Diary of a Valley Girl (Nysha)

Chapter 1.1: My “Farm”

Chapter 1.2: You Talk Too Much

Chapter 1.3: Where I’m Strong

Chapter 1.4: Alone in a Crowd

Chapter 1.5: An Absolute Mess

Chapter 1.6: Who’s the Loser Now?

Chapter 1.7: Summer Fades Away

Chapter 1.8: Fall Flying By

Chapter 1.9: Better Off Alone

Chapter 1.10: Surprises

Chapter 1.11: The Blush of Winter

Chapter 1.12: Looking Toward the New Year

Chapter 2.1: Dino Egg!

Chapter 2.2: Friendship?

Chapter 2.3: Personal Victories

Chapter 2.4: The Letter Home

Chapter 2.5: Mushrooming

Chapter 2.6: The Sweetest

Chapter 2.7: Speedrunning the Mines

Chapter 3.1: Another Spring

Chapter 3.2: Growing… In Many Ways

Chapter 3.3: The Flight of Summer

Chapter 3.4: And So It Begins

Chapter 1: Unexpectantly Unhappy

Chapter 2: What is Real?

Chapter 3: For the Junimos?

Chapter 4: The Wish

(There is a little bit of year 3 here since I re-played it.)

Chapter 3.5: Begin Again

Chapter 4.1: Live a Little

Chapter 4.2: The Long Days of Summer

Chapter 4.3: Feeling Rushed

Chapter 4.4: Calm After the Storm

Chapter 5.1: Keeping Busy

Chapter 5.2: Perfection?

Chapter 5.3: Never Goodbye

Fundophobe Farm (Rayven)

Year 1

(I decided to put this one off for a bit and write Nysha’s story first.)

Chapter 1.1: Introducing Rayven

The list of Stardew Portrait and Sprites I use… are here. Some of them you won’t see until later chapters because I’ve changed them since then.

My First Experiences with Stardew…

I’m Alive & Stuff

Review of my Stardew Thus Far


Video: Nysha’s 5-Year Review