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TS2→ Awesimsauce Legacy 1.3: Like Royalty

Generation 1 Chapter 3

Yes, might be nice having the husband live with the wife.

Geeze guys!  He moved in and they went directly here.

Looking at that horrid bathroom reminded me that Perry needs new clothing.

No quick trip into CAS in this game.  It’s pretty fun shopping though!

This is what he had in his inventory!  I couldn’t find anything on the legacy rules about it so it just sat there.

He actually did have a high-level career but he wants to become head of the SCIA and I always try to follow their lifetime wants unless they’re ridiculous.


He got the job and they were like oh yea be here in an hour… at least he got a promotion!

He’s not the only one that was promoted!

So much better than that silly robe.  Also, notice that he’s now donning the generational blue.

Penguin:  They didn’t finish the snowman!  This is a crime!  Someone call the police!  They should be locked up!

The bed woohoo did not result in a pregnancy.  They went to this casino-type-place but for whatever reason, I took no screenshots!

Just this.  Yes, [insert soon-to-be-scarred-for-life child’s name here] you were conceived in a photo booth.

Penguin: A photo booth!  How scandalous!

Perry got another promo.

Ah, the thrill of married life.

Oh, that’s so much better.  LOL!

Look whose baby belly popped!  Also, look she was able to wear her underwear still!

Perry?  Look!  Underwear!  No?

Apparently, I’m the only one excited about this.

And her dress!  It must be something in the CC.  This is not how it’s normally done.

Mmm… spaghetti.

Gasp!  Oh no!  Also, I forgot to paint the new addition.

The chess table?  But that’s brand new!

The games table?  Umm… take it.

Perry: Yes, he’s in my house right now.  Yes, just feet from where I’m standing.  No, I don’t think he sees me.

This was hilarious!

After they were reimbursed for the stolen items (Why don’t they just give them back?  Obviously he still had them since he hadn’t left the lot!) Zafre jumped out of bed, changed into her dress, popped into her next trimester, and cried?  Hopefully, that’s just hormones.

I love how they cuddle in Sims 2 and 3.

I ended up putting her into her actual maternity clothes… not sure why?  I’m actually glad they don’t work in this game.  It’s hell keeping their needs up during pregnancy.  Pinstar informed me that this was by design.  Interesting.  So, since she couldn’t work she chatted with friends.

And then, as couples normally do, she gossiped about them.  Then it was time for the birth!  Let’s watch…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


They uh cough suddenly grew hair and were dressed.  Hooray!  Awe look, he’s thinking of his sister!

He being Byzantium and she being Magenta.  Let me tell you what!  I had a horrible time finding names for these two!  Okay, for Byz, not Magenta.  There are plenty of purple-themed girls names.  The only ones I could find for boys were the ones I’d used the last time I did this challenge!  Finally, I settled on Byzantium and will use Byz for short.  Sheesh!  Perhaps I should plan ahead for generation black.

After the long process of finding names, I looked to see what I had that was purple for the nursery and was dismayed to find that I had nothing.  So, I decided to do it another day.  This is about a week real time later.

Generation Two
Color: Purple
Challenge: Magic & Royalty

In many cultures, purple represents a position of royalty. In others purple often represents magic. In this generation, your sims will be treated like royalty and have their needs met as though they were a king or queen. Furthermore, because this is the purple generation your heir must dabble in the magical arts.

  • Must fulfill at least one want per day for each sim
  • Heir must be witch/warlock (when they hit teen)

Sorry guys, no heir poll for this one.  I have plans!

Chapter 1.4 coming soon! (Well, whenever I have the urge to play TS2 again.)

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TS2→ Awesimsauce Legacy 1.2: A Bride in Blue

Generation 1 Chapter 2

Zafre woke to find the nice potted plant and roses that Perry had left her and since she had another day off of work she asked him out on a date.  She looks a bit nervous.

Oh yes, he’s totally into her!  I think she has nothing to be nervous about!

She’s now finally become friends with the host that she met the first day, Freya.  It’s taken longer since she hasn’t been able to invite her anywhere.  I suppose that’s because she’s a service sim.  And now, let’s watch and see what happened during their meal…

I love the surprise proposal interaction!  So cute!  I almost died laughing when, as soon as he’d accepted she started talking about public woohoo!

How cool is that DJ?  I’m loving all the sims in this town!

They danced and made out for a bit.

No time like the present right?  Now, I’d already done the wedding once at this point.  I’d just been finishing it when my electricity flickered and I lost the whole thing!  The only consolation is that the second time around it wasn’t a freaking snow storm!  I was quite happy that unlike the first attempt at this a few days ago with her when she married someone else she does have several friends!  Again, let’s watch, shall we?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yay!  It was beautiful and I managed to find a way to take advantage of the cut-scenes!

And look they had a gate crasher!

She looks so stunned that they are toasting her!

I used moveobjects to hang the firecrackers mid-air!  LOL!

She’s so cute.  Blushing bride for sure!

A bit more fireworks.  They were all having so much fun.

I tried to get them all to dance with them but no luck.

They all kept doing toasts it was so funny.

Everyone seems very happy for them.

Finally, they all had begun to smustle when Zaffre reminded me of her needs… which were terrible!

Heck yea!  This is not an easy feat in this game for sure!

Chapter 1.3

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TS2→ Awesimsauce Legacy 1.1: Try and Try Again

Generation 1 Chapter 1

A/N: If you’re not aware of what the Awesimsauce Legacy Challenge is… one day I was reading through old Sims 2 forums and found a reference to it.  I found it on an obscure old site.  Out of fear that if it was closed the rules would be lost I put them on my site here as well.  It’s a very silly legacy in which I got to gen 5 previously.  But when I recovered my Sims 2 saves I was way behind where I previously was and I just can’t get into it.  So, I thought I’d start over.  My simming has changed a lot since then.  Here’s the index for the first one.  The rules are on the first post… Awesimsauce.

