TS4→ Fractured Legacy 9.3: Bloopers & Outtakes

Note: I wrote this post like a week ago. If you hadn’t figured it out already I’m not playing them at the moment… or Sims 4 for that matter. I’ve had so many problems, so many bugs and frustrations, I just have no interest in continuing at this time. When I was having the problem with all of my sims autonomously doing the N.A.P. actions even with autonomy off I started looking for a Sims 3 challenge. I did find a mod to fix the problem but by then my heart just wasn’t in continuing on with the challenge. I kept saying I just want to get this over with and I’ve worked too hard on this to give up. My son suggested I leave it on a cliff-hanger and pick it up someday so that’s what I’m planning to do. It sucks but it is what it is.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a bloopers and outtakes chapter. In most chapters, I either leave the stuff in the chapter or add them to the “extras” section. Originally, I’d planned to add in the plans for the future but this chapter ended up being so long I’ve decided to put all of that in a separate chapter. But, before that, how about a review?

Review of Chapters 1 and 2

  • Elijah’s parents died before I could take the “visiting the family” and wedding pics. I had to summon them, re-add them to the family, and bring them back to life using mods.
  • Kali often brought up her fear of commitment autonomously.
  • She actually did reject Malik’s proposals with no prompting from me.
  • Having the key to the house, which was originally the key to their dorms, Rez showed up while they were camping.
  • I had to download LitteSam’s “make everyone leave” mod for Kiara’s wedding because when they’d arrive at the park it would be full of townies despite the huge guest list.
  • When Kali told Malik she didn’t want to marry him at the wedding nobody reacted. They all just sat there like zombies smiling. But, before that, Rea tried to steal something and their reactions were so strong it canceled the wedding altogether. Everyone on the lot stopped to gasp at her. Geeze.
  • I got the idea for Jayceon Holt’s twin toddlers the day before those pictures were taken. Before that, I’d just planned to have Lane get some random girl pregnant himself since he’s non-committal. Oh, the irony.
  • Kali really did go to the hospital, which is why she’s in the gown in the picture. But, she didn’t have the baby there because the doctor never showed up. When she got home a bassinet appeared and she immediately gave birth by the door. Cool way of finding out the baby’s a spellcaster at least.
  • Kali’s obsession with magic was due to the internal struggle of good vs evil. I’m not sure if I managed to convey that in the pictures or not.
  • Also, I don’t know if anyone will pick up on the fact she was cursed three times. First she had unpredictable spells, then overcharged magic, then the wraith.
  • The first time the wraith showed up it scared the hell out of me even though I was getting annoyed waiting for it to show up so I could take screenshots.
  • The wraith itself isn’t the worst part of the curse. It’s the fact that they vomit constantly when it’s around leaving disgusting green puddles everywhere.
  • Originally, Kali’s story was supposed to go very differently. That was before I saw the struggle within her as a child and teen. She was supposed to be a total bitch and kidnap her daughter taking her to live in the slums and disappearing days at a time leaving her raised by a neighbor and sporadically showing up.
  • One version had the child returning to the Robinson’s house as a teen or young adult saying no she’s not a Robinson she’s a Marx. Yes, this whole thing started as a way to change their last name… then it snowballed.
  • After Elijah’s parents and Malik’s aunt died I turned aging off to make sure I got the screenshots I needed. As soon as I turned it back on, Brenna and then Branwen died… trying to mop a puddle in the basement.
  • I flagged Flynn no age to get the final screenshots of him placing his celebrity tile.
  • Unsure what to really do with them after Flynn died, and having no ideas for in-between screenshots, I fast-forwarded through Kiara’s pregnancy and Maverick’s baby days.
  • I spent close to 2 hours on Poppy’s outfits, mostly trying to find shirts that are interchangeable. With the many child shirts with a long-sleeved shirt underneath, there is not a single one that matches the coloring and style of another.

Pics and Stuff

While trying to get a romantic picture of Elijah proposing to Kiara, this guy popped out of the water completely distracting me!

