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TS4→ Stratus Burne: Mini-Townie Update + Surprise Elopement

O3/P6/R2 Second Rotation Update

A/N: Normally, I only do updates when starting a new phase but since I had a few kids I didn’t age up last time because I felt they weren’t old enough I figured I’d do a little one this time.

Liam and Tiana’s older son Johan aged to teen. Remember the kid that kept following Jozef around the hospital?

He’s so cute!

Jeremy and Jade’s son Nash also aged to teen as well as Jeremy to elder.

I just can’t get over how adorable he is!

Aaron and Casey’s daughter Jami aged to a child. Remember her from the community center? The one I couldn’t figure out why she had the same last name as Bree’s boys.

So adorable. You’ll actually see more of her in the next chapter!

Jasper’s mom and dad and Alijah and Haven’s dads aged to elders.

At first I was like ugh is this the best screenshot I’m going to get?

They are so sweet. They have a full friendship and romance bar. Jasper’s parents have no romance at all. She’s unflirty though so I guess that’s why.

Then, they all stopped to take selfies.

And I thought you know what, that’s a great idea so I had them take some and saved them to a room to put on the kid’s walls.


I also had to get 20 freaking profile pics from the played households and a bunch of the other pics for family trees. While at the Flint-Hall household, I clicked on Sierra to do her selfie and it said elope immediately with Tricia!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you believe I almost missed another wedding?! I’d planned to take that mod out and do actual weddings now but it occurred to me how depressing it would be for the Ash Shore sims not having all of their family there.

Chapter 1.13 Young household

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TS4→ Multiverse 1.7: Top Notch

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: unending rain.

The Flint-Hall household

The family tree is outdated and, like with Rhys, I had to make Sierra Enzo’s foster daughter to get her on the tree.

Yes, I know it’s raining. The most annoying part is that changing the setting to no thunderstorms isn’t affecting it at all so I’m constantly removing tense moodlets.

I feel like I’m starting every single chapter with “this or that pet was sick.”

Dion’s birthday was the third day so I was really looking forward to that.

Ugh. Please stay inside.

There you go, talk to the dog.

Somehow, I didn’t realize it was that random mischief day. Thankfully, cancelling it made them all stop. That air horn gets on my nerves quick. Looks like Tobias agrees.

This is around the time that I noticed this. I missed another one!

I think I was taking these pics of Dion at the time.

I decided it was probably best to get everyone’s work tasks and such done. Tricia’s in Business so she was writing reports. I was actually thrilled I finally have a sim with the right traits for that career.

Sierra’s going for Author/Journalist. I know it’s odd they’re in different spots now, I had to restart. Tobias is going to be a freelance photographer. (If the game doesn’t keep freezing up on me.) And Enzo isn’t sure what he wants to do yet so he’s doing cooking since his skill is high.

Nooo Enzo! Don’t do it! Chatterbox run!

Once all the work stuff was done they just chilled out.

And I realized that since I had to go back to an earlier save they were no longer engaged. They’d already done it once autonomously so I figured I’d just do it myself.

The first time around I’d remembered to lock the doors, the second time I didn’t.

Taking a pic of the cute doctor play and a Puddin’ butt got in the way!

Oh Dion, I hope you weren’t playing in that toilet!

Mac’n’cheese for breakfast.

Zeke off to his first day of school.

Sierra didn’t need to go to work until a few hours after the others so she started her first book. A comedy! Poor Chatterbox doesn’t know what to think about that tapping.

Tobias was supposed to be giving Dion a bath but when I looked they were playing.

And, looking at his skills, I realized that Dion was very close to maxing his thinking skill and getting Top Notch Toddler!

Fable came home from school with Zeke.

I was very excited. It’s nice having some children again. For a while there it was just toddlers, Aryana, and Madelyn.

She looks so much like Rowen here it’s scary! It’s the darned tense moodlet from the never-ending storm!

Awe! Puddin’ ran to greet Tricia at the door.

Tobias took a pic of Zeke with his new camera… and froze up my game.

Way to ruin the mood, Tricia.

The toddlers drive me crazy when it rains. They want to wander outside but then they get out there and freak because of the rain.

He asked his brother for block help.

Three helpers is a bit overboard don’t you think?

Awe so sweet. This is about the time I realized that Dion had been in his PJs most of the day since he had a short sleep after his bath.

Is it just me or do they look constipated? As with Layla and Rhys, I took a bit of liberty with Tricia and Sierra putting their relationship further than it technically was last we’d seen them.

Sierra was the only one awake when Dion got up. I wanted to test the theory that asking why is a quick way to get their thinking skill up. (Thanks Heavenly Sims)

Why does it keep raining? When is my party?

LOL! I may have overdone it.

I’ll ask my own why… why are y’all crowded in this room?

