Drifter Reboot is a sort-of continuation of Drifter I and Drifter II but there’s really no reason to read those in order to read it unless you want to know who the ghosts are if we ever see them!  If you’re interested in how I moved all of those sims to the new save I wrote a chapter about it Rebuilding & Merging Two Drifter Family Lines.  

Drifter Reboot

Chapter 001.0: Setting Up

Chapter 001.1: Looking for Love?

Chapter 001.2: Persistence Pays?

Chapter 001.3: Attempting to Date

Chapter 001.4: Summer & Fall Review

Chapter 001.5: Winter & Spring Review

Chapter 001.6: House 001 Done!

Chapter 002.1: Like Hell Froze Over

Chapter 002.2: Little Fishie

Chapter 002.3: Sleep Is Overrated

Chapter 002.4: Granite Falls Fun

Chapter 002.5: Tragedy Averted

Chapter 002.6: House 002 Done!

House Tour

Bloopers & Outtakes

Chapter 003.1: Love in All the Wrong Places

Chapter 003.2: Slow and Steady

Chapter 003.3: Naughty or Nice?

Chapter 003.4: Boviniferious II

Chapter 003.5: Party Time!

Extra: Then There was a Park

Chapter 003.6: It’s Your Own Fault

Chapter 003.7: Family Time

Chapter 003.8: Finale!

Extra: Bloopers & Outtakes

Chapter 004.1: Much Fireworks

Chapter 004.2: Mad Scientist Already?

Chapter 004.3: Our Future Artist is Born

Chapter 004.4: Oberon’s Favorite

Chapter 004.5: Sixam… Finally

Chapter 004.6: They’re All Mad

Chapter 004.7: Advantageous Match?

Drifter I

Chapter 001.1: Brock Rover
Chapter 001.2: Can’t Buy Love
Chapter 001.3: Bouncing Babies
Chapter 001.4: Our Alien Visitor
Chapter 001.5: House Complete Now What?
Chapter 001.6: A New Addition

Chapter 002.1: Slim Pickens
Chapter 002.2: Lovestruck
Chapter 002.3: A Bit Risky
Chapter 002.4: Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Chapter 002.5: Triplets in the house!
Chapter 002.6: Have You Seen Her?
Chapter 002.7: Survivalist

Chapter 003.1: Supreme Villain!
Chapter 003.2: Whirlwind Romance
Chapter 003.3: Emotional Essences
Chapter 003.4: Angling Ace
Chapter 003.5: Teens!
Chapter 003.6: Forgotten Grotto

Chapter 004.1: That’s Science
Chapter 004.2: Rockets and Roommates
Chapter 004.3: Sixam!
Chapter 004.4: Transformation Addiction
Chapter 004.5: Too Many Fires!
Chapter 004.6: Extraterrestrial Explorer
Chapter 004.7: An Unfortunate Turn of Events

Chapter 005.1: A Drifting Partner!
Chapter 005.2: Treasure Hunt!
Chapter 005.3: Branching Out
Chapter 005.4: Weddings and Nooboos
Chapter 005.5: Let the Waiting Game Begin
Chapter 005.6: Together ‘Till the End

Chapter 006.1: Extreme Edition!
Chapter 006.2: Sad Painting Parade
Chapter 006.3: Construction Concerns
Chapter 006.4: Full House Insanity
Chapter 006.5: Weddings and Renovations
Chapter 006.6: The Circle of Life
Chapter 006.7: Mansion Baron!
Chapter 006.8: My Little Heart
Chapter 006.9: Yet More Building
Chapter 006.10: The Great Pumpkin
Chapter 006.11: The Lost Days
Chapter 006.12: Rosebud

Chapter 007.1.1: Meeting and Flirting
Chapter 007.1.2: Party and Painting
Chapter 007.1.3: Disaster Date
Chapter 007.1.4: Legendary Date
Chapter 007.1.5: Engaged!
Chapter 007.2.1: The Wedding
Chapter 007.2.2: A Little “Housekeeping”
Chapter 007.2.3: The House Jamie Wants
Chapter 007.2.4: Our Future Author
Chapter 007.2.5: The Playground
Chapter 007.2.6: Cursed by Less!
Chapter 007.2.7: Learning Landscaping
Chapter 007.2.8: Waiting for the Birthday
Chapter 007.2.9: Party and Unsuccessful Dates
Chapter 007.2.10: Soulmate and Done!

