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TS4→ Multiverse 1.13: Notorious!

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R2

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: heatwave. <—not rain!!

The Young household

No comment.

I had to get them a computer to purchase the wellness treats and while I was in buy mode I upgraded Lyric’s room. She’s going to age to child today!

The thought of spending the entire day grinding out those last two levels was too much. I was really looking forward to her birthday!

Michelle started baking the cake. Get inside you two!

It was also Michelle’s birthday. While she was blowing out her candles, Lyric was off to splash in the freaking toilet some more.

Ohmygosh I love her! What a cutie!

She has to assure Snoozer that it’s still her.

I also got them a swing set. Which may have been a mistake because they’re all running out to use it constantly.

She leashed up Snoozer so they could go to the little community area and meet some kids.

First was Dion. So nice to have an outgoing kid after so many loners!

Although, I think she’s content with just Snoozer.

This kid is Rez. The red-headed boy that just aged to teen is his older brother.

These ash piles are EVERYWHERE! From the lightning strikes, I assume.

Then, she met Dante. And look, he got his late child makeover.

Meanwhile, these two were painting away.

Ugh, both Michelle and Christian are dog lovers and they just won’t leave the stray dogs alone.

A very toothy Snoozer smile.

Finally, she became inspired and was able to work on the two drawings while inspired for her aspiration.

You’re going to be a great artist like your parents of course. Well, Christian, that remains to be seen!


Double awe!

I swear to you I don’t remember ever seeing these pjs before!

A rose before work.

Christian was off to work and Lyric to school. Michelle just pumped out paintings like a machine. I started just dragging them to the wall.


A walk to celebrate.

Christian had the option to tell a crowd pleasing story. I forgot to look and see if she got a moodlet from it but she did seem impressed.

This time there were some girls at the playground. She met Daisi first but right after they met Daisi left.

Then she met Fable. Another one of those loners I mentioned. She looks so much like Rowen it’s kinda scary.

I swear I’ve never seen this painting!

Or this. It’s flirty, obviously.

Fable wandered off so I sent Lyric to collect frogs for her nature badge. I considered putting her in drama club but there doesn’t seem to be any benefit from it or the acting skill.

And then I noticed Fable was in the house!

Awe so cute!

Look a stray husky! My mom and step-dad had one named Layla… which is probably why that’s one of my all-time favorite names. I’m strongly considering adopting her.

But, for whatever reason, I really like this being a one dog house. I decided to wait and think about where else I could put her.

Sharing the love!

Snoozer… snoozing.

All of that painting paid off.

I sent them to the little plaza first but then it occurred to me that no children will show up to a cafe lot! I’m so disappointed. Guess I’ll have to get more mods.

I’m so relieved that, despite her toddler toilet splashing obsession, Lyric isn’t a slob like her mom.

My kids are having this new odd issue with the journals. They constantly want to write in them but then after a few sim minutes, they stop.

Wait, what? Notorious for what exactly? Splashing in the toilet?

You’d think that given the chance to do something else she would. But no, as soon as they got there (after she’d dug in the trash) she went to paint.

What a dainty little cup.

Stefano and Phoebe!

Awe so sweet! Dang, I should have dragged that toy back into his inventory.

So cute!

After scouts, Fable invited her over.

Which may have been a bad idea.

Yep, bad idea. Roman was the only other one home and he was in the basement on the computer. Time to go.

I’m so confused! She’s the little girl I just aged up to a child! I even looked to see what Lyric’s reputation is. Regardless, I find it absolutely hilarious.

And I thought, you know what, if you can’t beat them join them! I decided to embrace the weirdness and make them a club.

Fable went straight to the fridge. It’s a good thing that gluttons don’t really annoy me.

One of the club activities is console gaming. I’d totally forgotten about that mod I’d added ages ago that has a bunch of new activities. I was so confused at first.

Both girls seem shocked by whatever Lyric’s asking her dad for.

I just want to squeeze Snoozer!

They are so cute!

I was shocked to see one of the dogs using this CC doghouse. I guess I’ll get more now that I know they will.

From the sly look on her face, I think Jami is trying to get on her friend’s parents’ good side.

Wow, a bit over-dramatic there.

The excitement drew the other’s attention. Lyric didn’t mind in the end she got the GG moodlet.

Then, I realized it was super late so the club gathering ended and Lyric went to bed.

Is it wrong that I never changed the Ash Shore sims back to being able to try for a baby when I moved them? I’m just happy the way it is.

I think one child is perfect for them.

I have to say after just one play-through, Lyric is becoming a favorite. I’m so relieved she isn’t a toddler anymore.


From selling all of those paintings.

Believe it or not, despite me making such a big deal over Munchin’s size, I was still confused to see him walking that big dog in the background.

I was more prepared with Casen.

I saw these two flirting outside of the kitchen.

Wow, Max. Personal space?

