MTaP→ The Adventures of Drea 1.8: Rising in the Ranks

Well, that’s it. The thefts have been solved, I’m somewhat of a hero, and mayor Gale has decided to move forward with the plans for Dee-Dee transports. There’s just one loose end…

As promised, Tuss and Huss were at my doorstep when I woke the final day of spring.

And, Arlo arrived right on time.

They seemed quite shocked to see him.

Of course, cowards that they are, they immediately ran and Arlo gave chase. I didn’t stop to see if he caught them.

I had to go to the Commerce Guild for the weekly inspections. I really sympathize with Antoine. I couldn’t stand still all day for any amount of Gols! I’d go mad!

Little Polly spends most of her spare time in the Commerce Guild or the Research Center unlike her sisters Dolly and Molly who I usually see playing outside.

Oh, Arlo. How you disappoint me. One day telling me I could be a Civil Corps officer and a few days later cautioning me to be careful in the ruins.

A man in a panda mask arrived selling random items. I heard he owns the neat looking store up by the gate to the Hazardous Ruins but never actually opens it. I bought a cat bed for Pinky in hopes I can lure her into the house someday soon.

A/N- At this point, I’ve finally gotten through the screenshots from the period of time I was starting and restarting at various times through spring. There shouldn’t be many more inconsistencies thank goodness. As for the summer screenshots, I’d considered sorting them by topic but it seemed kinda strange so I decided to just put them mostly in order from the time they were taken.

Number two!? I really have no idea how I managed that. I didn’t get my builder’s license until halfway through spring for peat’s sake! It came with a lucky chest, 10 data discs, and a whopping 7,000 Gols!

I had to pick it all up off of the ground. I have no idea why whoever did this didn’t just steal it all? There was a note attached to the broken mailbox.

My “precious” mailbox? I had to laugh. They do know I can build a new one no problem, right? And what do they mean about the resource box? I’ve never used it!

My house is getting insanely crowded.

But, not as bad as my yard, which I use way more often. I decided to put off mentioning the mailbox and note for now.

And instead, I bought some land with the Gols I’d been rewarded with for getting 2nd place as well as what I had saved. It’ll probably take hours to rearrange things. First, I need to get today’s commission.

Seems word travels fast.

On the way to find Arlo, I brought Petra a little boat I found in the ruins.

It seemed to make her very happy she said it looked like a child’s toy. Pretty cool.

Hmm… that wouldn’t be good. I guess I’ll find out how loud they are when I make one.

Not really troubled… more like annoyed.

It crossed my mind that the mailbox vandalism was done by Higgins when he discovered I’d made 2nd place but I didn’t want to say anything.

After spending the rest of the day re-arranging the equipment in my yard, I made the first of the new Dee-Dee transports. Whether he’s behind the mailbox vandalism and threatening note or not, I feel the need to stay ahead of Higgins on this project. I guess a little not-so-friendly competition gets me focused.

Chapter 1.9 coming soon!


MTaP→ The Adventures of Drea 1.7: Prince of Thieves

Sam stopped me to ask about the “debt collectors.” I told her what Mr. Issac said about Huss and Tuss.

Arlo already volunteered.

The Civil Corps take things really seriously it seems.

I don’t know about your shoes but I think your horse just ran away.

You do know we aren’t in the restaurant, right?

Yep. That was me. Grannie Sophie is adorable.

I just love stopping to look at it all. I know it looks like junk but it’s my junk. My Ma would never let me do this! It was hard being an adult but living by someone else’s rules. Always being asked when I’m going to stop dreaming and grow up.

Ginger gets it. Maybe only because she’s too frail to go on adventures herself but still, she gets it. It was a lot of fun telling her about going to the old sewers in the hazardous ruins. She’s a sweet girl. I can’t imagine having to stay inside all day.

Yep. Definitely a saw. Hopefully, I’ll get the diagram in the mail tomorrow. I’m itching to build it already.

Speaking of building, with the bandit brothers and other distractions I forgot about that portable battery the mayor asked me to install in the cave. Might as well get it done and over with so I can find something interesting to do.

Health items? For an abandoned cave?

So, that’s where the battery goes…

Easy enough.

