Gould.



Almost killed her!

Not sure why ??? has no family.

Best find yet!

Invitation for the bath… which she was kicked out of halfway through by someone else living there.

When I saw this I almost lost it. I would love to have found this table in the legacy household!

And, it’s good to know they sell eco-parts… and strangefruit?

Thanks to Lothirahoe’s amazing Sim Spawn Overhaul mod, Blayze here was the only sim from the other neighborhoods I saw and I’m sure he was there as a vampire walkby.

One day, she pulled a platter of grilled cheese out of a broken fridge she’d dug out of a dumpster.

Pretty rainbow despite all the muck.

Stuff she’s found so far…


Three showers, a fridge, and a store fridge thing.

Some artwork, a mounted fish, a career reward, and a diploma.

One of the Robinson cousins!

Some topiaries.

And a bunch of burnt crap.

Gallery Credits…

I’m sorry! I can’t find the screenshots I took when I downloaded all of the sims! I swear I know I did and I’ve seen them recently but they aren’t in any folders that I can find. When I do find them I’ll add them to this chapter.

Mixed Bag Advantages & Handicaps…

Next Chapter coming soon!


TS4→ Townie Life Ch 1: Like Different Worlds

*The Townie Life Challenge was written by Onyeka001 and can be found on her blog.

Meet Kacie and Chaz. Both children are part of the townie exchange program… sort of like foster kids living with townies. The neighborhood they’ll be living in is filled with Onyeka001’s Early Years sims which are townies aged down and given families. I decided to have two kids for a couple of reasons. First, because I thought it would be cool to have different personalities, one helpful and one not. Also, because I want to stretch the time out so I can see more of the townies before they start aging up. This is why I have two other played households in this save as well.

Chaz- D’Alia (Jang) Family

(Roll 10- Club)

Chaz wasn’t sure what to think about this foster thing. Especially when he got off the elevator to find the dad arguing with the neighbor. His worries were forgotten when the daughter Anaya laughed and said her dad and the neighbor always fight like that but they’re really friends.

She showed him inside. What a funky house!

After a quick look around, Chaz introduced himself to Anaya’s parents Nabeel and Manbir.

He couldn’t help but to complain about his parents. They were never as cool as Anaya’s!

Nabeel told him if he could earn the simoleans to purchase some yarn himself that she’d teach him to knit. Anaya said knitting is really cool so he went out to see if he could find anything to sell.

His search was cut short when the family invited him to GeekCon with them.

Wow! All those costumes!

He tried to enter the gaming competition but didn’t get a high enough score.

He decided this was the best place to sell the globes he found.

Some cosplayers bought them right away.

It must be hard to wash all that gold off!

They played games until the festival was over.

On the way back to the apartment, Chaz bought some yarn.

Nabeel seemed happy to teach him. He finished a beanie but decided he’d look silly wearing it. Maybe one day he can sell it on Plopsy.

After a little more searching, he found another globe and a discarded voidcritter card but by then everyone must have gone to bed. Guess it’s not so true about the city never sleeping!

But, Chaz decided, everyone has to sleep sometime. Even if sleeping in a tent is kinda weird.

Kacie- The Alto Family

(Roll 4- Giftgiver)

Kacie didn’t know what to think about this foster program. All she knows is her big sister thought it was a great idea and she didn’t want to disappoint her sister. But, wow, that house is huge!

And really nice. She decided she’d better not tell them where she and her sister had been living since their parents died.

She was going to introduce herself but decided it might not be a good time.

Maybe if she gets good grades they’ll like her?

It was a really long run to school.

After school, she decided to stop at the park before going back to the house.

And grabbed a little something she thought one of the family members might like as a gift.

Maybe not the dad. He didn’t seem pleased to have her there.

Her sister said kill them with kindness… whatever that meant. But when she met the daughter Holly she thought she understood.

Maybe Holly will just get used to her being around?

