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TS4→ Multiverse 1.12: Forever Cat People?

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: the last of the rain!!!!

The Welch household

This sickness thing is so annoying. Who knows when it’ll be fixed? I swear sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who fills out bug reports.

Surely there must be more people who play rotationally. Nothing’s going to get fixed if nobody even bothers to click the “me too” button.

Anyway, enough whining. Look! Windows. And, cat watching them creepily through the window.

I guess he decided that if he couldn’t get their attention through the window he’d scratch the heck out of the brand new furniture.

I got there really early so I just had them get their work tasks out of the way.

Is it wrong that I think them being afraid of something is the cutest thing ever?

Finally done, they did some flirting.

Lots of flirting.

No woohoo or try for baby. I wondered if these little brats on the bed was why?

There are two bowls! Calm down!

Butterball found something else to distract him while uncle O’Malley guarded the food.

A little play time between the brothers. At first I thought they were about to fight since O’Malley had been so defensive over the freaking bowl earlier.

Ryker had the day off and just entertained himself with the cats most of the day.

Brielle got home and they picked up where they’d left off.

I looked and some of the cats were on the darned bed again. After searching I found a perfect spot behind the stairs on the second floor for a closet. The thing is, they never use it for more than making out!

And they both get completely distracted by the pets.

Butterball even slept under the covers that night!

First, O’Malley returned home with a present.

Then Oreo. Both were pet toys, lol.

Geeze that’s like the most un-romantic spot in the house.

Aaaand the cats are on the bed again.

Oh, there’s Oreo.

This time it was Ryker who went to work. Brielle spent most of the day live-streaming. They barely make any money doing that but it gives her skill so might as well.

She went outside and chatted with Butterball’s mom Precious. She actually lives with Ryker’s parents so I don’t know why she’s showing up as a stray.

I had to really think about this one. Isaac’s in the same career but Ryker’s actually more outgoing than him. I figured Ryker would be better suited to train other sims.

It was late and now he’s back to working mornings which totally sucks. Brielle seemed really annoyed with him but in the end I think she thought it was kinda hot.

What’s not hot? This outfit!

Now she’s home while he’s at work.

The cats are the only ones benefiting from this new situation.

Ryker got home and they got to spend like 3 hours together before she had to leave for work.

Well, that’s good at least.

Brielle got home around midnight and they went to bed. I’d woken one of them up to lecture Butterball so I figured I might as well wake the other. You never know they might try for a baby… or something interesting. I swear I think they’ve only woohoo’d once ever.

The only extra… more cats fighting on the stoop.

O3/P6/R2 Mini-Townie Update

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TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R2: All About the Cats

It is the second rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: cloudy freezing.

Welch household

All three cats were sick. This is getting ridiculous. I mentioned it on Twitter and other rotational players said they have the same problem.

It was early in the morning and I wasn’t in the mood to wait to call Felicity to do 3 vet exams so they all just got wellness treats.

Brielle did her programming before work but Ryker didn’t work until later that day so he took care of the cats then worked out.

Best work uniform ever!

And while they were at work I watched the cats.

Two promos in one day!

Ryker went for a jog…

And Brielle did gaming. That career seems to branch off really late… or I’m just impatient.

More caring for the cats. It’s funny that their work uniforms seem immune to any temperature changes so they end up wearing them until I make them change.

Awe so sweet.

As is this. I think he’d been out there cleaning the kitty litter.

Butterball: He cleans our litter?! I thought it just disappeared! (Which makes me think it would be great to have the laser litter in this house!)

Brielle can you please pay attention to your poor husband?

That’s better. Sheesh.

It was short lived. They both needed to sleep. I love how the cats were sleeping on the dresser.

Some townie kids marching off to the playground.

I was surprised to find that they both work evenings now.

So they got to have a nice lazy morning.

But Ryker had the day off entirely. An entire day to pamper the cats.

Well, and finish his workout.

Maybe the bathroom floor feels cool? Although, it was freezing outside so I can’t imagine they’d like that.

