TS3→ SNAFU Apocalypse 3.9: To China and Back

SNAFU (situation normal, all f***ed up)

Gen 3 Chapter 9

Hello my people!  I am here to save you from… this.  Well, maybe.  That “refugee camp” is such an eyesore.

I must have, at some point, pulled out the color swatch that incidentally I used in quite a bit of the recoloring.  So before I could even start playing I had to fix it.  Not all of it.  I realized it’s all over the town too!  Look it matches Ivan.

My pets!  I forgot that Pax had aged to elder last time I played.

Ugh I’m so tired of this camp.  I suppose if I could hire maintance people it wouldn’t be so frustrating.  But there’s also the fact that I have to watch the clock constantly in order to remember to change the breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet or sims freak out.

And we have our newest addition.  I’m really curious about her skin color whether it’s one of the dragon skins or if the game defaulted to an alien color.

And everyone was upset about Ingain’s passing.  Mourning sims in this game are… frustrating.

I’ve been really looking forward to this trip to China.  Laniek is here to learn martial arts as a way of proving to the government that sims can defend themselves.  Breeyo is here continuing her mission to repair trade.

Which means doing these quests.

Otherwise known as “do something for me I’m too lazy to do myself.”

Yikes, Laniek.  I’m pretty sure slapping it is bad form.

That’s better.  Fake it ’till ya make it, eh?

Breeyo was off to her quest which ended up just being one of those starter ones that makes sure you know how to do all the steps.

Meanwhile, Laniek has gotten her first belt.

Are you really amazed?  Because you saw stuff a lot cooler in Egypt.

She doesn’t look very confident.

With good reason I suppose.

She found a bunch of chests but none of them contained anything of interest.

Laniek was just zooming through the levels and got another belt!

While her sister got soaking wet well diving.

And found the end of the temple… or whatever it’s called.

You’re this high of a level and still slapping the thing?

It must be working for her.  That view tho.  Also, it was getting dark which meant curfew.

More crying while making the daily PB&J.

Whether Breeyo is allowed out at night or not is confusing to me.  I looked over the rules again and they weren’t clear.  I know she was out at night in Egypt but back then she was usually in a temple.

Laniek played some chess.  She needs to master logic although she’s almost there already.

I saw on the rules that they can use the shower in a can.  Which I later realized was a waste since she has the trait that allows her to sponge bathe in the sink.

I was really excited that Breeyo had a quest to go in here.

I remembered being in here.  Probably in my Gnome Crazy save.

Bugs again!

Frustratingly, when she got to a cool part of the dungeon it popped up that her task was complete and she needed to report back!  This house is really neat.

Now she had to find some metals.  Shockingly, they were all located in one spot.  This is the first time this has ever happened to me!

Although, she took the strangest path to get there.  There was a road right next to them!

Finally, it was 6am and Laniek could return to the academy!

I had her breaking foam boards at first.  I don’t even know if she was getting skill from it.

C’mon kid you’re ruining my zen!  I swear he looks just like Mortimer Goth.

Yes!  A new belt.  And she looks so fancy in this outfit.

I should have known better than to be excited about all 3 needed items being in one spot!  The next ones needed required her to practically scale a mountain and took most of the day.

Even worse news?  I’m not sure if it was because she was board breaking or what but Laniek became fatigued and couldn’t do any more training.  The most frustrating part is that she was sooo close to the next level that gives her the ability to meditate.

Here’s your freaking gems!  Next, the lady wanted some insects.  But I couldn’t find the darned things on the map anywhere!

I sent her back to the lodgings hoping that with time the bugs would appear.

But, they never did!  So she dropped the quest.

Next, the relics merchant had her running all over the place yet again to find items for her.  I feel like she just wanted stuff to sell but whatever.

Thankfully, Laniek was able to practice again.  I decided to avoid the board breaker.

But then she got an opportunity to spar with someone.  Another cool looking house.

Right to business then.

Yay!  Got one of the 10 defeats needed for her mission.

Whatever Breeyo’s next task was in the new quest she couldn’t do it either.  The only other adventures available were a fishing one and one requiring her to write a book but there’s no computer at the lodgings.  I realized she has no skill and thus it’s very doubtful she’ll actually catch the fancy fish needed so had her stop.

Meanwhile, Laniek returned to this lady to tell her what she learned sparring with that guy.

And was told she needs to learn to meditate.  Since it was snowing she had to use this little room.

I was really stressing by the time she finished meditating.  It was getting dark!

The woman then asked her to do something that had nothing to do with martial arts and would have been a quest much better suited to Breeyo’s mission which was again frustrating.

Back to the lodgings just before the full moon struck!  Apparently, Breeyo had no cooking skill at all.  Not even enough to make a PB&J and had to wait for Laniek to return.

They played chess until they were whisked off back home.  Awe poor elder Pax.

Taylery’s needs were pretty bad so grandpa tended to her while mom and auntie returned home.

Quick gnome check.

Ah, joy.  Back to checking on Xerie every few minutes to have her clean and repair things.

The rest of the day was literally spent getting everyone’s needs up.  Not an easy task when considering the fact they only have one cheap toilet that keeps breaking!  Anyway, I was checking on Xerie and almost missed Jariek aging up!

I guess overalls will do.

Taylery needed attention again.  I’m already looking forward to her being a toddler.

Meanwhile, Pax was hanging out in the library meeting strange people.  Actually, his skin color looks just like Taylery’s.

And Laniek is back to training.  Out of all of them, she has the most difficult mission.

I heard the haunting music and looked to see who it was and saw this random soldier hanging out in the backyard.

One of the ghosts was haunting the bookcase and it was making the strangest noises!

I thought someone was getting abducted!

He’s quite the handsome alien.  They usually look pretty weird.

He started walking through the gate.  Weirder and weirder.

And so the ghost of the random woman that died in the meteor attack haunts.  

What is he doing here???

And where did that car come from???  I looked a few minutes later and it was gone.  Apparently, when they went to China they took the junky truck.

I had Breeyo go out and talk to the alien because she had this wish…

Umm… you do know your mostly alien yourself right?

She also wanted to learn his sign.  They became friends but then he mysteriously left.  So freaking strange!  Oh well.  Might have been cool.  Although, she is technically married.

Chapter 3.10 coming soon!


TS3→ SNAFU Apocalypse 3.8: There’s a Meteor

Generation 3 Chapter 8

Here we are again.  At this dilapidated refugee camp cough resort.  I loathe this place.  The question is what will Xerie do with her time when it finally gets a 5-star rating?

One thing that never makes me sad or groan from annoyance starting up this save are the pets!

