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Careers Based on Personality

Aspirations Based on Personality

Most of the following ideas require Get to Work, Dine Out, City Living, or LitteMsSam's More Buyable Venues and Venue Types as well as a few of her other mods!  For some of the produce products like the jam making see Icemunmun's creations.

I suggest using Cntrl+F to search by traits and aspirations and then copying and pasting the results into a document so you can look at the options together in one place and narrow them down.

I’ve moved the following from the Random Legacy Challenge rules page. If you want the buisness-type money making ideas scroll down below this list.

1: Freelance Painter (high creativity; low activity)

2: Freelance Author (high creativity; low social; low activity)

3: Freelance Musician (high creativity; high social)

4: Gardener (low social)

5: Fishersim (low social; low activity)

6: Treasure Hunter (low social; high activity)

7: Woodworking (high logic; low social)

8: Freelance Comedian – Use the microphone to perform comedy routines and publish comedy books. (high social; high playfulness; low activity)

9: Freelance Programmer (high logic; low social; low activity)

10: Space Explorer (high logic)

11: Professional Gamer – Create computer games(programming 9), Livestream and compete in gaming tournaments to earn money. (high playfulness; low activity)

12: Cybercriminal – Create viruses and hack for money. (low social; low activity; high logic; low niceness)

13: Professional Host/Hostess – Host social gatherings of all kinds and sell the rewards you earn for money. (high social; high niceness)

14: Remedy Brewer – Brew herbal remedies and sell them for profit. (low social; high activity; high logic)

15: Freelance Photographer – Take and sell photographs. (high creativity)

16: Retail Owner – Manage a retail store or operate one of the vendor tables or display walls that come with City Living. (high social; low playfulness)

17: DJ – Work as a DJ to earn tips, and license your mixtapes. (high social; high creativity)

18: Restaurateur – Manage your own restaurant. This career counts as a profession. (high social; low playfulness)

19: Animal Trainer- Adopt or Create a pet with the Prowler (c) or Hunter (d) trait and send them out to bring back loot for you.  It may be possible to also make money off of having a trained pet perform tricks. (high niceness)

20: Veterinarian (high social; high niceness)

21. Archaeologist- Excavate and use the archaeology table to authenticate relics.  You may also write archaeology books and verify items mailed to you. (low social; high logic; low social)

22. Treasure Hunter- Go on adventures to find simoleons, Omiscan treasures, relics, artifacts, and fossils to sell or keep. (high activity)

23. Flower Arranging- Craft flower arrangements to sell.  You may sell these via inventory, store, or yard sale table. (high creativity)

24. A Video Producer- Use the video station to record, edit, and add effects to your videos, then upload them. (high creativity; high social)

25. A Music Producer- Use the Music Station to produce, customize, and release customized music tracks. (high creativity)