Chapter 008.1: Gideon
Chapter 008.2: Mercy
Chapter 008.3: Third Time’s a Charm
Chapter 008.4: Finn & Mercy
Chapter 008.5: Lissianna
Chapter 008.6: To Nooboo or not to Nooboo?
Chapter 008.7: Atticus
Chapter 008.8: Much Needed Renovations
Chapter 008.9: Hiding in the Trash
Chapter 008.10: Hello My Friend!
Chapter 008.11: Creator of Worlds
Chapter 008.12: VoidCritter Master!
Chapter 008.13: Sadness and Surprises

Chapter 009.1: The Not-So Iron Druid
Chapter 009.2: Oberon at Last!

After a long break without playing and some changes to the drifter rules, I decided to start over with house 001.

Drifter II

Chapter 001.1: Starting Over
Chapter 001.2: Single Child
Chapter 001.3: It’s Electric!
Chapter 001.4: The Teen Years

Chapter 002.1: A Fruitless Search
Chapter 002.2: Hot and Cold
Chapter 002.3: Pepper’s Crooner
Chapter 002.4: Granite Falls Fun
Chapter 002.5: Scrambling for Cash
Chapter 002.6: Got My Way
Chapter 002.7: Complete!

Chapter 003.1: Deja Vu
Chapter 003.2: My Cowplant Best Friend
Chapter 003.3: Raking in the Cash
Chapter 003.4: RIP Cowplant
Chapter 003.5: Tesla Ages Up
Chapter 003.6: Terrible Twos
Chapter 003.7: Aging Up
Chapter 003.8: Enjoying the Final Days

Chapter 004.1: Bad Traits
Chapter 004.2: Got a Rocket
Chapter 004.3: Settling Down
Chapter 004.4: Nooboo & Alien Friend
Chapter 004.5: Refocusing Attention
Chapter 004.6: Toddling Around
Chapter 004.7: Mad Scientist?
Chapter 004.8: Love Lost None Gained
Chapter 004.9: It’s an Ending

Chapter 005.1: A Rocky Start
Chapter 005.2: Chasing Down Kids
Chapter 005.3: Engagements and Weddings
Chapter 005.4: Such a Good Dad
Chapter 005.5: Treasure Hunt
Chapter 005.6: In the Homestretch!
Chapter 005.7: Meet and Greet
Chapter 005.8: Final Days and House Tour

Chapter 006.1: Rough Living
Chapter 006.2: Someone May Need to Die
Chapter 006.3: Family Reunions
Chapter 006.4: Alien Twins

Chapter 006.1: Let’s Try this Again!
Chapter 006.2: Love is in the Air
Chapter 006.3: Heat of the Moment
Chapter 006.4: Circle of Life
Chapter 006.5: Mansion Baron
Chapter 006.6: Learning Lots of Skills
Chapter 006.7: Sisterly Bond
Chapter 006.8: A Bit of a Vaca
Chapter 006.9: Rosebud and Raines

Chapter 007.2.1: The Struggles of Love
Chapter 007.2.2: Twins!!!
Chapter 007.2.3: Cuteness Overload
Chapter 007.2.4: Too Much Toddlering
Chapter 007.2.5: Where It All Began
Chapter 007.2.6: Playing Cupid
Chapter 007.2.7: Aggravation
Chapter 007.2.8: Soulmate
Chapter 007.2.9: Wasting Time

Chapter 008.1: Quest for a Computer
Chapter 008.2: Landing a Boyfriend
Chapter 008.3: Here We Grow