In my struggle with the neighborhood action plans, I changed to the green energy one briefly. I’m not positive but I think these things break in the rain which is ridiculous if so. Anyway, one day I looked back and found Rez repairing them… in the rain.

At this point, I decided to get the family pictures updated and these popped up while taking them. Nothing like a little comic relief when sims are driving me crazy.

Is it cruel that I thought his expression was funny? I’ve actually only seen this happen one other time in my ISBI legacy and Kali did it twice.

I’m not sure why they added these calls only to the Eco Lifestyle pack but I thought it was pretty cool regardless.

You’ll see later that there were a few new births but this is the only one I took a screenshot of.

What was not cool? The fact that her second rejected proposal, which supposedly happened at the wedding but I actually took the screenshots of the day before, killed poor Malik.

I tried starting the wedding while only half of them were at the park and it didn’t give me the option to bring the others.

I went back to the house via manage worlds and had no option to bring them to the park! I ended up having to cancel and restart the wedding.

Yes, I added everyone to the household to get them to sit for the wedding. I didn’t realize until later I forgot Elijah’s sister, Gwen.

I don’t think your hand is supposed to bend like that! It happened a few other times too.

I used a lot trait to put everyone in their formalwear… which also affected the caterer who thought the cupcake machine was far superior to the stove. Thank goodness she at least made a cake!

Childish teen Elliot spent most of his time during the wedding in the basement playing with toys as did Jordon, the only child relative at the time.

Gwendolyn did indeed seem quite keen on Noemi Munch. Another completely unplanned turn in the story.

The leaving at the altar interaction is very short but kinda harsh. I wanted her to act conflicted not accusatory. Yikes.

I found the best way to remove sims from the household was to bring someone from their household there, shift+click them, and re-add them back. While playing one of the others trying to get all of the many sims added during the wedding out, Pixel aged to elder.

To my utter disappointment, Sweetheart decided she does not like the floor vaccume.

During the shots at Noemi’s house, her mom came over holding a clay bob and started arguing with her. She has no mean traits so I have no idea why.

Kali got this moodlet when she accidentally set fire to the apartment door.

This girl fell off her broom on the steps in the magic realm. It was hilarious.

Even the wraith was distracted by the neighbor’s loud music.

After feeding the sprites, Elijah hopped right into the water!!!

Holy moly that scared me!

When waiting for Flynn to place his tile, the bouncer nearby died. I had to cancel them all running over to watch.

Another phone call you only get with Eco Lifestyle.

And where I got the idea for Flynn’s mysterious secret wedding although I think I accidentally removed the moodlet before he got married with one of those moodlet solver-esque potions.

This popped up the day he died. Say what?

As you’ll see in the pictures below, almost everyone in their families died one after another. Yet another reason why I high-speeded through the last days.

I was waiting for two things before Kali could give birth ending the legacy. One was the final maxed skill.

The other was the final point in the fortune category which I didn’t realize they were close to achieving until near the end of the girl’s teen years.

My final legacy score was 101 out of a possible 107. I’m working on a secondary post-legacy points sheet at the moment for them because there are lots of things they can still do.

Since Brenna and Austin got together mostly because of her New Year’s resolution to be in a relationship I added make resolutions as her holiday tradition. Although, I temporarily removed all holidays near the end. Everyone was sad most of the time, story-wise they were supposed to be sad, and I’d changed it to 14-day seasons to accommodate the upcoming household rotation.

Writing the first chapter was extremely confusing considering the fact I took screenshots out of chronological order.

I’m going to have more creator credits at the end of this chapter but I thought this one deserved extra attention. Dubbed “the old lady” in all of her pre-written script, I’d planned for a southern type but instead found Renee.

Growing up with an erratic mother and cousin, it’s no surprise Jordon aged to teen erratic as well.

It’s a good thing he moved in with Brett since his parents and uncle died right after he aged up. The dog on the left is Baloo’s pup.

I had ??? have a second baby in hopes of getting her skintone to no avail. I don’t know if I want to try for a third or not.

