TS4→ Multiverse Build Credits (Thus Far)

The Intros

By order of appearance

Lucky Heather

All of the steampunk village builds were hers which I personally thought cooled the coolest with the star-like “flash.”


The next flash is a neighborhood from my first rotation neighborhood Keeping Up with the Joneses. The houses were placed several years ago but I know at least a few if not all are her builds.


The next flash is a wedding venue I built myself for one of my stories with this cute little house next to it. Incidentally, I loved this house so much I added it to the newer neighborhood in Newcrest. I figured Aimee and/or Zion saw the house and liked it.


After that, we started flashes in the desert with the Flint-Hall family. The first of which was my Murkland save. All of the lots were built by Brenna but this one is the most visible from their view.

After the standard Maxis flash is a flash of modern homes again from my Robinson’s save. I really have no clue. They may be mentioned in the chapters I added them but as there are around 70 chapters that would be a lot of searching.


The next flash is of my save I set up for the alien world for my Xenophilia challenge. The entire map of Oasis Springs in that save is her awesome alien houses.

The first flash with the Mesner’s in Windenburg I have no clue whose build it is either. Although, I did find the hugeness of the house highly entertaining. The next two were mine. First was my Alphababy house and after that was one of my Drifter II houses. The final Windenburg flash was the Holt’s house from my Ambrosia/Heart & Soul story. I’ll admit I got a bit misty-eyed seeing it again. I have no clue who built it either.


I have two of his builds in the flashes. The first was this movie park in Windenburg. The second was his Cirque Du Clown Diner in Newcrest.

The second Newcrest flash is a police station from my Heart & Soul Legacy where Amyra would meet with the detective for her ghost investigations. No clue who built it. Next was a neighborhood full of my drifter houses.


I was trying to decide what to do last. Newcrest isn’t very populated in any of my saves especially that neighborhood. Looking through the gallery I saw a few cool builds and it occurred to me that most of the world lots were fairly normal.


These two houses together gave a really cool “savage” type effect.

I put the no props mod back in so there were no background buildings and I have to say this was one of my favorites.


And finally, from part 2, we have the amazing throne room. I only removed a few things and changed the floor tile color. Not because I didn’t like them but because they’re the ones from the Hensley’s house!

New Homes

Kaichen04 (again)

The first shown is the same of Kaichen’s that’s above which is now the Sand’s house. I did change quite a bit to make it fit in the with neighborhood aesthetic. Plus, I was extremely low on funds.


Next is this house which the Crows now live. I changed a lot more in this one. Pretty much the only thing I kept was the exterior house shape.


I didn’t notice until just now that I didn’t use the original version of this house. I have no idea what rafkeheuvelmans changed if anything. This is the Mesner’s house and despite removing practically everything they barely could afford beds and such since it was a more expensive house. I actually found it in my library I have no clue when I’d downloaded it but it’s absolutely perfect.


In this case, I did realize it wasn’t the original poster. And I went through SimmieSweetness’ catalog at least 5 times. I could not find it. I found a few that were very similar though. I can only guess that Joegebbia did a lot of renovating (which is mentioned in the description) including the upstairs room that sold me on this house. I did a lot of knocking walls out in this one mostly. I’m not a fan of having a bunch of small rooms in the main family spaces. This is the Hensley’s new home.


I was trying very hard not to use modern homes in Willow Creek but this house is just amazing and I couldn’t resist. I didn’t change a whole lot other than the fact it was extremely lavish which doesn’t fit the Burke-Fox household at all. I did knock out a bathroom to make the studio space larger and changed one of the roofs that was cutting horribly into a little attic space.

Keep in mind that in ALL of these houses I had to remove practically everything in order for the sims to be able to afford them. It’s not an insult to anyone. I’m just terrible at building the outsides of houses. I quite enjoy the insides and sometimes see a different vision that suits my current family structure. The most challenging build was the Crow’s because it was built diagonally.

Community Lots


I went back and forth with myself over the decision to remove the previous spa. Don’t get me wrong it was beautiful. It just really didn’t fit in especially next to the quaint little restaurant. Even this one is a bit lavish but it had every aspect I wanted. I did add 2 small bar areas to accommodate Coolspear’s mod which, for whatever reason, sends 3 mixologists to spa lots. I did remove a sauna and put in a few tubs for mudbaths and such since there were none.