  1. City Native- Own a community lot in San Myshuno or a penthouse (I don’t know how this works yet.)
  2. Bodybuilder, Active, Hot-Headed, Bro- Own a gym or sports themed store or a generic lot with an entrance fee with activities like basketball, a wellness center
  3. Chief of Mischief, Goofball, Hot-Headed, Insane- A bubble basement where sims pay a fee to use bubble blowers; a gnome store; a store selling trash plants; a store selling dirty or broken objects, a store selling nothing but the sad clown painting, a graffiti park
  4. Super Parent, Cheerful, Childish, Family-Oriented- toy stores; learning centers where kids can use skill objects, a playground, daycare center
  5. – Same as Super Parent.  Note: Would need an Overachiever child.
  6. Big Happy Family- Same as Super Parent
  7. Vampire Family- Vampire friendly lots like bars, a store selling plasma fruit or vampire cocktails
  8. Fabulously Wealthy, Self-Assured, Materialistic, Snob- A high-end shop that sells very expensive merchandise, a bed and breakfast, anything that makes a lot of money
  9. Mansion Baron- They would want to do something that doesn’t require a community lot I would think.  Gardening and selling produce via the flea market table at high markups perhaps or painting and selling them via the street gallery
  10. Renaissance Sim- Good for Underachieving sims to bounce around careers their whole lives.
  11. Serial Romantic, Romantic- A romance-themed generic lot that has an entrance fee and attracts young adults and adults, a romantic restaurant, a bed and breakfast, a singles bar (club for singles)
  12. Soulmate, Romantic- same as above
  13. Leader of the Pack, Insider- A club lot?
  14. Friend of the World, Cheerful- A park, a cafe, anyplace that a lot of sims might gather
  15. Party Animal, Cheerful, Dance Machine- A nightclub or karaoke bar
  16. Good Vampire- Plasma fruit and packs stand
  17. Master Chef, Creative, Foodie, Glutton- Restaurant, Bakery, Deli, Ice cream shop
  18. Master Mixologist, Bro-A nightclub, restaurant… anywhere your sim could mix drinks or hang out
  19. Computer Whiz, Geek, Bro- gaming center, cinema
  20. Joke Star, Cheerful, Goofball- lounge, tell jokes at a lounge that’s already built for tips, get writing skill and write guides
  21. Painter Extraordinaire, Creative, Art Lover, Perfectionist: Paint for income using the street gallery, arts center where your sim mentors, museum, a store selling art supplies
  22. Bestselling Author, Creative, Bookworm, Perfectionist: Write for income, a bookstore where you also sell your own books, a yard sale stand where you sell your books, a library
  23. Musical Genius, Creative, Music Lover: Write Music, play for tips for income, a music center where you can mentor sims,  a karaoke bar
  24. Nerd Brain, Genius: Craft on Woodworking table and sell the results either in a store or a flea market table, explore space and sell your findings in the same way, own a science center lot that sims can use to explore space themselves without the need to build their own rocket, microscopes, and observatories, sell space and microscope prints
  25. Freelance Botanist, Genius, Loves Outdoors, Vegetarian: Garden for income, produce stand or grocery store, jam making, nectar (when the mod is released), a community garden
  26. Angling Ace, Loves Outdoors: Fish for income, have a fish store, a lot that sims can pay to come fish (there is a lot that is made for this but I haven’t gotten it before to test it but it looks neat)
  27. The Curator, Loves Outdoors: Dig and gather for income, have a store or stand to sell the items like a frog store or mystical crystal store
  28. Outdoor Enthusiast, Loves Outdoors: Make and sell remedies, sell insects, Just have a lot that sims could visit for a fee with insects they can view.
  29. Kleptomaniac: Steal items and sell them!
  30. Slob: Dig in the trash and sell your treasures!
  31. Vegetarian: A vegan restaurant, a wellness center, a community garden
  32. Bro: A bar, pub, gaming room, a place with TVs playing sports
  33. Good could be practically anything where sims are normally happy!
  34. Loner: Something that they can make income alone like painting, writing books, programming, fishing alone, etc.
  35. Outgoing could be anywhere that large groups of sims congregate that they could converse with.
  36. Gloomy- I’ve heard that gloomy sims make good painters… not sure if that’s true.
  37. Lazy- Anything that they can do while sitting.  I usually make my writers lazy because a cozy chair will make them super happy.  Maybe a gaming center where they can sit and play games all day? Create computer games(programming 9), Livestream and compete in gaming tournaments to earn money.
  38. Animal Lover, dog lover, cat lover, good, outgoing, compassionate- Veterinary clinic, Animal park, animal training center, pet items store, custom Animal Rescue career. (can you train other sims pets because that would be awesome)
  39. Goofball- Use the microphone to perform comedy routines and publish comedy books(self-publishing).
  40. Genius, geek- Use your programming skills on the computer for a variety of tasks, including creating apps, creating plugins and freelance work.

Other ideas: A photography studio, A stand where you sell bee products and you have tons of beehives, a clothing store, a specialized shop like a wedding boutique, a party lot set for birthdays or black and white events, a lot for sims to visit to skill, a camping lot, a voidcritter store, snow globes, a store selling books of life, community pool with waterslides and food stands, an internet cafe.