It is highly recommended that you read this post and the linked chapters therein if you aren’t already familiar with Stratus Burne, Ash Shore, or the Multiverse concept in general.

Pre-Multiverse Chapters:

Multiverse 1.0:

Sixth Phase Update

1.1 Burke-Fox: Growing in More Ways than One

1.2 Crow: Culture Shock

1.3 Lane: Even Crazier

      1.4 Young: Eccentric Artists?

      1.5 Snyder: Chu Knows Best

      1.6 Mesner: Back in Time

      1.7 Flint-Hall: Top Notch

      1.8 Hunter-Hensley: Abducted?!

      1.9 McKenzie: Lil’ Sweetie Pie

      1.10 Griffiths: Our First Loss

      1.11 Sands: Almost Like Old Times

      1.12 Welch: Forever Cat People?

      1.13 Young: Notorious!

      1.14 Crow: Too Much Angst (coming soon)

      1.15 Burke-Fox: Let Me Catch My Breath! 

      1.16 McKenzie: Family Ties coming soon!

      1.17 Snyder: ??? (coming soon)

Stratus Burne's Progress Towards a New Community Lot
23/25 Prestige Points 92%