This is Zafre Prism.  Zafre is a dark blue color.  Which, as you’d probably guessed, is the color for gen one.  There really aren’t any other goals for this gen beyond starting legacy-style and having the heir.  First thing you need to know is that this is the second Zafre.  I started over because of this…

When I picked this custom neighborhood called Tumbleton there was a note there saying that they’d created an extensive list of townies and that I shouldn’t see these ones… but obviously I did.

When looking through the suggested mods list I thought for sure I had this one and didn’t even double check but I didn’t.  sigh  So, I started over.  I did decide to include a few pics here where something relates to something that happened the first time though.

Thanks to ElderJymm’s awesome mod finding abilities I was able to start off with no bin sims as well!

Here’s the little house.  As always the first thing that happened was getting Humble’s free computer.

Which she used to get a job in the Education career.  The reward is awesome.

I waited around to see if a new welcome wagon would be created and when I saw that there wasn’t she went to a flea market.

I forgot there are living statues in this game!  (she met these two sims but for whatever reason I didn’t take any pics)


She’d been friends with this girl the first time so she befriended her again right away!

There’s also a pink gorilla roaming the streets.  I assume he’s the owner of this establishment…

The first time around she’d gone to the gym right away since she went into the Law Enforcement career.  This time I figured since she prefers a fit sim she’d have a better chance of finding one here.  (I rolled her likes and dislikes.)

But the sims didn’t even work out.  This is a different gym than the first time and I realized there are no showers so she just went home.

I found these adorable undies on MTS!  Did you know that one of the fastest ways to up the fun need in this game is kicking flamingos?

Off to her first day at work.  I meant to get a pic of each outfit but kept forgetting.

Bad chance card got her fired her first day!  Thankfully, she was able to get the career again right away.

Oh, see here’s the guy she’d met at the flea market the day before.  A lot of these sims are quite the characters.

Her fun and social were super low despite only having been at work for a few hours so they played catch.  I suppose it was her poor mood from being fired but no matter what I did they couldn’t raise their relationship.

Despite not having much money she went to a restaurant that I believe was called Ninja Pizza.

This guy’s face makeup cracked me up.  See the girl behind her?  She looks similar to the one she’d met at the flea market the previous day and she invited her to eat with her before I realized that she isn’t!

See?  Not the same but similar.

The next day she got promoted!

And when she got home this guy was walking by…

He’s the one she married the first time!  This time they had no chemistry.  I’d rolled for her zodiac sign and turn-ons and she has a different hair color.  Darn!

She needed charisma and thankfully the promotion gave her a little spending cash.

Which paid off!

I just thought this was funny at the time… no clue why?

I this guy walked by next and they both got the love hearts of attraction so she greeted him.

Another flashback.  He was the first one I considered for the original Zafre but she had better chemistry with the other guy.  Also, one of my T-Park sims has that hair.

She invited him to have a date so that he wouldn’t run away.  As per usual, they wanted to play.

The ACR mod!  Ohmygosh they barely knew each other and they hopped into bed!

Although, neither seemed impressed in the end.

How romantic… slow dancing next to the toilet.

Yea I bet.  Y’all woohoo’d twice!

And then she thought about it the rest of the night.  Also, look paint!

I’d been struggling to find something blue I liked and finally found this which not only looks really cool but also has a bunch of colors and since this is partly a rainbow legacy it fits right in.

I decided to make popularity her second aspiration and was able to get the 3-way calling which is great for increasing 2 friendships at once.  So she spent the entirety of that day on the phone.

And then the day after that was her day off so she invited a group out.

Hello one-eyed man… do you happen to have sunshine on the menu?

Of course, everyone ordered expensive food.  Thank goodness for that promotion eh?  I really love restaurants in Sims 2.

I had to check out Pink Gorilla Games!  It drives me bonkers that all of the other lots are pixelated.

It was very cool but like most of the lots that I’ve visited, it was kinda small and hard to angle the camera for pics.

After the group outing was over she invited Perry on a date.  Did I mention that his last name is Weird.  No, it’s not a weird last name… it’s Weird.  LOL!  Go away dude I do not want to hug you!

It was a pretty cool club and quite large.  They mostly just danced and made out.  The guy, Glen that she’d originally married stood and watched them for a long time.  It was creepy.

Wow, she was out for a really long time!

A potted plant… why thank you.  Not a bad first week.

Chapter 1.2

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 5.3: Back in Business

Chapter 5.3

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 08-55-24-73

When I entered the house and saw the Gen 5 heir Tawny playing with the new kitty Brownie I was so happy!  I do miss pets.  Oddly, it was 12am and everyone in the house was awake and had a full energy bar.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 08-58-01-10

They were all hungry so Tawny served out some pancakes for the family.  For any that don’t know them already her husband is Derek and to his left is Hunter and then Kelly.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 09-01-52-66

This is one of my favorite houses that I built myself.  Originally it was much smaller.  But in most generations of this challenge I just couldn’t stand to move the spares out and so the house has grown over the generations.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 09-03-19-37

I love this interaction.  I also love the games kids can play together like cops and robbers.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 09-04-19-77

Playing video games together has been a family tradition over the generations in the Bifrost home.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 09-08-03-58

While the boys are at school Tawny opens her store and Derek digs in the yard for more merchandise.  For anyone unfamiliar with the rules: Gen 5, the brown generation, must only make income off of selling things they dig up.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 09-15-24-57

Everything was broken in the house and nobody had any handiness skill.  Then I remembered repairmen.  I know we have them in Sims 4 now but I’ve never hired one in that game and always forget.  I usually just click and replace unless they don’t have much money.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 09-20-46-73

I think I have a mod or something that makes the kids do their homework at a certain time every night… or it’s part of the game?  Not sure.  My game is so heavily modded I wouldn’t know.  Anyway, Hunter and Kelly came home from school exhausted and I qued them to go to bed but they did their homework instead.  Kelly fell asleep.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 09-30-36-67

I saw this pregnant man walking by the store and was like what the heck?  It’s been so long since I’ve played the In Another Life Challenge that I forgot that Xander was pregnant with an alien baby!  I’ll have an update for that challenge for you next week.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 09-37-28-09

Since I had sent them to bed instead of doing homework the day before, the boys have twice the amount the next day.  Poor kids.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 09-54-03-21

All that homework was worth it.  They both get A+’s at school!

