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TS4→ Multiverse 1.16: Family Ties

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R2

It is the second rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy hot.

It was windy and Felicity hates wind so she was angry. I had Jasper brightening her day and complementing her outfit… stuff that gives them happy moodlets. Next thing I know they’re off to try for a baby. Okay then.

Don’t worry. Serendipity’s in good hands err paws.

The rest of the day was spent with Buster…

Don’t worry, Bubbles, we’ll see grandpaw again very soon!

Jasper had to leave for work and next thing I know Felicity is over on the corner being comforted by Aimee. His sister Maisie must have heard because she brought Buster’s mate Hilda to visit.

I saw her husband Jaxton brushing this girl and remembered she’s one I’d been considering for Lentil so when they left I sent her off to the Hensley’s house.

Don’t be sad you still have me!

And our little one’s dreams were guarded by Caraway who seems to have claimed her as his own.

Don’t be sad mommy. Who could be sad with that little bunny bum?

You know what? Enough of this.

Seeing Hilda the night before had given me an idea. Let’s go visit Bender and the other family members.

I imagine Caraway thinking “what is that?”

Yay! Father/daughter reunion!

And someone else for Serendipity to ask why.

I’m sure it was comforting for them all. This household had lost Caraway’s mom, Paprika, as well.

Being with the family really was soothing for the soul. Being reminded that Buster’s legacy lives on especially.

Only one skill left to go!

This reminded me so much of my Sims 3 apocalypse story where the dogs kept coming home with these huge space rocks that were practically the size of the house!

I am just absolutely shocked! Jasper, one of the youngest of the all, is further ahead in his job than almost everyone! The “brag about promotion” is a Bienchen mod.

Guess what little? Today is your birthday! I don’t think she’s ready. Neither was I. She’s the sweetest toddler I think I’ve ever had.

All skills to 5 let’s get this party started!

Unfortunately, cooking gourmet dishes at her party didn’t work for Jasper’s aspiration.

Loners are so annoying if anything because of the constant face they make that looks angry.

Yes Bree, another child. Get used to it. This is Maisie and Jaxton’s son Brody.

Hugs all around!

Trying to get Serendipity to her cake was an absolute fiasco that had me cursing at the screen. But, I got this cute shot while waiting.

Umm… Maisie? I kinda want to see her.

There she is! I dare say she’s even cuter as a child than she was as a toddler and that’s hard to believe!

More selfies.

She went over to chat with Fable and in no time at all they were friends.

Mom making a toast so that they can get the party reward to sell. LOL!

I really enjoyed seeing all of the family together. Kinda like the big Ash Shore parties I’ve always loved except more intimate.

And it was nice seeing extended family members we don’t normally see.

Apparently, not everyone shared my enthusiasm.

I found these two flirting behind the house. I suppose they’re relieved to be away from the twins for a few hours.

One folding table was replaced by another so that they could “play games” for the party goals. It’s a fun activity so I don’t mind.

Everyone had already left and Rowen woke up alone. I laughed so hard!

Jasper’s home. Instant flirting.

Guys! OMG!!!! My first ever Sims 4 ghost pet visit!

Checking to see if anything new happened in the kitchen in the last few days?

Y’all can flirt later, go greet your dog!


Bubbles was startled too.

Awe, it’s just you grandpaw!

Buster’s face here is the funniest thing ever! I left it paused and just laughed and laughed.

Trying for baby again. This was the third time in three days!

I was having too much fun watching Buster haunt.

I kept asking myself why is it that these Sims 4 pet deaths are hitting me so much harder than the ones in Sims 3? This is why. I hadn’t had a pet ghost yet. I love pet ghosts!

I didn’t do much to her room yet. Just changed the walls and put in a bed. I looked and Felicity wasn’t pregnant still. The last few times I’ve played them they’ve tried at least once so it’s obvious they want another baby desperately. So, I had them try one more time and this time it stuck. Another nooboo soon!


Felicity bought this painting. It’s my favorite and matches their walls perfectly!

I didn’t even watch the real Grim with Buster. I watched the kids on the playground and Cujo.

Poor Maisie.

I’m still trying to decide where I can place this pretty girl. I’m thinking maybe Snoozer could have a mate. Both Christian and Michelle are dog lovers after-all.

Everett’s such a kind heart.

Thank goodness for live drag! The front door was locked for all pets but the household ones and so Bubbles and Caraway couldn’t come in. I dragged one of the doors there. LOL!

I love watching my kiddos.

This was mid-birthday party.

Noticed these when Jasper and Felicity were having their bush fun! I really need to send Maddox over here to sell these.

Chapter 1.17 Snyder coming soon!

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TS4→ Multiverse 1.15: Let Me Catch My Breath!

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R2

It is the second rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy hot.

The Burke-Fox family

All four of them were sick I just didn’t get a pic of Frisbee. You might wonder why I keep taking pics of this. So that I have proof of it and the fact the struggle continues. I was so annoyed I didn’t play until later that day after giving them the treats.

Oh yea umm… there’s a baby.

I was in the middle of trying to get Bradyn to do stuff in the garden and she kept crying it was driving me batty!

One thing was buying an insane number of seed packets trying to get an orchid. No luck.

“Hi dad!”

“Dad doesn’t want to talk to you he’s too busy with the baby!”

“He doesn’t want to talk to you either!”

Here’s a nice project to keep you busy, see if we have any swimming dogs. Slinky wouldn’t even come off of the porch.

