SL→ Chimera Fun Ch 3: Battles and Birthday

Note: The above time estimate is really high because there are a lot of screenshots in this chapter. Barely any text actually and a very short video of Magma aging up.

Now that both Punk and Magma are bigguns a new baby has been placed at the landing point. His name is Patrick. So cute!

There are bunnies hopping all over the place too. They aren’t Chimeras… just cute bunnies. No eating bunnies, Magma.

Other new babies… well sort of. They just weren’t here at first. Frosty, FrooFroo, and Roadie. Sadly, Roadie is a fox, they’re kinda bugged at the moment.

I was just standing there chatting in IMs when all three just aged up! I tried to take a video but it came out horribly since OBS decided to ask me if I wanted to update when I tried to open it. Grr!

Roadie the fox was later frozen at this age. What a cutie!

Punk was moved over here by his… mom?

This bear with a snake tail totally freaks me out. Very intimidating in battle though.

Speaking of battles, Magma had her first training session. Speed and cunning. In addition to battling she can pass down some of her skills to babies.

Gosh she’s so big. It’s hard to believe she’ll get bigger!

We were trying to figure out where to set up the stuff for the battle arena thingy. Enjoy this battle montage…

Cobi vs Peaches ‘n Cream

PNC wins!!!

Cobi vs Lill Red

Cobi wins!!!

Scary Snake Dude vs Timmy

Scary Snake wins!!!

Timmy vs Lioness 7

Timmy wins!!!

Lioness 6 (Magma’s mom!) vs Allie

Allie wins!!!


Allie again!!!


Green Bear vs Reaper

Green Bear wins!!!

Green bear stays on the playing field to size up his next opponent.

Lioness 7 vs Mama Rojo

Mama Rojo scars Lioness!!!

Green Bear vs Mama Rojo

Green Bear is the tournament champion!!!

Sadly, frozen chimeras like this one can no longer fight… but you don’t have to feed them anymore either so I suppose if they aren’t used for battles it doesn’t matter.

After a long break to add a little wall around the battle area we were back to it.

Mama Bear vs Purple Passion

Mama Bear wins!!!

Mama Bear vs Cheetah Phoenix

Mama Bear won!!!

Magma’s birthday time…

Look at her!!!

Next to me for size comparison.

Well hello there Tiki Bear!

And now Magma’s going to have a baby of her own… well, a stone. Whether we hatch it remains to be seen.

Monkeying Around with Kong…

Chapter 4 coming soon!


SL→ Chimera Fun Ch 2: Museum Adventure & Birthdays

It’s just me and Magma against the world.

And it’s a big world!

Speaking of big… look! Punk aged up! I think they’re 1 and 2 here.

I’m obsessed with how the brood stones look in this robots of the dawn windlight (lighting) setting I’ve been using.

I keep trying to get a good pic but when I get close they don’t look the same. I took this one really far away and cropped it.

We noticed a new little guy in Miranda’s stall. The head is from a Halloween special edition.

Very soon Magma will be able to train. The book of cunning is really cool. I’ll have some actual training pics near the end.

I think this was just another “wow is Punk huge” shot. I think they’re 2 and 3 here.

Random pic of Big Red’s eyes.

This is just crazy! I’d turned down my particle effects when trying to figure out why I was lagging at some point so I didn’t realize until now that they have lightning if they have that trait!


It’s hard to see in a pic but the namean lion ones have leaves that kinda float around them.

This, my friends, is the big time. Last time I was at Obsidian I only joined and looked to see what color my stones will be. Today we go to the museum!

It did occur to me after writing this that I didn’t look at the land rights to make sure it’s okay to post pics from there. Yikes.

Look at this! Is this not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? Don’t answer that. I know I’m a dork.

Fancy sparkles.

See the leaves kinda floating around them?

They use this for a ritual to change them. I don’t really understand much other than that you have to have other people help. Reminds me of something in a book but darned if I can remember what. A hazard of reading over a thousand books I suppose.

So freaking cool looking. Not sure who owns this display.

I’m pretty sure this one’s Miranda’s. The same that had the pumpkin headed one at Bucali. I’m not a fan of those weird eyes.

After we finished looking at all of the chimeras displayed and for sale we started to search for the museum. I got distracted by the symbols rotating under the… umm… I want to say land but we were obviously in the sky.

Beam me up! To the museum we go!

Down here are all of the different regular types. Let’s attempt not to fall climbing the very spiral staircase, shall we?

Up here are all of the special editions. Parts of them can still be inherited but these have all the special parts like hide, eyes, tails, etc. Also, the ones that can be transmuted from a scroll are up here. Like I could transmute one onto Magma and some of her babies could get special things.

That was fun but we were worn out! I can’t wait to go back again. Next time I’m taking notes.


Is that you? Punk aged up again. He’s 4 now!

I looked at these little ones in a stall that’s being rented and they’re bigger too! I think their names are Pearly Mae, Opal Fae, and Pete?