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 10-04-25-38

I forgot about pillow fights.  The parents were pillow fighting in Hunter’s bathroom and I was like what on earth are they doing?

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 10-29-50-91

It’s time for the boys to age up to teens!  I’m so excited.

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 10-46-29-12

Unfortunately, when they went to change their clothes to green there were no green clothes!  They had to run to the store (after I remembered how) and buy new wardrobes!

Sims2EP9 2016-06-18 10-55-59-22

Here they are!  I’ve actually had a story-line planned out for these two for months so it’s kinda sad that I haven’t been playing them.  Sims 4 just sucked me in.  The last time I posted an Awesimsauce update was 2/17/16.

The End.

A/N- Sorry to pull the rug out from under you if you were enjoying this story.  I was too and planned to come back to it.  Two reasons I can’t…

  1. I was able to recover a save file for this but it was very old when the boys were just aged to children.

  2. I decided to play in that same save in another household and messed up corrupting the save file!

I did start a new one although, at the time I’m writing this, I haven’t gotten very far in it.

Chapter 1.1

TS2- Awesimsauce Chapter 5.2: Rocks Priced Cheap

Chapter 5.2: Rocks Priced Cheap

Life was just too hectic with twins, the butler made it worse, so Derek quit his useless job to help with the boys and the home business.
Derek was supposed to be teaching Kelly how to talk when all the sudden there he is in Tawny’s little shack.
Derek’s lifetime wish was 50 1st dates so he decided to wish for happiness or whatever it is that gives him perma-plat.
Try as they might they never did get Kelly potty trained.  Hunter was no problem, I have no idea why it took Kelly so long.
I tried to have them blow out their candles at the same time but something tripped Tawny up and I had to tell her to take Hunter to the cake again.
Their hair’s a little better this time.  Kelly on the left already had black hair so I let him get the one with stripes.  Hunter’s was blond.
If they’re going to top 2 jobs each and make $100,000 each then they need lots of skills.  I set them to start studying right away.
Derek digs for junk… I mean merchandise while Tawny sells.
Grim comes for the cat Tangelo.
Derek and the boys go to the pet store and pick up a brownish cat named Brownie.
Chapter notes:
I’m adding this note almost 4 months later after this post was written.  I really do want to get back and finish this challenge.  Re-reading it makes me sad that I never did.  When I got a new computer and could play Sims 4 again it consumed me.  I hope to get back to some of these Sims 2 challenges and complete them soon.

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 5.1: The House Gets a Little Emptier

Chapter 5.1: The House Gets a Little Emptier

With generation 5 starting and the house so full first Sienna….
….then Alon move away to college.
Blaze and Ryker decide to spend the rest of their retirements exploring the world.
Blaze gets all the vacation momentos.
(Page 1)
(Page 2)
Back home the twins age up to toddlers.  This is Hunter pre-makeover.
This is Kelly pre-makeover.
Kelly post-makeover.
Hunter post-makeover.
(I had a terrible time finding green hair!)
Tawny opens a home business selling stuff that she’s dug up in the yard.
Chapter 5.2: Rocks Priced Cheap

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.6: Surprise and Suprise Again!

Chapter 4.6: Surprise and Surprise Again!

Just FYI: The date says January 19th but actually I’m writing this on the 31st.  I haven’t played this challenge since around the 20th so I may be a little confused as to why I took certain pics.

Life goes on as usual in the Bifrost house.  Alon fits in well, but that hat has to go!
Sienna ages up to a teen.
Tawny goes to a shop to buy clothes for Sienna and Alon and meets this teenage boy Derek.
Here’s Sienna and Alon all browned up.
The family goes camping.
Blaze meets a yeti and makes friends with him.
They go log rolling in the wee hours of the morning in the freezing cold.
On their last night there they share a fire.
Tawny invites Derek over and maybe it’s because her parents left her but she clings to him and spends all her spare time with him.
Alon ages to teen, I missed having a birthday party by a couple of minutes.
They have a family dinner instead and invite Derek.
Tawny has a mysterious illness.
She realizes she’s pregnant!  Surprise!
Derek moves in and twin boys are born Hunter and Kelly.  Surprise!
For some reason everyone crams into the “green” babies bedroom.
Blaze ages to elder.
Things are so crazy that they hire a butler.  Tawny and Derek age to adults on the same day.
Tawny asks Derek to marry her.
(I know this pic is awful!)
They get married that day.
Another wedding shot.
Of course she smashes the cake in his face!
Well that’s the end of the awesimsauce challenge for now.  I’m currently working on the apocalypse challenge.  Writing this post makes me want to play them again so I may just switch back and forth.  I already have generation brown/green all planned out!
Chapter 5.1: The House Gets a Little Emptier

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.5: To Parts Unknown

Chapter 4.5: To Parts Unknown

Yes, I forgot another birthday.  Tawny aged to child alone in her room.
I remembered Sierras!
(Then I forgot to take the after-shot!)
 Tawny finds that she has a flair for business.
Blaze and Ryker take a second honeymoon back to Twikkii island.
They meet a witchdoctor who needs pretty much everything in his house repaired.  He gives them a voodoo doll for their troubles.
While playing on a pirate ship Blaze meets the old captain and he teaches him a sea shanty.
They returned in time for Tawny’s birthday.
I had to change her hair after this picture because she had a weird black line across her forehead.
 A couple of days later Kampol returns from work with good and bad news.  He was promoted to the top of his career but it requires a move to an undisclosed location.
Since Tawny decides to stay Amber and Blaze play rock, paper, scissors to determine the heir.  Tawny wins!
After that Amber and Kampol get in a taxi to parts unknown.
The house was feeling empty and both Blaze and Ryker wanted to adopt.  The newest member of the family is Alon.
Chapter 4.6: Surprise and Surprise Again!