Or the ghost pets.  And look!  My favorite glitch ghost-style!

Wow!  One handed!

Ohhh floating PB&J!

Maybe she just wanted to take her aggression out on the food she can’t eat?

Okay so here’s the deal.  I’ve already mentioned this in the most recent Gnome Crazy chapter but when I switched back and forth between the two saves with such different age lengths it messed up the aging big time.  In one of the attempts to fix it in this save I took out all the Nraas mods.  Well, I’d saved.  And when I started back up NONE of my settings were there.  Not just the Story Progression ones… all of them!  So, I was forced to go back to a save from before Davan and Ingain aged to elders.  By the time I got it running finally, I was so frustrated, I never gave them makeovers this time.  I was also trying to get in a few more attempts at a masterpiece painting of Breeyo so Davan was bio-boosting Ingain.

Awe stinky elder love.  Such romance.

To add to my frustration, the hottie desk clerk seems to have disappeared completely!  I had to hire another.  sigh

She ended up needing to sleep after all but once she woke up Ingain started back up on that portrait.


And this one doesn’t have a green stink cloud surrounding Breeyo in it!

There was a meteor…

Ingain: There’s a meteor!

Davan: I don’t see a meteor.  I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I’m going inside.

Random people also see the meteor.

A horrible terrible mother takes her baby for a closer look after it lands.

Oh.  And there was another.

Many.  There were many meteors.

No!  Don’t run towards the meteors, Ervin!  Breeyo kinda needs her husband and I was hoping you could move in soon!

Insane laughter.

Noooo not the gnomes!!!

Yes, that’s right, extinguish the gnomes!

The crowd stands in shock.  Grim cackles.

Several people faint!

Oh.  Ingain, were you still outside?  Hmm.

Ervin calls Breeyo to make sure she’s okay… after he woke from fainting.

It seems we have a spare ghost.  Silly sims what were you all doing running toward the meteors?!

Whew!  The gnomes all survived unscathed!

Hey, what’s up, guys?  Having fun in here?  Light show out back is over.  Sorry, Ingain never returned inside.  Hmm.  Okay then.

Ivan knows how it is.  He laughs asking Davan what his plans are before he haunts one of the gems on the wall shelves.

This could be awhile.

Several sim hours later.  I’m not exactly sure what that skin color even is?  Looks kind of like a vampire color or maybe it has a touch violet?  I guess we’ll see when she ages up.

Hey grandpa!  You’re a great-grandpa!  No?  Okay then.  Read your book.

I’m not actually sure if I’m allowed to pick up these rocks.  They’re technically outside of the 10×10 area.  What’s the worse that can happen?  Alien abductions?  I mean… they’re aliens!


Davan!  That’s just cruel.  And sorry dude there’s no way you’re getting re-married.

Umm… what?  Her mood is low because she needs to scratch!

I’m thinking 4… if I remember the pre-planning correctly.  Or maybe it was 3?

The game seems to have caught on to my weird naming scheme in this save.  I kept it.

Chapter 3.9 coming soon!

Chapter note: I know this isn’t long and it’s a really strange chapter but between all the problems I’m suddenly having in this and the Gnome Crazy save and how extremely stressful the meteor scenario was I had no energy left to play.  Plus, I plan to immediately whisk Breeyo and Laniek off to China now that she’s no longer pregnant.  


TS3→ SNAFU Apocalypse 3.7: Time Marches On

Generation Three Chapter Seven

Life here with the Masters is like the opposite of my Wickers in Gnome Crazy.  Although… I’m not so sure about the crazy part.

Whatever is happening in that save that’s making things not line up right is happening with this one too but it’s so darned funny I haven’t tried to figure it out yet!  That’s gotta hurt.

Laniek was on her way out the door to catch the carpool and I had a vague memory of her being promoted last time so I checked.  Yes, she was.  No going to work for you!

Now that she’s got the ear of the politicians they’ve sent her to the law enforcers to see if there’s anything that can be done to make The Hollows a safer place.

Jarick was stir-crazy but otherwise in a good mood so he headed to the library across the street to work on his next masterpiece.

Ingain was playing with Pax so I left her to it.  It’s so weird now that I’m playing her dad, Andres in a different save!

Davin got home from his 2-hour or whatever workday and made lunch.  I realized later I had him cook too early.  I ended up having to force them to eat the horrendous ones in the bathroom that night!

I made Xerie come back from the resort to eat with them since her social was also horrible.  She’s driving me nuts over there… still.  I was hoping after a break that I’d be more enthusiastic but no.

I didn’t think about it until later that it’s probably not the best idea having my heir repairing electronics!

Back to the resort.  I spend so much time staring at the ground looking for roaches and trash…

And things that need repairing or cleaning.  I pretty much just click every single item in the two buildings that can break or get dirty and queue them up for her.  But, as soon as that queue is gone… she’s in the freaking hot tub!

Davan wanted to take Zeus for a walk and meet someone new.  There really isn’t anywhere exciting to walk so they went across the street to the park.

Meanwhile, I had the girls exercise.  I thought it would be helpful for Breeyo if she encounters a mummy and Laniek needs maxed athletic for her goals.  Ingain?  It was just something for her to do.  A bit after this I remembered she’s supposed to be painting.

Her needs were horrible.  I was trying to queue her to do some stuff but no… let’s growl at one of the dozens of dirty plates lying around!

Gidget was outside attacking some helpless creature.  Well done, Gidget.  Carry on.

Gnome check.  Compared to Gnome Crazy… which was inspired by these gnomes… there seems like so few of them!

Yay!  Hopefully, she’ll be able to paint something good for once.  I swear next spouse better be artistic!  I really wanted to get all the masterpiece portraits!

Such weirdness happens in this game!

I added a few little things to the resort but there really isn’t much else that I’m allowed so bye-bye it goes!

Look!  Alisdair haunted that night!

In the morning Breeyo discovered her pregnancy.

Laniek getting her needs up for work.  I totally forgot that she could sponge-bathe which is really nice!

Davan really had nothing to do so he tutored Breeyo for a while.  If I’d had the foresight I should have had him doing it since he got his promotion so he could get that skill challenge.

Not much time left so I had Ingain go ahead and try making a portrait.

If I came to a resort and saw the manager eating that… I’d run.

Yay!  Just a few more levels to go!

Ever wonder what happens if a dog is walking through a doorway when it’s time to age up?

Well, wonder no more!

Davan’s birthday should have been the day before this but he never aged up!  Time for Ingain.

As well as Davan.

