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TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.8: Crisis Averted

Generation 4 Chapter 8

Almost as soon as Luna had blown out her birthday candles Xavier and Natalya hurried off to school and so when there was a knock at the door at first she thought it was one of them having forgotten something.

But no, it was her friend and fellow club member Camryn.  She said that her neighbor complained that his cat had mated with a pure white female that looked a bit strange and left the kitten at his house!  Hearing the description, Camryn realized it could be only one cat!  And so she brought the kitten right over.

Welcome to the crazy Carraro family, Midnyte.

Addison was thrilled to see the new little one.

And Luna decided to take this as an opening to discuss something that was on her mind.  You see, she had a dream about a little girl whose mother had died and had no home.  How sad!  And it got her thinking.  How many sims are left behind like that little girl?

Bolstered by Addison’s support she then found Gideon modding the games on her computer and told him of her ideas.

And lastly, she gave her now practiced impassioned speech to Allen.  Who asked the question that none of the others had… what does she want to do about it?

After a few moments considering his question, Luna pulled out her phone and called the local charity office.  She offered to utilize her considerable number of social media followers to help their No Sim Left Behind cause.  They were thrilled and in addition offered her a job!

Moonbeam finally noticed that her kit was here and was sure to show him that she’s top cat in this house.

Feeling happy with her choices she went on to begin showing her support for the cause with her followers and hinting at the fact she’d be concentrating on family and wouldn’t likely have more jungle adventures.

Natalya and Xavier returned home from school in high spirits.

And Luna hollared to them to hurry inside and meet the new family member!

A kitten?!

A kitten is great and all but these two grew up with Moonbeam.

So they were both sure to give their old lady some extra attention so she wouldn’t be left out.  Natalya gave lots of scratches while watching TV with Allen who insisted on standing the whole show.

I suppose the extra attention tipped the scales on Moonbeam’s acceptance of another cat in her home.

Maxwell stopped by but didn’t stay long.  He always spends some time with the kids.

All of this excitement made Luna feel like she needed to be a super parent.  I don’t think the kids mind the extra praise.

Perhaps life will just fall into it’s same routine… just a little changed?

Little and adorable.

Or maybe not?  Grim came to take our Moonbeam that night.

Xavier sadly asked if Moonbeam will be gone forever.  Luna gave him a hug and assured him we’d see her again with the other family ghosts.

A comforting hug for Natalya as well and then they were both sent to bed.

A new addition joins the memorial garden.  Hope you visit soon Moonbeam!

In the morning, feeling heartbroken Luna held Moonbeam’s kitten and thought to herself how sad it would be if Camryn hadn’t brought him to them.  She’d had that dream again about the little girl with no home.

The dream was so real and her uneasiness grew until finally, she called the No Sim Left Behind office inquiring if there was a girl like that.  They assured her there wasn’t but mentioned that there was a recently orphaned little boy who needed a home.

Luna quickly informed the family she was adopting a poor little boy without a home and ran off to the agency.  Soon after arriving home with little Darius.

Of course, everyone was happy.  Toddler cuteness can make anyone smile even if they did lose a little friend so recently.

Trouble-making already?

Best to get a head start on the potty training.

Toddlers and kittens (or puppies) is almost too adorable to bear!

Luna informed Darius that his new brother and sister would be home soon and they watched some cartoons while they waited.

It was a rough day at school for both of them despite the assurances that they’d see Moonbeam again.  Perhaps they should have stayed home but it’s sometimes better to keep busy when sad.

Inside they met the little tyke who made faces and giggled so they both smiled and laughed.  The sadness from losing a friend is still there but welcoming two new family members is enough to ease some of the pain.


Something odd happened when rolling back the save.  Both Luna and Natalya’s ages changed by two days.  I went to where Luna had literally just aged up and it now showed her as 21 days to elder!

This annoys me so much!  Also, it just goes to show how much time she spent in her room writing when Xavier and Natalya were little that she has hardly any Parenting skill.

This was actually a really fitting chance card considering he went from a B to an A in one day.

It makes me happy they can have some sort of relationship still.  Especially for the kid’s sake.

When the kids got home from school I couldn’t find Midnyte.  He was all the way back here!

I realized that this new thing where you can give them jobs is actually pretty cool in this challenge since there are all of the non-traditional jobs!

The real reason Maxwell wasn’t there long.  He’d called wanting to come over and I completely forgot until I saw him in Allen’s room on the computer!

A bit of comic relief to a sad situation.  It looked like Grim got his sythe stuck in the metal contraption in Gideon’s room!