Gwendolyn and Noemi married and adopted.

??? married. I changed his hair because like everyone has that hair!

(Thanks Onyeka!!!)

I married Silas Bright’s girl to a man with yellow hair in hopes their child(ren) bring it back.

The other family member’s current status…

I really have no idea what to do with this Copeland decendant of Trey yet.

I decided to put all the other creator credits in the next chapter except this one since it’s relevant. I was pleased to see that moving the lots from the Heart & Soul save to this one showed the original creator.

Extra Chapter coming ?????


TS4→ Robinson Legacy 8.15: Birthday Reunion

[Legacy Collaboration]
[Generation 8 Chapter 15]
[Score 96]

Robinson Day + Teens Club Meeting

Sweetheart and Pixel agree that’s a lot of traditions to do in just one day!

The least they could have done was left some baked goods in reach.

Or, ya know, slipped them a tasty morsel.

But uh, you were standing right there watching!

Hello Brett, everything going good with the dogs?

I think I prefer animals to teens. Then, Elijah called asking if he could come over. Mom distracted him while Kiara calmed down.

But then Malik called asking Kali if she wanted to go to a club. So she had to be sent to the bathroom there to calm down.

Kiara and Elijah wasted no time getting to the closet to make out.

That’s better. What’s up with these two and high fives anyway?

Erm, okay.

That closet’s getting a lot of makeout action.

Or, ya know, the dance floor.

Everyone was exhausted and hungry. Time to go home. Big day tomorrow.

The Birthday

I treated this as sort of a birthday/family reunion. Every single living Robinson descendant was there. Including several erratic ones. I’m not even going to bother trying to separate those pics. I suppose we can look at it as part of the craziness of the family.

Elijah’s wondering just what kind of family he’s hoping to join.

Kali started blowing out the candles but then Brett walked in stark naked.

He got dressed but she stopped to gasp at him anyway.

I wasn’t sure if Kali would just randomly age up since she’d technically blown the candles out so Kiara went next.

I took a lot of pics here because I wanted to try and get every single family member in one.

I forgot I have a mod that leaves a few teen/adult romantic interactions.

I’d moved the partybot upstairs because it was distracting people then couldn’t find it. It was following the dog around!

Time for Elijah’s birthday.

And Malik’s. Well, that’s that. Welcome to the 9th generation. Best brace yourselves, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


I ended up moving Alisa, Perry, and Jordon in with Brett and Luke when I realized they’d aged to elder. Brett didn’t end up having a kid of his own but it looks like he’ll be helping to raise one at least.

While the girls are being moody teens and getting boyfriends, the elders are trying to get me the final legacy points. I needed a little more to get the last one in fortune and one last skill for the final point in knowledge.

I ended up using the floor “fence” and “gate” to keep the relatives in the main area since I wanted to ensure they were all in at least one picture.

Still, a few, including Flynn, weren’t so smart and decided to go swimming!

Elijah randomly disappeared. I thought he’d left the party.


Kali must be being mean while I’m not looking. Their relationship keeps bouncing up and down because she’ll be nice then mean then nice again.

She ended up getting the insensitive trait.

Both of them are sooo nice. Their first traits were given to them by the game. The 2nd and 3rd I used the legacy roller for.

I’ve been so disappointed that Trey’s family line died off I decided to give Frankie’s daughter, who nobody knew about, an also unknown family. I have no idea when I’ll introduce them into the story… or ya know, why they’d be on the wall already.

The day I was taking the photos, Elliot and Evander Morrison aged to teen. So Jordon’s actually the only child.

I left Darren’s family up on this wall because I plan to eventually give Blayze a family. Kinda nice having a vampire relative, eh? No rush against time!

When taking the photos, I put them all into a club and start a meeting then add them to the household. I can’t add them while they’re on a bike because I can’t remove the helmet myself. Macey drove me nuts riding around the yard on hers!