Yay Lego!

Me too!

Yay! Three out of four are swimmers!

Maddox has high parenting skill so when I looked at her it said she needed attention so I didn’t stop Daisi and Tanzi because I thought great she’ll get attention now but she kept crying. Then, it popped up saying she was starving. Grr.

Awe love my pups!

Speaking of pups we might as well get them all walks.

I know I’ve been trying to make all of the character value stuff autonomous but dangit Tanzi is just disgusting with her bad manners.

He tried for like 2 sim minutes and she wandered away. Grr!

Bonding over their love or cartoons.

I still haven’t gotten past that first part of Maddox’s aspiration. Reading to kids seems to be even more bugged than it used to be.

What did I do?!? Half the garden had to be revived!

And so, Bradyn spent the entire day while everyone was at work and school taking care of that garden. The girls got home and I decided to work on Daisi’s aspiration some more. For some reason that I can’t figure out, she didn’t know Axel anymore.

See the look on his face? That’s exactly how I felt. Oh thank god she’s aged up so I can control her to care for her needs!

Talula was just happy to have a new toddler in the house.

Lego was trying to figure out why Daisi wouldn’t play. Look how angry Dante looks!

Slinky’s like ohmygosh a new toddler!

After becoming friends with his brother, Daisi chats with Dante.

I looked and Dante was gone. I figured she needs two adult friends anyway… she couldn’t talk to Michelle! Grr stupid fame. I think this is the first time I’ve been annoyed by it since I have so much of it modded out.

Play with me not the blocks!

Sorry, Talula, daddy swooped in and grabbed her attention.

Awe how nice!

Remember how I said yay I can control her? Yea well, I forgot about this.

Tanzi was like a little godsend I swear.

I still hadn’t gotten Bradyn’s work task done. I’d not realized Maddox didn’t work the next day. And there were all of these things that needed done!

Daisi also helped out occupying Briar.

Thank goodness I can drag her some food.

Don’t attack your son! Tanzi was just going up to bed and I had to stop her to stop the fight and scold Slinky. Can y’all not just give me a moments peace?!

The no attacking speech bubble looks terrifying!

Apparently, a moments peace is too much to ask. Bradyn was already up trying to keep up with that garden. Sorry Maddox, no sleeping in for you.

I’d sleep outside too. This house is crazy.

Since it was Tanzi’s birthday I decided to just have the girls use a vacation day. I thought I’d give another go at befriending Lyric. I swear every time I look away the other child has disappeared!

Brush, play, brush, play.

A nice dinner out with the birthday girl?

Umm… no. It suddenly started lagging really bad and I couldn’t even save.

I doubt our little loner minded a birthday at home. Cute hot weather outfit but lose the hat.

I had to like follow her around the house trying to get a pic of her.

Stop obsessing over the broken washer! I want a pic!

Awe, there we go. I didn’t roll for Talula that last day. I’m not letting Tanzi’s pup pass away on her birthday.

Seriously though? I’m having a really hard time reconciling with myself that this is our Tanzi. The first Stratus Burne baby!

So funny how they both stopped talking to look at him!

Our littlest girl woke up. Oh joy, she has cake.

I spotted Lyric and had Daisi go attempt friendship yet again.


I gave her the painting aspiration for now.

I looked back and Lyric was long gone… again.

Make friends with Zeke then! His brother Dion just kinda stood there not talking to them. I think it’s so funny how the dogs always follow her out there.

Briar living up to her prickly name.

Tanzi was not amused by her sister’s outburst.

Three friends down? I think.

And now the dogs all want walks again!

And I must have missed a potty training opportunity because Briar suddenly needed a bath.

Playing this household was exhausting.

And not just for me. I think this is the first time ever that I’ve been beyond relieved when it was the end of their rotation! It was just non-stop and they kept dropping things I’d told them to do and doing something else.


I know it didn’t actually happen but it was really cool seeing the brothers Ryker and Cole out eating with their dad.

Spotted Zeke and Dante. I have to admit it’s a lot of fun having so many of “my” kids in the ‘hood.

That’s not creepy at all.

Daisi got that bugged phase that’s supposed to make them unhappy around strangers but instead makes them tense around family.

I picked the right one and he still had a performance loss!

I did manage to get some birds of paradise from those seed packs. Ohmygosh I almost passed out seeing what this is worth!

Chapter 1.16 McKenzie household coming soon!

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TS4→ Multiverse 1.14: Too Much Angst

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R2

It is the second rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy warm.

I got there and Devin was having a mood swing. After doling out the wellness treats he totally broke down.

Everett got this moodlet which I’ve never seen and it seems most others haven’t either if you go by the number of likes on Twitter.

Just go upstairs and pay attention to your dog.

Or not. Hayden was not amused.


Feeling the love.

I was waiting for Drew to hurry up and tend the garden so they could get out of the house. Somehow the gardening mod is working again. I’m wondering if rain breaks it.

Look at Devin’s pathetic sad blickblock!

It seems that the LittleSam more visitors mod clashes with Coolspear’s world control mods. I’m going to have to re-zone this plaza since no kids show up with it as a cafe lot.

I’d forgotten about scouts but at least I got entertained while the boys were gone!

Ohmygosh seriously? I swear the girls aren’t like this! Maybe it’s because they’re in different households and this one has two teens.

I was trying to think of what they could do and decided on working on their aspirations for a while. Devin has Friend of the Animals.

Hayden has Curator.