Father/son playtime!

And Ryker finished whatever he’d been doing and doled out some luvin’.

I don’t think he even has the cat lover trait actually. Maybe he has a hidden one? LOL!

I’m not sure why they’re sitting on the couch. I should get them a TV. And add some stuff to the house. Like a laser kitty litter.

Awe so sweet.

It was short-lived. I did realize that both Ryker and his brother Cole’s wives have very similar professions. I’d considered moving them all into a household together but realized not only did their work hours clash horribly but they’d have a total of 7 pets!

And so, it was back to cat watch and high speeding while they were at work.

I think he needs a new cat wand.

Ah, some romance… in the trash.

They finally noticed it.

Brielle wouldn’t rest until the offensive trash was removed… even after I dragged it to another room. I want the parts they find! So, they spent the rest of their rotation chatting and flirting outside.

O3/P5/R2 McKenzie household

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TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R1: Under the Thumb

It is the first rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: light rain warm.

The Welch household

Almost as soon as I got to the house Brielle and Ryker left for work. So, I was on cat watch. O’Malley found a sunny spot behind the house for a nap.

I forgot that Precious had access to the house. I wish the game wouldn’t consider her a stray just because I didn’t put Ryker and Cole’s parents on a lot.

Yay they’re home! Looking at their outfits I realized I hadn’t changed the weather. Oopsie. You might also notice that I got rid of that weird white driveway thing.

Did Butterball miss his family?

Okay, they all did. Lots of attention for all the meows.

Ryker wanted to jog and also needed to for his aspiration. You wouldn’t catch me jogging in the rain… or jogging for that matter.

The next day while his people were at work again I watched Butterball cuteness… while it lasted.

Hey you two none of that! It’s a special day don’t you know?

Ah, there we go! Let’s see our boy!

Ohmygosh look at him! I just want to squish him!

I remembered quickly why I don’t buy the cat toys despite their low cost. The sims stalk the cats trying to play with them. It’s creepy.

There you go. Pay attention to each other for a change. Sheesh!

Meanwhile, I’ll watch cuteness. The fuzzies are the best part of the cat wands and the sims are obsessed with wanting to throw them away.

Should have known the fun wouldn’t last long.

After fixing the plumbing, Ryker sought out Brielle and flirted while she finished her work task.

His face! Like “ohmygosh Brielle don’t drop me!”

Too distracted by the cat to even pay attention to the rose. Fine. Go to bed you two.

I’ll just watch the cats. This is so sweet.

Another pet to teach not to wake up sims.

Ryker didn’t work so while Brielle was gone he worked on his aspiration. I think he’s on the last part!

And he played with the cats, of course.

I’ll put the full thing in the extras but you’ll need to know about this freaking moodlet she got from a chance card for what comes next.

Brielle was in a rotten mood when she got home so I thought yay this is the perfect time to try out the spa!

The steam room wasn’t bringing down her tense moodlet so I thought I’d just overpower it.

This is supposed to help with stress relief. The happy feet moodlet did overpower the tenseness.

They were both hungry so they went next door for dinner.

I was trying so hard to keep them flirty.

I replaced the tables out front that didn’t really match anything with benches.

My cue that it’s time to send them home.

I was reluctant because the flirty dinner moodlet was keeping the others in place. She still had the lingering tenseness or whatever that was dropping her flirty moodlets quickly.

I took them home and it was late. I was pretty bored and just watching them waiting for it to be time to leave when I realized what they were doing!

Yep! They eloped. I suppose the cats threw the confetti?

They were right outside the door after-all. And so, we ended with a high note to an otherwise very boring rotation in the Welch household.


That looks painful.

I saw this through the window and was like what the? Freaking stray cats!

Some of the freelance descriptions are so funny!

New baby Karlee born 03/05/02.

I don’t expect you to read it but she had this thing and I thought she’d go for it for the money since they’re just starting out and don’t have much.

I was thinking of the money not the fame. She’ll never keep that.

