I’ve found that I now need a personality profile chart that does not include all of the traits that can be purchased with satisfaction points.  I’ve also removed any traits that are automatically given based on the chosen aspiration. 

  • If you only want to give your sims 3 traits and they roll more take the ones with the highest score.  If you still have too many (tied) roll for which one they’ll get.
  • If you have the opposite problem and didn’t get 3 look at the next lowest scale on your highest one (0 or 10) and see if there are other traits to roll for.  Example- 10 neatness is auto neat but lower on the scale there’s also foodie and squeamish.  If your highest doesn’t have additional traits move on to the next such as 9/8/7 or 1/2/3… until you find one you can use.
  • With less traits their personality won’t be as apparent in game-play but if you roll their children’s profiles based on theirs it may be more evident with them.
  • You can also use the scales to choose their aspiration, career and their actions and choices throughout their lives such as chance cards and character traits.

**Note- All character traits marked below in teal only apply with new CAS sims. If you choose to add them you’ll need to use cheats.

Neatness scale- If you rolled 0-2 on the Neatness scale and 6-10 on the Activity Scale reroll neatness! 
0 roll for slob or lazy + auto bad manners
1-2 roll for slob or lazy
3 auto glutton

7 roll for foodie or squeamish (Conflicts w/loves outdoors)
8-9 auto neat
10 auto neat + auto good manners 

Social scale
0-2 auto loner
3-4 roll for book-worm(creative) or geek(logical) *updated*

6-7 roll for outgoing, bro, insider, or self-absorbed
8-10  auto outgoing + auto mediator

Activity Scale- If you rolled 6-10 on the Neatness scale and 0-2 on the Activity Scale reroll activity!  
0-2 auto lazy
3-4 auto clumsy

6-7 roll for dance machine, vegetarian, or ambitious
8-10 auto active

Playfulness scale
0 auto snob, + auto responsible
1-2 auto snob
3-4 roll for self-assured, materialistic, or perfectionist

8-9 roll for childish or goofball
10 roll for childish or goofball + auto irresponsible

Niceness scale- If you rolled 8-10 Playfulness and 0-3 Niceness re-roll Niceness
0 roll for evil, hates-children, klepto, non-committal, mean + auto insensitive
1-3 roll for evil, hates-children, klepto, non-committal, mean

6-7 roll for cat lover, dog lover, or loves the outdoors (conflicts with squeamish)
8-9 roll for good or family oriented
10 roll for good or family-oriented + auto compassionate

Logic vs Creativity- 
0-3 auto genius

7 roll for art lover or music lover
8-10 auto creative

Flirtiness scale- 
0-1 auto unflirty

8-10 auto romantic

Emotional Scale– 
0 roll for erratic + uncontrolled emotions or hot-headed + argumentative
1-2 roll for erratic, hot-headed, gloomy, paranoid or jealous *updated*

7-9 auto cheerful
10 auto cheerful + controlled emotions

Recommended Traits to Later Purchase...

High neatness: speed-cleaner, antiseptic

Low social: speed reader, super green thumb

High social: incredibly friendly, shameless, night owl, connections

Low activity: professional slacker

High activity: gym rat, morning sim

Low playfulness: entrepreneurial

High playfulness: night owl, great storyteller, carefree

High niceness: observant, fertile, always welcome, super green thumb

High logic: savant, mentor

High creativity: marketable, stoves and grills master, creative visionary, savant, mentor

High flirtiness: great kisser, shameless, beguiling

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