I was happy to give Ingain different hair than Xerie.  I have 3 days that I can control them so I’m hoping she can paint a masterpiece a portrait in that time.  She never maxed her athletic skill so I think she can’t leave the lot now… I’ll have to look.

Working on a second portrait.  I scrapped it when I realized that Breeyo was tilting her head.

Awe my babies.  Soon I’ll have to start sending Pax out of the house all the time.  sigh

Chapter 3.8

Chapter notes: Obviously, I’ve fixed most of my lagging problems.  I made a test save and just tried one thing after another over and over until it was playable again!

Screenshot (2)

TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.1: Searching for a Spouse

Generation 2 Chapter 1

I’m going to try to remember to take one of these at the start of each generation.  It’s not as nice as the ones from Sims 4 but it’s still pretty cool.  Welcome to gen 2!

Our gen 3 doggie heir was sleeping on the floor and a dog gnome poofed behind her.  It was adorable!  These dog gnomes are everywhere!

Syna was abducted by aliens.  Perhaps they wanted to inspect this vampire that lives in a houseful of their kind?  I’d paused after she returned and was panning out and saw the spaceship like this!

No rest for our night crew.  Though I like to start chapters in the mornings and end them at night it’s kinda pointless considering that only one sim in the house sleeps at night.

Ares was socializing with this little dog and the pic of the dog was so funny I had to investigate.  When I looked there was a deer just standing next to them!

You know, I actually did research alien powers.  Honest, I did.  But for some reason, I seem to have forgotten they can transmute things.  I had Deshin try it but it didn’t work and said to try when his needs are better or something, it seemed like a waste of brain power.

I had him get it cut and then only later realized this is one of the things needed to make a simbot!  I don’t know if getting it cut makes it useless or not but I’m keeping all of them the dogs find now that I know what to watch for.

The “newspaper” is really just a listing of a single available job each day.  No luck today.

The spouse search begins.  This is Keri.  The traits we’ve learned are Artistic, Never Nude, and Lucky.  And her star sign is Cancer which is compatible.  The star sign thing is my own extra handicap restriction.  If it gets too hard to find a spouse with it I’ll have to drop it.  As well as the one that they can only be single.

This girl is named Sandy she, on the other hand, does not have a compatible star sign.  Hers is Aries.  Not to be confused with Ares the dog!  I crack myself up!  Anywhoo… her traits we learned are Loves the Outdoors, Hot-Headed, and Loner.  Total meh traits.

We all knew that this time was coming.  It’s always sad and the sweet interaction with Grim always makes me cry.  He lived nearly as long as his mother did although I’ve been so busy I haven’t made as big of a deal of it as I did her.

That was the first night that Hera slept with Ivan.  Maybe she needed comfort?

Yes, Syna got abducted again.  Each time I see these lights I fear it’s one of the boys.  Not that it’s a big deal really… they are already 1/4 alien after-all but I would like to have regular sims at some point.  Though, having them abducted would negate the need for a spouse!

A little pup gnome popped up next to where Ares’ grave was placed and it broke my heart a little more.  One by one the family made their way out to mourn.

Even the dogs said their goodbyes.

Davan met Noelol behind the graveyard.  I think she has an Asian look to her.  She does have a compatible star sign but doesn’t have very exciting traits at least the ones we discovered.  Loves Heat, (I guess that’s why the umbrella?) Vegetarian, and Couch Potato.  Although she has a nice look to her the couch potato one takes her out of the running since she’ll not want to exercise!

Nothing like trying to impress a girl and having some passer-by gag at your stench. 

It was very strange indeed having a sim able to leave the lot as a teen.  Deshin is a very curious sim and not afraid to ask questions… although he doesn’t.  But he wants to!  He introduces himself to everyone and then watches them to try to learn more about them.

This is one of Benin’s kids.  The only one to inherit the blue hair and it’s not even close to the color blue I’d given his dad sadly.

I believe that this guy is the son of one of the other sims I’d made to test uni Andres.  He’d dated a vampire for a bit and had a girl that I was actually considering for Davan before I had the whole vampires-can’t-drink-from-aliens realization!

Note from the future: Oh and if you know the rules and you’re like but Rainy he’s supposed to be on the home lot by 3pm… I didn’t realize that until I was looking for something else completely unrelated in the rules darnit.

And the family had to stomach the canned hot dogs for their daily meal because I was so preoccupied with the sims off of the lot that I missed peanut butter jelly time.  And we’ll stop there because this chapter’s getting kinda long.


Our potty trained pup with the neat trait peed on the floor following Ivan’s birthday party.  I can only assume that this was because the game pulls everyone to wherever the birthday sim is and it takes freaking forever for them to age up.

This moodlet that Enyo got broke my heart too!

Between his athletic trait and the hopscotch as a child advantage, I was amazed at how quickly Deshin got maxed!  At this point Syna is the only other one!  Not counting Ivan of course.

I couldn’t find the scoring when he was talking to the first two girls and got annoyed when he was talking to Noelol and did some research.  Yet another mod I removed.  I actually have another mod that changes EA’s shoddy attraction system.  But after doing a little more research on the mod’s page I found that it only gives a star sign score if they have the exact same sign not if they are compatible.  Also, Davan has completely useless traits and part of the scoring is by traits somehow so I’m kinda meh about them.  Although the attractive sim moodlet is nice to have so I’ll try to get someone with it if possible.  I’d quit the game and added the mod back in while he was chatting with Noelol and got her score and then Sandy’s later.


Wow!  It feels like he just hit the 1 year mark!  You do realize that this means our Ivan is getting a bit old right?  sigh  We’ll deal with that later I suppose.

Chapter 2.2


TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.17: Passing the Torch

Generation One Chapter Seventeen

After staying up way too long working on her athletic skill Syna hopped out of bed and aged up.  Then went right back to sleep disappointing the family that had started making their way upstairs to cheer her on.

A new adjustment to our schedules is feeding time.  Something I didn’t expect to be a very big deal and was almost looking forward to since it meant one extra plate a day could be split between the rest of them if needed.  But, I’m sad to report, it’s a very big deal. Ugh!  Not only did our vampire not get the super vampire skilling she can’t feed off of anyone but Ivan!  The boys are only 1/4 alien and I didn’t even know that not feeding off of aliens was a thing! 

Yes Syna, and so it begins.  Her face reflects how I feel about this process.  Sure, I lifted Master Thief first just so we could do this and Alien Technology so we’d have extra time to do it and not feel rushed but the waiting game of looking in the newspaper every morning… at just the first job mind you… wears on the nerves.

Everyone left to go to City Hall.  It seems she popped in there and grabbed her diploma and took the LLAMA back to the library.  She did the little celebration and went home back to sleep.  Meanwhile, the rest of the family is still making their way to City Hall!