I took this pic after Magma aged to 3. Oddly, she looks larger than Punk. I guess he lost some baby fat. I did take a short video of that aging too. It’s added to the 4th at the end of this chapter.

The next day I got to watch some of Buck’s Chimera’s train.

Ever seen a giant bear jump rope? Me either. He kinda shrunk! Too funny.

And then I got to witness a battle. I did take a video but the quality is horrible and I was on Skype so it’s like one part of a three part conversation. Poor Lill Red here lost. Later his dad Big Red defended him and won. I need to learn how to do the camera controls so I can take more videos with the UI hidden.

And now, my friends, is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! First we have Magma aging to 3 and then to 4 after that. I was a little too close in both cases. It was longer than I felt comfortable putting here so I stuck it on YouTube.

From this…

To this!

Her legs look kind of like a gangly adolescent stage.

Very exciting! Her next growth spurt is at 7. Now that she’s 4 she can start to train.


Buck has this really cool pet monkey named Kong. Look at that widdle bed!

This steampunk gramophone looks kind of like a transformer!

Chapter 3 coming soon!


SL→ Chimera Fun Ch 1: Introducing Magma

Note: SL is short for Second Life. It’s a virtual world. Kind of like an MMO sandbox. Everything you see was made by someone. I’ve had an avatar there for 11 years. It’s where most of us went when The Sims Online died.

“Long ago there existed people with a mastery over the elemental forces of nature. The Obsidian Order commanded energy and matter through a mystical science known today as Alchemy. They created many wonderous things, massive structures that defied physical law, and animals that defied the natural order of life. The Order left behind many things for us to discover, but no clues as to what happened to them. For a civilazation to have gained the powers of the gods and then vanish with no trace is not only mysterious, but alarming. No one knows for certain where the Order ended, or how, but we do know now that their secrets can be ressurrected.
The discovery of Alchemy in the ruins of the ancient order has opened up a world of new possibility. Alchemy, a science of deconstructing matter to its most base components and then reconstructing it into something completely different, has given us the power to create amazing beings known as Chimeras.
Chimeras have become commonplace amongst the budding alchemists of the newly formed Obsidian Circle. We thirst for more knowledge and have erected a massive library to collect and cultivate our understanding of this forgotten science. Someday we may too posess the godly powers our forebearers posessed, pray we do not also share in their puzzling fate.”

-Obsidian Chimeras website

And so it begins…

It all started when this guy, Big Red, almost knocked me over the first day I was at my friends’ Chimera place hanging out while they were setting up.

And then, during the grand opening, I went back and marveled over these beauties.

My friends own this place and rent stalls to others. This pretty display belongs to Lorelay.

And here are some more of my friends’ chimeras. Look! Bunny ears! They turn their heads and follow you as you walk by. It can be kinda creepy.

They walk around too if not told to sit. This is Orange Sherbert.

They all have distinguishing traits that can be passed down through generations. You know how much I love my genealogy. Nick here has snowflake eyes.

This place is also full of cool steampunk stuff… not that it has anything to do with Chimeras. It’s just cool.

Let me introduce you to Punk. He was just a newborn here!

And look! He got a binky!

So, at this point, I was sold. We went to the main area for the Obsidian Chimeras and I joined the group. While there I got to click this and it showed what color my stones (eggs) will be.

But not this one. It’s Buck’s color. He gifted it to me! And, it’s time for her to hatch!

Introducing Magma! Her hide is phoenix fire, hence the name.

She has these beautiful deep fairy opal eyes.

I introduced her to her dad Sunrise. Sunrise has a mother and father.

Note from the future: I’m reading this before it publishes and the “mother and father” mention has me cracking up! I may have spent hours already tracing Magma’s family tree. Indeed I really have fallen into the rabbit hole this time.

This is her mom Lioness. She has a special edition fur. She’s a first generation so no mom and dad. The cool thing is babies can get traits from ancestors! Yay genetics!

*cough* Me again, from the future ya know? Sooo… there are these ones like Lioness that have no parents right? And yea yea it’s supposed to be about alchemy and all but that doesn’t explain where they came from at least not that I’ve seen. So, you know me, I’m picturing it being like a dimensional portal or wormhole from another planet or galaxy. I’m such a geek. Too bad Chimeras can’t randomly appear in Multiverse. (Yes, I did stop briefly to try and figure that out. I’m terrible at photoshop so no stop asking.)

Magma wonders if she will be this big one day. No, Magma, you will be bigger! She will be colossal. For a young Chimera, that’s the largest size!

Next, I introduced her to some of the other babies living there. On the left is a female named Pearly Mae and on the right is a male named Pete. The next day I noticed another girl was brought in named Opal Fae.

And last but not least she got to meet Punk. I just love Punk. He belongs to my friend, and one of the co-owners of the land, Alice.

That’s her. I’ve known her over 6 years!

Perhaps they are a bit unsure of each other?

Sorry, Magma, I gotta leave you now! Expect to see more of her adventures in Second Life and chronicling her growth and maybe even training and breeding! Oh! And here are a few random pics I took with her…

Chimera Fun Ch 2 coming soon!