Oh, and there’s a baby too. A boy named Jareth. When she asked about him Nick said it’s an old family name. She wasn’t sure exactly what that meant but pretended she did.

Vita seemed very scary at first but when she was in the kitchen she waved Kacie over to chat.

Holly didn’t seem too pleased that Kacie was getting her mom’s attention.

That’s when Kacie remembered the time capsule she found in the park.

Kill them with kindness, right?

And try not to look down when setting up your tent!


When trying to decide if I should give the kids a tent or a blow-up bed I decided to do a test. The tent has no energy or stress relief rating. The test found them equal in both. The only difference is that Kacie, who was in the tent, would pop out of the tent immediately after her energy filled while her sister had to be told to stop sleeping. Plus, as TigerLover on Twitter reminded me, the tent has fun activities.

After Kacie left for school, Nick caught himself on fire cooking!

I brought Vera there to call the fire department.

Close one. Vita seemed unconcerned.

After that, I left the lot while Kacie was at school and took her to the park after in hopes that the baby’s needs would be taken care of. Sheesh.

Note: I did make a family club with Chaz but couldn’t think of a way to fit it into the story. Despite making knitting a club activity and putting a yarn bag thingy in each of their inventories, nobody knitted. Oh well. I’d also cheated Nabeel’s skill up so she could mentor him for the story. I originally planned to have Kacie knit but Chaz’s family seemed the perfect one for it. I can’t imagine the Alto’s knitting!

Chapter 2 coming soon!


TS3→Seasons Change 3.4: Fire Chief?!

The Ultimate Sim Season 3 Chapter 4 (Twinbrook)

A/N: This will probably be my last full chapter. I plan to do a separate post to explain why. I have been recording videos and taking some screenshots still, most likely it’ll be more like a scrapbook than a play-by-play attempt. I don’t expect anyone to watch the videos since they’ll likely be really long but I’ve been enjoying it so far.

Darrin went out to do something and took the daycare van. Looks like we need to get him a car. It was actually a shock to me when I realized they couldn’t afford the one I planned to buy him!

Anaia was inventing.

Which also brings up her handiness skill. It’s just so weird to me that she’s getting promoted while at home doing something completely unrelated to her job!

I have absolutely no idea how Opal got singed. Whether it was Darrin’s magic tricks backfiring or maybe she was playing with magic… no clue.

Level 5 already?!?

She’s only invented one thing! Right after I took a pic of this she made the dog toy.

Which she gave to Darrin. So freaking cute.

She doesn’t seem very pleased with the lack of progress either!

Give it time, you’ll get better, Darrin. It’s funny, as soon as I took the screenshot of her not learning any inventions she started learning one after another!

Break time.

I thought Moonshine was sleeping in the dog bed but instead he was guarding it. Doing that not only raises their aggression but also is a red flag for drawing burglars.

Why does it always seem to rain on festival days?

Taking another break, are we?

So, apparently Darrin’s new car is only a two-seater. If someone else rides with him their head pokes out of the rear window!

Year 1 fall pic.

Such an easy way to get everyone’s hunger up… and free pie no matter who wins!

I discovered that this lot has a major flaw. No bathrooms! And festival lots are so weird I’m afraid to add anything. Luckily, Anaia can help with that.

The name that was recommended was so funny I couldn’t resist!

Deshawn looks very confused. Although, I’m pretty sure that’s his usual state after Anaia scrambled his brain in uni.

Back to the festival, this creeper was getting a little too close while they were kissing.

A little privacy in a hay bale? I forgot they could woohoo in those!

The nice thing about this festival lot is the addition of items from other packs.

Opal wanted to trick or treat. I tried to get her to wear a costume but she didn’t change clothes.

Apple bobbing. I feel like half of this chapter is festival pics!

Even though she technically had the day off, Anaia went in for a few hours to maintain the fire engine.

And that got her to level 7 in the career… in the first season in Twinbrook since I changed it to fall when she moved there!

I have no idea why the dogs looked like they were glowing. It looks like I photoshopped them on a picture!