Needless to say, I sent them all back home and they finally got to eat.

I’d been keeping an eye on Garent’s step-daughter as a possibly maybe spouse.  I didn’t realize she was so much younger.  I think she’d just aged to a teen.  And I also realized that, yet again, he had divorced!

Syna has had that darned moodlet from being cooped up in the house and I was relieved to let her out even if it was only for an hour and then run… vampire speed… home in time for curfew.

Hera aged up to many applause and Ivan’s goofy pointing and laughing.  I was beyond thrilled to see she has her dad and grandma’s snout!

I can’t even imagine what Ivan’s thinking right now.  It might be: “I can’t believe I’m eating a stinky sandwich” or “I have the strangest children in the world.”  Who would have thought that all of those years ago in uni would lead to this?

Dad’s off to bed and it’s just the night crew.  I’m not used to this go-go-go all day long!  I’m used to getting a bit of a break when my sims sleep!

Hera was outside playing with Ares and then Deshin broke away from whatever it was I was making him do to brush them.

I can’t seem to play without mods sorry guys!  I tagged all of the single girls and I check when I think about it to see if they are in the network.  She’s the first one who actually was so Ivan ran over and befriended her.

Back at the abode, Hera learns how to hunt.  Silly me thought he’d stop teaching her after she’d learned the first level and got distracted.  Next thing I know it’s popping up saying she’s level three and he’s about to pee his pants!  Oopsie!

This time Syna got out of the house a few hours before curfew and managed to chat with this lady for a few minutes before having to once again race home.

Hera gained the noisy trait and I really don’t mind because her howling along to the radio as they exercise is so freaking cute!

Elder dogs eating is depressing.  They lay down and slowly munch munch munch.


Hera meets her grandma Alasdair and after getting a few good sniffs in they spent much of the night playing.

Which later lead to playing with dad!  It looks like he might just live as long as Alasdair did!  What’s up with my pets?

Ares has taken over his mom’s place socializing with everyone at the park and library.

But, we still have the two dogs at home to keep us busy and entertained.  And once again I’m noticing I took a lot of pet shots!  But you have to understand that watching them all exercise non-stop is painfully boring!  I bet if we took out all of the pet pics this would have been half the chapters!

They are so violent when tossing the balls!  They get all aggressive and mean about it!  It’s hilarious.  At least Ivan put some clothes on for once.

I saw another one of the girls at the park when I was checking on Ares and had Ivan run over to befriend her.  That’s two now.  I have seen a few others in the network but it’s been during curfew so he can’t leave the house to meet them darn it.

And then that magical moment we’ve been anticipating arrives!  Can you believe it’s the end of the first generation???

Holy muscles batman!  Hubba hubba.  He’s got kind of a rakish look to him, doesn’t he?  And so it begins in earnest.  Soon I’ll have four of them vying for jobs plus trying to get him hitched and gen three on the way.


Puppy Hera dreaming of turkey.

If I can’t get her into the Music career that’s gonna be a wasted choice but there wasn’t anything better.


It might be more trouble than it’s worth but having a vampire is entertaining at least.

Explain to me how someone who never stepped foot off of the lot from the day she aged to teen and never once went to school not only graduated but got voted most artistic?  And while we’re at it, how did she graduate with a fail?!

I was so excited about this… then she painted three more.  Am I missing something?  I thought they were rare.


Ugh, this is what I was talking about in the last chapter!  Oh, and I liked the name the baby rolled so much I let him keep it.  I later realized why I like it so much.  Didrick Lothario from my Robinson Legacy!

These poor poor sims.  Do you realize what this means?  It means that I can literally make them skill non-stop!

This is what I bought with Ares’ points but once I place the darned thing I will never be able to move it and it has a huge footprint!  I’m hoping once we lift Symphonic and can put stuff on the ground I can put it under the house.  It’ll be great for the flea problem!

Ugh.  It was either Swimming in Cash or the one for adopting 6 strays.  He has such goofy traits it’s not really a surprise he got ridiculous lifetime wish options.


Chapter 2.1

TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.16: Doggonit!

Generation One Chapter Sixteen

Another sim to watch exercise all night.  Oh, joy.  Also, I made the mistake of giving him some apocalypse friendly clothing which he in turn mostly ignores thanks to his delightful insane trait.  We’ll just say he has a box of cast-offs that nobody else wants.

Poor Ares.  His elder birthday snuck up on me and he was just a smidge away from maxing the hunting skill still!  If he had not he wouldn’t be allowed off of the lot as an elder which ruins my strategy to ensure there aren’t a bunch of urns all over the house causing yet more route fails!

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this.  I will say though that aliens in Sims 3 are far superior to those in Sims 4.  Truthfully, I’ve just never liked them because of their ugly green skin.  Which I remedied with this awesome “dragon skin”.

Syna wakes from her daily slumber to have her peanut butter and jelly.  Soon she’ll be on a liquid diet and I’ll admit I am a bit nervous about it!  Still no masterpieces from either parent… book nor painting which is frustrating.

And then our Ares ages to an elder!  Where has the time gone?!

Sorry, buddy but yes, this is what you have to look forward to.

A/N: This is where the prior chapter originally ended.  Sorry if starting near the end of the night confused you!

I’d sent Enyo downstairs to pee and darned if she didn’t have the puppy there!  Yes, you got that right folks.  Singular.  A puppy.  Now, y’all know how stressed I’ve been over the dog issue and how I was considering not doing that part of the challenge anymore.  So then our brilliant doggie founder earns a wonderful bowl so we can continue and what happens?  One puppy!

So then it’s like 4 or 5am and the whole family tromps down to welcome the newcomer!  During curfew!  So here I am trying to get everyone back inside with the puppy.  Needless to say, by the time they all got inside it was 6am anyway.

Oh?  What’s that?  The puppy?  Oh!  Right!  Yes, it’s a girl and we named her Hera… Queen of the heavens and Greek goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires.  She will conquer the world!

So here I was all revved up for the insane puppy training session and suddenly I realized there wouldn’t need to be one!  We can take our time and train Hera because she’s staying.  As long as her hunting is maxed before she ages to elder we’re golden.  All of that worry for naught!

Of course, there is the usual potty training needed.

And she’s highly entertaining howling along to the music that someone’s exercising to 24/7.  At first, I was enjoying the music now I’m having to constantly turn the music volume down because it’s never ending!

I occasionally get a break from the music when they go outside to play catch but it’s such a pain getting them out there I usually don’t bother unless they’re fatigued and it’s outside of curfew.

