I’d recommend reading at least the 3rd generation of T-Park 2.0 before this one since it’s a continuation of their stories.

Intro: All is Revealed

Chapter 1: The “Cure” is Spread

Chapter 2: Sweet Distraction

Chapter 3: Meteors?

Chapter 4: The Bachelor Family Wins

Chapter 5: Grant Me Immunity

Chapter 6: Violin Virtuoso?

Chapter 7: Lot Debacle

Chapter 8: Never a Dull Moment

Chapter 9: New Development

Chapter 10: Of Wolves and Warlocks

Extra: Timeline Review

Chapter 11: Oh, Curses!

Chapter 12: Indecision Sucks

Chapter 13: Racking Up the Points

Chapter 14: Desert Snow

Chapter 15: Down to the Wire

Chapter 16: The Syndicate?

Chapter 17: And So It Begins