Now, to test it out. I pressed the button and heard a loud grinding noise. I turned around and a large grate opened up.

Uh, I don’t think that was supposed to happen! Looks like I’m in for an adventure after all. Time to clear the cave of some rodents!

Woah. Now that isn’t just a rodent.

What is he? Some kind of prince?

Never let it be said that I’m one to shy from a confrontation.

The prince sent his little servants to fight me and when I easily defeated them he felt the sting of my sword as well.

I finally found an exit and was almost attacked by the Civil Corps!

Did you really know it though, Remington?

I’m pretty sure I got them all but knock yourselves out.

It took me a bit to get my bearings and figure out where I was. I’ve never noticed that door by the Hazardous Ruins before.

I seem to have interrupted the family meal with my news. But, they did tell me to go tell the mayor right away.

Ginger was thrilled with the tale.

Why would I want your dirty lamp? I brushed off the dirt and sold it to Paulie. Then, I went to return anything else I’d found in the cave.

And it turned out everyone seemed to have an opinion on the news…

Seems I saved some of your students from getting in trouble. Best keep an eye on that Toby! I should know, I was just like him.

That’s me, the savior of the people. Okay, so maybe the appreciation and praise went to my head a little bit.

But, that was the best praise of all.


They jog around almost every morning but that day they all kinda piled up together in one spot.

It was technically the end of spring. A few other things happened but I decided this was a good place to stop and I’ll put them in the next chapter. Not bad for one season, eh? Even if I did kinda have to hop over things to get around the yard.

Chapter 1.8 coming soon!


MTaP→ The Adventures of Drea 1.6: Debt and Dreams

Remington was surprisingly easy to beat in a duel.

Her request was that I go into the old sewage plant in the Hazardous Ruins and bring her back some venom for anti-venom.

On my way there I killed some gigantic birds with weird things on their head and decided to wear one to show my strength. Or something. Okay, maybe I’m a bit of a show-off. The sewage plant is nasty as expected and there was a chest. How?

There were these gross mutated creatures in there.

And a gigantic one blocking the exit. It was a close call getting out of there! What a rush!

I took the venom to Phyllis and she gave me some sort of anti-venom in return. Wasn’t that why I’d gone in the first place? Maybe she just needed more supplies.

Turns out the diagram the Research Center was working on for me was not a short table but a fish tank. I thought maybe I could breed some fish for Pinky the always-hungry stray cat.

And hey, it’s kinda nice to have something in the house that isn’t dug-up garbage.

The next one looks like some sort of a saw. How’d they get it to float like that?

I uh, actually didn’t ask you but okay.

It seems that grannie Sophie lost her basket. How can I resist a request from a sweet old lady?

The triplets were outside with Lucy the schoolteacher so I asked there first.

Toby the adventure kid? I’m not surprised.

Showing off for the girls. I had to hide my smirk.

Now that surprised me. From what I’ve seen, Polly is the smart silent type.

Good thing roof climbing is my specialty.

Emily stopped me on the way to return the basket to her granny. I tried to picture Emily jumping off of the walkway onto the roof to get the basket. She invited me to collect watermelons with her but not the big one she called Mr. Melon.

The watermelon was really good!

Definitely. Nice to stop for a few minutes as well. Emily and I might be nothing alike but I can see us being friends someday.

After all that, I very nearly forgot the basket!

Have I mentioned how much it annoys me having someone standing outside of my door first thing in the morning? These guys asked if this was my father’s house.

They sure don’t look like debt collectors to me. Is that a band-aid on that guy’s belly?!

After I grabbed my daily commission I stopped by the mayor’s office to see if there really is a debt collection agency.

Seriously? I now need legal pointers?! I have a really hard time believing that my Pa would have any debt. Off to Martha the baker, it is then.

My thoughts exactly.

The grumpy old man that plays cross-five in the park? I described the guys that were at my doorstep that morning.

It looks like today’s adventure involves me running around talking to everyone about my Pa’s debt.

I’m not really surprised… on both counts. I described the men to him.

The ones everyone thinks are stealing stuff?

Lovely. Well, it’s nice to know I’m not suddenly in debt at least.

