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TS4→ Multiverse 1.14: Too Much Angst

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R2

It is the second rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy warm.

I got there and Devin was having a mood swing. After doling out the wellness treats he totally broke down.

Everett got this moodlet which I’ve never seen and it seems most others haven’t either if you go by the number of likes on Twitter.

Just go upstairs and pay attention to your dog.

Or not. Hayden was not amused.


Feeling the love.

I was waiting for Drew to hurry up and tend the garden so they could get out of the house. Somehow the gardening mod is working again. I’m wondering if rain breaks it.

Look at Devin’s pathetic sad blickblock!

It seems that the LittleSam more visitors mod clashes with Coolspear’s world control mods. I’m going to have to re-zone this plaza since no kids show up with it as a cafe lot.

I’d forgotten about scouts but at least I got entertained while the boys were gone!

Ohmygosh seriously? I swear the girls aren’t like this! Maybe it’s because they’re in different households and this one has two teens.

I was trying to think of what they could do and decided on working on their aspirations for a while. Devin has Friend of the Animals.

Hayden has Curator.

Then I thought well he can increase relationship with Lil’Bit and get scout badge credit at once.

I should just give them all the gym rat trait.

The next day the boys had school. Drew and Everett were doing something… I can’t remember so it was probably boring. Pet watch! So cute.

The boys are home! C’mon son, let’s greet them! (Those smiles ohmygosh!)

Awe so sweet.

How am I supposed to concentrate on homework with such cuteness in the room?

It seems that basketball doesn’t count towards the scout badge.

It took him like two seconds to finish that project. I must have stopped them when they were almost done last rotation.

Hayden’s took a little bit longer but not much.

He’s really into the homework. I’m not even trying. He’s doing it all on his own.

I was about to take the pic and then noticed Fondue cuteness so I had to widen the shot. Hayden checking out the scout board. I had him go around and collect then donate the berries and stuff. They’re too broke to give anything valuable away.

Such spoiled pets.

As long as he doesn’t get shocked twice right? He didn’t and he got credit towards a badge.

The boys were at school again. Drew had planted some strawberries and snapdragons the day before and grafted them this day. You never know, he could get a dragon fruit. Bradyn did.

Yay! All that homework paid off.

Seriously though? Both of you?!


Eh, just do whatever. They both needed fun badly. I didn’t even make them study hard!

I totally forgot that I’d gotten him a job for his aspiration.

Sad jogging. Don’t you get any ideas there Lyric. I have enough emotional wrecks at the moment.

I guess Hayden’s going to be handy?

Butter kept getting stuck on that counter.

I ended up just moving the stove.

But he still got on it so I put a treat stash there. With that blocking his way he took over the fridge. Silly cat!


That solution actually perfectly fits his personality!

I was so disappointed when the banned randoms started showing up after I used LittleSam’s more visitors mod. I don’t know what lot trait to use now?!

Look! Tons of children but not one teen! Neither of the boys has one teen friend… or even knows another teen at that. I’ve seen both of them at the community center but I guess they just keep to themselves.

Chapter 1.15 Burke-Fox

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TS4→ Multiverse 1.2: Culture Shock

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: heavy rain cold.

Crow household

The cooking is getting out of hand. Butter doesn’t seem to mind.

Everyone, except for Everett, has changed so much it was kinda weird at first.

I mean geeze, even Fondue!

It was rainy and miserable and I was trying to think of what on earth they could do since there was no school. I finally thought of scout badge work.

Meanwhile, I just left Drew and Everett to do whatever. Hmm… I remember him being more athletic than this.

I don’t think Everett believes that’s a llama and not a dog.

Of course, this being my first visit to the community center, I had to look around to see what was going on.

Oh yikes. I hope that wasn’t hot!

Oh look! It’s Aryana!

I was disappointed that nobody went into the library the whole time. Then I remembered later I’d disallowed practically everything regarding autonomously reading books ages ago in my Drifter Reboot house 002.

You’re supposed to be painting! He left his journal there and I had to search the bookcases for it later.

It’s Daisi!!

I was surprised the boys would seek out another easel when they finished with one.

They had to go to scouts so back home we went. And I remembered this little munchkin has a special day today.

Butter seems to really like Lil’Bit.

She got a cute dress and bow.

Drew got some seed packets and planted some fruits and veggies. I’m still trying to decide what to do about Granite Falls. If I go by Build a City Challenge rules it’s unlocked when someone tops the first career.

Everett came over to see the little girl.

And decided he still likes cats better. Which suits Fondue just fine.

Two cat lovers and one dog lover in the house. I really like Drew with that beard btw. I wish I’d thought of a thicker beard for him ages ago.

It’s gotta be kinda like cuture shock for all of them. School and homework and TV and computers!

And video games!

The puddles were driving me nuts. Drew slipped in one and then walked a step and slipped in the next.

The boy’s rooms are pretty empty at the moment.

I think Hayden rolled Family Oriented instead of a pet trait… or Loves the Outdoors.

It seems Fondue hadn’t learned not to wake sims yet.