Tricia and Enzo went to get ready for work and Dion turned his questions to his dad.

Sierra was on the laptop again. Don’t fall off of the table!

Awe yea that’s the spot.

Fable arrived home from school with Zeke again.

And I managed to get a short video to show the crazy difference between their voices!

Since everyone would be home soon, Tobias baked Dion’s cake.

Puddin’ became very insistent about a walk.

I’d hoped just leashing her and walking around the house would appease her but no. So I had him ask her to do her business right outside the back door. That worked.

Tricia seems to be fitting into the family quite well. First day Puddin’ greeted her after work and the second it was Dion! Enzo doesn’t seem pleased.

Now that everyone was home it was time! Why can’t they just stand in place and cheer them on?

And there he is!

Dion and Zeke are actually biological brothers but I feel like they look very different.

A hug before bed.


The sims were driving me crazy. Both Enzo and Tobias and sometimes even the girls kept going outside to talk to or research the plants… in the storm. This household actually took me several days to play because their autonomous actions were getting on my nerves so much.

I was looking for Chatterbox so that Tobias could lecture him for knocking over trash and couldn’t find him. That mane is like camouflage.

Why are you walking the dog all the way out here, Jozef? Maybe he’s reminding me their household is next?

1.8 Hunter-Hensley household

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Ash Shore R1/T3/S1- A Proper Celebration

Rhythm 1/Turning 3/Season 1

Despite the fact that nobody’s really celebrated much yet it is Founder’s Days.  Two Turnings since the founding of Ash Shore is something to celebrate.  But, as we saw with Mack, Elsa, Isaac, and Casen, life sometimes gets in the way.

Tanya scraping food into the trash.

Stephon: You weren’t really going to eat that were you?

Yes, yes she was.  Gross!

Off to the depot to see if there are any candle ingredients that Stephon can use.  Dean and Judy had some raspberries.  At this point, since nobody really has any stones, they’re just keeping a tally of who has taken what if there’s no trade involved.

While Tanya grabbed the last of the produce she’d left there Stephon went to the supply area for a cradle.  Might as well grab one while they’re there.

Off to the park to eat food that isn’t spoiled.  They declared their weather preferences which is always entertaining.  Really Tanya?  Stephon’s right.  It is strange that you prefer cooler weather while living in Oasis Springs!  She also hates the sun.

Finally, time to get some of these traditions complete!  First, water play!

Playing in the rain even counts which they both wanted to do.  Even if adults do look like dorks doing it.

Water balloon fight was next up!  Tanya was immediately knocked over after being hit in the face.

I had no idea what this meant so as-per-usual I turned to Twitter.

I’ve never seen this movie but that’s hilarious!

Shake it off Tanya!

It’s kinda hard to see the water balloons in the rain!

Back home to get a little bit of work done.  Tanya found a ceramic pig in the magic box of decorations.  It is apparently summer decor.  I approve.

Just because they’re working doesn’t mean they can’t have fun.

The one on the right is his first candle that I forgot to take a pic of in their previous chapter.  The one on the far left is the one made with raspberries!  I’m not sure what kind of value to give them yet.

They invited some guests over and Stephon’s sister Tricia immediately made herself a mud bath.  Where she got the mud I have no idea.  Then Devin was trying to calm himself in the mirror.  I probably should have left him to it.

Stephon’s dad Grady and the rest of Drew’s family were there as well as Sierra.

They all took a jog over to check out the new area.  Grady and Sierra immediately began a water balloon fight.  It occurred to me how odd it is that Tricia’s brother and obviously her dad are very playful.  Why is she so serious?  Same with Sierra.

They were cracking me up!

I was hoping there was some sort of option to have them all grab a drink from the stand but apparently not.

The city is really going all out with these drink stands and such.  Of course, with each free drink, they get a little pamphlet with some items they might want to trade stones to the city for.

This is why he should have been left to his calming down in the mirror!

Meanwhile, their dads returned back to the house.  So they weren’t around to break up the argument.

Tanya attempted to calm Devin’s emotions but it didn’t seem to work.

No surprise since she’s normally always hungry that she’s worse while pregnant.  Pace yourself, Tanya!

Sadly, just as they returned to the house to start lighting the fireworks everyone left.  Tanya was going to see if one of the boys wanted to play with a sparkler but was left just holding it.  Who says adults can’t have fun?!

Tanya: Maybe we shouldn’t be so close!

Stephon: It’s fine!  Fireworks are harmless!

Tanya:  What was that about them being harmless again?

Tanya: Did you see those fireworks?

Stephon: I was too busy washing the soot off to pay attention to those fireworks.

Despite the finish, which I found hilarious, it was nice that one of the households finally had a great Founder’s Days celebration!

Gardening Goals