So weird.

It’s neat that Bonehilda trains them but I have to keep a constant eye on them because she will keep it up even when their needs are critical.

Back to trying to find items she can do a unique upgrade on. She was able to make the fortune cookie thingy have only good fortunes. Which would be nice I suppose if anyone used it.

Which gave her yet another promotion!

Darrin is very sweet. As soon as he wakes up in the morning he seeks her out.

Have a good day at school, Opal. I have a love/hate relationship with that teleporter.

The fire engine needs constant maintenance. The alarm isn’t nearly as bad.

Darrin performed for tips outside so I could keep an eye on both of them at once.

And yet another promotion.

And another small fire.

Opal was singed again on her way home from school. I have no idea how this kept happening.

After Anaia was finished with work, they went dancing at the Red Rendevous.

And had a little fun in the basement.

Then, they went to eat at the diner and hung out on the swings together until they got cold.

There’s a gravestone there!

Is it mean that I found this hilarious?

Anaia upgraded this thing so that it supposedly has perfect teleportation. I don’t believe it since I found Opal far from the school after using it later.

Since it was raining, I had to find Darrin a place inside to perform for tips.

Where’s your outfit?

A gas line broke at the military base.

Well, that’s it. She just started her 2nd season of the first year and has topped the firefighter career.

Hmm… while we’re here.

I am the fire chief after-all.

Now THAT was fun. It did result in extreme lag when trying to use the inventing benches. It pauses what feels like forever each time I click on one.

Eh, whatever.

It got me this and that’s all that matters!

Darrin actually drew a crowd and made tips for the first time!


Since one of the girls decided to take Darrin’s car to work, we gave each of them their very own sloppy jalopy so they’ll hopefully leave ours alone.

Our very own alarm to keep maintained. Yay. <—That’s sarcasm. It sucks.

Aphpo aged to toddler.

Moonshine howled with the radio.

Darrin was fatigued from performing for so long.

While there, he steamed some vegetables. Weirdest thing ever!

I love the elevator woohoo. I can’t really capture it in a screenshot.

First time taking her personal firetruck. What is that on the ground?

A raccoon!

She looks so bad-ass! And, I guess that’s where we’ll end. I have been taking some screenshots but not nearly as many as before so I’ll either have very short updates or large gaps between longer updates.


Anaia decided she wanted to master the athletic skill after becoming the fire chief.

Which I found very confusing.

I am very proud that my dogs have both not only lost the piggy trait but gained the neat trait!

Unlike Riverview, where I added several occults, I added two vampires, one witch, one werewolf, and two fairies. It kinda slipped my mind or I’d have done it sooner.

Remember the raccoon that the firetruck drove by? Next time I started the game I saw zzz’s in the front yard and found him out there sleeping in the snow!

Her face! I really have no words!

Chapter 3.5 coming soon!


TS3→Seasons Change 3.3: Welcome to the Swamp!

The Ultimate Sim Season 3 Chapter 3 (Twinbrook)

Before we start… house pics!

The outside before. I know I had before pics of the interior too but I can’t find them. I did a house tour video yesterday too. I’ll put another link at the bottom of the chapter because it gives away who her boyfriend is.



Second floor/family bedrooms.

First floor. Kitchen/dining/sitting area.

Ground floor/workshop.

Basement level 1/roommate quarters.

Basement level 2/pool+pool. Ha!

Anaia got home and greeted the dogs.

And got a happy surprise. Yay Moonshine!

She joined the firefighter profession.

And met the only co-worker there at the time, Goodwin.

Then went back home so I could have her “go here” over and over again to test routing. At least the dogs had fun. All-in-all the renovations to the house took me about 12 hours in real-time and nearly the same amount in sim-time to test.

Off to the first day of work… on a broom uh, vacuum.

It wouldn’t let her do anything. I’m assuming because she had no handiness skill. So, I had her work on the inventing bench for a few hours.

Eventually, she was able to maintain the fire engine.