Although, everyone was pretty distracted by the little pup… including me!

I thought this was hilarious.  All of them seated exactly as I’d made them when I was comparing their looks!

We got to enjoy having Ares in the house for the few days of the actual elder lifespan of two days.  I thought briefly about seeing if they could try for puppies again but was horrified at the thought of maybe getting three this time!

There really isn’t much to screenshot now that they are all teens.  They all literally spend every moment possible trying to get their athletic up.  The only one with a real advantage is Deshin who started out at 3.  He also rolled the Athletic trait so despite being younger he’s nose-to-nose with his brothers!  Syna, on the other hand, didn’t get the expected vampire skilling and it’s been an uphill battle trying to get hers up and it still won’t be maxed before she ages up.

See?  This puppy is a distraction!

Ares didn’t sleep with Ivan a lot like his mom did but I thought it was sweet seeing him in there.

I’m realizing now that Hera totally took over this chapter!

And there she is again!

Look!  Something did happen other than puppy-watch!  And goofball Ivan with his inappropriate clothing obsession almost froze!  Between him and insane Deshin, I don’t know what I’m gonna do!


Ares’ hunting skill the morning of his birthday.  It didn’t take long to get it maxed but I was a nervous wreck until he did!

I thought you guys would find this entertaining.  Each Monday and Thursday this is what the family inventory looks like before I sell it all.  All of the duplicate rocks and stuff that the pets brought home and all of the paintings and drawings too.  I take out the science station, camera, gnome graves, and Ivan’s portrait then sell all of this…

Then subtract it all to pay the protection fees!

Jazmine’s daughter had a baby and I think the guy is now dating one of Garent’s daughters.  What a creep!  I’m trying to keep the outside the family births to a minimum so after she had him I marked her no moar babies.  Her older brother hasn’t had any yet surprisingly.  He has had a few relationships that went nowhere.  I’ll admit I’m kind of losing interest in the extended family.

And the day before her birthday Syna got this!  Gee thanks, game!  Now she’s miserable.  Once we clear Education I’ll at least be able to let them do their darned schoolwork.

Chapter 1.17

TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.15: My Strange Family

Generation One Chapter Fifteen

Oh, the joys of having an insane sim in the house!

Hopscotch is fun and I think it builds athletic skill so when they need fun I have them play that.  This hopscotch court was really a great idea and I’m so thankful I didn’t go with the original 8×8 version of this house because it was very cramped and there’s no way it would have fit!

Enyo was visiting the park after her hunt and received a biscuit from someone there.  I wonder where they all get these biscuits and why our family is not allowed them?

The strangest things happen in this game!  Enyo ran off to play with Ares and this guy randomly changed into a werewolf and I guess because of the proximity it forced another guy to change as well… look to the back left of the first pic.  So that dude attacked the first guy as soon as he was done changing.  It was hilarious!

Aeralyn finally aged to adult.  She looks really old as an adult.  I thought it was the skin I’d given her but just out of curiosity I took her into CAS and gave her the same one Ivan has and she looks really old with that skin too!  I don’t remember Brett looking like that.

Note from the future: I don’t know why I thought it was her and not the skin but I did believe that up until she aged to an elder and her skin went to normal!  I’m mortified that I let her run around looking like this her whole adult life.  I found another similar skin by the same maker that I plan to switch the boys to when they age to adult.  I don’t know what else to do because I love this skin and they all look terrible with tan skin.

The indoor-most-of-the-time activities leave much to be desired but I am happy to announce that I finally figured out how to get them to use the kicky bag and soccer ball in the house!  You have to put them on the ground.  I was trying to do it from their inventories!  Hooray!  Fun and athletic at once and it doesn’t block the bathroom door like they sometimes do while playing hopscotch!

They were chatting and she did this.  Look into my eyes!  Syna and Davan are actually best friends.  It’s funny because despite living in such close quarters nobody else has that great of a relationship except with the parents.

Yes, I am a huge Cheater-McCheaterpants!  Even though I can place the doghouse upstairs fine and they use it quite often to sleep or just lay in I could not get them to try for puppies in it!  And even with moving it down here it took forever.  I can only assume that the animation requires a lot of space.  Sims 3 routing is such a nightmare!  I didn’t hear a jingle so I wanted to have them try again but I could not get them to do it and gave up.

This megaphone is actually getting quite annoying.  They are constantly doing this!

I both love and hate the “play catch” items.  I love them because it gets them out of the house and yes they build athletics.  I hate them because of the aforementioned routing issues… most of the time I have to have them go here to an open area and then ask to play catch.  And then there’s the fact that they decide autonomously to ask to play catch at all hours of the night.  I really should just disable autonomy for the darned things.  I have to watch them like a hawk to make sure they don’t run out past 8pm!  They also do with with the dogs either playing chase or deciding they want to play fetch which incidentally also almost always route fails.  Thank goodness I have a mod that gets rid of the extremely annoying route fail animation!  I had played with the mods that I have lovingly dubbed “no annoying actions” out for a sim day and I was seriously ready to kill them all.  That tiny house is a route fail nightmare!

I got a notification that Jazmine’s daughter Ashlen had a boyfriend and looked to see him.  He was leaving so no cute pic but I did get a pic of her and Jazmine with the many cats that live with them!  I belive that Styx’s grandson Bastian is the cat looking at her with the crooked tail.

A nice brushing for our pregnant girl while Davan chats on the phone with whoever will answer his call.  It feels like a complete waste of time.  Only Syna and Jarick seem to know anyone outside of family and even then they can chat with someone the entire day on the phone and barely move the relationship.  But, I do try to take advantage of the phone on the two days a week it’s allowed.

Ares brought home a disturbing skeleton.

And Deshin finally aged up to teen.  All teens in the house now!

I made the boys sit down together so that I could compare their looks.  Jarick in the middle takes after his mother almost completely. Deshin is mostly a mix of the two but still favors his mother.  But I feel like Davan takes after his father the most.

A comparison.  I mean, making Davan heir makes the most sense but I’d been waiting just in case for whatever reason Deshin had some really unique features or something that I wanted to pass on.  But in the end, I decided to go with the one that has the most of the Masters look to him.

A/N: This chapter originally went through the end of this night but due to an odd number of screenshots for the next two chapters I had to cut this one off here.  The chapter was super long anyway so it’s a good thing!


So, apparently, Garent is rich.  Maybe he took money from his many wives?  Nobody can skill charisma because they have no friends and apparently the family doesn’t count and they won’t do a freaking thing when hungry which is extremely frustrating!

I was so excited when this option popped up and then I looked and he had only 2 days!