Everyone keeps going into Xavier’s room to look at that light show thing that Father Winter gave him.  Grim doing it was doubly creepy since Xavier was sleeping.

Of course, the house had to get an addition to accommodate a new family member without moving someone out.  I’d thought to make an upstairs but no matter what I tried looked goofy.  What I did was removed the closet space between Allen and Addison’s rooms and moved hers over one more to make a hallway between them.  Thus, the new middle door in the main hallway going to a second hallway…

Which actually leads to Natalya’s new room.  I felt like the older kids should get the bigger rooms.  And so here is Darius’s.  Some of the things are for children but I couldn’t find much to fill it up!

Plus, he only has 5 days left as a toddler anyway.  I am happy they fixed the bug that added all of the kids that weren’t adopted to households.  I rolled between the 4 available toddlers like I did with Gideon and he won.  I always thought it was funny that Gideon looks so much like the rest of the family and now we have Darius who looks like Allen!

Despite me picking the wrong answer on a chance card, Natalya got a B.

And I thought this was really sweet.  Looks like someone still follows her on social media.

Chapter 4.9 coming soon!

A/N: Not sure how “soon” it will be.  I’m planning on playing Ash Shore for a while but I wanted to get this resolved first.  Especially since I had most of the screenshots already and had written a post explaining the reasoning behind these changes.

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TS4→ Random Legacy II Extra: Why the Rewind?

I was thinking that this explanation will probably be kinda long and would take away from the chapter that’ll be published in the next day or two.  So, I decided to write something up in a in-between extra chapter.

As you might know, I’ve been replacing all of the Flickr pics with my saved screenshots for everything that’s been written recently.  While I was doing so on the “midlife crisis” chapter ie the chapter before this, something occurred to me.  A midlife crisis is supposed to be a turning point in a person’s life.  Maybe for good maybe for bad but regardless it’s something that person chooses.

And therein lies the crux of the matter.  When I did Luna’s midlife crisis rolls, which I’ll admit I was very upset about, I made the whole thing something that happened to her not a choice she personally made.  I actually decided to remove all of the events that happened post-birthday and renamed the chapter.  In case you’re reading this sometime in the future and didn’t read the original, let me review:

  1.  She had to have a breakup- This was very upsetting to me because I really liked Fernando and I’d even hoped that she’d roll to get together with him.  I didn’t realize until later that there was no such roll… something I remedied.
  2. She had to give birth to or adopt another child- This upset me because it meant another heir vote and if the new baby won I’d have to wait ages to start the next generation.  I’d decided that the best solution to that was having her “adopt” some unknown kid of Fernando’s.  This gave me the reason for her breaking up with him.
  3. She had to change a trait- After Fernando left she went on the computer and recorded a rant.  It was actually a work task.  But this made her lose a lot of followers so I thought maybe the best change was from outgoing to loner.  Again, the result of her followers not something she chose.

More changed that I didn’t publish yet.  In order to make room for the newly adopted child of Fernando’s, I’d moved Addison out.  Then, to make things even worse Moonbeam died and none of them reacted to it!  By then, I was completely miserable and quit playing altogether.

What changed then?  First of all, I did the heir poll for a 3rd child and Xavier was voted to remain the heir.  Second, when going over the rules to see if any changes needed made for Get Famous I noticed that I’d made a rule allowing you to replace one rolled child for a pet.  The reason Moonbeam never had any kittens is because Xavier rolled 5 kids.  But, darnit, Moonbeam had already died!

I also realized that Addison isn’t all that far from aging to elder and moving her out was pretty cruel even if I did make up a story about her having a secret online romance.  So, after some thought, I decided to do the rolls again.  I figured that re-rolling the “give birth to or adopt a child” part would be way too cheaty so I rolled until I got a result that included 8.

So here’s her rolls.  Like I said, I kept rolling until I got one with an 8.

I was actually really upset that I had to change her aspiration.  I was having so much fun in the jungle with her and she was on the final level!  Although, it’s not like she’d have much time with kids.  At least her new aspiration fits that. 

I’ll leave the story-based reasons why she did this or that for the next chapter.  As I said, I knew this would end up being a freaking long drawn out explanation so I made it separate.  I know most of you will probably see me doing re-rolls, even if I did keep one, as cheating.  But, I just wanted to have a different story than the original.  And, like I always say, if you’re not enjoying it, what’s the point?

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TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.7: Postponed Crisis

Generation 4 Chapter 7

Natalya chatting with mommy…

Then cousin Addison.  She probably wonders why they’re all on computers all the time.

Why are we being weird?  Well, weirder.