Lightning must have struck Cole and Haven’s house! Good thing I can drag it down.

I was like what the heck is she doing? It’s so weird how this happens.

I saw Bree just standing there. She looks relieved to be away from the chaos of twin babies and a child.

Chapter 1.14 Crow household

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TS4→ Multiverse 1.7: Top Notch

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: unending rain.

The Flint-Hall household

The family tree is outdated and, like with Rhys, I had to make Sierra Enzo’s foster daughter to get her on the tree.

Yes, I know it’s raining. The most annoying part is that changing the setting to no thunderstorms isn’t affecting it at all so I’m constantly removing tense moodlets.

I feel like I’m starting every single chapter with “this or that pet was sick.”

Dion’s birthday was the third day so I was really looking forward to that.

Ugh. Please stay inside.

There you go, talk to the dog.

Somehow, I didn’t realize it was that random mischief day. Thankfully, cancelling it made them all stop. That air horn gets on my nerves quick. Looks like Tobias agrees.

This is around the time that I noticed this. I missed another one!

I think I was taking these pics of Dion at the time.

I decided it was probably best to get everyone’s work tasks and such done. Tricia’s in Business so she was writing reports. I was actually thrilled I finally have a sim with the right traits for that career.

Sierra’s going for Author/Journalist. I know it’s odd they’re in different spots now, I had to restart. Tobias is going to be a freelance photographer. (If the game doesn’t keep freezing up on me.) And Enzo isn’t sure what he wants to do yet so he’s doing cooking since his skill is high.

Nooo Enzo! Don’t do it! Chatterbox run!

Once all the work stuff was done they just chilled out.

And I realized that since I had to go back to an earlier save they were no longer engaged. They’d already done it once autonomously so I figured I’d just do it myself.

The first time around I’d remembered to lock the doors, the second time I didn’t.

Taking a pic of the cute doctor play and a Puddin’ butt got in the way!

Oh Dion, I hope you weren’t playing in that toilet!

Mac’n’cheese for breakfast.

Zeke off to his first day of school.

Sierra didn’t need to go to work until a few hours after the others so she started her first book. A comedy! Poor Chatterbox doesn’t know what to think about that tapping.

Tobias was supposed to be giving Dion a bath but when I looked they were playing.

And, looking at his skills, I realized that Dion was very close to maxing his thinking skill and getting Top Notch Toddler!

Fable came home from school with Zeke.

I was very excited. It’s nice having some children again. For a while there it was just toddlers, Aryana, and Madelyn.

She looks so much like Rowen here it’s scary! It’s the darned tense moodlet from the never-ending storm!

Awe! Puddin’ ran to greet Tricia at the door.

Tobias took a pic of Zeke with his new camera… and froze up my game.

Way to ruin the mood, Tricia.

The toddlers drive me crazy when it rains. They want to wander outside but then they get out there and freak because of the rain.

He asked his brother for block help.

Three helpers is a bit overboard don’t you think?

Awe so sweet. This is about the time I realized that Dion had been in his PJs most of the day since he had a short sleep after his bath.

Is it just me or do they look constipated? As with Layla and Rhys, I took a bit of liberty with Tricia and Sierra putting their relationship further than it technically was last we’d seen them.

Sierra was the only one awake when Dion got up. I wanted to test the theory that asking why is a quick way to get their thinking skill up. (Thanks Heavenly Sims)

Why does it keep raining? When is my party?

LOL! I may have overdone it.

I’ll ask my own why… why are y’all crowded in this room?

Tricia and Enzo went to get ready for work and Dion turned his questions to his dad.

Sierra was on the laptop again. Don’t fall off of the table!

Awe yea that’s the spot.

Fable arrived home from school with Zeke again.

And I managed to get a short video to show the crazy difference between their voices!

Since everyone would be home soon, Tobias baked Dion’s cake.

Puddin’ became very insistent about a walk.

I’d hoped just leashing her and walking around the house would appease her but no. So I had him ask her to do her business right outside the back door. That worked.

Tricia seems to be fitting into the family quite well. First day Puddin’ greeted her after work and the second it was Dion! Enzo doesn’t seem pleased.

Now that everyone was home it was time! Why can’t they just stand in place and cheer them on?

And there he is!

Dion and Zeke are actually biological brothers but I feel like they look very different.

A hug before bed.


The sims were driving me crazy. Both Enzo and Tobias and sometimes even the girls kept going outside to talk to or research the plants… in the storm. This household actually took me several days to play because their autonomous actions were getting on my nerves so much.

I was looking for Chatterbox so that Tobias could lecture him for knocking over trash and couldn’t find him. That mane is like camouflage.

Why are you walking the dog all the way out here, Jozef? Maybe he’s reminding me their household is next?

1.8 Hunter-Hensley household

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TS4→ Multiverse 1.3: Even Crazier

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: party cloudy cool.