This lot was a diamond in the rough. Hardly any downloads and if I hadn’t throught to use the search term ‘community center’ I’d likely have never found it which would be a shame because it’s just awesome. It was mostly empty other than the main gathering areas. Which suited quite well since this has been assigned as one of Coolspear’s new multi-park lot types. I was able to make a large room a library space and a little cafe area with rooftop seating. I put in a room with one of those performance stations with seating so sims could sit and listen. I added chess tables. I made a kids learning area near the library since it’s mentioned in the mod librarians may mentor children at times. I also made a room with kid and toddler toys. Some easels and a piano. And in the back I put in a toddler jungle gym, some swings, and several garden boxes because so many freaking gardeners show up… at least at regular parks. I made the lighting a bit brighter as well. All-in-all I am just thrilled with this lot. I absolutely love it.


Another little gem. I was just in awe of this quaint lot. It’s tagged as a cafe and does have a cute little cafe in one of the buildings but it’s so much more. There’s a laundromat and arcade and a mock flower shop. The amount of detail put into these individual buildings is amazing. The rear “house” was empty. I stuck a few more bathrooms, a closet, and a bubble blower inside for now. The cafe I didn’t really change nor the laundry. The arcade I decided to expand seeing-as-how that was the lot type I’d originally been looking for. I removed a few of the large machines from downstairs and put in voidcritter battle stations instead as if that’s the kiddie area. I put a door leading to the stairs where, when they go up, there is a much larger arcade space with all of the trappings of gaming. There is another door through there which has some pub games that I thought could be a sort of gambling den. Still, there is plenty of space to add more in the future! Behind the buildings, I added a few of the graffiti things and another of those street performance things. Best of all side by side with the restaurant next door it looks like it fits in perfectly. I could not be more pleased.

Honorable Mentions

For visual effect, I used Coolspear’s Sim Teleportation System discs for the “portable teleporter” that Bea and Remmy had created. While they may not actually allow sims to travel between worlds they do allow them to travel long distances with a single step. These are the same I use in some Stratus Burne chapters although those do not have the lights. I thought it prudent to mention that the ones I have in Straus Burne are there for my own entertainment and as far as the story goes don’t technically exist. But then again, there are probably several things I do or say that have nothing to do with the story since it’s usually not very pertinent to the actual play.

Multiverse 1.1 Burke-Fox coming soon!

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TS4→ Multiverse Intro Part I

Not sure what a multiverse is? Or who Bea and Remmy are? This post is for you! It explains the multiverse concept and has all of the Bea and Remmy chapters at the end including the StrangerVille Down the Jackalope Burrow ones: A Multiverse is Born.

It’s been a few weeks since StrangerVille came out and if you’ve avoided spoilers completely by this point I’m shocked. Still, I’m going to try my hardest not to mention anything that wasn’t already mentioned by gurus. And so, this first part is happening at the same time that things got really weird in the crater.

Meanwhile, in StrangerVille…

(If you read Jackalope Burrow part IV you’ve seen the first part.)

Bea left the others to their celebration and stopped by the stand. He had what she’d asked for and he handed it over with a gleam in his eye. She let him know they’d no longer need his lodgings and he bid them safe travels.

Remmy hadn’t returned yet thank goodness. Bea quickly pulled out the packet and drank it as quickly as possible. The day had sapped what little energy she had left. She hadn’t had blood since she was a child. It was disgusting and delicious at the same time but she did feel nominally stronger after drinking it.

She was eager to leave this place but when she went back outside to look for Remmy she found something else entirely.

Remmy returned and thinking Bea was inside called to her to come look at the view. When he saw she wasn’t there he assumed she was chatting with that guy that runs the stand again and decided to take a nap until she got back.

A few hours later, Bea was returned.

What she had learned would change everything. She ran inside to wake Remmy. They had to get back to Ash Shore now!

Just as soon as she was done throwing up. Gross vines.

And that’s when Remmy woke up. He was shocked. He’d never once seen his wife ill.

She wasn’t running a temperature but then again her skin is always a bit colder than regular Sims.

He made her sit down and she explained what had his brethren had told her:

Indeed, this whole thing was partially caused by what her grandfather had done. In Ash Shore and Stratus Burne this place is a barren wasteland. But, in this world there is a river where in the others there is not. Here, when the catastrophe happened almost everything beyond the canyon line was destroyed and survivors gathered here.

They also admitted it was partially their own fault. They lost several ships that day and never found this one. The crashing ship caused the crater. It had contained the “mother.” They were transporting it from another world to test.

When [redacted] was happening they thought they sensed one of their own and came to investigate. They were there to witness the end of the [redacted]. Since Bea seemed to have been leading the [redacted] they chose to speak with her.

They warned that [redacted] is sentient. The swirling [redacted] was the result of an attempt to send out [redacted]. The result of which was a temporary massive increase in the tear between worlds. When she asked about Ash Shore they replied that Ash Shore and Stratus Burne were at the nexus of the original tear and could be affected more strongly but they did not know how.

