This was my first ever rotation.  It’s pretty scattered and confusing.  It has two starting points.  Obviously, chapter 1 but also further down you’ll see a second one.

Chapter 1– Keeping Up With The Joneses

Chapter 2– Big Surprises

Chapter 3– Oh The Drama!

Chapter 4– Celebration Time

Chapter 5– So Many Birthdays

Chapter 6– So Much Happening So Little Time

Chapter 7– Love Is In The Air… And Murder

Chapter 8– Romance, Birthdays and Babies Oh My!

Chapter 9– And Yet More Birthdays and Births

Chapter 10– Births, Deaths and Weddings

Chapter 11– New Beginnings

Chapter 12– Family Time… Except For Don

Chapter 13– Everybody Keeping Busy

Chapter 14– New Neighbors

Chapter 15– Guess Who’s Having A Baby

Chapter 16– The Birthdays Begin Again

Chapter 17– Could Someone Have Triplets!?!

Chapter 18– Birthdays and New Houses

Chapter 19– Babies, Moving, a Marriage and a Party

Chapter 20– Guess Who’s In Town

Chapter 21– Birthdays and An Unlikely Romance

Chapter 22– This Chapter’s on Fire!

Chapter 23– The Proposal

Chapter 24– Baby Boom

Chapter 25– First Kisses and Birthday Wishes

Chapter 26– All The World’s A Stage

Chapter 27– Twitterpated

Chapter 28– The Birthday Train Has Arrived

Chapter 29– Over The Hill

Chapter 30– The Birthday Train Got Stuck

Chapter 31– Musical Houses and Generation 4

Chapter 32– The Mystery Girl

Chapter 33– It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 34– Get to Work!

Chapter 35– Abducted?!

Chapter 36– Just Everyday Life Sim-Style

Chapter 37– A Little Anger Fueled Renovation

Chapter 38– Feeling Clueless

Chapter 39– Getting Back Into the Hang of Things

Chapter 40– We Are Family

Chapter 41– Spring Fever

Chapter 42– The Spring Fever Continues

Chapter 43– The Best Intentions

Chapter 44– Epidemic!

Chapter 45– Picking Up the Pieces

Chapter 46– From the Ashes

Chapter 47– Musical Houses

Chapter 48– Men in Black… and White?

Chapter 49– Clubs Galore!

Chapter 50– Matchmaking Mayhem

Chapter 51– Dazed and Confused

Chapter 52– Truth and Consequences

Meet the Neighbors <———- Starting point for new readers!

Chapter 53– Family Curse?

Chapter 54– Endings and Beginnings

Chapter 55– Teenage Angst

Chapter 56– Love and Hate

Chapter 57– The Birth of the Fifth Generation

Chapter 58– It’s Amore!

Chapter 59– Nearing the End of the Beginning

Chapter 60– Unexpected Turn of Events

Chapter 61– Be with Me

Chapter 62– A Life for a Life

Chapter 63– Wedding Revelations

Chapter 64– A Whole Lotta Whoohoo and Ghostly Antics

Chapter 65– Star’s Bachelorette

Chapter 66– Surprise Baby

This story continues for 6 more chapters below in a failed attempt to bring back the rotation…

It appears that I’ve lost the screenshots for some of Shutterbug chapters below.  I’ll need to replace them all when I have the time.

Chapter 1: Shutterbug

Chapter 2: The Well Part 1

Chapter 3: The Well Part 2

Chapter 4: The Orphan

Chapter 5: The Race for Ambrosia

Chapter 6: Senior Pollination Technician #3

In one last attempt to at least partly revive the rotation, you can read my AfterTime BaCC chapters that feature Quinn Jones, Lark and Joi Noble and a few of the children. It’s located in the Shorts & One-Offs index.