I almost feel like it was a competition for who the kids like best.

I’m sure Allen won.  I noticed when Natalya aged to child that they have almost a full relationship bar!

Don’t be so morbid Moonbeam.  But yes, that’s a good spot.

Xavier seems talented.  He can write through a keyboard.

Maxwell visited again.

Nice kitty.



It’s gotta be the hats drawing their attention.

Someone’s proud of himself.  No nooboo again.  I have to say, things would have gone much differently if there was.

Think she likes the story?

Apparently not.  No wandering in a blizzard!

See?  Blizzard.


More freaking livestreaming.

And through the keyboard homework.  I think that Gideon has decided that if Natalya’s favorite is Allen he’ll make sure Xavier’s is himself.

Maxwell’s here… again.

Addison giving parenting advice?

Oops!  Careful there.

So much Moonbeam lovin’.

And I finally solved the mystery of why everyone was suddenly using the back door!

Finally, we get to shovel snow when it makes sense to do so!

Her picture was orange so she obviously needed something but she was running the neighborhood.  She was determined though.  I had someone call her home and she immediately ran back out!

Most of them woke hungry so it was a grand breakfast this time.

Belly laughs.

Not only is it Winterfest but it’s also Natalya’s birthday!

She aged up and immediately ran outside to see the snow.  You were running around in it a few days ago!  Also, I left her hair down in 2 outfits.  Incidentally, those are the only ones she seemed to have worn until the very end of the chapter!

Time to decorate.  And open presents…

Not sure how it fit but Addison got one of those giant microscopes.  Natalya was unhappy with her future cube.

Maxwell’s here… again.

Seriously, he might as well live here.  If I’d known he’d be here so often I’d have made him a helper and let Addison or Gideon move out and get married!

All of that celebrating wore her out.  Also, she needed a new bed.

Surprisingly, there weren’t really any beds that matched her room.

Father winter!

Which means more presents.

He gave Xavier a light show and immediately Addison went in there to look at it.  I might have to lock the door.

And in the morning it was (finally) Luna’s birthday.

The notification had popped up in the middle of the night and waiting was torture… for me.

That done, everyone had a slice of honeycake and the kids left for school.

A/N: I’ve decided to re-do the whole “midlife crisis” scenario because re-reading this as I was replacing the Flickr pics I realized that it’s supposed to be Luna’s crisis, not something thrown upon her unwillingly.  I was just so shocked by the rolls I didn’t think it out.  I made a little “extra” chapter explaining further if you’re interested.  It also explains what happened originally since I’ve removed it: Why the Rewind.


The first and second days of school!

She dodged a bullet with that guy!

Chapter 4.8

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Random Legacy Gen 5 Heir Poll 2.0

I’ve been afraid all along that Luna’s mid-life crisis roll would include another child and my fears were confirmed.  And so, a new poll is needed.  The rolls for Xavier and Natalya are the same as they originally were.  I’m just adding Annika into the mix.  I try to do these rolls early before anyone gets attached to the kids so nobody will choose a favorite without looking at their rolls.  Keep in mind that there are very different scenarios for each child’s life if they are the heir and pick according to those scenarios not who they are.  I also want to add that adopted kids are the norm in this challenge.  In the current generation, Luna is the only one who wasn’t adopted and on that poll, she was known as “child 3.”  It was only timing that made her heir.



  • Married with one helper (Either Natalya or Annika would have to move out)
  • 5 kids with at least 1 adopted
  • He would be a doctor, his spouse would be a writer, and the helper would throw parties and sell the rewards
  • The whole family would have to complete all work and school tasks.  If they don’t they would be forced to take a vacation day
  • Once a week the heir and their spouse would have to stay in a randomized mood for 3 hours and participate in activities related to that mood


  • Married with no help (Both Xavier and Annika would have to move out)
  • 3 kids
  • She would be a DJ and the spouse would sell photographs
  • The family would have to build a significant expansion onto the house
  • They would eat at a restaurant as a family once a week


  • Married with no help (Natalya and Xavier would have to move out)
  • 2 kids
  • Both Annika and her spouse would be career hoppers jumping between 5 different rolled careers.  (See C & D under Annika below for more details)
  • The whole family would have to complete all work and school tasks.  If they don’t they would be forced to take a vacation day
  • The family can only eat healthy food and must all do physical activities for at least 3 hours once a week
See below if you're interested in the detailed rolls. Otherwise please vote!