I saw Arlo and decided to mention it to him. I don’t really want those guys hanging around the workshop.

That should be interesting.

This is my home, at least for now, and I hate the thought of people thinking badly of me. And, more importantly, it’d set back my savings quite a bit. Nothing is going to change my mind about following my dreams of traveling and seeking adventures.

Chapter 1.7


MTaP→ The Adventures of Drea 1.5: Day of the Bright Sun

A/N- I remember when I was writing the Stardew story and Elliott’s long diatribes drove me insane because it’s so hard to judge how long the chapter should be without a proper word count. Little did I know it could get worse. They talk a lot in this game and it’s hard to cut any of it out because it usually pertains to the main storyline. I’ll try to be conscious of that. Also, I sure hope you can read the text okay! If not, I should probably shelf this idea now.

So, there’s a thief in town. Nice to have a little excitement I suppose. I sure hope they don’t steal from me! Kinda tempting since I have practically everything in my yard! Gust falling asleep during his dad’s speech cracked me up.

The thief again? How are they stealing in the restaurant unnoticed?

Mayor Gale waylaid me on my way into the Commerce Guild to talk some more about the thieves. Is he trying to reassure the newcomer?

Haunted? Sounds like an adventure! Count me in!

Oh. So, not an adventure after all? A battery installation.

Oh well, sounds easy enough. Can I go get a commission now? I want to get it done and over with so I can do something actually interesting for the rest of my day.

If I had to stand behind a desk for 10 hours a day I’d be falling asleep too. Gotta give Antoine respect especially since he’s always smiling.

Like oh, I don’t know? The relics and machinery all over my yard? It is nice he’s not giving doctorly advice for once.

I got a letter in the mail from Isaac requesting a table and chairs for his cross-five game. Poor guy looks miserable kneeling on the ground. I was instantly irritated with Higgins for refusing the simple request.

I am… really bad at that game.

The next day was Day of the Bright Sun when we celebrate Peach bringing light back into the world. Here in Portia, they have this blimp that drops presents and people run like maniacs trying to get one. I got a few but the one from Remington was the best just because of the note enclosed.

After the airship, everyone crowded around chatting. Wuwa, the Hulu brother that brought me here on the boat, said hi. He’s the easiest to remember of the brothers. Blue clothes like water and a name that sounds like water. Fittingly, he lives on the harbor.

Most of the conversation centered around the recent thefts.

And then the mayor called everyone onto the stand that’d been put up for a group photo. Even Pinky and QQ got in on the action!

I wouldn’t say I’ve made friends here yet but some of them wanted photos with me regardless.

Even the mayor’s family!

And the group I figure is most likely to become good friends eventually. Nice of them to include me.

What does Toby do with a cooking pot, I wonder? Run around with it on his head pretending to be a knight?

Alice the sweet shy girl with the flower stand? I wonder if Oaks is just making conversation or if he’s interested in her.

I saw Emily running around chasing chicks looking exhausted so I asked if I could help. Why would someone steal her bucket?

I umm… wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m nice. It’s actually hard for me to make friends. I’m there and then I zone out doing something else and they feel slighted that I got distracted assuming that I’m avoiding them or something.

More about the thieves…

And more.

Okay, enough people time for a while. I’m starting to feel suffocated. What I need is a nice adventure.

And it just so happens that the naughty-looking nurse, Phyllis, had a request right up my alley.

Chapter 1.6


MTaP→ The Adventures of Drea 1.4: Building That Bridge

Good morning Pinky. Does Meaw mean where is my fish?

Oh! Oops. I had a letter in the mail from him the other day and forgot!

While I was on my way to the tree farm I saw Emily’s grandmother looking confused.

Which reminded me of the planter box that she’d asked me to build and try out. Gardening isn’t as hard as I thought. And hey, bonus commission.

Speaking of which… there are your boards. I feel like I’m running in circles!

And my other commission today took me to Dawa’s brother Erwa at the newspaper such as it is.

On the way to the ruins, Arlo challenged me to a duel. A lot of people duel. I’m not really one for punching and kicking. I humored him, he beat me soundly.