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.4: He’s Having a Baby!

Chapter 4.4: He’s Having a Baby!

The brother and sister enjoyed their pregnancies together.
Amber gave birth to a baby girl she named Tawny.  Looks like she’s saying can you guys knock it off for a minute while I have a baby!
I love getting snaps of these family moments when everyone’s together.
Blaze gives birth to another girl Sierra.  Kampol was totally grossed out by the proccess.
We interrupt these touching family moments for a quick penguin break.
Ryker had an obsession with taking Sierra out of the crib and cuddling her.
With the babies born it was time to think of jobs.  Amber decided to put her creativity to good use and write novels.  Her husband Kampol joined the military as was his lifetime wish.
Blaze decided to also use his creativity and paint for a living.  His husband Ryker got a job in the dance career since his hobby was music and dance.
Baby Tawny aged to toddler when I wasn’t paying attention.
Ryker runs out to the store he met Blaze at and buys the girls some new clothes.
So here’s Tawny as a toddler.
Yep, I missed another birthday.  Here’s Sierra as a toddler.
Chapter 4.4: To Parts Unknown

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.3: Vacation Surprise

Chapter 4.3: Vacation Surprise

Blaze, Ryker, Amber and Kampol got married in a joint wedding at night.
I tried to marry them at the same time but the cut-scenes wouldn’t allow it.  Grr.
The guests were a small smattering of people they really didn’t know.
Geeze Amber shove the cake down his throat!
Yay cake!
Surprisingly Jack, Amber and Blaze’s long lost father shows up.
They all honeymooned together on Twikkii Island.  It sounded like such a good time.
On the first day they went on a glassbottom boat tour.  There were some squba divers stranded so they brought them aboard.  They all came home from the tour miserable and spend the rest of the day and night at the hotel.  The next day I thought Amber and Kampol were combing the beach, next thing I know I hear the baby jingle!  I zoom in on Amber and sure enough they’re in bed.  She showed no outward signs of pregnancy but spent the rest of the vacation in her hotel room.  Pictured above is Blaze’s last-ditch effort to find the local treasure map before the trip is over.  The guy with the long hair works at the hotel and kept filling in the holes as they dug them, it was hilarious.
Shortly after arriving home Amber’s belly popped.  Blaze is jealous.  Early on, when they realized that their mother never named an heir they decided to do everything together equally and share being heirs.  But this was one thing he couldn’t share in.
He became obsessed, working on his many-greats grandmother’s science equipment.  With a little science and a lot of alien technology he found a way for him and Ryker to have a baby together.
Poor Midnyte. She will be missed.
 Well, we have to have a cat after all!  Meet Tangelo.  🙂
Chapter 4.4: He’s Having a Baby!

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.2: Out with the Old; In with the New

Chapter 4.2: Out with the Old; In with the New

Blaze’s teen birthday was bittersweet.
Armand was outside and missed the cake, he ran in only to find Grim coming towards him.
The family was devastated.
They try to get back into the routine of things without Armand.
(I freaking love Blaze’s face in this pic!)
It wasn’t long after Armand was gone that Grim came back for Ian.
After days of moping around the house Blaze goes shopping for clothes for his sister’s upcoming birthday.  He strikes up a conversation with the cashier Ryker.  They end up really liking each other and after several times visiting the house Blaze invites Ryker to move in.
Lonely after her uncle’s deaths and Blaze’s attention on Ryker Amber calls the matchmaker.  At first when she saw Kampol she was like what, a paperboy?  But after looking closer she realized he was really good looking.  Like her brother before her she spent a lot of time with Kampol and invited him to move in.
He looks so much better out of that paperboy getup.
Then it’s time for Amber’s birthday.
A few days later it’s Kampol’s.
Then lastly it’s Blaze and Ryker’s turn.  They’re all adults now.
First Kampol proposes to Amber.
Then Blaze proposes to Ryker.
Chapter 4.3: A Vacation Surprise

TS2- Awesimesauce Challenge 4.1: Orange is the New Black!

Chapter 4.1: Orange is the New Black

With Onyx and Obsidian gone Amber and Blaze found themselves heirs to the family line.  generation orange begins much earlier than expected.
Midnyte erm, plays with Blaze.
The kids have a flair for the creative even at a young age.
Blaze ages to child.
His birthday is a big celebration in the house.
Being raised by two eccentric rich great-uncles has it’s benefits.  Ian and Armand take the kids on a far-east vacation.
They find a secret map and the old man in the background teaches them the dragon legend and tai-chi.
The whole trip is a blast and is over way too soon.
Next it’s Amber’s birthday.  She ages to teen.
And here she is.
Ian finishes the car Jack left and gets a tinkering plaque.
Armand spends his time being one with nature and like a goofball tries to stroke a skunk!
He gets a nature plaque for his efforts.
 Amber is all about sports and fitness.
Sadly this is the last meal they will all spend together.
Chapter 4.2: Out with the Old; In with the New

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 3.3: An Abrupt and Unfortunate End

