If you want to read all of the T-Park posts the order would be Po’ Livin’, & Beyond, then 2.0.  There is no need to read the others before 2.0 though.  It’s pretty much a completely separate story based on the same challenge.

T-Park 2.0

Chapter 1.1: Shaken, Stirred, and Roasted

Chapter 1.2: I Love You, I Hate You

Chapter 1.3: Growing by Leaps and Bounds

Chapter 1.4: No Time for Sleep

Chapter 1.5: Life with 8 Uncontrollable Kids

Chapter 1.6: Too Many Teens!

Chapter 2.1: And So it Begins

Extra: Worst Glitch Ever

Extra: The Adventures of Wade

Chapter 2.2: Start Again

Chapter 2.3: It Keeps Getting Weirder

Spares Extra: Love and Marriage

Chapter 2.4: So many Sims

Chapter 2.5: The Chaos Level Increases

Spares Extra: Moving Forward

Chapter 2.6: Breaking Point

Chapter 2.7: Stiving for Normalcy

Chapter 2.8: Self-Imposed Chaos

Chapter 2.9: Birthdays & Reunions

Chapter 2.10: Discombobulated

Spares Extra: Here We Go

Chapter 3.1: Romantical

Chapter 3.2: More Romance

Chapter 3.3: Wedded Bliss

My Weird Hood-Wide Matchmaking

Grapevine 1: Three Families Become One

Grapevine 2: Where’s Memory Lane

Grapevine 3: Family Ties

Grapevine 4: Double Dating

Grapevine 5: Familial Shenagins 

Grapevine 6: More Fun with Spares!

Grapevine 7: Romance or Reminiscing? 

Grapevine 8: Jam Packed

Grapevine 9: Wedding Time!

Grapevine 10: Moar Weddings!

Grapevine 11: Last of the Weddings!

Chapter 3.4: My Ghost Dog Killed My Husband

Chapter 3.5: Nothing’s Ever “Normal”

Chapter 3.6: Passing the Torch

Chapter 3.7: Just Can’t Get Enough

Chapter 3.8: Worth It

Chapter 3.9: Zombie Dad

Chapter 3.10: The Weirdness Continues

Grapevine 12: Romeo, Juliet, & Family

Chapter 3.11: The Baby in the Basket

Grapevine 13: Speed Dating

Chapter 3.12: The Grapevine Takes Over

Chapter 3.13: Such Cuteness

Chapter 3.14: Jam-Packed Fun!

Chapter 3.15: Four Pups of the Apocalypse

Extra: Zombies and Curses Oh My!

Chapter 3.16: Puppies, Babies, Malfunctioning Bots

Chapter 3.17: What’re We Even Doing? 

Extra: Zombie Fight Club

Chapter 3.18: Punished?

Chapter 3.19: So Much Happening!

Chapter 3.20: Desperate Times?

Chapter 3.21: The Virus Intensifies

Extra: Vacation & Dating

Chapter 3.22: Just Your Average Weirdness

Chapter 3.23: Playing Favorites

Chapter 3.24: Plotting & Planning

Chapter 3.25: Magical Hugs

Chapter 3.26: Birds & Bees???

Grapevine 14: Even More Speed Dating

Chapter 3.27: It’s Over… Not the End

T-Park Po' Livin'

FAIL Part 1: Beginning of the End
FAIL Part 2:  The Dog Ate My… Bed
FAIL Part 3: A Tragic End

Chapter 1.1: Twenty Woohoos?
Chapter 1.2: The Lucky Shack
Chapter 1.3: More Time for Fun!
Chapter 1.4: Promoted???
Chapter 1.5: Woohoo Master!
Chapter 1.6: Yard Sale Time
Chapter 1.7: He’s the One
Chapter 1.8: Knocked Up and Hitched
Chapter 1.9: Ugly Baby
Chapter 1.10: Oh the Novelty
Gen 2 Heir Poll
Chapter 1.11: What the???
Chapter 1.12: Smartmilk Rocks!
Chapter 1.13: Moar Babies?
Chapter 1.14: Roll the Pacifier?
Chapter 1.15: The Weird Dog!
Chapter 1.16: Aspiration Issues
Chapter 1.17: Weekend From Hell
Chapter 1.18: Save Me
Extra: Scattered!

Beyond T-Park