Chapter 9.1


TS4→ Robinson Legacy 8.14: Surprise Visitors

[Legacy Collaboration]
[Generation 8 Chapter 14]
[Score 96]


Flynn the Actor

“Don’t mind me guys, I’m just going to be over here eating a steak.”

Actually, he couldn’t do the last part and just stood around until the workday was over. They were glowing but I couldn’t click on them. I think whatever co-star he was supposed to fight with didn’t show up.

Speaking of showing up, the woman he’d done the scenes he did finish with just randomly well… showed up. She was so eager to see him she didn’t even change out of her costume.

“Do you know what uncle Flynn’s doing in there!”

The next day, the co-star he’d been flirting with on the set of the last movie showed up too!

Uncle Flynn’s got game! I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that he’s now a global superstar, eh?

Dang, Kiara, what were you doing at school?

Malik came home with Kali but just stood there.

And, with that, we’ve completed at least one branch of all the careers earning us a legacy point!

I guess Kiara’s useless for at least a few hours.

Oh dear god stop it! Your brother already almost burned down the kitchen!

Kali went in to distract him. He’s just so freaking adorable!

A little flirting.

Because hey it’s Love Day after-all.

Ugh! Teenagers!

I can’t believe they’re elders already!

Awe, that’s pretty cool they can become companions still!

Flynn decided to bring in a stray to train.

Maybe you should just sleep the rest of the day? Or better yet, go to school so you won’t be annoying me all day.

Oh thank goodness! He finally got past that part of the aspiration!

Brett! How about a playmate for Baloo?

And an adventurous stray to befriend and feel the love with.

Skylar, have a dog.

Ohmygosh both of you?!

And this is when I realized that, phases and mood-swings aside, Kali is always so happy because she enjoys being around miserable sims so much!

The Invasion

Even the paparazzi decided to barge in!

I was sitting there trying to figure out what happened and how to get all of these strays to leave when I saw Malik standing at the front door.

Are you seriously asking him about woohoo?

Aaand now she’s yelling at him. Okay, between this and the animals I’ve had enough. I gotta get away from here.

Granite Falls

A quick get-away.

With all the distractions, I almost forgot Flynn’s birthday.

You’d think it was the kids that were up late.

She yelled at someone again, at least this time she acted embarrassed.

Austin’s turn.

Egg Day hunt!

I wonder who hid all those eggs anyway?

Flynn arriving to fish in style.

Kiara, if you’re going to have an attitude go hiking!


They fished for hours and only caught two fish we didn’t have.

Back home for a fish dinner and thankfully no surprise visitors in sight.

And here I thought she was moody before!

Teens Club Meeting

Kiara couldn’t even wait for Elijah to walk in the door to talk to him.

I see Malik found the toys.

Kinda awkward wanting to flirt with a boy when his sister’s right there.

Or his brother.

Or your cousins.

Oh geeze, dad. C’mon!

I’m starting to think Gwendolyn has a crush on Noemi. Unexpected twist perhaps.

I thought maybe you two would flirt or something now that you have some alone time. Guess not. We only have a few more days until you age up so maybe you could do more than high fives next time?


Baloo seems happy with his new buddy. I was thinking they should have puppies!

Poor Blayze. Perhaps he could use a cat… or two.

Oh hell no!

I couldn’t get rid of that one fast enough. Although with two people in a row showing up at the house wanting shenanigans with him I suppose it sort of makes sense.

Only herbalism left after this!

Umm… what?

I made the mistake of moving her via manage worlds and ended up having to go back to a previous save. *sigh*

I noticed that Sweetheart’s icon was sad… and her phone was ringing. Where the heck does she keep a phone?!

This was the only recent death.

Awe, her grand-daddy died! Ya know, if I didn’t have mods this would have been really confusing. Well, more confusing.

She just kinda sunk into the ground for a few seconds. This happened in my 100 Baby goof-off save too. Weird but funny.

That’s not awkward at all.

I don’t know what’s going on but they seem to be sending two repairmen now. Perhaps because practically everything’s always broken?

Chapter 8.15