Chapter 3.3: An Abrupt and Unfortunate End

Now, up to this point, looking at the last few posts you might think that things are going better for the black generation.  You’d be wrong.  The twins are a mess, constantly in aspiration failure.  So it’s not much of a surprise when Onyx is taking the garbage out one night and she meets a guy who offers to set her up on a date that she goes for it.  Jack is sleeping most of the night when she’s awake anyway.
She takes the date a little further than she probably should have, Jack hears something while he’s feeding the baby and comes to find Onyx in bed with a stranger.
Jack can hardly wait for her to finish with the therapist to fight with her.  They get in a huge argument and break up.  Jack storms off down the street leaving his family behind.
Obsidian is crushed by the breakup.
With the twins such a mess and not really able to care for the children Armand retires to care for them.
Onyx spends her nights sitting next to the car that Jack spent so much time on looking down the sidewalk where he disappeared. 
One morning when the sun begins to rise Onyx doesn’t go inside.  She is turned to ash within moments.
Obsidian is inconsolable.  She stares at the potion their father made to cure the vampirism, if only Onyx had taken it she wouldn’t have died!
   Unthinkingly she grabs the vial and drinks it down as if doing so will restore her sister.
She falls to the ground dead of poisoning.
Time stops for no one.  Blaze ages to toddler the day his mother and aunt died.
The next day Amber ages to child.
Desperate, Ian and Armand summon the genie from the lamp and beg for more time so that they can raise the children.  Their wish is granted.
Chapter notes: If you didn’t read the rules for this challenge you may not know that in generation black you can only grant fears: no wishes.  This is the reason the twins were miserable their entire lives.  Having sims in constant aspiration failure makes them pretty much unplayable.  I did not originally plan for the twins to die but that is the way the story unfolded for me.  Onyx was afraid to get caught cheating and so when the opportunity presented itself she did.  She was also afraid to break up with Jack and so she did.  From that moment on she made me miserable.  I took a break from playing and thought up the senerio that you read.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Oh and by the way, I know the genie lamp isn’t the solution the uncles need… I just thought it was better storytelling than taking the elixir of life.  🙂
Chapter 4.1: Orange is the New Black

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 3.2: Generation Orange is Born

Chapter 3.2: Generation Orange is Born

Armand cheers Ian on as he ages to elder.
I have to say, Ian is the best looking elder I’ve ever had in the sims.
What the heck is with vampires and cleaning windows anyway???
Obsidian meets a man outside the house and is instantly smitten.  They spend most of the night together and she has high hopes that it will evolve into a relationship.  But alas, it is not meant to be, when she tries calling him the next day it turns out that he doesn’t have a phone!
Midnyte ages up and hooray she’s black!
Onyx gives birth to a baby girl, they name her Amber.
(a variable color averaging a dark orange yellow)
 No time like the present… let’s make #2!
I was so happy to see that I already had orange colored nursery decor, lol.
Amber ages up to toddler, time to find the hair dye!
The second baby is born.  A boy named Blaze.
(like a orange fire)
Chapter 3.3: An Abrupt and Unfortunate End

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 3.1: Where’s the Vampy Love?

Chapter 3.1: Where’s the Vampy Love?

Ty left each of the girls a vial of Vamporcillin-D that he brewed before his death.  Obsidian decides since she’s not the heir that she will take it.
The transformation was quite the show.
Just like old times… sort of.
Ian is promoted to Mayor of SimCity!
Onyx goes to FM nightclub to hopefully meet guys but keeps going into aspiration failure.
(BTW I hate the outfit she has on.  She went shopping when she left FM.)
After the therapist leaves she notices Jack Coudere standing there and tries a few flirts.  He has black hair and facial hair just like she likes.
After their date at FM basically bombed she went home and invited him over.  I was shocked when after she greeted him he grabbed her and kissed her.  He seems confused about what he wants.  He’ll flirt autonomously but then reject flirts from her.
After being rejected by Jack for a committed relationship Onyx soothes her upset by adopting a black (hopefully it stays that way) kitten.  Her name is Midnyte.
 Even the kitten can’t soothe her for long.
When a letter is delivered on a “non bill” day Onyx runs out into the sun to find a love letter from non other than Jack!
She invites him over that night and after most of the night together he agrees to a committed relationship and to move in together.  After she goes to sleep in her coffin I think to look at this chemistry.  No wonder he kept rejecting her, his turn off is vampirism!  Nothing a little ReNuYu Porta-Chug won’t fix.  His new turn ons are black hair and vampirism, hehe.
Jack really likes tinkering so he got a fix-up car to work on.
When Onyx wakes up they decide to try for a baby.
With a little one on the way Onyx proposes.
Nobody shows up for their late-night wedding but they don’t care.
It was very romantic just the two of them.
Chapter 3.2: Generation Orange is Born

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 2.5: Bleh, Bleh, Bleh!

Chapter 2.5: Bleh, Bleh, Bleh!

It took the twins about a week of visiting Crypt ‘O Nyte nightclub every night before the Countess Vampiress finally appeared.  The Count actually appeared twice but they couldn’t flag him down to talk to him before he left the lot.
I’m not sure if reminding her of the sun is the best way to befriend a vampire?
Fast forward through the whole “be my friend and bite me” stage… the girls are officially vamped out!
They also get some makeup to go with the dark “everything black” theme.
There were some changes to adjust to.  Like sleeping all day in a coffin bed.
(I have inteen, they skip the last week of high-school.)
Seeing the newly installed coffins the next morning, Ian dares Lindsay to peek inside.
Ty is now afraid of his daughters.  Especially since they keep shouting bleh! and hissing at him all the time.
In a rare moment all of the family except uncle Armand is spending time together.
Armand aged to elder with only Ty there to celebrate with him.
The next day Ty and Lindsay aged to elders as well.  Ian grabbed a slice of cake and ran off to work.
Tragedy strikes!  Apparently all of those candles on the birthday cakes set fire to the kitchen.
Lindsay burns to death and then Ty catches fire as well.
Armand manages to get ahold of himself and extinguish the last of the flames but both Ty and Lindsay are lost as well as the entire kitchen.
The little graveyard grows bigger.
Ian comes home in time to help Armand clean up the mess and begin remodeling the house.
The orphaned twins slept in their coffins unknowing the loss that they would wake to.  With all of the confusion after the fire and remodel their birthday was forgotten.  Ian informs them over dinner the night of their birthday that Onyx is the heir. 
(Onyx is the twin on the right.)
Chapter 3.1: Where’s the Vampy Love?