The moment Bea’s explanation was finished they rushed off to return to Ash Shore.

“No matter what we find, it’s you and me Bea, remember that.”

What they found were several of the residents meeting together trying to figure out where their family and friends had gone.

Bea was heartbroken when she heard the news.

She explained some of what had happened. And then promised she would do everything she could to find them and bring them back.

And for the first time, Remmy made his presence known. He was too upset to worry about keeping hidden from the Sims.

He was concerned for Bea’s health. They were sure it was all of this traveling, because they’d been doing more before creating the portable teleporter and she admitted she’d been feeling sick off and on since they started.

Remmy tried to head her off.

He was hurt and scared.

But, in the end, he went with her. If only to just keep her safe.

She found everyone still there. She began to explain that she’d found the others and how she’d spoken to them…

…but was interrupted. They didn’t understand that time moves faster in Stratus Burne than in Ash Shore. Dean was distraught and begged her to go back.

Yet again, Bea’s guilt got the best of her. Because, of course, she blamed herself for this as well. She promised she’d find a way.

Hearing what she’d said, Remmy was furious.

He tried to reason with her. He could see she was even more ill than before but was trying to hide it.

She stormed outside and at first he started to follow but when he saw she stopped he decided to go back inside and give the others a piece of his mind.

As he turned back, he heard Bea fall.

He’s sweet loving Bea. Enough was enough. This had to end.

He set his wife gently onto the couch and paced for a few minutes fuming.

“Bea thinks with her heart and not with her head. She’s always ready to put herself at risk to assuage the guilt from what her grandfather did. Please don’t ask this of her. If you do I have no doubt she will do it. And I fear that she will not survive another passage. Even if it means her death she will do it. I’m sorry but I cannot let her.”

“No, you cannot pass through the portal. Don’t you understand? If she is a vampire much stronger than your race and it has weakened her to this extent you will surely not survive the passing. I’m sorry but there’s nothing more we can do.”

“Your family is fine where they are. They know you are fine here. Please let this be. Our world is not what it once was. We must make the most of each day.”

“She’s given up her entire life for you trying to make up for what her grandfather did. We can’t change the past. All we can do is make the best of what we have left. Live your lives and love as if each day could be your last. I know what it’s like to be separated from family. I understand your pain but if you let that pain define you you’ll end up bitter and unyielding like Beatrice’s grandfather was. “

“Don’t worry they are being taken care of. They’ve settled into their new lives. Their only concern was you.”

Remmy left carrying his own reason for living in his arms.

Nothing but a hushed silence in his wake.

Multiverse Intro Part II

A/N: Some of these saves were years old. I will give credits for as many builds as possible in a separate chapter.

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TS4→ Ash Shore T3/R1: Cutting it a Bit Short

It is the summer rotation of the 3rd Turning in Ash Shore’s 1st Rhythm.

Connelly household

That cowplant has a lot of history with this family.

Nothing like having an audience.

Darrell doesn’t look thrilled that Rylee’s acting like a baby bird.

Naomi’s cooking! Everyone just calm down. Oh gee how nice of you to get sprayed by a skunk the moment we got here, Siggy.

Nom nom.

Rylee chatting with Keane.

Naomi having a swing.

Dad showin’ them how it’s done! (I don’t think anyone was watching.)

Oh c’mon Darrell! That’s almost as bad as mopping up rain… while it’s raining.

As per usual, I got distracted by the other kids. Brothers Hayden and Devin playing pirates…

And brother/sister Jayson and Astrid. This must be family day!

Rylee was still over here chatting with Keane.

I forgot how funny Jitterbug’s facial expressions are!

“I’m queen of the world!”

More distractions.

I love it when they sit up there.

Looks like Keane finally gave up on the dolls. Rylee stayed nearby in case the girls needed advice… I think?

A friendly game of chess. And yes, that’s Naomi back there swinging again.

Kyra playing monster. Axel replaced Devin on the second bubble gun.

Looks like his dad’s focus on chess made Zeke go look for someone else to play with.

Ah, there’s Devin.

Aimee do you really want to have a battle of wills over a bubble gun?

I’ll take that as a yes. Axel looks like he’s humoring her.

Looks like big boy Zeke put a strain on Darrell’s back! Maybe that’s where Enzo gets his muscles. Sheesh.

And hey look at that! Our sisters got along… for a few minutes.

I was under the silly impression that I’d forgotten to play Tanya and Stephon this rotation. I got there and then remembered I had. But, I also remembered that I found a bunch of screenshots from a few months ago that I’d originally been saving to do a slideshow or something with. So, enjoy these screenshots so that I can get the ball rolling on Multiverse!!!