A) Marital Status: Mixed Couple w/ Help
B) Number of Children: 5 (at least 1 adopted)
C) Primary Career: Doctor – No additional money-making opportunities. This career counts as a profession.
D) Secondary Careers:
Spouse- Writer(Author) – May publish all book genres.
Helper- Professional Host/Hostess – Host social gatherings of all kinds and sell the rewards you earn for money.
E) Generation Goals: Dependable – Your heir, spouse and helpers must complete all daily tasks for school and work, beginning in childhood or upon move-in to the house. You may use vacation days given by the game to skip school or work if you’re not going to be able to handle the task, but you may not skip if you have no vacation, or without using your vacation, or attend without having your daily task completed(even if you have saved vacation).
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”: Moody – Once a week, your heir and spouse(if applicable) must spend at least 3 consecutive hours in a certain mood, randomly chosen from the following list: inspired, happy, angry, embarrassed, playful, flirty, sad, bored, dazed, confident, focused, tense, uncomfortable. Heir and spouse may have different required moods.


A) Marital Status: Couple – Your heir must obtain a romantic live-in partner. They do not have to be married.
B) Number of Children: 3
C) Primary Career: DJ – Work as a DJ to earn tips, and license your mixtapes.
D) Secondary Careers: Freelance Photographer – Take and sell photographs.
E) Generation Goals: Expansionist – You must construct a significant expansion to the house this generation. You may also add or change a single lot trait if you wish.
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”: Regular Diner – Once a week, the entire household must go out to eat at a restaurant. All three courses and something to drink should be ordered.


A) Marital Status: Couple – Your heir must obtain a romantic live-in partner. They do not have to be married.
B) Number of Children: 2
C) Primary Career: Career Hopper (Art Critic, Chef, Florist, Astronaut Smuggler, and Politician)
D) Secondary Careers: Career Hopper (Astronaut Space Ranger, Comedian, Pro Athlete, Mixologist, and Secret Agent Diamond Agent)
E) Generation Goals: Dependable – Your heir, spouse and helpers must complete all daily tasks for school and work, beginning in childhood or upon move-in to the house. You may use vacation days given by the game to skip school or work if you’re not going to be able to handle the task, but you may not skip if you have no vacation, or without using your vacation, or attend without having your daily task completed(even if you have saved vacation).
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”:  Health Nut – This generation, sims may only eat healthy food. Healthy food includes orange juice(quick meal), yogurt(quick meal), garden salad(cooking 1), wellness food, plasma fruit recipes, and your neighbors. In addition, the heir, spouse, helpers, and their children must each spend at least 3 hours each week performing physical activity, such as jogging, swimming, yoga, or playing on the monkey bars.  Add: Walk the dog to physical activities.

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TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.6: Elder?!?

Generation 4 Chapter 6

The ghosts really like hanging around in the kid’s rooms.  Thankfully, it didn’t wake Natalya.

A date in the middle of the night all the way in the jungle?  Sure, why not?

Geeze y’all move fast!

Don’t mind us in our bathing suits.

Awe!  Darn these rolls.

I’d expected her to be ported home when the date was over.  When she wasn’t I figured she might as well make the best of it.  Since they’d gotten there in the middle of the night it was still early.

She still needed to battle a natural uh… whatever for her aspiration.  I figured it was best to have her just hang out until attacked by something.

Ah, there we go!  Bees!  She logically outsmarted them.  Although, her logic skill isn’t very high so not sure how she managed that.

Natalya toddled to the door to meet mommy.

Nooo!  You’re not allowed to age to elder, Moonbeam!  Well, I suppose it’s fitting that my first ghost pet will be in this household.  sigh

I wish the chairs didn’t scoot out so much.

Allen entertained Xavier…

And Addison entertained Natalya…

While mom slept.  Xavier can’t understand why mommy is sleeping all day.

Bath time little guy.

Elder Moonbeam.  cry

I feel like all she does anymore is livestream.  I really don’t like this career at all.

I suppose this is why they’re called “helpers” in the legacy rolls.

You may remember that the Harvestfest gnome tradition was replaced by “invite guests” in this household.

That’s Kimberly’s teen son Emmett.

Just as the grand meal was finished, everyone started leaving.  Gideon had gotten impatient and gone to bed.  Them going to bed when they’re barely tired is driving me crazy.


Of course, Moonbeam gets some.

Our old lady.

Getting cold.

And, it’s Xavier’s birthday… already.  Time flies!

Awe what a handsome little gent!

I can tell he’ll be close to his little sis for sure.

Meow!  Mew!

Time to force everyone to play chess with our resident whiz kid.

Natalya is quite the whiz herself.  Already over 3 in almost every skill!

Love this little family!

Brush kitty nice kitty.