I’m beginning to feel like this story progression relationship system has a vendetta against my sim’s family!

Yet another invite to play with other children that we had to say no to.  This time it is doubly restricted because they live outside of the network.  One of the many rants that I have to stop.  And Davan had a blank person on his relationship panel called Amki and I have no clue who it is!  (Note: It’s Aeralyn’s alien mother!)

A pop-up to name kittens surprised me.  Apparently, our little Bastian has mated!  And unlike his father and grandfather, he had more than a single kitten.  He had to completely outdo them with four!

I had to open the house to investigate.  Looks like his mate is a Siamese.  What cute little kittens and now it looks like half the neighborhood will soon be descended from Styx!  So funny.

The sad news followed by happy news.

All of that hopscotch really paid off!  He started off with level 3!

Chapter 1.16

Note from the future: I found it a bit creepy that today the chapter I’ll be writing is pretty much the same one for the next generation. The remaining child aged to teen and I took a comparison shot on the couch and it was Davan and his wife’s anniversary too!  o.O

TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.14: The Night Crew

Generation One Chapter 14

Aeralyn had to break it to everyone that Alasdair passed away.

They were all very upset including poor Ares who howled along with the families’ cries.

So much crying.

Just because they’re sad doesn’t mean they spend their time just sitting around crying although truthfully some were so miserable they had no choice.

I was happy to move the dog bowl out of the bathroom but it seems that he couldn’t get to it and I had to move it again.  Then I later saw that they couldn’t get to the end table that they all set their half-eaten sandwiches on!  At some point, I moved it upstairs by the dog house along with the squeaky toy that grates on everyone’s nerves.

Dad joins the younger boys in some hopscotch.  I never know what to do with him and Aeralyn for fun since there are no fun activities they need skills from.  I think she gets a small amount from painting and the rest they get from playing with the dogs.

This cracks me up!  Also, it seems like everything upstairs used that color swatch that I took out because I thought it was what was crashing my game.  The tables need to be redone and the bed didn’t look like that before but I guess it looks suitably crappy still.

I will admit, having three sims now that are up at night is odd.  I’ve finally got Syna on a daytime sleeping schedule because vampires skill better at night… at least that’s what I’ve read.

On the second day, everyone went to mourn at Alasdair’s grave which incidentally is impossible to find under all the snow where I placed it!  They all felt much better after having a good cry.

Note from the future: I didn’t realize until waaay after this that gravestones I move myself should have been under or within the house so many rules!

We missed the darned peanut butter and jelly time deadline by a few minutes and Ivan had to grill some hot dogs instead.  Which I think sounds disgusting eating leftovers.  I mean, I can imagine eating a day old PB&J but a day old hot dog?  Gag!

Alasdair haunted that night.  Apparently, she’s red because I spent her lifetime happiness points.  If she’d had 10,000 she would have been blue.  I’m used to Sims 4 and red means angry so I had to look it up!

She haunted that little table which I thought was funny but freaked everyone out resulting in me finding a no ghost reaction mod because I know that this family would be happy to see our girl as a ghostie not gagging at the sight of her!

This made me tear up a little bit.  She spent the rest of the night sleeping with him.

We can’t forget our boy now can we?  Also, he needs to look his best for the new pup!

Guys, I swear to you, she was a puppy!  When I looked at the list she was a tiny puppy and I had to look up the dog breed to make sure it’s a large breed.  English Setter, I think?  Her age-span was at the very beginning so I don’t know if she aged up after getting out of the car or what because I really wasn’t paying attention.

Hello girl!  All pups love a brushing so it’s a good place to start.  Her name is Enyo.  Since Ares is the god of war I thought a goddess of war and destruction would be good.  I didn’t realize until later that in mythology they are brother and sister.  Oopsie.

After a bit more attention Ivan begins teaching our genius girl how to hunt.  Her other traits were non-destructive and proud.

And she’s off!

I’ve got a rough plan of what each of the kids will be doing when they age up.  That will also depend on the jobs that come up in the newspaper too though.  With Master Thief lifted we don’t have to take the first one the first day but if they go too long not finding the one I want I’ll have to give in.  Just in case, I’ve got them all skilling varying things.

Ares finally meets Enyo and seems pleased to have another dog around to socialize with.

And, I learned here that she is a smiling dog!  Awe!

I thought having the kids chat would bring up social and charisma. 

Jarick is not pleased that he has to go to school on his birthday.  He doesn’t see the point in going and working hard all day but he has to go.

Aeralyn and the teens have that stir-crazy moodlet from being stuck in the house all of the time and there’s nothing we can do about the teens because their athletic isn’t high enough but at least she can get out for a bit.

She chats with Kayla aka the vampire we cloned Syna from aka Nervous Subject’s girlfriend.  The baby is their third child Antsy.

And then it’s finally Jarick’s birthday.  I can’t figure out how he ended up being so far apart in age from Davan.

He aged up with the exact same goofy hair that Davan did so I didn’t take a funny pic.  His features are more Aeralyn’s than Ivan’s but I am happy to see Brett’s mouth.  Aeralyn has it of course but it looks better on a male I think.

I just wanted to see what it looked like to have one of them repair the toilet this way.  The thing breaks at least once a day.

I didn’t realize I had so many dog pics until I’m writing this!  I have to say I really prefer having two dogs in the house.  Ares has a little bit of time before aging to elder but I do want them to have pups before we have babies in the house again.  That was poor planning on my part last time around!  I am quite pleased with Enyo.  Adopting from those goofy pics is pretty dodgy.

And now there are four of them in the night crew!  The next generation is going to be so weird.  Although, at least the spouse will sleep at night.  Before that can happen I have to choose an heir.  A poll is out of the question since I’m about 15 chapters ahead of what’s being published at this point!  I want to see Deshin aged up before I decide.  Davan would be the obvious choice if I want to start right away.  There’s also the problem that unless the parents start meeting girls they aren’t going to be met before the kids age to young adult.  Even with the headstart on athletic skill from playing hopscotch and stuff as children, I doubt they’ll max it until almost their birthdays anyway.  If Syna could be heir it would be so much easier!


That mourning moodlet was killer in these conditions.  Then, everyone’s been sick too.  Also, this is what happens when I accidentally get distracted and let them finish eating the bad peanut butter and jelly.  Poor sims!  But, it’ll be awhile before we clear Culinary so they’ll just have to get used to it.

I don’t remember getting one of these for Styx.  I just realized one day I hadn’t seen him in a long time.  The mate I gave Diddy, Mips, has since mated with another cat and had 3 freaking kittens!  It’s gotta be crowded in that tiny bunker.

