This page is for all of the chapters for things I didn’t play long enough to warrant their own index.  In order from newest to oldest.  Those marked with ** are completed.

Intro: Deadly Nightshade

Chapter 1: Belladonna’s Baby

Chapter 2: Welcome to the House of Horrors

AfterTime was my take on a modded version of the Build A City Challenge (BaCC) for which I’ve spent quite awhile revising the rules for Sims 4.  I’d taken sims from several stories and put them into this one save on a rotation.  I did one full rotation and realized with the starting rules I was using it was far too easy.  I’d planned to start over again and was working on revising the rules when the Cats and Dogs pets patch was released and broke pretty much every mod I was using for this challenge.  Although the mods were updated eventually I’ve decided that having a story or challenge that is dependent on them is not the best idea.  I’ve removed all of the chapters from the stories I’d moved into this save and plan to continue them individually as if this had never happened.  But, since I’d put so much work into it I decided to keep this page intact.

AfterTime Sim Biographies

AfterTime Lots

AfterTime Individual Chapter Links

AfterTime Intro: When Worlds Collide
Chapter 1.1: Robinson Legacy: So Good Being Home
Chapter 1.2 Robinson Legacy: That was Surprising
Chapter 1.3 Blackburn: The Asterisk Club
Chapter 1.4 Blackburn: Having a Blast!
Chapter 1.5 Trevino: Everyone’s Getting Fit!
Chapter 1.6 The Duo’s Dives: Not Such a Dive
Chapter 1.7 The Duo’s Dives: The Ratskeller
Chapter 1.8 Nobles Extra: This Never Happened
Chapter 1.9: Nobles: Playground Antics
Chapter 1.10: Nobles: Not Just Fun and Games
Chapter 1.11: YOTO: The Last of the Joneses
Chapter 1.12: Curses!: So Many Sims!

Chapter 1.05: An Unlikely Bargain

Chapter 1.1: Living in Sylvan

Chapter 1.2: Go, Diego, Go!

Chapter 1.3: Cat’s Clan

The Rules Page

Chapter .05: Meet the Coven

Chapter 1: Out of Control

Chapter 2: Single Start

Chapter 3: The Gang’s Together

Chapter 4: Settling In

Chapter 5: Training Problems

Chapter 6: The Roll

Chapter 7: New Leadership!


Chapter 1: The Duo’s Dive

Chapter 2: The Reviewer

Chapter 3: A Bit of Hanky Panky

Chapter 4: Freddy’s Food Truck

Chapter 1: Artist Turned Into Repairman and Maid

Chapter 2: Bonus Traits

Chapter 3: Field Trip

Chapter 4: Just Die Already!

Parker Chapter 1.1: Golden Fisherwoman!

Couderv Chapter 1.1: Golden Salesman

Rascher Chapter 1.1: My Store Sucks!

Inada Chapter 1.1: Farming At Night

Bellamy Chapter 1.1: Robot Master and the Cop

Reamon Chapter 1.1: From Another World

Only Chapter: Teen Dream Challenge Start to Finish

Chapter 1: My First Two Attempts at the Poverty Challenge

Chapter 2: Poverty Challenge Success

Chapter 3: Be Careful What You Ask For

Chapter 4: So Long My Friend

Chapter 5: New Additions

Chapter 6: Matchmaking Madness!

Chapter 7: Birthday Time

Chapter 8: What the Heck was I Thinking?!?

Chapter 1: The Immortal Challenge Begins!

Chapter 2: Argh Twins!

Chapter 1: As the Sim World Turns

Chapter 2: Tragedy Strikes!

Chapter 1: What’s Up with the Bailey’s?

Chapter 2: So Long Suckers

Intro: My Introduction to Sims 2

Chapter 1: Too Many Kids

Chapter 2: Where’d Daddy Go?

Chapter 3: Growing Up and Meeting Neighbors

Chapter 4: We Got a Rotation Going On

Chapter 5: This is Gonna Be a Long One

Chapter 6: Another Long One

Whims & Sims-

Chapter 1: What’s a Clone Challenge?

Chapter 2: Hot and Heavy Already

Chapter 3: What the Whim’s Going on Here?

Chapter 4: That was Unexpected

Chapter 5: Not Again!

Chapter 6: Full House

Beat Obesity-

Chapter 2: My How You’ve Changed

Chapter 3: My Boyfriend’s a What?!

Chapter 4: Bodybuilder

Chapter 5: Short Update

Chapter 6: Once You Go Alien You Never Go Back

Mooch Off Your Neighbor

Chapter 2: Well Hello Baby

Chapter 3: House Hopping

Chapter 4: Makin’ Bank

Chapter 5: Bendin’ the Rules

Chapter 6: Mission Complete

**I’d planned to continue playing these challenges but I lost the save and the backup was way back at the beginning of the challenge!

Chapter 1: Starting Out

Chapter 2: I Think the Garden is Too Big!

Chapter 3: Struggles with Foliage

Chapter 4: This Girl’s Not On Fire!

Chapter 5: The Elusive Cow Berry

Chapter 6: Specialist!

Chapter 1: Rules

Chapter 2: Meet the Ladies

Chapter 3: Day 1

Chapter 4: Day 2

Chapter 5: Day 3

Chapter 6: Day 4

Chapter 7: Day 5

Chapter 8: Day 6

Chapter 9: Day 7

**Another one that I had to abandon after my PC died and I lost the saves.

Chapter 1: Starting Out

Chapter 2: Big Surprise

Chapter 3: Four’s a Crowd

Chapter 4: Two Collections Complete

Chapter 5: And Then There Were Two

Chapter 6: Two Collections Complete and Two Pregnancies

Chapter 7: Bigger Surprises

Chapter 8: Birthdays & Deaths

Chapter 9: Collections Complete!

Chapter 10: Tragedy and New Sims

**I loved this challenge most of the way through but got bored near the end.  Once I get a new computer I might pick it back up just so I can say I completed it.

Chapter 1: Not Really a Challenge

Chapter 2: Supernatural Family Update

Chapter 3: A Quick Visit with the Supernatural Family

Chapter 1: New Challenge Maybe?

Chapter 2: Apocalypse Challenge

Chapter 3: Six Weeks In

Chapter 4: Ending the 7th Week

Chapter 5: Week 9