The Curious Brothers

The first 12 chapters are Alien Adoption…

Chapter 1: Rocket Boy
Chapter 2: A Total Debacle!
Chapter 3: New Home!
Chapter 4: Little Troublemaker!
Chapter 5: Worries and Frustrations
Chapter 6: School Day
Chapter 7: No Good, Very Bad Day
Chapter 8: Secrets
Chapter 9: Singing
Chapter 10: Questions
Chapter 11: Going Underground
Chapter 12: Nowhere to Hide

At this point, the story has been re-titled The Curious Brothers…

Chapter 13: Revelations
Chapter 14: Confession
Chapter 15: Conceding
Chapter 16: Movie Marathon
Chapter 17: Baby Time!
Chapter 18: Changes

Something Strange

Chapter 1: Something Strange
Chapter 2: Beam me Up!
Chapter 3: A Little Romance
Chapter 4: Daddy Issues
Chapter 5: How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?
Chapter 6: The Hard Truth
Chapter 7: An Anchor in the Storm
Chapter 8: Business Trip
Chapter 9: Little White Lies
Chapter 10: The End?
Chapter 11: Leaving
Extra: Alienizing and Impregnating
Chapter 12: I Give Up… For Now

Back on hiatus due to complications regarding alien sims.

Curiouser & Curiouser

This is a very short story because I didn’t take many screenshots back when I was playing this.  I moved it from Blogger to WordPress though because I use this as the origin story for my Something Strange and The Curious Brothers stories.

Chapter 1: Lazlo and Sasha

Chapter 2: The Growing Family

Chapter 3: Getting Older

I am considering expanding on this story in the future.