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TS4→ Multiverse 1.10: Our First Loss

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: neverending freaking rain.

The Griffiths household

Three pets sick and our poor little kitten… raccat? Trapped out in the rain.

Jazzlyn still isn’t sure about having a raccat in the house. You have a raccoon might as well go all the way.

Madelyn got the honors of doling out the wellness treats.

How did that not destroy the keyboard?

Max still needed around a level and a half of logic for his next promotion. A little flirting while they both work.

Naughty naughty. I swear they look to see if anyone’s watching when they do that!

I was surprised when Madelyn arrived home at 1 pm. I forgot I’d gotten a mod that allows them to come home early if they have good grades.

So adorable!

Madelyn has no qualms about the resident raccat.

I finally got around to doing more with her room.

The teen items are so limited it’s really hard to find something I like that also fits their personality.

Jazzlyn has that fame perk that gets her the free potions. Oh just take it Max! You’ll get your skill up faster and you can do something else.

Looks like she’s warmed up to the little raccat after-all.

Jazzlyn’s been spending most of her time trying to get more followers. She doesn’t need nearly as many as Haven does but I still find the requirement insanely high.

Dad seriously stop standing there you’re ruining my game.

Little mischief maker.

This cracked me up!

Hurray!!! Madelyn gave her the treat and left for school. Only Paprika and Buster watched. She looks so neat!

They have so much money I don’t know what to do with it all. A laser cat box is a good start. The noise it makes scared me the first few times!

Buster seems pleased he’s about to make Max go out into the rain.

Bree’s son Kolton came home from school with Madelyn. Both the parents seemed shocked to see a boy.

He’s the one she’s friends with. His twin Declan she hates.

Max looking all snazzy in his work outfit.

The irony is that I was just thinking last time I played Bree that I should at least invite the boys over sometimes. I think now that they’re teens she’ll be over the repulsiveness of them being children.

Which made me think that Jazzlyn should spend some quality time with her girls as well. I’d actually meant for her to give them both house keys but I forgot.

I get all giddy when I see the dhampirs.

Are you seriously wearing your pajamas right now, Rowen? What’s up with her?

Jazzlyn returned home just before Madelyn and Max. The “run inside” thing from the never ending storm is driving me crazy.

I’d actually left her stuffed animal for Serendipity when they moved. I hadn’t expected her to roll childish. So she got a new one.

Sassafras got a collar as well. Anything else detracted from the coolness.

Awe so sweet.

Paprika’s getting special attention today.

Lots of luvin’.

By the time I got someone to break up the fight between Rascal and Buster they were already done. They were able to lecture Rascal for attacking. Thankfully, Buster didn’t run away.

So cute!

I love it when they do this.

Madelyn came home from school and immediately went to her room to taunt the dino. Maybe she had someone from school in mind she’d have rather taunted. I’m kinda surprised she hasn’t brought Aryana home from school lately.

Madelyn’s turn to give Paprika extra luvin’.

She was the first cat adopted into the ‘hood.

Max and Madelyn left for work and Jazzlyn finally finished her work (it had taken almost the whole day!) so then Paprika got some extra playtime.

What are you all doing hiding in here?

Oh. He had arrived, as we knew all day that he would.

Madelyn was angry that they did nothing to stop it.

But nature must take it’s course.

Goodbye Paprika. I hope we see your little ghostly form very soon.

Jazzlyn immediately went to bed. Madelyn sought solace from her best friend Buster.

And Max comforted Sassafras. All the pets were sad.

I couldn’t bear the thought of her being outside alone.


I don’t use one part of Coolspear’s mod because it bans strays altogether so I do randomly have the banned randoms walk by. This was just hilarious.

Although, do I really want the strays? LOL!

We kinda have our hands full with our own pets!

They all looked so miserable and rightfully so since they were seated in the rain!

I’m only sharing this pic because it was so sweet how all of the pets gathered ’round. I was shocked and heartbroken when Paprika got the roll on the first try. The odds are very small. It must truly have been her time.

Chapter 1.11 Sands household

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TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R2: So Successful!

It is the second rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: light rain cool.

The Griffiths household

Ohmygosh pet sicknesses! Why is this happening to me?!?

When I was having Jazzlyn do her usual social media updates I saw this. She made §908!!!

And got promoted! My sims really need to work on charisma more!

As you may remember from their last chapter, Madelyn was very close to getting her mental skill to 10 and completing a 3rd aspiration.

Even with her focused, it took longer than I expected.