Multiverse Intro Part I

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TS4→ Ash Shore T3/R1: Desert Livin’

It is the summer rotation of the 3rd Turning in Ash Shore’s 1st Rhythm.

Hart household

Ah, here we are in the Hart household. With little Stellina whom they adopted the last we’d seen them.

And who could forget Smeagie? I mean c’mon you know I play this household for him. Mostly.

And as per usual I was distracted by the other sims in the area. Mack looks like he’s thinking “that’s fine guys I didn’t want to be in your picture” but what he doesn’t know is three can’t be in a picture.

If you’ve also been reading Stratus Burne you’ll know that I’ve been having an issue with my gardening mods. I finally fixed it thank goodness. Although the two different mods don’t show up as conflicting putting one into my Overrides folder seemed to allow them to live happily together in Mods. (LOL)

You’ve got to be kidding me!

So, off we went to Sophia’s house to get him looked at. She was tense from the storm. I don’t blame her. It’s rained pretty much non-stop in Brindleton Bay for weeks.

It reminded me of Felicity treating Cujo. Smeagie is an intimidating cat for sure!

I looked to see what Vicente was doing but only found Kyra and Adan.

Sorry bud, can’t make flower arrangements with catnip. Although, it might be fun to see how Smeagie reacts to being given some.

Back home to the little one.

They were all hungry and I again thanked the Sim gods for putting a grill over here.

No park today.

I think they forgot they were hungry. Meanwhile, outside I was distracted by little flashes of light. Guess someone got hit by lightning recently.

They “borrowed” the kiddie pool from the park so they’d have at least something to do.

Meanwhile, Lucca made a few garden planters. Hopefully, when the dust settles with the new Multiverse thing I can get back to my original plan for Ash Shore… at least the one for this Turning.

I looked and couldn’t find Noodle anywhere. He was standing there flirting with Vicente!


Awe Smeagie. Looks like someone has tamed the beast.


I have no idea why he had that look on his face. He didn’t have any negative moodlets and when I unpaused it was gone.


And hugs…

More hugs. That is Gavin. I didn’t realize until later that he has black hair and Garrett has brown.

I forgot how young they are.

Don’t mind us.

Their faces cracked me up!

The cousins left and Stellina sought out her little buddy.

And I became distracted by everything going on outside again. I don’t really notice the heights much in Stratus Burne but it’s a lot more evident here.

You do know that’s not your dog right? Maybe he’s pup-sitting.

A few minutes later I found Lucca and Talon out here. I assume he’s talking about a fish he caught when fishing with Astrid and Jayson?

Judy looks lovely.

They were hungry again so Lucca grilled some potatoes. I found him over here chatting with Summer. They’ve always been such close siblings.

I had him put the food into his inventory and dragged it into Vicente’s.

Hmm… we having a disagreement?

Distracted by the others again.

Apparently, Smeagie hasn’t learned not to wake up sims.

He doesn’t seem too interested in learning either.

Drew? What the heck are you doing out there studying their plants?

Yea, that was a stupid move. Why’d you go in there?

Eh well. They didn’t notice. We’ll leave it at that. Night guys. (I really need to start giving them all PJ shirts)

T3/R1- Connelly household

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TS4→ Ash Shore T3/R1: The Rain is Gone!

It is the summer rotation of the 3rd Turning in Ash Shore’s 1st Rhythm.

Young household

It’s Snoooooozer!!! Look at him in his fluffy glory!

And Lyric. Our dynamic duo.

We must make sure he is duly appreciated.

Smooth Christian. At first, it looked like Michelle wasn’t into it. But then again, these two have always been a bit off on the flirting.

Look! Almost as exciting as Snoozer… there’s no rain!!!

Food time. Umm… Christian? That’s not how you hold a knife buddy. I forgot neither of them has cooking skill.

Lyric: I’m waiting!!

Well that’s distracting. Dang Casen! Why you gotta be frowning and ruining the hottie pic?

Speaking of hot. Snoozer had a nice cool-down in the pool.

I think Christian’s afraid that Smeagie might eat his food the way he’s shoveling it in.

Then I remembered. No rain = toddler cuteness! The lot trait was added and they began to trickle in. Hi Zoey.

Casen having a chat with his step-mother Libby.

Awe look at her little swimsuit!

Hey, Dion!

Zoey again.

Awe that little face!

Yikes. That’s a dirty pup.

Lyric played pirate adventure and Adan joined in on the fun. I may have that a bit too close to the wall.

Zeke’s here now. I was surprised I didn’t give any of the toddlers shoes with their hot-weather outfits.