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 2.4: Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Chapter 2.4: Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Despite having absent parents the girl’s grandfather, uncles and cousin pay them plenty of attention.
I think Obsidian’s snowman says it all.
Poor girls.  Things definitely weren’t great.  There were some rough spots along the way.
Wow a genie lamp!
When you would have thought the girls would turn to each other for solace they instead start fighting each other.
 Even kisses from grandpa are upsetting.
They bask in what little attention they do get from their parents.
We interrupt this post for a little penguin break.  🙂
Grandpa Connor was just minding his own business playing a video game when Grim showed up with some hula girls to welcome him to the afterlife.
Azure, Indigo and Connor’s graves.  Azure haunts the house incessantly so I made sure that Connor was in platinum in his last days.
Connor is gone but time goes on.  The twins age up to teens.
I realize, looking at this pic, that I forgot to give them makeup when they aged up.  Oops!  Obsidian on the left and Onyx on the right.
Tara was outside the day before her adult birthday looking through the telescope when a bright light blinded her and something sucked her into the sky!
She was abducted by aliens and never heard from again.
Chapter 2.5: Bleh, Bleh, Bleh

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 2.3: Full House

Chapter 2.3: Full House

Connor tries to give attention to the girls but he’s too upset over the sudden loss of his wife to be very attentive.
Uncle Ian cares for them when he has the time.
More and more the parents argued about who’s job it was to take care of the kids.  The two of them barely even looked at the girls let alone took care of them.
On a surprising note: Ian was outside when Armand walked by.  When they started talking he started spewing hearts like crazy.
He asked him to marry him right away.
They exchanged rings in a small family ceremony.
Well this was unexpected.  Meet Tara, Armand’s teenage daughter.  At least her outfit fits in with the black theme.
Time for yet another house expansion.  I added a bedroom for Tara, two bathrooms and a skills room.
As if the house wasn’t crowded enough Ty decides to summon a spectral cat he named Portforio.
Whew that’s a packed family.  Too funny how grandpa and uncle are holding the girls instead of their parents.
Spectral cat vs. Leader of the Pack.
Unless someone voluntarily gives them a bottle the girls are on their own for food.
Despite never having learned to walk or talk or be potty trained I’m sure the toddlers are eager for their birthday.  I had hoped to get more pics of them but time just slipped by as it so often does.
Here they are all aged up to child.  Onyx is on the left and Obsidian is on the right.
Chapter 2.4: Say Goodbye to Yesterday

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 2.2: A Dark Cloud

Chapter 2.2: A Dark Cloud

It’s twins just as Azure predicted Lindsay announces in shock!  Let’s call them Onyx and Obsidian Ty replies with an unsure smile.
The parents put the babies into their cribs and put them out of their minds.
They’re on to more exciting pursuits.  Like getting married.
They have a blast.
Ian stays in his pjs the whole day.
He was rebelling against the wedding because it was his birthday.
Ian, being a fortune sim, does not have the smooth transition that Ty had.
He does pull himself together enough to get a purple-themed makeover.
The twins are about to age to toddlers and Azure notices that they don’t have any toddler or child clothes in the house for the babies yet.  The doting grandmother runs to the store to buy them herself.
She spends a great deal of time watching the babies sleep and caring for them.  She decides to retire to spend her last days taking care of the children who have practically absent parents.
Ty works all day and studies the magical arts by night.
Connor, worried about the children as well, retires with his wife.
Azure and Ty have many arguments about the children’s welfare.
It’s no surprise that it’s the grandparents that take the girls to their cakes for their birthdays.
The candles are blown out and a dark cloud blocks the sun.  Rain pours from the sky.  Azure sets the toddler on the floor and turns around to see Grim standing there.
The family who didn’t show up for the twin’s birthdays crowds around in shock at Azure’s death.
The family that was on shaky ground before falls apart.
Chapter 2.3: Full House

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 2.1: Purple Reins

Chapter 2.1: Purple Reins

Ty aged to an adult with a nice bit of flair.  
He invited his highschool friend over the day of his birthday.  Her name is Lindsay Jeffress and they used to sneak out of the house a lot during highschool.  She aged to an adult when Ty did.  He announces his undying love for her then.
They hop into his parents bed without a second thought.
Knowing that Lindsay’s pregnant Azure starts sneaking her cheesecake.  She knows she doesn’t have much time left and wants to meet both of her grandchildren before she dies.
Additions are built onto the house to make room for the baby.
Ty proposes to Lindsay and she eagerly accepts.
(Sorry this chapter is so short.  On the plus side the next chapter is going to be long.)
Chapter 2.2: A Dark Cloud

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge: 1.4: The End Of A Generation

Chapter 1.4

Time was just flying by and generation purple was taking a greater hold on everything.  Especially once Ian aged to a teenager.
He had the aspiration to make a lot of money in his lifetime.  I’d had too much of fortune sims in my Poverty challenge and so I dubbed his brother Ty, the popularity sim the heir.
Ty spent most of his teen years working on potions and learning to be a warlock.  Ian spent a lot of that time trying to get his attention.
Connor reached the top of his career.  Things were looking up in the family.
Azure aged to an elder with grace like everything else she did in life.
She makes one hot old lady!
Connor was a little less graceful.  Everyone had forgotten about his birthday and a party wasn’t thrown.  Azure begins to worry about her busy sons.  By this time both have after school jobs and Ty is solely focused on his witchcraft when he’s home.
We have a close call with Azure when she got electrocuted while trying to save money on repair bills by fixing the computer herself.
Ty studies by night by the light of his fairy light.
Then the time has come to be an adult.  Generation 2 has begun.
Chapter 2.1: Purple Reins