I found a secret room inside the ruins. Why are there a bunch of couches in there?

I’m pretty sure the snow melted quite a while ago, Emily.

What is it about doctors? Why do they feel the need to constantly talk about medicine and health? Dr. Xu is very good looking. I could almost overlook the lab coat and stethoscope.

I’d like to know where she’s buying them because at the moment Carol only has one outfit for sale and I’m wearing it. Still, it’s much better than the clothes I was wearing when I moved here.

I…umm…what? I swear Paulie is so huge he could pick me up and fling me over the city gate. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. There’s a chest up there I can’t figure out how to get to.

I brought those couches home from the ruins. More prizes… or something.

(Something- they give you stat boosts like higher health or stamina.)

Geeze. So formal.

Today’s commission took me to Paulie. I couldn’t help but giggle when he called me a small-ish builder.

I went right next door and asked Carol about more clothes and was thrilled she had another outfit for sale.

Maybe he should tell Paulie that.

I’d given Petra at the Research Center some data discs and peeked in to see what she was working on for me. I have no clue what that is.

I’ve got that covered doc! I have three fans!

Wow, I’ve been here this long and there are still people I haven’t met? That’s an interesting nurse’s outfit.

Umm… is he saying that because I got new clothes? I wouldn’t really say this is pretty. Maybe he’s talking about that pretty nurse.

I planted something. Cotton? Pumpkins? I forget. I put the seeds in the planter box, filled it with fertilizer, and let it do its thing.

Those are some high hopes. I guess dream big or don’t dream at all.

Wow. Word travels fast that I put a few seeds into a few planter boxes. I don’t think that makes me a farm tycoon.

It looks ridiculous but it’s kinda neat seeing all the stuff I’ve found all in one place. I built the stone table myself though.

Pinky came in looking for a fish today. I think I’ve made a friend. Or I’m on the way to making one.

You’re standing outside of my house to tell me this?

Wow from throwing candy from a statue to throwing presents from an airship?

I totally won the fishing tournament. I even surprised myself. I know I just got that orange shirt but this one I won is like a badge of honor!

Woah what was that?

Today it’s Emily outside of my house in the morning. Don’t these people sleep? Apparently, that was her chick that ran past me when I came out of the house.

You. Walk. Your. Chickens?

She looked so flustered and pathetic I offered to help catch the little buggers. They’re so cute!

Well, that was an interesting way to start the day.

Oh, Mayor Gale! I have my Bright Sun present! I’m sure whoever gets this fish will be duly impressed.

I was in the construction office trading Gust some more stone for wood when Albert stopped me to ask about Ginger. I really don’t think mooning after his business partner’s sister is the best idea.

I’ve gotten several diagrams from the Research Center. The last one turned out to be a cooking station. A better use of my discs than seeds I’d say.

And anyway, I can buy seeds from Emily’s grannie.

I like to just stop and look at everything every once in a while. It’s pretty neat to see what I’ve done.

I also made myself a bookshelf and a chair. I almost forgot to go to the fireside meeting.

Good thing Gust mentioned it.

The bridge! I forgot about it!

When you stormed in and grabbed all of the commissions before I could take one.

Pa left some diagrams for Dee-Dee’s in the workshop handbook. They look easy to make. I suppose I should finish that bridge first.

I found another one of those abandoned rooms. No couches and not much else either.

I stopped in the Research Center, followed by Pinky, to see what they’re working on for me this time. I have no clue. A mini table?

While I was there I used the machine to re-construct some more artifacts.

There was this teeny tiny bit of land for sale and I bought it then had my assembly station moved there so I could display my “prizes” out front.

And then, I started working on the bridge.

And done! The city looks pretty from here.

I decided to take a look around. The cave looks cool.

And, climbing on top of it, I found an even better view.

I went to the Commerce Guild first thing to let them know the bridge is done. Antoine is so funny. He might be one of my favorite people here so far. Although, I am a little miffed he addressed the letter I got this morning to “builder.”

Higgins is the only one I’ve seen argue. I wonder what Oaks is talking about. Someone said he was raised by a bear!

Really? I have no idea what they’re designing for me.

The “builder” thing again? I have a name!