When I looked, this is how much money they had. It’s like it gave them exactly enough to make it this amount. I googled 3333 and got a bunch of results for it being a spiritual angel number or something. Kinda fitting considering they were “angel” investors but super weird too!

It didn’t go well. She got super stressed as you saw. I recently had a conversation with someone on Twitter that didn’t like that we can see the results of the chance cards. I agreed at the time. But, I now realize with this one and the one Maddox got that just because it seems like a good choice doesn’t mean it is one!

And also had this and I have no idea why. The worst part is that she probably would have gotten promoted if it wasn’t for these freaking moodlets.

I had Ryker ask her on a date but apparently, you can’t take a date to the spa! That makes no sense.

And, to finish us off… Ryker making a little kitty stew. It apparently runs in the family as you’ll see in the next chapter.

O3/P5/R1 Snyder household

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TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R2: Sparsely Time for Romance

It is the second rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy hot

The Welch household

As you may remember, before I left Brielle’s uncle Thatcher’s household there was a scramble for cash. They also took her bedroom set and any career rewards.

I swear I just have no energy to build lately. I’m a bit frustrated with myself because I didn’t want to go modern but I didn’t like any of the other houses!

I had to get it unfurnished and then had to remove most of the paint and flooring just to buy them basic stuff. I think I’m going to remove that white driveway-type-thing on the ground there.

I got there super early in the morning because I knew there would be a lot of setup for the surrounding area that day darned if I didn’t forget the thermostat. After Brielle cooked breakfast they were down to §0!

They brought Oreo and O’Malley with them. Thatcher is the only cat lover left at the other house and he has Bobsey still.

By the end of the chapter, you’ll see that I changed this area a bit.

A nice breakfast together before Brielle left for work.

Brielle left and it was time for Ryker to get to his task for the day. A few things I added more of and a few I didn’t use.

I was already close to losing my temper over the million LE errors I was getting trying to place stuff that sims immediately tried to use when everyone showed up for a housewarming party! Couldn’t you wait for Brielle? I just left them there.

A little tour. Playground obviously.

I’ve always thought this area back here is so beautiful and unless you’re collecting frogs you’d likely not even know it exists.

It appears I was wrong about the fire when doing my testing. Everything kept freezing up again. I was looking for something else and saw Coolspear has a mod to prevent auto lighting of campfires… because lighting them at night freezes up the game. I’d already removed this one by the time I found that though.

Near there is another pretty area. I just put a bench so it could be a romantic spot away from everyone.

Finally, soon after Brielle returned home, Ryker finished placing things and I could take the mod out causing the never-ending LE errors.

Our brothers being all cute. I was trying to decide who to breed. On one hand, Oreo looks identical to his dad, on the other hand O’Malley has the exact same coloring as Cinnamon who will breed eventually for the other household.

Leftover eggs and bacon for dinner.

I have two romantic bench overlooks. This is the one by the yoga pads and frog log I mentioned.

I just love it! Although, I’m not sure what it looks like with all the Newcrest building backgrounds? I’ve only ever seen it without them.

I did place a few bushes around the area but sadly they were getting a little tired and Brielle had to do her work task for the morning.

Yes! He won’t get to work until the next rotation though.

In the morning, Ryker gave the cats attention.

And I took a peek around to see what female cats were in the area. I chose this one because she reminded me of Ash Shore’s Butter.

In the end, I chose Oreo. Who promptly fell asleep as soon as Precious was told to breed with him.

Brielle returned home which just goes to show how much time Ryker spent doing the cat stuff.

Finally, after more encouragement, the breeding happened.


It was windy, both Brielle and Ryker love windy days and were energized. Which is great when working out but annoying pretty much any other time. So they were drinking steamy ginseng tea. With this new mod, I’m beginning to realize that a lot of the things and traits I’ve found useless in the game are actually for mood altering.

Precious started eating and both Oreo and O’Malley walked over and got angry thought bubbles. Suddenly, she stopped eating and attacked Oreo!

Oh no!

An alert was posted but there’s really nothing to do. That empty space is for a fire place. They’re expensive!