Wow!  That’s a lot of moola and pretty much nothing to spend it on before we give it away as protection money anyway.  I occasionally buy more shelves for the collectibles.  I wasted my time having Ivan use the collection helper thingy to find a few things nearby and they all ended up being things they already have.  Pretty much everything the dogs bring home we have too but it keeps them busy and we need their hunting maxed before they age to elders!

A pic of Jazmine with Diddy’s son Bastian.  He has heterochromia!  He might not have the same coloring but he does have the smiling mouth.  It seems like Jazmine is another long-lived sim.  I think one of the reasons is that there are so many elders in the neighborhood maybe?  I don’t know if there’s a limit in how many can die in a day.  It is weird though.

It popped up saying that Xin has a girlfriend and I had to investigate.  Why on earth is he in his werewolf form?  Maybe he was trying to impress her?

A/N: So I’m realizing now that it was pointed out to me that pretty much every chapter is longer than mine usually are and I feel terrible about it but at this point I’m so far ahead of all of this it would take a huge undertaking to do them all over again and with a dog just out of surgery to care for I just don’t have the time.  I’ll understand if you don’t want to take the time to read them.  I’ve prided myself in having short, fun, and easy to read chapters.  I don’t know when I got so wordy.

Chapter 1.15

TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.13: Time Marches On

Generation One Chapter Thirteen

The new discovery that kids can be outside as long as they are on the lot was a welcome one!  Especially since it was Saturday and the younger kids didn’t have school.  Everyone was hungry and I almost lost my mind making them share a few sandwiches to tide them over until more could be made.

It seems like the kids weren’t as thrilled about this revelation and soon Davan and Deshin were back inside both wanting to play on the rocking horse.  Sorry, guys, it’s a one-rider toy.  Dominoes it is then!

And then Syna and Jarick made their way inside too.  Thankfully, Ivan was able to make their daily meal.

A little later Davan and Jarick were back outside playing with the newly purchased foot-and-hand-ball.  Which confused me greatly. I know without a doubt that he had one when Ivan moved in.  There was also a sketch pad that I was unable to locate.  I know it was there because I was editing the intro post today and I saw it!  Perhaps a burglar stole it.

I don’t think the kids appreciate your advice dad.

That’s better.  The bonus of everyone working out to the radio so much is I get to listen to music.

Before curfew, Ivan took Alasdair for a walk and played with her for a bit.

Alasdair is such a social butterfly!  Always chatting with the other pets when I look for her!

I don’t think they get any skills from this thing but they sure do love it!  That second pic was a total fluke.  I’d paused for some other reason and looked to see what everyone was doing before I unpaused and caught this!

Such a tough old girl playing tug of war still!

Both Aeralyn and Syna needed social.  I have no idea why they were outside but anyway I was looking through things they could say to each other and like usual I went for the special menu where I found Syna’s vampire options.  One of which was to confess being a vampire.  I didn’t expect her to look so heartbroken about it!  Aeralyn acted all disgusted which just will not do!  So, I made up my own scenario.  It goes like this.  “Mom, I’m a vampire!”

“That’s okay Syna.  You might not have noticed but I am a half alien!”

“Look!  I’ve even got a probe!”

“Oh my god don’t probe me!”

“Tickle tickle hahaha!”

“Well, if we’re showing off powers check this out!”

“Uh, what, what happened?”

-Syna whistles and wanders away… end scene.  Yes, yes I am very strange and found this highly entertaining.

Both needing some fun Ivan and Syna played a little foot-and-hand-ball.  That inappropriate trait is so weird.  He wears his pajamas like 85% of the time!  Which basically means running around in his boxers.

A little mother-son romp.  Unfortunately, one of the neighboring pets must have given them fleas.

It’s now Davan’s turn to age up to a teen!

Wowza!  Very handsome indeed.  I find it interesting that all of the kids seem to have different coloring.  I think it uses the same slider as usual so it’s blending where Aeralyn is on her skin slider and where Ivan is on his skin slider if that makes sense?  There’s also a small chance that it’s taking into account a grandparent’s location on the slider scale.  I find genetics so interesting.

Surprisingly, Davan inherited his mom’s brain power instead of sleep need.  If they all get it theirs will be a very productive generation due to the lack of sleep!  And, since he’d done some hopscotch and maybe the playing catch helped too he started athletic at almost level two!  Also, I finally got my crashing problems fixed and Aeralyn can now paint a portrait!

And then, after sending the rest of the family off to bed, the time finally came for our old girl.  She will be sorely missed.

I haven’t seen a pet death in Sims 4 yet but I think the Sims 3 one is so sweet.  Grim gives them a hug…

…then tosses a stick into the light and they float up towards it.  I will admit I cried a bit even though I’ve been expecting this for sooo long.  Goodbye girl.  Our doggie founder.  The pup that entertained us while Ivan worked non-stop.  I can’t imagine doing this without you.


I couldn’t find the dog’s toy and found it downstairs with this dog gnome.  It was so cute!

Sorry Syna, no prom for you!  Trust me, girl, you don’t want to go.  In a time that did not happen when I was trying to fix the crashing issue she went and she had a terrible time!  Also, trying to force the game to crash while attempting to ignore whatever is happening with the family is very frustrating.  Why wouldn’t they do anything for themselves?!

A terrifying sight of a test with no mods at all for the crashing when painting a portrait.  Also, the game keeps generating kids new homework each time I start the game!  It’s very annoying because I have to keep deleting it or they rush to do it!

I just had to get a pic of the goofy get-up that Davan aged up in.  You know, the original plan was to just leave them in whatever they aged up in and just say they got it all as hand-me-downs or something.  But, I really like the grungy look better for them.  Although, the outerwear issue is wearing on my nerves and I might have to look up a Sim3Pe guide on how to mark the rest of the pants as outerwear instead of the few pairs there.

Yes, I figured out how to make another household that I’m not playing adopt a pet.  I meddle, so sue me.  But, when I realized Diddy was an elder and started looking around for a cat for him to mate with it seemed like they were all related to him!  So, thanks to the miracle of mods his family got a new cat and she was dubbed his mate and “pollinated” promptly.  The kitty is named Bastian because when I was doing one of my many tests trying to get the game to stop crashing the game named him Sebastian.

Sadly, he was born on their doorstep and when I looked was sleeping in the snow.  Sheesh!  I’ll take a proper pic soon hopefully and we’ll see if he inherited Styx and Diddy’s markings!