Meanwhile, Jazzlyn had encouraged Cinnamon to breed with Rascal.

One time! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

I was mortified when Max’s 1 hour before work notification popped up and here we hadn’t had any kind of celebration for Madelyn!

She blew out the candles, dad ran out the door to work, and I spent over an hour on her outfits. She was a tough one for some reason!

I’m so grateful that Haven’s in the Social Media career as well.

Awe, look at them!

Just some cute pet pics.

Jazzlyn took Madelyn out for a birthday dinner.

Woohoo talk?! You’re twelve!

They had a nice dinner and Max showed up after work. Madelyn insisted she order him something but forgot he’s a vegetarian so he didn’t eat it. Jazzlyn complimented the chefs.

Since he turned his nose up at the restaurant sandwich, Max had some cake.

Madelyn donated all of her health and emotion potions and got promoted.

She got this MySims figure in the mail as a present from Felicity. I forgot to mention she rolled the childish trait!

Cinnamon gave birth to a female kitten we named Sassafras.

My son named her. I was looking at chili spice names and he asked what I was doing and I said that since the dad is a raccoon I wanted a sort of naughty spice name.

Eeeeeeeeeee! So cute!

Madelyn ended up having an unexpected day off because I’d forgotten to remove the no school mod that I use in Ash Shore.

I couldn’t figure out what socials Jazzlyn needed to use for her work task. Haven became bored. Eventually I realized if I hovered over the task it told me!


I realized that Madelyn couldn’t get a teen career while still in scouts so I had her painting. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting about her!

Jazzlyn isn’t sure about this mischievous little “kitten.”

Max worked on the first and third days which incidentally were both birthdays. So instead they had a joint party without any blowing out of candles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Poor Madelyn. I made her spend most of the night painting for that darned scout badge.

Jazzlyn ended up cooking up the many meals that Jasper had started and not finished over the evening. Not the best place for Cinnamon to take a nap!

I can’t stop myself from taking pics of them!

At least Madelyn got some art for her wall. I had to give her a sleep replacement before school.

Jazzlyn represented Madelyn for her work task. Big difference there with the teen job compared to Max’s.

She finished just before her deadline and then immediately went to bed. I was pushing them hard this time!

Playing with grandma!

Max gave all the pets attention before leaving for work.

This time Jazzlyn needed to get focused. Cinnamon was afraid of the tea pot.

First day!

Hmm is it because Aryana’s a dog lover? Despite having Bender, Madelyn’s a cat lover.

I don’t think the girls are interested in your fortune.

Finally focused!

I was trying to get her followers high enough for her next promotion.

Not the best way to start the first day at work!


Finally everyone was home and Jazzlyn could have her birthday!

Still classy. I think she’s the first sim to ever roll glasses. I do the rolls every few years after they age to adult. I’d meant to change her hair but forgot. Now I don’t know if I want to.

Jazzlyn still hadn’t slept properly so she was off to bed.

Look how proud Max is of his little girl!

Sassafras woke her up. She’s still our Jazzlyn even if she doesn’t have the pretty aqua hair anymore that I’m convinced sparked my love of that color.

And right before I left…

She’s level 9 now and Max has branched off to diamond agent! I’m so proud of them.

We have quite a bit of work ahead of us still.


I totally fan-girled when I saw little Tanzi with her late-teen makeover. That girl back there looks like she can’t believe her dads let her do that. Are you kidding girlie? They helped!

Madelyn was jogging Bender when suddenly she stopped like this.

Awkward scratches.

How is that a proper slot for plates? I’m convinced they’re punishing me for not getting them a wall mount TV.

It’s so funny when I pause as they change out of their walk outfit.

Too funny!

So I guess he liked it so much he had to learn twice?! So gross. They need a better litter box.

I’m adding this after the chapter was published but I figured some people might not have read it yet.

O3/P5/R2 Hunter-Hensley household

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TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R1: Cats Rule

It is the first rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: party cloudy cool.

As you may remember from the Snyder chapter, we decided to take advantage of Pika’s heat to breed with Bender since the Snyders will be a cat-breeding household. So will this one for that matter but since Bender is staying with Madelyn and this household is before Felicity and Jasper’s in the rotation it’s happening here odd as that may be. Remember the issues I had with Buster and Hilda not being able to get pregnant? It happened again. I’ll save the many pics for later.

All the pets got their cute outfits back.

What the heck kinda work assignment is that? Thankfully, only a bubble bath was needed.

She’d been calming down in the mirror but still had the lingering playfulness thing but the second stinky Pika walked in it went away. Why’s she bathing her like that?