The cooking debacle continued. You know, you wouldn’t be so uncomfortable if you’d have just eaten the leftovers in the first place!

Active sims with dogs. Perfect combo!

Awe so sweet. I think it’s funny that Hayden looks like Everett’s son.

The boys went to scouts again and I sent Drew and Everett around to collect some stuff to sell.

Everett wasn’t very interested in it.

I think he was praising Fondue. I always wonder what on earth they’re praising the pets for when they randomly do that.

Back to the community center. It’s actually really nice to have somewhere to go on rainy days like this. Plus, this family doesn’t have many goals at the moment.

Looks like Zion’s fitting in. They were looking at the water but I couldn’t get a pic from that angle.

Oh I was wondering why I hadn’t seen toddlers the previous day. I think that’s Phoebe.

I was very impressed with how she held the umbrella in her armpit while carrying the toddler.

He must not have been because he refused to let go. Also, I just realized this is the first we’ve ever seen a non-played toddler outside of townie updates.

The only thing I saw the librarians do was mentor chess. Bree didn’t seem appreciative.

Ah, there’s Phoebe… Isaac and Casen’s daughter if you don’t remember.

OMG!!! Please stop cooking!!! I did eventually fix this after I finished playing them.

I can’t get over seeing Devin and Hayden as teens!

Stop going outside!! It was the middle of the night too. One of the pets woke him.

This little hoop is what they were obsessing over. I hadn’t put in the community center yet when I built their house. I really should have deleted it.

I sent Drew around collecting things to sell again while Everett made plug-ins on the computer.

The boys brought home projects from school.

I figured there was no point in having someone help since this gave them something to do for a while.

Drew gave attention to the cats. I think Everett may have been napping. All of them kept getting sick.

Butter the therapy cat.

He’s afraid of the gaming system.

A distraction will do. Devin was training Lil’Bit.

He’s so spoiled! Even the dog lover is toting him around like a baby.

I’m sure I’m the only one to remember this but I gave Butter that outfit because it’s like the one he had that matched toddler Hayden when they adopted him.

I wasn’t ignoring Fondue or anything. He just spent almost the entire time on the table is all.

Ah, a little bit of romance finally. I will admit I kinda kept Everett busy trying to get his programming skills up some. They did find a really good source of income in the form of whirlyflower frogs though!


It was so funny that I’d paused at this exact moment!

Our librarians seemed really confused but this was hilarious so they’re forgiven. Although, I may change their athletic outfits to their robes too if they’re gonna keep changing!

So that I didn’t have to leave their house at midnight like I did with the Burke-Fox’s last rotation I merged Roman in with them. He immediately went to cook.

I went back the next day to get their current pics for the family trees and profile photos and his hair was causing this weird glitch with Devin’s eyes. Almost like a broken eggshell or shattered glass. Like pieces were missing.

Anyway, I couldn’t fix it so I had Hayden take a pic instead and got this pic of them together while I was at it.

Not bad, eh?

Multiverse 1.3 Lane household

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TS4→ Ash Shore T3/R1: Avoiding the Rain

It is the summer rotation of the 3rd Turning in Ash Shore’s 1st Rhythm.

The Crow household

Look at that nothing changes eh? The plan is to have kinda mini-chapters for all of the Ash Shore households that haven’t had one already this rotation. If both are small enough I may publish 2 in a day just to get us to the next part of things.

Awe little Fondue! How did I forget about him?

Storming again?! I looked at the calendar and it’s storming in Brindleton Bay 6 out of 7 days this week!

I really had no idea where to take them and I like this little picnic area so off they went.

Hayden was still tense from the thunderstorm and was getting on everyone’s nerves.

There you go… fish. Now you can’t socialize!

I realized they can’t fish all day and looked around for something else to do. Water balloon fight! Enjoy this video of their antics:

Then I remembered that it’s technically supposed to be Founders Days right now. I have no clue why but none of their holidays are on the calendar. So I got them some fireworks.

Seriously, Everett?

So they let off the spinners…

And played with sparklers a bit.

But I wanted to wait for nighttime to do more. Plus, Devin was super tired. I think I must have forgotten to bump up everyone’s energy when I got there.

The other three went back to fishing and Hayden earned his nature badge.

How is he sleeping with them talking right next to him? Look! It’s Mack and Khaled!

(You know that stupidly excited wave sims do when talking to a celebrity? That’s me the whole time.)

They were starting to get hungry again so Drew fried up the freshest fish.

Hayden played water balloons with Astrid, Jayson, and Keane for a few minutes while he was waiting. Then they played by themselves for quite some time longer.

And Devin woke from his nap feeling energized.

Sims totally over-react to fireworks I swear! Look at Everett! What the?

So sweet. Okay let’s get to big the firework pics…

That was fun!

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to spend more time with the cats but there was nothing for them in the desert.

Like father like son! Vrooom!

Our brave kitten exploring the wild jungle aka the backyard.


It’s Tobias and Puddin’!

I decided to do a little test to see if the scout badge progress transfers when saving sims to the library when I saw this. I’m so weird.

I did check after I finished with them and yes it does transfer. That’s so exciting!