Xavier did not seem too interested in being read to for two whole hours.  He stood behind her with this face the whole time.

What?  Nooo Allen!

His hat looks so funny!

Well, have fun.

Returned in one piece?

He was actually quite pleased with the whole experience.  No nooboo though.  I was almost hoping there would be.

I imagine the number of Moonbeam pics will be higher than usual.

Spooky Day!

I really wish there were better toddler costumes.

Gideon actually looks quite scary in that one.

Club day!

Oh erm… sorry Stacy.

Did she bring them inside with her?  Ohmygosh they’re terrorizing them all!

Here I spent all kinds of time and simoleans making a cool outdoor fire area and these idiots decide “hang out by the fire” means fireplace!

See?  I ended up having to put the fireplace into “storage” to lure them outside.

Beginning his own generational tradition, Xavier had to stay happy for 3 hours and do happy interactions.  All that happy earned him his first scout badge!

I wish that wearing costumes and carving pumpkins were club activities.

One of the Spooky Day traditions is to tell stories.  And what’s better than a fireside story.  Although, it’d be nice if they’d sit to listen.

Allen told a story next.

I hadn’t expected it to rain.

Fernando just poof aged to adult.  It was getting late.  Enough clubbing for today.

I really didn’t leave any room for kid paraphernalia when building this house.  So when I moved the kid stuff out of the basement I just repurposed the nursery.

Prank Day.  Also, the first day of winter.

This was hilarious!  I forgot that aliens have this mischief option.  Kinda cruel considering his recent encounter.

No one is safe!

Kind of an odd place to hang out.

Might as well take advantage of the proximity to the bathtub.

sigh More livestreaming.

Moonbeam ran out to greet Xavier when he returned from his scout meeting.

Fernando called asking if he could stop by.  They look very similar.

Awe.  The little family all together.

Why are you all in there?

Every time!

More forced chess.

While mom and dad have a little bit of fun… in Addison’s bed!

The little one will be aging to a child soon as well.  Time really does fly!


They fixed the “stuck in the jungle” bug in a later patch.

I had to pay for her to rent something just so she could go home!

She needed charisma for this one.  Her charisma was very high so I was disappointed she failed.  Thankfully, the bite wasn’t poison.

Yay for bee attacks!

I think I like the other option to help with other’s emotions.

First, Xavier rolled uncomfortable for his emotion thingy.  He ate spicy food and stood in a bathroom with broken plumbing.  But… there’s nothing they can do while in that mood.  It doesn’t even give mood whims.  So, since I update the rules anyway, I removed this one and rolled again.  Happy is kinda boring and it was actually hard keeping him in it for 3 hours.  He turned playful from Natalya’s jokes right after the time was up.  Misc fun never really seems much fun although I don’t mind the club day for the most part.

Sorry, girlie, no can do.  These poor sims are ruled by their rolls!

Apparently, Fernando left her in the jungle and adopted a dog.  At least he has a friend now.

Finishing off with a bit of weirdness for you.  Xavier kept doing these stretched interactions.  He doesn’t even have high mischief!

Another one.  So creepy!

Chapter 4.7

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TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.5: And Then There Were Two

Generation 4 Chapter 5

When he heard he had to go to daycare, Xavier hid outside with Moonbeam.  Sorry, kiddo.  It’s club day.

I thought the spa might be fun.  Especially since both Luna and cousin Staci are pregnant.  I’m pretty sure that nobody has been here since the first generation when Talon met Blaze.

Hungry… again.

Lazy Addison worked out.  I was expecting her to do some sort of spa activity.

Outdoor yoga?  Yes, this was surely built before Seasons!  Gideon went out there and then cousin Javon followed… naked.

He’s already so thin the treadmill probably isn’t the best choice but I left them all autonomous.

Oh umm… must be the pregnancy mod.

Before they left Allen got a shot in on cousin Ti-Ning for neighborhood brawl day.

Someone must have been afraid that mommy wasn’t coming home.

C’mon buddy, we’ll do flash cards.

Daycare is forgotten.

I was so upset!  Darned Moonbeam moved as soon as I noticed she was laying in there and went to take a pic.

Now that their dad has passed away, Kimberly seems to be there constantly.  Or she’s avoiding her teenage son?

Allen gets the potty training duty.

While mom works?

Don’t mind your uncles, Xavier.

The ghosts watching was so funny.

Addison joined in too.


Uh, is your neck supposed to stretch like that?

It’s so weird that with Xavier she barely had a belly even in the third trimester but this time she does.

Awe, crap!  Sorry, Allen.

Kimberly’s back.