Background info:
I was trying to use the same system for Sims 4 chemistry using my personality profiles as Sims 2.  But that version is just weird.  I could never remember how many points anything on the same side of the scale was.  It was: +7, +6, +5, +3, +2.  Where’d 4 go?!  And then when they were on opposing sides of the scale you would subtract the difference.  Which is simple enough but it could only go up to -7. Cyjon explained why it was that way in Sims 2 in Personality and Chemistry but a lot of it doesn’t make much sense.  But really, why do we need to follow the way it was exactly?  This isn’t personality points.  This is a profile and is much more in-depth.  So, I sat down and made a new chemistry chart:

  • There are no 5’s so we’re just determining which side of the scale they are to each other.
  • Differing sides are subtracted.  So, someone who is a total neat freak N10 will have a -10 chemistry rating with a lazy slob N0.
  • If they are on the same side of the scale there is a positive result.

+10 Same Number

+8 One different

+6 Two different

+4 Three different

+2 Four different

So, you’d look at the two profiles.  Here’s an example:



+8/-3/+10/+10/+10/-4/+4= +39 (2 bolts)

I’ve found it’s easier for me to do this on paper.  All the numbers kinda blend together on the computer monitor.  Below is my scoring chart. Getting a 3 bolt result even with what I’d consider very compatible sims is rare. I try to aim for the 2 bolt range.


+55 to +70= 3 bolts

+25 to +54= 2 bolts

-25 to +24= 1 bolt

-26 to -54= Neutral

-55 to -70= Dislike