He and Kayla have been engaged forever!  They have two kids and I believe she might be pregnant again.  Yet they don’t live together so I keep getting these dead-beat-dad notifications.  Finally, they got married shortly after this and when I got the stupid notification that they couldn’t find a house together I moved him in with her, in a house that is plenty big, and hopefully, they can all be a big happy family!

Sadly, they aren’t allowed off the lot and we aren’t allowed to see kids unless it’s at their homes so it was not meant to be but I thought it was cute.

Syna had her first mood swing and I was having the extremely annoying crashing when trying to paint a portrait problem so I decided to see what would happen if Ivan scolded her for booby-trapping the computer.  Yikes!  I’m glad it technically didn’t happen since I had to quit yet again since taking out whatever it didn’t work that time.

So funny!

I took this the day before she passed on.  What I found odd was that her trained traits don’t show as trained.  So, she was 42 with the Apocalypse settings that’s 12 days past her expected lifespan!  I will admit though it might sound a bit cruel, a part of me was relieved because I seriously wondered if it was something I’d done wrong causing it.  Some mod or something.  I don’t know.  I read up on how death works in Sims 3.  Each day past the elder stage there’s a random chance that a sim will die.  I guess our girl just had some extremely lucky dice rolls!

I was shocked when looking to see Ares’ age and realizing he’ll be an elder in 7 days!  His mom’s oddly extended lifespan has thrown me off completely.  Perhaps when Thursday rolls around and we can use the phone again we’ll see about adopting him a mate.

I’m actually not certain how they will react with the mods I have in place to stop some of the more annoying things that sims do in this game.

For the without a compass readers a little check up on the other families…

Ares sniffing Danis, Garent’s youngest daughter.

Alasdair sniffing his middle daughter Danya while he and Danis chat outside.

I finally got a shot of his eldest daughter Fellan when I got the notification that she’d aged up.  It looks like she inherited Brett’s hair color.

Jazmine’s son Xin playing catch by the library.  That cat there is a newly adopted mate for Diddy because our Diddy is now an elder! Where did the time go???

Later, when checking on Alasdair I found him inside playing guitar for a crowd.  This gives me pause as to my plans for lifting Symphonic but I need to review the rules before changing my mind just yet!

Garent’s middle daughter Danya aged to a teen.

And he married a widower with two children of her own.

I saw this and got sooo annoyed.  I have no idea why the couples won’t move in with each other!  Garent’s house is HUGE!  It’s three or four levels down!  Needless to say, I just moved her in with him.  Sheesh.

Shortly after Davan aged to a teen Xin aged to young adult.  He looks so mysterious with those eyes!

Chapter 1.14

TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.12: Alasdair’s Gift

Generation One Chapter Twelve

Awe, just like old times!  Our girl waking up daddy.  Except back then he didn’t have to rush her outside.

I decided to try to give Ares a bit more attention.  I was starting to feel like he’d taken the back burner so to speak.

But, it’s hard not to pay special attention to our girl!

Another one of those homey pics where things seem normal unless you look closer.

See?  They never seem very happy playing dominoes!

This drives me nuts.  I can’t tell them to play with any of these things!

Note from the future: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it already but I did figure out the soccer ball and kicky bag.

I’ve been trying to get Alasdair to hang out at the “library” as much as possible because of the fire and park moodlets.  Plus, it just seems like a nice place for an old dog to warm up.  Yes, I’m a softie.

I finally decided to use some of Ivan’s points towards a Collection Helper.  Though, I’m not too sure about it.  I mean, he’s only allowed to be in his network right?  But, does that count the area surrounding the network?  I wasn’t sure so I haven’t really used the thing except for this one time so far since this was at the in-network park.

I decided to move Styx’s son Diddy in with Jazmine and her family now that Junior is gone.  He was living in a house with 5 other cats and I rarely saw him.  Sadly, he has no mate yet.

This time it was Davan’s turn to use the phone.  He had an opportunity to become friends with his cousin Danya.  Unfortunately, after several calls, he’d barely tipped the scales.

Note from the future: Which is probably a good thing since I later discovered that this is also against the rules.  No opprotunities that increase school performance.

And then it was time for Syna to age up.  This is the first time that anyone has taken notice of a birthday so I guess it must be only teen-elder birthdays.

I left her in the hair she aged up in.  I won’t change that unless it’s truly terrible like the traffic cone one.  What’s up with that anyway? But I did decide to start giving them more of a grungy look and one like Ivan’s that has the same clothes in most outfits which is very frustrating because most pants aren’t available in outerwear which they wear half of the time.  I prefer outerwear to be their regular clothes with a jacket.

Sorry, walls up wasn’t an option.  Daddy aged to adult shortly after Syna aged to teen!

More love for our girl.

Who in turn brought home a gift as a thank you.  A very strange pet bowl indeed.  It has an alien quality to it and we don’t really know where she got it but are eternally thankful to the doggie founder of her own side-legacy branch of the apocalypse!  I swear I almost cried!

And yet, she’s still going strong!  She’s now, as I’m writing this, twelve days into her elder years… two days is what it’s set at because of the handicap I took.  I’m confused yet grateful to have so much time with her.  And also slightly concerned that she’s bugged or something!

This little fat dachshund was so funny hopping around socializing with Ares.  Also, I love that his ears flop like his dad’s did!

Now we have a teenager home all day.  It’s strange.  I figured we’ll start straight-away working on building her athletic skill.

Toddlers have no social options when clicking on pets but I didn’t realize until here that pets have an option to sniff a toddler!  So cute!

So, Davan and Ares were playing chase and ran outside.  And I thought oh no he isn’t supposed to be outside!  But then I was curious, is it outside or off the lot?  After searching the rules it seems that it’s off the lot.  Children are only allowed off the lot between 8am-3pm for school.  BUT what I didn’t realize was that they are allowed to be outside the house on the lot until the usual curfew of 8pm!  What a nice revelation!  Just in time for the weekend too.

Oh!  This reminds me.  I’d taken the Black Market Connection advantage and never used it yet.  I finally found a use for it.  The freaking rocking chair!  Ugh.  Never again.  The attraction on those things is too high.  Sims are addicted to it and it takes them forever to get out of it even if they literally just sat down.  And now that the radio is getting some use while they work out I see how silly it was putting it there in the first place.

Curfew time and Davan and Ares came inside.  Davan does not look pleased.  But, it’s time for Deshin to age up to child!

He’s the first child I actually tried to give some grungy clothes to.  Which incidentally turned out to be a huge waste of time since he rolled the insane trait and never seems to wear the clothes I gave him!

This was absolutely hilarious!  It looks like he’s hollering to the girls as they work out but he was ranting about evil.  I couldn’t stop laughing!