The Lane household

As you may remember from the previous chapter with the Crow household, I’d merged Roman in with them so he could go to work and I didn’t have to leave them early. Well, I ended up having to roll back to a save while he was still at work and move him back into his own home because he got promoted!!! If I hadn’t they wouldn’t have unlocked the computer he got as a reward.

We know who rules the roost here, eh?

The manic cooking started immediately. Apparently, this was being caused by a mod that has nothing to do with cooking at all as others reported the same oddness.

Ah, our Fable. Who will entertain us when she ages up?

Are you seriously reviewing your wife while she writes jingles in the basement?

I think it may have freaked Rowen out a bit.

Daddy hugs and asking why over and over.

I find it funny that Cujo’s a jumpy dog but he doesn’t seek out everything he’s afraid of to fear it like Lego does.

Roman had an all day battle with the lump of clay.

Woof woof!

Rowen was extra confused when arriving from home that night. She went back to where Fable was and then picked her up, put her down, picked her up again, walked to the front of the house, then carried her back where she’d found her. Weirdo.

Roman was still pounding clay.

And after putting Fable to bed, Rowen began to pound the poor dog.

Alijah: Your dad’s been playing with that clay all day.

Rowen: Oh yuck!

I have to say not keeping Roman constantly busy on the computer has made him doubly entertaining.

The day dawned with a glowing nose and paws. This doesn’t bother me. It’s the fact they’re sick when I get to the houses that annoys me.

It was too early to call Felicity and Bree needs enemies for her aspiration. Poor Zara got attacked mostly because I was bored.

Wake up sleepyhead! The vet’s here!

Tough crowd.

Rowen: I’m so glad I’m not a vet! Touching all those sick pets all day!

Alijah: I would be the best vet ever.

There. All better! Looks like he was thinking of biting that injector out of her hand though!

Ohmygosh the phones.

Fable wanted attention and after throwing a fit asked Rowen why. To which Rowen fell into a fit of chuckles. Must have been a funny question.

Fable seemed to have decided it was best to just stay away from the weirdos.

There’s a new fancy piano in the basement and the keyboard in their bedroom now.

At least I know his phone obsession is from his quirk.

Good thing I kept this. He gets that work task a lot. Oh, and in that doorway is Roman and Bree’s new bedroom. Rowen and Alijah got theirs to make room for baby.

Yesss! I was hoping she’d get this!!

Not the best place to chat with grandpa.

Roman told her to go away. She went outside and threw a fit.

She went inside and hit Bree.

Which seemed to have somehow proved her worth because Bree was really nice to her after that. Actually, this may be the first time she’s ever spoken to her.

With a quirk I really want her to keep, I decided Rowen could work on her guitar skill in public to keep her fame level.

I brought Fable over too. There’s really nothing for toddlers to do but there was a leaf pile. It took me a few moments to remember this is her grandfather, one of Alijah’s dads! The very one she got her hair color from actually.

Funny cat pic for your entertainment.

It’s story time my dears! What has Bree in such a rotten mood?

I was curious what would happen if she became an informant and since Roman’s in the career as well I decided she was doing it to see what evidence, if any, they had against him.

A freezer bunny head!! OMG!!!

This was unexpected. I thought she’d just start back at a level below like they usually do. So, I decided to see how it plays out before determining what to do. Maybe it would be best to move out Roman and Bree altogether. Or have them break up?

That painting was actually Bree’s. I just thought it matched the color-scheme. I have no clue what caused Rowen to wake up and throw a fit about her husband.

Bree tells Roman about everything that happened. They shared a laugh. Hmm.

She was praising Cujo while he was begging for a walk.

How did you know she’s in labor while she’s sleeping?!

The nurse looks like he’s thinking thank goodness he doesn’t work in labor and delivery.

Although, it looks like he has an angry patient back there already.

What a debacle. I could not keep Alijah in the room!

Meet Ivory. Like the ivory piano keys…

…and Fret like on the guitar. (I was amazed to find him in there!)

It’s also Fable’s birthday. So many changes this day!

Twins! Ohmygosh! The funniest part was that I was wanting a boy to use the name Fret so badly that when it popped up a girl first I was disappointed followed quickly by shock that it was twins!

Bree’s like omg two of them??

Look at you a big scary dog! You don’t scare me!

After both Tanzi and Daisi reacted so poorly to their new sister I was nervous. But no! She was doubly happy!

Fable reminded me a bit of her evil mother soaking up negative feelings. Bree was still moping over the job.

Party time and when everyone else changed into party-wear Rowen changed into her hospital gown. Did she want to make sure everyone knew she’d just given birth?

Double grandpa hugs!

I was wondering where everyone was and saw this cuteness.

I will admit I didn’t remember until the last moment before starting the party that Haven is Alijah’s sister.

This family is actually quite large.