So yea I kinda forgot about these pregnancies. I only paused Tanya’s. Oopsie.

T3/R1- Mesner II household

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Ash Shore R1/T2/S4- Butter’s Progeny Fondue!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 4

Nothing like running across the street in the pouring rain to retrieve your new kitten!  Did you almost get hit by lightning Everett?  I think Fondue is fond of Everett already.  (haha Fondue… fond)

Devin says hello to the new family member.  Can’t really tell how he’s feeling with those sunglasses.  I think it was one of those mysterious weather days.  It was windy then a heat wave then raining.

Excited hugs from Hayden.  Before Dad’s abandoned for new furry hugs.

Drew ran out to harvest all of the plants before heading to bed himself.

Well Butter, what do you think buddy?  He’s always such a strong calm presence I think he’ll be a good daddy.  I feel bad that there weren’t 2 kittens so we could see Rainbow as a mommy too.  Hopefully, we’ll get to see them at the park like Noodle and Booger.

Fondue: Wow!  My dad can fly!

Bright and early Drew went out to gather the herbs that had grown through the night.  After that, he took a quick run to the depot before the kids had to leave for school to grab whatever ingredients were there.

Saying hello to Professor Prickles as is everyone’s first task nowadays.  While Devin chats with the little hedgehog Hayden goes to check his scout badge progress.

I feel like they decide to do identical artwork on purpose.  Although, at least so far, there doesn’t seem to be any competition between them.  Maxwell started to help Devin but then…

It started raining so he had to get the kids to go back inside.  Not an easy task!

Are you fishing or socializing Everett?  I totally forgot to have him fish… again.

Winding down the school day.

I always forget how small Astrid is until she’s around one of the bigger kids.  The rest of the kids had already left and they were just waiting on Darius to finish his artwork.  Which he decided to take home so I’ll have to try to remember to hang it up next time I’m there.

It was pouring at the park… again.

Which, at first, boded poorly for Drew’s plan to make some remedies today but then it was remembered that a stove works as well!

I knew he’d be a good daddy!

Looks like the boys have abandoned Everett.

Fondue: Vrooom!  I fly like daddy!

Fondue don’t you want to go say hello to Noodle?  That would be so cute!

I agree with Hayden.  This weather is terrible.

Yep.  It’s raining.

Hayden is using his journal while playful.  I can only assume it’s like when they use it if angry, sad, or embarrassed.  While I understand that hysteria can be fatal I don’t feel like it’s necessary to continually try to calm down when only playful and not even very playful.

Valuable lesson regarding cowplants?  I wonder what that could be?

What ya doing in the bathroom cutie?  He wore dad out!

Play?  Play!

Devon got sick from sitting on a swing.  Not even swinging.  And kids don’t have an option to throw up in the toilet to remove the uncomfortable moodlet so he just had to suffer.

Looks like someone has some news for her “big brother.”

Finally, somewhere that it’s not raining!

That’s right!  Your “little sis” is pregnant!  So exciting.

Hayden went inside then came back out and picked up Butter and gave him a hug!  So sweet.  Then Drew came out and picked up Fondue and gave him a hug!  Equal lovin’?

Then, Drew called Fondue inside to meet Tanya.

Tanya told the boys were she used to find frogs and off they went!  Devin got to his first but just barely.  Such a fun thing for kids to do.  Also, Hayden was dripping wet still.

Back home Hayden changed and they warmed themselves by the fire.  Coming back here after being in the desert is a big temperature difference!  They finally ate the mac’n’cheese that Drew cooked earlier.

Fondue passed out.  It was a busy day but he didn’t sleep long.  The boys hung their artwork on the wall.

Is someone trying to get brownie points?  Or maybe badge progress?

Night boys!  Or not.  How did the kitten wake you up mewing from a room away?

Enjoying the night?  A little overhang would be nice.  I just love these two.  I actually missed celebrating their first Turning anniversary.  Technically, I missed everyone’s not just theirs.

I suppose we’ll have to leave Butter and Fondue for now.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing lots of Fondue at the park.  No clue why kittens show up and not puppies.

Seems like half the cats are free spirits and need calling back before I move on to the next house!

Our Little Star

If you’re interested: The Ultimate Townie Test!

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Ash Shore R1/T2/S4- Boundless Energy

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 4

Astrid looks so adorable in that winter hat.  Although, I’m not sure why she was wearing it since it wasn’t cold.

But, it was windy and it turns out that Astrid hates wind and became very angry.

Once Maxwell calmed her down she played some basketball.  I have a feeling she’s gonna end up being just like her dads!

Good morning Professor Pickles!

Awe, he’s jumping for joy to see her!  (Wow heights really mess up this interaction!)

A scratch for the pretty kitty.

And checking badge progress.  Might as well have school today because I have no idea what else they can do all day?

So many of them like busy little bees!

Just waiting for the last child to complete their artwork so they can close down for the day.

Wow, the “coach” interaction looks brutal.  Drop and give me 20!  And then, seconds later, he’s cheering.  Is this a good coach/bad coach approach?

My sims take their wellness seriously.