The next morning, Ryker looks like he’s asking Precious why the heck she did that to Oreo. Neat freaks get so upset over the trash on the floor but look an expensive part you can sell!

Wow! That was fast. I thought I might have to stay there an extra day!

He was welcomed home and given a nice brushing since he can’t be given a bath.

Awe so sweet.

Look at how she’s looking at him! Little brat. Precious my butt! Also, I totally forgot they can scratch that thing.

Hurray! And look, he somehow got one of mom’s eyes and one of dad’s! I didn’t know that could happen!

I’m supposed to be able to embed from Pintrest but for whatever reason it’s not letting me. I spent waaay too much time trying to find a desert that had a matching coloring to the kitten. All hail Butterball!

Another boy. It’s like all the babies are girls and all the puppies/kittens are boys!

So tiny and adorable.

Dad teaching him the ropes.

I never read the little “lesson” tooltips but apparently since he’s affectionate he wants to be close to his people.

Oddly, O’Malley has this trait as well but is rarely in the house. I like the coloring of that cat he’s with but it’s head/neck looks weird.

Awe such a good daddy!

My toy!

Rawr! I ferocious predator! I defeat the beast! (Cutest thing ever!)

I spent the last hours before switching houses just watching these two kissing and stuff and the cats. Nothing super exciting. Precious was moved into Ryker’s parent’s house.


Why did I teach him that?!

I found that with the lack of a skating rink, which I usually delete anyway because they do nothing else if it’s there, they all sit around socializing.

And now, prepare for the funnies! I don’t know why this was happening. I went into build mode without moo on and it’s placed correctly.

O3/P4/R2 Hensley household

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TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R1: Getting Kinda Crowded

It is the first rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: rainy stormy warm.

The Hensley household

Oh my! Two pets sick in this household too!

They had to wait to get treated though because I’d gotten there so early they couldn’t call Felicity.

Never fear Felicity’s here!

I’ve decided that her vet station thing is portable. I mean, it does fold up flat.

Wake up Lentil!

I didn’t give him that “walk” outfit but it’s so funny I can’t make myself change it!

Both with Sizzlepaw! I need to just have her give all the pets that calming shot from now on.

Ryker joined the household before this rotation started. I was trying to get him confident for his charisma practice.

I thought with it being rainy/stormy the storm itself might abate eventually. No such luck. I finally gave up and had Ethan plant all of this stuff that Bradyn next door had sent over.

Since Ryker is outgoing, his confident mood lowers when he’s alone. So Aryana kept him company while working on her new science station.

Parker had all of the skills he needs to get a job so he did some training with Couscous.

I think he started speak training next.

Brielle returned home with a promotion.

Since I’d gotten to their house so early I sent them all off to take a nap. Ethan was awake before the others so he gave some special attention to the pets.

I love Aryana’s late-child makeover.

Since all of them share cooking duties nobody has a very high skill level.

Umm… guys? He ended up cooking practically on top of them because they wouldn’t move!

Having so many sims in this household had me kinda frazzled this day and I was tabbing through all of them checking their needs and whims and whatever and twice told poor little Aryana to go to bed. Finally I was like why isn’t she going?! She was stuck in the half wall!

When the notice popped up that it was almost time for school Aryana’s needs were pretty bad so she took a vacation day and worked on her young scientist badge.

Well, at least he’s gorging on something healthy.

Jozef was invited over. He entered in a foul mood from the seemingly never-ending thunderstorm.

Parker had left that journal at the matchmakers. He kept trying to write in it and must have left it on the desk. Looks like Jozef snatched it!

When Thatcher’s at work Ethan takes over repair duties.

I hadn’t had Ryker work out the previous day because I forgot about the TV workouts. It was a drawn out process getting him energized!

Pay no mind to the man jumping around like a maniac behind you.

I thought these two already had their first kiss. I guess it was all of those mistletoe kisses. They’re such dorks. After they exchanged promise rings they’d high-fived and they did it after their first kiss too!