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 1.3: Witchy Woman

Chapter 1.3: Witchy Woman

Azure was getting a little chunky so she got an exercise bike.
All the family eating breakfast together.
Ty ages to teen.  Time for a makeover.
That’s much better.
Typical sibling rivalry abounds.
Azure needs just a little more time.
The same woman who robbed them before tries it again.
A cop shows up and kicks her butt!
Ty visits a nightclub hoping a witch will show up.
He dj’s for a little bit.
Connor is level 9 in the business career and Azure is level 7 in the science career.
Finally!  Ty meets a witch at a gaming lot he visited with Ian.  If you didn’t know the rules state that the purple generation have to be witches/warlocks.
The bad witch shows up and causes havoc.
Ty invites the good witch to his house and they become good friends.  He asks her to show him the ways of the light and she gladly does so.
Chapter 1.4: The End of a Generation

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 1.2: Growing

Chapter 1.2: Growing

Time to get that smartmilk glow on!
Ta-da!  The new family member Indigo.
In the blink of an eye it was time for Ty to age up to a child.
(The strange guy in the pic is someone that came home from work with Connor.)
The same day as Ty, Ian aged up to toddler.  Brown clothes again.  Time for a makeover.
Ian got a faux-hawk hairdo because the one I had picked out for him is adult only, doh.
Since Connor had gotten several promotions they had money to expand but the way I had built their original house there wasn’t really a way to.  So I knocked down the whole house and rebuilt.
 Ty invites a friend over and has a water balloon fight in the yard.
Before long it’s Ian’s turn to age to child.
I don’t know where both the boys got those flat faces, neither of the parents have them.  Hopefully they’ll grow out of it.
I love the cops and robbers animations.  It’s so cute.  Next up, Ty ages to teen!
Chapter 1.3: Witchy Woman

TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 1.1: Everything Falls Into Place

Chapter 1.1: Everything Falls Into Place

Generation blue begins.  There are no additional rules for this generation other than the legacy starter rules.  Which are in a nutshell… make a sim, put them on a 5×5 lot, buy what little you can with what’s left, get them a job, must have an NPC mate when you find one, ect.  

You should already be familiar with Azure Bifrost from my first post.  She’s living in Belladona Cove next door to the Poverty Challenge family.
Heh.  Yea, I built the “house” around her.  This is what the starting funds got, with a little left over which I had to spend on a desk since the little table wouldn’t work and a bookshelf leaving her with like 20 bucks.
The computer was free.  Yay!  She gets the highest paying job, the science career.
The welcoming commitee shows up soon after.  It’s Ellie Poe from the Poverty Challenge, her boyfriend Gabriel and a guy named Gilbert that she had negative attraction for but they ended up being best friends because he calls her constantly on the phone.
She’s promoted the first day on the job!  Time for some walls and floors.
Opps, I forgot a roof.  Sorry Azure.
She needs logic for her next promotion so I take her to Hunter’s Park in Bluewater Village.  But, despite sitting there half the day and playing chess with other sims she doesn’t get any logic.  Guess she’ll have to wait until she gets enough money for a telescope.
Dang telescopes!  If you use them during the day you’re basically spying on the neighbors.  Gabrielle was pissed.
 Since she had the day off I decide to take her back to Bluewater Village to look for a man.  She spewed hearts like crazy for Malcolm Landgraab and I was like oh that’d be so cool.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  He wanted nothing to do with her.  *pouts*
Okay, she met a couple of guys between Malcolm and Connor (pictured) but I forgot that I changed the key I use to take pics on the keyboard and I lost them.  Suffice to say they were all failed attempts.  One was married and I didn’t realize it until the end of the date.  Connor was outside reading her newspaper and she went to say hi.  They hit it off from the start.  It’s that beard stubble, hehe.  He moved in the next day bringing $7,208 with him.  Also, I forgot I have risky whoohoo in the game so they ended up pregnant the first time, doh.
I forgot a burglar alarm.  The night Connor moved in they were robbed of the bookshelf and telescope.
But she wanted to get engaged!  What on earth.  Sorry about the walls, I was so miffed at her negative reaction to asking Connor to marry her that I forgot to put them up.  But, you get to see a preview of the purple baby bedroom!
Wow that went fast.  Azure, that looks like it hurts!  Notice the purple maternity clothes?  I didn’t plan that, lol.
A baby boy!  His name is Tyrian.  Tyrian- The shade of purple is very rarely used, but is definitely an option that comes complete with a pretty common nickname: Ty.  It was also used in The Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis and as the name of a tactical officer on Star Trek!
Now that the baby clothes are gone we can have a wedding.  Connor looks awesome with his blue tinted glasses.  *grins*
I was scraping the barrel for guests.  They’re only good friends with 2 of them.
This is the first time I’ve done cake in a Sims 2 wedding.  I had never realized you could before seeing it on someone’s blog.
At the speed of light it’s Ty’s birthday.  He looks a little brown for the purple generation don’t you think?
Much better!  *insert maniacal laughter here*  Everyone dyes their toddler’s hair right?
Soon enough baby Ianthe was born.  Yes, he’s a boy but I had the name picked out and I think Ian is a great nickname.  Ianthe- Greek name meaning “violet flower.”  In Greek mythology, this the name of an ocean nymph.

TS2- Awesimsauce Challege 1.0: The Rules

Chapter 1.0: The Rules

I was looking up something else online for The Sims 2 and saw a reference to the Awesimsauce challenge.  Just one obscure reference.  I did searches for both Awesimsauce and Awesomesauce and barely found a thing for The Sims 2.  Then I hit the jackpot.  I finally found the rules!  It was on a site that people post stories to called Livejournal and some wonderful person also added the rules to the challenge.  For my own purposes and to have the rules posted in more than one place I’m going to copy and paste them here.