Gotta love these pets.

Bender had been in Madelyn’s room when she got home from school…

So cute!

Finally after some yoga she was able to overpower the one energized moodlet. At this point, I have a love/hate relationship with that mod.

Aryana came home from school with Madelyn.

Apparently, spy work is boring. Nothing that a little pet luvin’ can’t cure.

And maybe some flirting.

Jazzlyn: Love me, love my cat.

I’d been counting on taking care of baby Serendipity to help Jazzlyn finish her Super Parent aspiration. I’d decided that since she wants to be a super parent and Max wants a successful lineage that having her teach Madelyn would be okay…

Well, there went that idea. She already had almost perfect values.

Meanwhile, Pika was driving me nuts running off the lot every time I was trying to get her to breed.

In the morning, Cinnamon’s portrait was orange. I looked and she had fleas!

Hey Felicity, while you’re here can you scold that dog for me?

She’s like are you serious you called me all the way over here for what’s obviously fleas? Sorry Felicity, we don’t have the cool pet auto-wash in this game.

Maybe vet Felicity can do the depressing tasks for us? Ah, life with aging off. I remember when I first saw the age-up treats and thought how terribly cruel.

Look how excited Bender is!

Jazzlyn needed to brighten the day of a co-worker twice. Which is ridiculous since she works from home. But, thankfully, Haven is in the other branch of the same career. I don’t think she’s very thankful at that moment.

Bender loves playing with the cats. He’s gotta hold his own in a cat household.

This day it was Cinnamon who ran out to greet Madelyn after school.

Why does it take so long for the visiting kids to arrive. Once again, I forgot about it.

And then I forgot it was Bender wanting a walk and not Pika! Mom to the rescue.

This time I checked to see where she was when it announced Pika was in labor. Look at her ears sticking into the carpet!

Madelyn chatted with the little townie girl who came home from school with her.

And then I saw it! The RACCOON!!!

The poor raccoon didn’t see it coming! I named him Rascal.

It seems females are now trending. Meet Bubbles. Sticking with the B theme.

Mamma keeping a close eye out.

Awe so cute!

I wonder why Max came home from work so tense?

Oh. Maybe that’s why.

See y’all on the flip side. I am a bit confused on the birth of Bubbles timeline but whatever.

They’re keeping Rascal to be Cinnamon’s mate. He has that trait that makes him run around outdoors and sniff things. So weird.

After speaking with the emotion mod creator I learned that this interaction does actually work still. He said it’s programmed in-game for a 25% decrease. I’d always thought it was to completely remove the bad moodlets.

He had to get up, get dressed, and walk outside to scold Rascal for waking him up.

I’ve only had one other child befriend the monster. Granted I usually have it disabled.

Bender got lectured for eating the trash and then Madelyn danced in it.

I accidentally made her eat spoiled food. Apparently, the experiance was traumatizing.

Awe so sweet.

Madelyn took a vacation day, Max didn’t have work, and Jazzlyn had easy tasks she finished right away. A nice lazy day with the family.

She carried Paprika around for hours. I had tons of screenshots but this was my favorite.

I was just following some of Madelyn’s whims… play in a leaf pile, laser pointer with Cinnamon, meet someone new.

When I realized what these two were up to! Are you crazy? Jazzlyn’s going to be an elder soon! Don’t worry, no nooboos. I think I may have lowered the percentages too much.

To my annoyance the monster arrived that night and didn’t seem to remember befriending Madelyn.

And when putting everyone’s work schedules on the chart for next rotation I saw Madelyn will age up and realized she is very close to completing the Whiz Kid aspiration. If only I’d had her work on it instead of just messing around all day!

I hope this isn’t a bad sign in regards to their mating. It also made me miss Ash Shore’s cat fight club antics.

I managed to get Madelyn focused but she hadn’t maxed the skill before I left.

I made a note so maybe I can get there early next time and get it to 10.

And, before I left, they paid back their “loan” with plenty left. No way I could have done that so quickly with Jasper and Felicity.


After all that and it was this time in the bathroom with the stinky litter and Jazzlyn using the toilet that did the trick.

Madelyn had some pretty entertaining chance cards her last few days of school.

When I was setting up the houses Madelyn was sick. And when I was moving Bubbles to their house I saw Jasper was sick too. Nice stripes.

Again, I did a comparison for before Max left for work, right before Jazzlyn completed her campaign for him, and right after. The increase is so nominal that if it wasn’t a work task it’s not really worth her time.