And put out a small fire.

That was quick. This profession is weird. You get promoted as soon as the progress bar fills up not at the end of the shifts.

That’s cool!

With her work hours, she can’t go to the regular consignment shop before it’s closed. She went to the elixir one but there’s really nothing she doesn’t already have at this point.

She went to get a bite to eat after that.

And met some sims.

Since the junkyard is nearly across the street she stopped there to grab some scrap.

Then, I remembered to invite the roommates to move in. Uh, I don’t seem to have any pics of them at first. They’re all ones she lived with in uni. Malia, behind her, Deshawn, and Geneva.

So far, she’s still mostly living on elixirs instead of sleep. I have so much I want to get done in Twinbrook!

Upgrading the auto-feeder didn’t count for the handiness skill challenge.

New people were at work the next day. Dude, I really need to maintain the fire engine myself.

Although, who needs a fire engine when you can run to the disaster?

And randomly get promoted while doing so.

Disasters are rabbit hole jobs. The only notification I got was that a gas line broke.

But, the bystander’s over-the-top reactions were worth it.

She went to eat at the Red Rendezvous after work this time and met a few people before heading home.

She got a quick call from Opal.

She greeted Tiger Lily and told her what a good girl she is for peeing outside.

Then, changed the doorbell which does count for the unique upgrades. Be careful of the stained glass with that hammer!

Anything she does that increases handiness or athletic skill increases her work progress bar. Pretty goofy if you ask me!

Deshawn was abducted by aliens.

For some reason, she couldn’t get to this potion table where I put it so I had to move it temporarily.


Also awesome!

I’m not sure if she’s actually learning much at that school.

Wow, that’s a lot of money! Although, it’s about the same amount the weekly bills are so it balances out I suppose.

She worked on upgrading the fire alarm. That’s glass behind her. Isn’t that cool?


Oh umm… if I knew Bonehilda could do this I forgot. Eventually, it starts to really annoy me because she doesn’t let them take care of their needs.

Still. It’s pretty neat.

Also, Anaia got yet another promotion.

And put out another small house fire.

The homeowner was very happy she saved his nice cars.

He called her later to say this.

She managed to make it to the consignment store this time.

Which was a very good thing!

Be nice to your new friend!

There’s a little nectary store in the same building and I was going to disable the assignment to the register but the sims seem to really like going there and so far I haven’t had any lag so I’ll leave it. I hope that officer is off the clock!

This time she went to the disco, WOOMP. She seems to have taken personal offence to failing the claw machine as if it was the machine’s fault.

She skated for a little bit. I think the regular skating skill must be different than ice skating because she didn’t have any options for spins and stuff.

She met a few people before heading home.

Back to her babies.

And upgrading the fireplace to be fireproof.

She was outside playing with Moonshine when all of the gnomes suddenly poofed by her. I really need to get more of the regular gnomes. They die too fast!

Deshawn was abducted again. As if his life wasn’t hard enough already with Anaia totally scrambling his personality!

Speaking of personalities, I took a peek at everyone’s favorite foods and had her stock the fridge. Oddly, Geneva likes regular fish and chips but is a vegetarian.

Since she already had the unique upgrade from the other fireplace, I had her magically upgrade the other one on this floor.

Oh sure, why not?

If she had bad traits, it would have had a chance of replacing them. I suppose it doesn’t count mooch as a bad trait.

I’d say welcome home but since you’ve barely been here I’m not sure if that counts.

Anaia finally had some time off and was able to invite Darrin to visit.

I decided on Darrin for several reasons. First of all, she got the high attraction score with him from the start with no help of boosting moodlets.

And, he has some fun traits and aspiration.

And I felt like those traits fit well with Anaia’s personality… at least her current one.

Umm… what are you doing in the water? It’s cold!

She gave him a kiss to distract him and get him out of the water.

But then got into the water with him to go back out. See the sky back there?

Unicorn! So majestic!

Ohmygosh he’s turning blue!