What Is the Awesomesauce Legacy?

The Awesomesauce Legacy is the love-child of four crazy simmers who wanted to make something new and exciting. First, they began by taking their favorite elements of well known Sims 2 challenges (including the Legacy Challenge, ISBI and the Rainbow Challenge). Next they brainstormed some insanely awesome ideas that only a crazy simmer can come up with. Finally, they threw all of this in a blender, hit “whip” and….VOILA! The Awesomesauce Legacy!

Note: This challenge assumes that you have ALL expansions packs. If you do not, simply skip the parts that do not apply to you.

Basic Rules

* Standard legacy rules apply. You can find the rules here.  (Their link was broken so I linked to Pinstar’s site)
* Like, the original legacy, no cheats are allowed
* Limit of 2 children per generation
* No college allowed
* Your heir must have a wedding party
* Must have all 10 Hobby Plates by the end of the legacy
* At the end of the legacy (10 generations) at least one sim must have ALL vacation memories
* Sim’s last name must be related to the rainbow/color in some way (in can be as random and obscure as you would like)
* Sim’s first name must be somehow related to the color assigned to that generation
* Each generation is based on a different color and that color must be present and obvious in some way (make-up, dress, hair color, house décor, etc.)
* Each generation has a specific challenge(s) based on the color of that generation. When playing that generation please make sure you meet all parts of the challenge (when possible)!

Generation Challenges:

Generation One
Color: Blue
Challenge: Getting Started

As it is already difficult enough to begin a legacy with no cheating there is no “additional” challenges for this generation. I wonder how long it will be until your founder has wallpaper in all rooms??

Generation Two
Color: Purple
Challenge: Magic & Royalty

In many cultures purple represents a position of royalty. In others purple often represents magic. In this generation your sims will be treated like royalty and have their needs met as though they were a king or queen. Furthermore because this is the purple generation your heir must dabble in the magical arts.

* Must fulfill at least one want per day for each sim
* Heir must be witch/warlock (when they hit teen)

Generation Three
Color: Black
Challenge: Extreme Failure

Black is dark and moody. Black is the absence of light and thus loneliness. Black is fail, at least for the sake of this challenge. Last generation was all about giving your sims everything they ever want. This generation what they want doesn’t matter…it’s all about their fears. And sibling rivalry and discord???? THE MORE THE BETTER!!!!

* May only fulfill fears
* Sim may not get dream job until they get to the top of the “opposite” career path

Example: Wants Top of Dance: Must Reach Top of Military
Use your best judgments for which are opposites
Must do this even if your sim has a career related LTW

* Heir must be a Black Sheep*

Black Sheep, for the sake of this challenge, is described is the sim with lowest relationship with their parents/siblings
When they hit their teen/adult years they “rebel” and choose to become something supernatural (werewolf, vampire, plantsim, etc.)

Generation Four
Color: Orange
Challenge: Creativity & Activity

Orange is a bright and happy color. It is full of energy and can even convince the laziest person to get off their butt. It is even known to incite creativeness in even the most “uncreative people”. Thus for the orange generation it is all about creativity and physical activity.

* Money may only be made by novels/painting
* Heir must have 10 Points in Sports/Fitness Hobby
* Heir must be max fitness

Generation Five
Color: Brown
Challenge: Down to Earth

Brown represents the earth and those who are down to earth aren’t concerned with day to day boring jobs. Furthermore they won’t spend their days cooped up in a house watching reruns of Law and Order: SVU (only [info]tinykat does that). Rather, they will be out getting their hands dirty digging in the earth. And that is just what this generation’s challenge is.

* Run a business from items dug up only

Generation Six
Color: Green
Challenge: Money, Money, Money

Green is the color of money, and this generation your sims are all about money. The more money they make the better!

* Reach Top of 2 Career Tracks
* Make $100,000

Generation Seven
Color: Yellow
Challenge: Intellectual & Social Pursuits

Yellow symbolizes wisdom and what is wiser than having many interests (so that you may carry on conversations with any person) and maxed skills? Furthermore yellow represents a social state of mind and willingness to meet new people. Thus this generation’s challenge is all about intellectual pursuits and meeting new people.

* Maxed Skills
* 5 Points in All Hobbies
* 15 Friends Made by Computer/Phone (Yes, they can only be met on the computer, but you may use the computer or phone to build your relationship with them)

Generation Eight
Color: Red
Challenge: Fiery Passion

It is no secret that red is the color of passion, of love and of explosive things. Those who love red are often extremely ambitious, but slightly reckless. Therefore, the challenge for this generation is achieving what you have always dreamed of, and having passionate relationships.

* Achieve 2 Lifetime Wants
* Greet New People w/ Arguing
* 5 Lovers (Who don’t know about each other)

Generation Nine
Color: Pink
Challenge: The Search for True Love

While red is the color of passion, pink is the color of true love, and that’s just what your sims will be searching for during this generation. But remember, true love doesn’t come easy, and they are going to have to search around to find THE ONE.

* Have 25 Dream Dates
* Woohoo w/ 10 Different Sims
* May only marry a 3 Bolter (it is all about twu wuv after all)

Generation Ten
Color: White
Challenge: A Return to the Basics

White represents simplicity, purity and innocence. After ten generations of ups and downs, it is time to return to a more simple life. Yes, you have likely amassed a great deal of wealth, but in an effort to return to the “humble beginnings” that money will have no use. We have come full circle and this generation is all about starting over and living a more simple life.

* No Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse/Live-In Partner
* One Room House (A return to the simple days)
* No Plumbing

Introducing Azure Bifrost.  Azure means sky blue and Bifrost is also known as the rainbow bridge in Norse mythology.  As you can tell, this challenge will be a huge undertaking.  I’m both nervous and excited about it.  Also, my head is swimming with all the rules!
Chapter 1.1: Everything Falls Into Place